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  1. TigerJ@w

    Burfict released

    I don’t think the Vikings have any Cap space.
  2. Vegas has moved the Browns to 14 to 1 to win the SuperBowl. If they get Thomas, they will be moved to being the favorites to win SB? They haven’t had a winning season since 2007 and now they are going to win The SuperBowl? 😂 Looks Good on paper, but notice nobody mentions injuries. Oh, did I say that. Yea, I am jealous of their moves while the Bengals resign Bums!
  3. He wrote 2018. Am I missing something here? Did he mean 2019? I have never been a season ticket holder so do you pay in arrears?
  4. Well, with the Brilliant moves so far during FA, you might be right. I am hoping, well, praying, these coaches can coach better than MM and MFB’s buddies, except then I see Duffner is back. 😂
  5. I forgot, MFB and his mom and pop clan are still here. Tobin is a Moron! Talk about another overpaid worthless bum! Turner said, a few sacks? 10 is a few? How many false starts? How many pressures did he give up? Hart has the brain of a pea if he can’t even get the QB cadence down. Did I read it right that he will be around the 9th highest paid OT? 😂 This will put butts in the seats.
  6. What is the difference between 5-11, 6-10, 7-9 and 6-9-1? Two things, Nothing, I mean did you care about the last three years? First prediction, New Coaching Staff, Last three records a 16 year old coach and coaching staff that was making fans happy being Mediocre to less than Mediocre. Oh Joy!
  7. He deserves a chance before I make judgement. Does he not deserve a chance? You know as well as anyone ML should’ve been gone years ago. We know MFB only made change because seats were not being filled. I have said this how many years this must be done for MFB to make a change? Plus, I am sure the League owners probably told him to do it because he was not carrying his weight in revenue. The little secrets we will never know what happens behind closed doors. I wanted change and I will give this guy a chance. What can it hurt? More losing seasons? 😂
  8. Mediocre Marv is a joke on here. He talks about plays that were great calls and were the same ones his Bengals were burnt on for 16 years. The pass to the open TE after acting like he is blocking and goes out for a pass, he says, a great designed play. 😂 What an Idiot! I am so glad this clown is gone! The great thing, the other commentators don’t take his shiat like he is King like the media did. I don’t hear him laughing or giggling like he did at press conferences.
  9. TigerJ@w

    Coaching Staff Changes

    Yea, bring ole Mediocre Marv back! Nothing but a freakin joke if MFB does. This Chart says it all! While Zimmer is about to go back to back into the playoffs with already one playoff win to show for. That will be 3 playoff appearances in his first 5 years. We Kept Clown Mediocre Marv instead of Zimmer. Pathetic!
  10. TigerJ@w

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    No Freakin Way? Time for Fans to revolt!
  11. TigerJ@w

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    How he was not flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct does not surprise me with the stupid NFL Refs.
  12. Oh, I forgot about this trivia question, What Coach has helped lead two Teams to last place in the same season before being fired? Anyone? Oh, I forgot or hired as HC for the second team too? Anyone?
  13. Our Bungals are in last place and the Clowns can win the Division if Stealers and Ravens go 1 and 2 and they win out, but hey, we will still have our golden boy Mediocre $5M Marv coach. This is how Sad it has become. I am sure LT will love my same repeated post. Enjoy the Circus for the 26th Year under MFB and 16th under the HC Savior! Lol
  14. TigerJ@w

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    Why keep him on? You would show the fans you might at least care a little bit. Nah, Let’s keep it the way it has been done for 26 straight years. Why change?
  15. TigerJ@w

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    26 years and counting, by golly I am right and you never ever will be. Are you bipolar? Not that it is a bad thing, but just asking for a friend.

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