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  1. Yea, show me that BS lie! https://summit.news/2019/08/07/2019-data-shows-51-of-mass-shooters-were-black-only-29-were-white/
  2. Learn how to read, I said, if you didn’t post that a Terrorist is other than a white male, then you are a Delusional Fool. If you have posted many are other than white males, then you are not one. Get It? Now suck in that nasty Liberal Fart!
  3. I agree that was not a fumble and there was a horse collar on the same play not called. But the Dalton Fumble/INT whatever you want to call it and Bullock can’t kick a FG and not going for it down near EZ instead of kicking the FG cost them the game.
  4. Instead of worrying about the Clowns, many might to pay attention to a real team in the Ravens who have put up 50 already.
  5. I haven’t read this thread and I am not going too go through all of your Liberal political brainwash BS, but I just want to know have you posted any post that shows Terrorists are other than whites on here? If not, you are a delusional fool!
  6. So you don’t have a problem with government controlling you? That is exactly what they want to do here. Next will be to confiscate your guns because they know who has them. That is called a Tyrannical Government. That is the Liberal Democrats for you! This is the Reason the 2nd Amendment is in place to stop this from happening.
  7. When does the draft start? Once again, no respect, KC could’ve knelt there, but nope, need to make MFB look like the fool he is! Enjoy the Circus!
  8. That means two things, they believe MFB will not be around and the Red BB Gun is not the answer and will be replaced.
  9. I think he was being sarcastic, then again probably not from the Kool Aid Decades Drinker! Who Dey!
  10. Except what is most important in a Playoff Game and he is great in Prime Time games too, but, yea, he is a winner.
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