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  1. Won’t that MNF game be flexed if neither team is sniffing the playoffs?
  2. Carson had a devastating injury as we all know and was never the same after that, yea, he was able to play, but I really believe he would’ve helped us win a SB if that never occurred.
  3. Don’t forget the time in a post game press conference where Mixon interrupted after they won and said, so this it is what it is like to talk to the press, then Andy was not getting anymore questions thrown his way and stomped off like the little egotistical baby he really is. He said out loud, you guys got it! He thinks he is the only one who should get the spotlight. Pathetic!
  4. Class wins what exactly? A participation trophy? Yea, he earned that for sure.
  5. Like I said, Backup QB is the best position in the NFL. $7M with $3M guaranteed for holding a clip board?
  6. You mean the Bengals 7th ranked D is why they made the playoffs. Their offense was 20th ranked.
  7. I called it! I told you all nobody wanted the Mediocre QB! Good Bye Little Red BB Gun! He will probably be picked up now for Cheap and carry a clip board doing nothing but collecting $1M. The life of a back-up QB, best position in football.
  8. Joe Burrow’s Contract... Wow! According to MMQB’s Andrew Brandt, Burrow will get a four-year guaranteed deal worth $36.2 million, with $23.9 of it as signing bonus. https://wp.me/p7aERn-89e
  9. https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2020/04/25/nfl-undrafted-free-agency-tracker-bengals-2020/
  10. CBS Sports gives the Bengals Draft an A-. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/bengals-draft-picks-2020-nfl-draft-order-grades-by-team-cincinnatis-round-2-3-selections/
  11. I am shocked we did not have any this year. Did I miss something? We picked up Free Agents last year compared to ones we lost? I haven’t been paying attention closely anymore. I am sure someone on here could explain it to me. Thanks!
  12. Don’t look now, but Flacco is now available too.
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