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  1. Was he the one that tackled him without the ball and Mixon got upset? He was getting in his head for sure.
  2. The NFL is investigating per what I read and after I saw the video, there is noway it was a back issue, he slammed the back of his head and was loopy getting up and couldn’t even stand up. Whatever Doctor approved him to get back in was a quack or Tua refused to stay out or the HC or whomever approved him to go back in or wanted him to go back in. They need to be investigated.
  3. Yep, plus, it is on Amazon Prime Video and if you don’t have it, no watch, well, except for the sites that bootleg and are two plays behind. Amazon and one extra dollar for the NFL is spot on.
  4. Thanks Dude! I posted at almost the same time you did. I didn’t say he needed to be perfect as you stated but, he needs to work on getting better at times. That is all I am really trying to get across. I am a Zac supporter for sure.
  5. Damn Dude, you having a bad day? 😂 He did make bad decisions. Did I say other HCs are perfect? I am talking about Zac. He should’ve kicked a FG the one time he called a stupid pitch run play to Chase on 4th Down and used up a TO. I believe we would have went up three scores. He also made a bonehead call to not run the ball and eat up some clock as the Jets had all three timeouts left. Did I say he needed to be perfect? Nope but, he needs to pull his head out sometimes.
  6. Yes it was, toes were in with possession. The whole foot having to be in is a joke! Even Burrow said, during his presser, he thought he had scored.
  7. Zac screwing up again, not running the ball down there to make them use their TOs
  8. He has been doing that there as I don’t even know if he has hardly played. He should’ve just stayed here. We could use him as Sample is a Bum.
  9. We shall see. How many games will it take according to you? Did these guys not face these players during their career already? I mean, I would have to go look it up but, I am willing to bet they have before.
  10. Oh I am not shooting you for sure it just ticks me off after being a very long time fan like you and many others on here in thinking once again we were sold a bill of goods that is not panning out. Meaning, this Front Office makes moves in FA finally or should I say, very rarely in this manner and they are not worth the contract they were written on. I am a person to give them some time but, as experienced as they are they should be playing way better than they are no matter not playing together. If they continue to flop, I would love to know who made the call on signing them. I am sure it was a collaboration of many but, Zac or MFB should take responsibility for their duds! Will that make it better? Yea, to me telling the truth goes a long way. I know they will never say who did it though but, to a fan shouldn’t we be allowed to know, especially the paying ones? I am just on my soap box because I thought this team was going back to the SB. I don’t see it. I hope they prove me wrong.
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