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  1. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001077193/article/colin-kaepernick-says-hes-ready-after-atlanta-workout
  2. No Bengals Rep, no surprise here... The eight teams that attended Colin Kaepernick’s workout Saturday in the Atlanta area: KC Jets Philadelphia Tennessee Buffalo SF Washington Detroit
  3. Tua injury, They are saying it is possibly or comparing it to a Bo Jackson type of career ending injury. They had to evac him out by helicopter.
  4. I loved that one article stating, MFB probably would not send a scout, but would review the Free Tape. lol I added a couple of words, but this is what I got out of it. Typical MFB to save a few bucks! I wonder if Kaep will show his new kneeling technique at his workout while wearing his Police Pigs socks as his girlfriend yells, you all are racists on the sidelines?
  5. I can’t believe I am going to agree with LT. :) I totally agree, the NFL is not what it used to be. Rules have changed to make the game softer, replays have destroyed momentum, it seems the players get hurt more or maybe it is they keep the player out more for precautionary reasons or don’t want to be sued, etc... I am not into the NFL like I was years ago. To me, I don’t think Finley played that bad, especially when I heard he never took one snap with the starters as a backup, why Zach would do that is beyond me, but not one player does a team make. There are so many issues with this team it is beyond repair and will take years to fix since we know MFB is not playing in the free agency game. Plus, we know he is involved in the draft too. When MFB leaves, will Katie and her worthless husband leave? No way, so guess what, nothing is going to change. I have been trying to pull away from ever watching this team again for years now, but it is a disease I have thinking, one day, just one day they will win it all and I guess I want to say I have been here the whole time just like most of you. Yea, I am negative towards this team more than positive, but really what is there to be positive about?
  6. He is correct and you have no clue! You will see soon. He won’t do crapola with another team.
  7. I know exactly how the salary cap works and that is just another ad nauseam excuse. Even if we released him, what team would want him to start for them?
  8. You think it has only been this year that I was talking about?
  9. You need to look in the mirror and quit being a Hypocrite!
  10. Let me just add, I didn’t hear any team come screaming for Andy in a trade. I wonder why? Hhhhmmmm
  11. I see LeTigre is upset his boy was benched. Lol Dude has no leadership skills whatsoever and the players don’t seem to respect him. I wonder why? Anyone who watches the games know he has no pocket awareness, he doesn’t know when to step up in the pocket nor run out of it nor can he throw on the run out of the pocket. He gets his balls batted down more than any QB I have ever seen. I could go on and on about him and his problems, but I am just glad Zac had the balls to make the change. What does it hurt seeing a change? We lose 8 more with Andy? Lol
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