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  1. Oh yea, I know, but he needs to work on his getting open and catching abilities. I agree he is used for blocking as his main job, but always good to have another sneaky weapon every now and then in the O scheme like the Ravens have.
  2. He had a 46.8 QB Rating. His Ego is getting stomped and he is mad that there is a new QB in town now would be my guess.
  3. This should be on the highlight reels in the same manner they did for the Ravens when they made fun of our players not being able to tackle Jackson looking like the three stooges when he ran for a TD in one game against us. I forget what year that was, but I remember it being on tv and Internet for a long time.
  4. As a fan of the Bengals and TEs, I have screamed for decades for us to throw to our TEs like we did in the 80s and the way teams do against us. A pass catching TE is nothing but a nightmare for teams if they have very good WRs too and the Bengals have that now. Well, and it takes a QB like Burrow to make his read progressions too. Good on Uzomah. Now they just need to get Sample spun up in getting better.
  5. He better be fined or the league is in the pockets of teams like the RatBirds.
  6. Same JA that made fun of us fans wanting Mediocre Marv gone when Zac was first hired and went 0 and 7 and this year on Twatter when McPherson jumped up and down thinking he made the winning kick against GB. I am sure there are others. Screw this JA!
  7. Well, he is playing in NY next Sunday, well, NJ next week, so will he get the attention from their media?
  8. I am going to have to PM you, if that is all right, and hit you up before I go there the next time so we can talk about places to see there.
  9. i was talking about this in Chat. he is a JA and so is his brother! He punted at the end instead of still going for it on 4th down because he didn't want a 50 spot put up on his team. Everyone should remember this JA did that to the Bengals many times and he laughed about it. Ran up the score on us all the time that is.
  10. Many reality TV shows to see in Las Vegas too, if you are interested in that or into it, Pawn Stars (Gold & Silver Pawn Shop), Rick's Restoration (taken off TV) but still there, and Count's Kustoms (rebuilds or builds classic cars, trucks, hot rods, choppers, etc... ), he has some very nice old classic cars to see in his show room that he owns. Watch out for Pawn Stars though, there are some scammers in his parking lot that try to get you to buy into time shares. Chumlee's Candy on the Blvd as he stars on Pawn Stars show. Never been there though. Rogue Toys in which the owner (Steven Johnston) appears on Pawn Star too as the expert on old toys worth. never been there. Vegas Toy Shack in which the owner (Johnny Jimenez Jr.) also appears on Pawn Stars as a old toy expert and their worth. never been there. Next time I will go to all and spend more time there.
  11. Feel bad for the kid on the left trying to get a signature and he is being ignored. Looks like a Ravens hat though. I could be wrong.
  12. but never backed out of saying, he shouldn't still be on a different team or market area.
  13. CBS NFL studio turds are arse holes, still mentioning if Burrow was in a different market like he shouldn't even be here or doesn't deserve to be here. Boomer finally said something, like it doesn't matter what market he is in if he is good.
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