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  1. Boycott Both Bengals vs. Browns Games

    Losers kneeling like Losers do. They would never protect or fight for this Country in a War. Millionaires getting paid off the backs of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice or were injured. Oppressed? Give me a break! They are all scumbags! I only watch Bengals game and if they do it, I am done with the NFL. I will not watch a clown game either when Bengals are playing.
  2. I do not post much here, but I joined you this year from the corruption of the Refs and Goodell and the last straw in what took it all out of me was these millionaire clowns kneeling and not standing for the Anthem. I will not give this corrupt THUG corporation another dime. If it is not free from my normal Satellite payment, then I will never pay for a game again. DTV continues to raise their rates all the time and I am tired of trying to wheel and deal with this billionaire industry. They can kiss my arse! I will watch online from the people streaming it until they get caught and then DTV and the NFL start noticing the drop in their revenue with the likes of you and I and then they will start cracking down on these people with a cease and desist order and then finally it may be the start of the NFL disappearing all together. I would not miss it at all. We do not miss it in the offseason, the majority of us do not that is.
  3. [quote name='Lewdog' timestamp='1349644250' post='1167662'] Dude the sky isn't falling. The Bengals were in the playoffs last year and are 2-2 this year. Did you expect this team to go undefeated or something? They are still very young, sure you don't hope they lose games, but you have to still expect some growing pains. You have to take into account this team has had a lot of injuries and some of the guys are spending more time out on the field than usual. I repeat, the sky is not falling. [/quote] The Mantra for Bengals fans since 1992. Tough schedule is about to come up, but do not let that get in the way of your thinking.
  4. [quote name='BengalBacker' timestamp='1349642304' post='1167641'] Agreed [/quote] I too agree.
  5. Has he ever thought about the fans who come from out of town and need a GPS to get around town? How stupid can this Captain be? If you are paying to park then you would think there would be some type of security that goes along with it. I guess not.
  6. This website

    [quote name='High School Harry' timestamp='1348629983' post='1163238'] Me, too. I use an iMac with Safari. [/quote] Yo Dude, check your PMs.
  7. [quote name='BengalBacker' timestamp='1348352571' post='1160923'] I remember being excited when I first got NFLN, and how everyone used to tease me because I didn't have it. Don't even watch it all that much anymore though. I'm glad I have it, but they repeat stuff a lot, it's not like you'll be glued to it all the time. But grats to all of you who have been waiting! [/quote] I was the same way, it was like getting a new toy for the first time, but now, i hardly ever watch it.
  8. Does this mean you will get Red Zone for Free or have to pay for it? DTV makes you pay for it. I need ammo to get it for Free if they give it to you for Free.
  9. [quote name='Go Skins' timestamp='1347888819' post='1159515'] Jamie and I are going to the Bengals/Skins game Sunday at Fed Ex. I was just curious if any of y'all were making the trip to DC (or happen to live here and are going). [/quote] I have been to a pre season game there, and their fans were brutal to me and my son. I hope you guys have a bullet proof vest on because they are brutal if you are wearing your jersey.
  10. [quote name='GoBengals' post='712745' date='Oct 12 2008, 09:39 PM']love the guy, but they just showed a stat for tonight, bee thrown at 3 times, 3 completions, for 114 yards and a TD against him...[/quote] maybe you need to pay attention to our players and the stats our players have given up, eh!
  11. [quote name='GoBengals' post='712827' date='Oct 12 2008, 11:49 PM']sounds like your about 15+ years deep in utter white trash. what a peice of human garbage you are. you wish death on people over football? how fucking pathetic are you? cincinnati pride? PRIDE? your a disgrace, cincinnati is full of what trash like you. what kind of pathetic low life asshole acts like this EVER, especially over football? your a peice of shit, Cincinnati pride this motherfucker says... what are you proud of? what pride do you have in life? that you got drunk and went on a message board and wished death on a man youve never met and cussed out another youve never met? what a fucking low life fuckbag you are.... OH KNOW MY LIFE ISNT OVER WHEN THE BENGALS LOSE!!! i must be an awful person.... but i guess my life is better than someone who cant function as a human being because the fucking bengals lost. fuck YOU .... you make anyone associated with this team, city and site embarrassed. fucking white trash.... i guess incest does that to people. yea yea your a whiny bitch too... we get it...[/quote] Dude, you don't even know us, and you speak of someone talking about Hatred on someone and then you turn right around and use disparaging terms??? Talk about White Trash! What part of Cincy are you from anyways? I would like to know where the White Trash does not live in the city? Were you born there or did you move there? Please tell us all.
  12. [quote name='The Ghost of Chucky B.' post='712822' date='Oct 12 2008, 11:40 PM']GO.... not sure if you read my post in another thread..... but its clear you are truly a MIKE FUCKING BROWN sympathizer. seriously.... you can preach all you want.... "if you don't like it just leave"...... that's exactly the MOTHERFUCKING ATTITUDE that has gotten us here today. Don't you realize that some of us may root for the fucking Bengals because we have some Cincinnati pride???? Not loyalty to some piece of shit..... yes, piece of shit.... who collects a paycheck off the misery of the people of Cincinnati.... go fuck yourself Mike Brown. yes, go fuck yourself...and when I mean fuck yourself.... I mean fuckin hang yourself. And you too Go.... you unabashed homer MFB sympathizing piece of shit.. GO FUCK YOURSELF. *** disclaimer - I just back from the Meadowlands from watching the J E T S JETS JETS JETS beat our WHO DEY..... and yes.... I'm about 15 hours deep in beers..... so take my rant for what its worth...... FUCK YOU MIKE BROWN[/quote] i agree, i have respect for my city and what is in it and the STINCH that MFB brings needs to go! It is time for this old COOT to pack up his belongings and FkN leave! I am not the one that needs to leave, he is! BTW, was he even born in Cincy? I don't think so! I was born there and my family lives there! Time to clean up this mess by making him leave and I don't care if he takes this team away. What city would accept him to come there? Really, name one city?
  13. [quote name='BengalsOwn' post='712819' date='Oct 12 2008, 11:29 PM']Yeah, Go traveling to away games really really supports Mike Brown. The owners split the ticket profits 50/50 for each game, and it's rare that a stadium is sold out, so Go really pushes the attendance numbers up. Brilliant![/quote] Money is money, PAL! It all adds up in the long term. He is supporting a worthless cause, maybe you should join him so I can laugh at you too.
  14. [quote name='GoBengals' post='712782' date='Oct 12 2008, 10:15 PM']i think if you bitch like 5,000 more times he will step down.. hey MAYBE you should fly a plane over the stadium..or HEY, maybe you should make up a story for the radio and take pics with bags on your heads as a grown man... whatever WORKS for you.. wierd... winner would mean winning, which we did when healthy under marvin in 2005. won the division.... either you dont knoe what "never" means, or you dont know much else about football. NOE!11 He is Teh Sukz!111 I know! my Friendz Made Bag hatz! and they Toldz me it was the LOlz!11[/quote] Maybe you should continue to support this dumb arse owner by going to away games like a fool. Oh, you do this all ready. Who is the biggest fool around here? Yea, like your plan is working. The other fans laugh at you and you still do it. LOL Maybe you need to wake up and quit supporting this BIATCH and his CRONIES! Maybe this will help out!
  15. i guess we shall soon find out.

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