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  1. Those are the four that deserve to be there first! Great Job to everyone involved in selecting these four! Who Dey!
  2. I would probably put Dan Ross behind Trumpy and I think Mike Nugent was a better kicker then Breech as he did kick offs too to boot, then I hate to say it, but then add Graham as he was our most accurate percentage wise kicker. I hate to say his name because I never liked him because of all of his shanks. Yikes!
  3. What? Damn Dude, you need to take a chill pill! just because someone has a difference of opinion on this matter does not make one a moron, but you are now a Clown to me. Please do not respond to me because I couldn’t care less what you think! Thanks! A Troll?
  4. It went over your head. Finley was a supposedly bonus, but it didn’t work out, but they finagled their move back moving up no matter what you think. Texans incompetence? They whoop the Bengals arse all the time.
  5. Actually, they never used our 7th round pick and packaged it to move up or to get a 5th round pick and move up from their 6th pick they gave us. They picked a LB Wallow for this round and pick. We shall see if that pick was incompetent or not compared to our 6th of RB Evans.
  6. Yea, that was exactly my thought, then why did they not draft one? FAs you are competing against other teams as we all know, but it is a challenging job for you know who, especially this late in the game. If they wanted this guy, why not do it a while ago? Like right after FA started? Did they think they were going to draft more than one?
  7. Hello MOC, is this the same MOC from CAB’s board back in the day?  I just noticed you posting as I don’t come on here as much as I used too.  I spoke to HSH Gary on here from time to time.  Is anyone else on here from the old day board if you are the same MOC of course and if not then I apologize. Reply when you get the chance.  Take Care!

    1. MOC


      Hi TJ, yep, the one and only. Good to see you my friend. I don't post a lot myself, just occasionally. I think Cat is also from the old board and I've seen Bengal Backer too, but not for a while? I actually saw HSH a couple times last year at the games, so it was good to catch up and see him 🙂 Anyway, thanks for reaching out and will converse some more with you again soon!

  8. Mel Kiper liked our Kicker pick. he compared him to Jason Elam who played 15 years in the NFL.
  9. Welp, I guess I have to take that back. I just saw him hitting 50 yarders plus left and right, but I read he missed his last 3 50 yarders he tried though.
  10. Looks like the big knock on this kicker is he can’t hit 50 yarders, that is not good, but deadly from inside 40 though.
  11. I think I heard he played at the Senior Bowl and did really good. He only allowed 1 sack in 450 pass plays. Wow! They played against some Top 20 teams in their Conference. UCF, UC, SMU and some out of big conference teams too.
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