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  1. So if they continue to lose, then can we use the motto and say, the new stripes are the same as the old stripes? Or the same old stripes? I am starting to think Mediocre Marv received his new mottos every year from MFB.
  2. You know a team will leap in front of us as MFB will be napping yet once again.
  3. The Fans only wanted a change 2 years ago? Just proves the old coot doesn’t pay attention to his fans or what is left of them. How about 5 years ago, MFB?
  4. MFB should’ve grabbed Bieniemy before hiring Zac, now this team will not get him nor Sewell. Oh joy! I can’t wait for another season of futility.
  5. 4th and 1 and kick a FG, Zac is sad! Baltimore 4th and 3, go for it. smh
  6. So if he pulled a Hammy, stretching has nothing to do with avoiding it? um, ok.
  7. Ravens keep running almost the exact same play on 3rd and 1 and the Bengals D cannot figure it out. Sad.
  8. Announcer, Jackson dropping DimeS, um, he only did it once. Idgit!
  9. Unreal! 12 game winning streak when having a losing record playing their last game at home. And 17 out of 18 overall.
  10. Good, we could still get the 3rd or 4th pick if Houston and Atl wins or just one and we lose. Bad, we have the 5th pick right now. Ugly, we win and other teams like Philly and others lose and we drop even further in the draft order. Possibly down to 10th, yep that far down.
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