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  1. These UDFAs look like some pretty good signings. Should make for a great camp competition.
  2. True. Forgot about that but, was just really saying or should have said, if he can turn it around, then I am sure others can. I guess we shall see how Wyatt does.
  3. Unreal Baltimore had 6 4th round picks. How will they afford these players under the CAP? They have that much CAP space?
  4. Bengals are selecting players from losing teams besides first pick. Why is nobody talking about Gay Football Organization? What the? The NFL is a joke to bring that Woke BS to the draft too include WWE clowns and Osmond.
  5. Yea, the pay. This person will be paid more than the other assistant coaches who will probably do more? Reason, they are paid by the owner and not a separate hidden NFL fund. Will the other coaches know what this person is paid? All teams are going to do is move a minority coach into this position and give him the title more than likely. How will this make the more say experienced coaches feel if they were passed over based off of race? They opened up a whole can of worms with this move.
  6. You think the OT Rule is an issue, get this one. Every NFL Team MUST hire a racial minority offensive assistant coach that works directly with the HC and offensive staff this year. It can be a male or female. They will be paid out of a separate league wide fund? What? So the NFL doesn’t already have minority assistant coaches already? Is this all about the Miami HC lawsuit? What a joke the NFL is becoming. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33617341/nfl-says-all-teams-add-minority-offensive-coach-expands-rooney-rule-include-women
  7. Nothing has really changed. Whining Fans and loser Owners upset they lost because their team’s D could not stop the O. Dumb Barfalo HC didn’t do a squib kick during regular time made this change. The NFL is getting hard to watch anymore. Pathetic!
  8. Social Media and Sports Commentators already blow up players that play like crap since HCs like Zac won’t. See Apple as an example. The point about cutting a player and not saying anything after he is cut was meant to mean he didn’t call him out about his bad play with some constructive criticism when here, but behind his back, um, he cuts him. What kind of signal does that send you and to the players? I would rather someone call me out in front of someone then stab me in the back, but hey, that is just me. You can talk to yourself now too.
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