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  1. TigerJ@w

    Coaching Staff Changes

    Yea, bring ole Mediocre Marv back! Nothing but a freakin joke if MFB does. This Chart says it all! While Zimmer is about to go back to back into the playoffs with already one playoff win to show for. That will be 3 playoff appearances in his first 5 years. We Kept Clown Mediocre Marv instead of Zimmer. Pathetic!
  2. TigerJ@w

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    No Freakin Way? Time for Fans to revolt!
  3. TigerJ@w

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    How he was not flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct does not surprise me with the stupid NFL Refs.
  4. Oh, I forgot about this trivia question, What Coach has helped lead two Teams to last place in the same season before being fired? Anyone? Oh, I forgot or hired as HC for the second team too? Anyone?
  5. Our Bungals are in last place and the Clowns can win the Division if Stealers and Ravens go 1 and 2 and they win out, but hey, we will still have our golden boy Mediocre $5M Marv coach. This is how Sad it has become. I am sure LT will love my same repeated post. Enjoy the Circus for the 26th Year under MFB and 16th under the HC Savior! Lol
  6. TigerJ@w

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    Why keep him on? You would show the fans you might at least care a little bit. Nah, Let’s keep it the way it has been done for 26 straight years. Why change?
  7. TigerJ@w

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    26 years and counting, by golly I am right and you never ever will be. Are you bipolar? Not that it is a bad thing, but just asking for a friend.
  8. TigerJ@w

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    It starts at the Top does it not?
  9. TigerJ@w

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    The Packers have Fired McCarthy and MFB sits there with his thumb up his arse!
  10. Sweet lord, what? Cover a football? That is what happened. I sloMoed it. He is a goof ball. The only thing he can do is throw short passes. He is worthless.
  11. TigerJ@w


    A stick is better than Dalton. I can’t control teams giving a QB a shot. Your lover boy Dalton who has done nothing is gone and you are upset. No surprise, you love losers.
  12. TigerJ@w


    Whatever he said, good Riddance!
  13. Bad Andy was part of the problem on the bad snap too. He wasn’t watching the play clock and was more worried about possible blitzers, then he saw play clock at 3 and yelled Hurry Up, then bad snap, then Bad Andy doesn’t even know how to fall on a football. Think about it, if he falls on ball, we punt and then Driskel does the same, then a whole different ball game.
  14. TigerJ@w


    The Best Part, I won’t have to hear that stupid 3 18 cadence anymore. Thank You! I noticed Driskel does not worry about idiots that might blitz or not unlike what Andy did all the time. He allowed his OLMan to do their job! They need to learn how to pick up the Blitzing player(s).
  15. TigerJ@w

    Time To Trade Andy Dalton

    I agree, Trade Dalton and Fire Mediocre Marv and Hue! We aren’t getting a number one for the Little Red BB gun. We will be lucky to get a box of donuts.

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