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  1. I think he was being sarcastic, then again probably not from the Kool Aid Decades Drinker! Who Dey!
  2. Except what is most important in a Playoff Game and he is great in Prime Time games too, but, yea, he is a winner.
  3. This is not true. Fake News.
  4. That would be stupid if they were thinking that. Dalton is not going to win nothing with this team. Have we not learned from Mediocre Marv, um, with Dalton the whole time? Yea, he will play better under another head coach? I can’t wait to see.
  5. Reason, I give C+ is if the Bengals wanted a QB then they had Drew Lock at 42 and not a TE that they could’ve gotten in the 4th. Stupid move.
  6. So far we signed, Tyree Kinnel, S, Michigan Stanley Morgan Jr., WR, Nebraska
  7. ESPN McShay said, he was the steal of the draft.
  8. Why is ESPN going backwards? Or talking about a first round pick for the Skins? And other picks already passed? Stupid.
  9. Dexter Williams RB ND still available
  10. Future, I mean next year and on.
  11. We didn’t trade any future picks to move up did we?
  12. How this guy slid is beyond me. I like this pick. Dude is very quick and I noticed he doesn’t run into blockers like maualuga DA!

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