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  1. What genius playcalling, got to love the energy Taylor is bringing..amirite
  2. Classic Dalton, good enough to get you to the red zone but can't make a simple pass for the touchdown.
  3. Getting him back on the field and ready to play would be great as our current situation at LT is a dumpster fire and it's holding this team back from competing and winning games.
  4. I agree 100%, but the lack progression and valid information is just strange. Buffalo's QB, Josh Allen was hit in his helmet and was ruled out of the game with a concussion in last weeks game. He was in the concussion protocol for the entire week but it was announced that he was going to play yesterday. Allen has something to play for so I can understand him wanting to get back in there ASAP, his franchise has invested heavily in his success and the are in the playoff hunt. Glenn on the other hand suffered no obvious injury during the game and has had one of the slowest recoveries for a concussion that I can remember. The symptoms of a concussion are hard to refute, a headache is something that can't be verified with any tech that currently exists and it can come and go, according to my wife whenever it's time for a blow job... Alls I'm saying is if a player wanted to fake an injury, the concussion is the route to go and the hardest to disprove. I'm confident every NFL player has suffered a concussion, based on what I know about concussions(I watched the Will Smith movie so I'm basically an expert, here's a link to my TedX speech on concussions.) Especially an offensive lineman whose job it is to either absorb or initiate a violent collision 60 to 70 times per game. If Glenn is truly suffering from a concussion that he can't come back from in a normal time frame or if he doesn't trust the Bengals medical staff, which once again is very understandable, then he should either consider retirement or ask for a trade. I say this because the risk for concussions aren't going away and the Bengals training staff isn't going to dramatically improve anytime soon.
  5. How could it be worse? The Bengals hired an offensive genius that can't score more than 21 points a game. This time last year the Bengals were 4-1 after week 5 and had a winning record by week 10 of the season. Before the injuries set in the Bengals were very competitive and actually winning games with basically the same roster.
  6. So Glenn is two months into the concussion protocol after he self reported symptoms in the 3rd week of the preseason. He didn't suffer any obvious injuries during the week 2 or 3 games, so it's very difficult to ascertain when the injury occurred. Concussions can be tricky, it can be hard to accurately gauge when they occur or when they all. The seeming lack of progression or information regarding Glenn's injury is curious at best. When you add in the fact that before the season Glenn was moved from LT to LG in favor of the unproven 1st round pick, then back to LT after the annual injury to the first round pick, maybe Glenn isn't in a rush to help a team that drafted his replacement. I hope I'm wrong about this but I think Glenn is sandbagging his concussion injury and no plans to play for the Bengals anytime soon.
  7. It more about justifying their draft grade and making sure they aren't labeled as a bust. If it's your job to draft and re-sign the players are you going to admit you have no clue and made a mistake or are you going to double down on the bad decision and keep guys on the roster longer than they should be? This is how Dre Kirkpatrick gets an extension, Ced plays all 5 years of his rookie deal, Bobby Hart gets a raise after playing horribly, and Andre Smith gets brought back again despite being backup for one of the worst lines last year.
  8. I assumed it was a joke, it's the only that comment made any sense.
  9. Lol...good one But that's how it's played out, somehow Tobin flies under the radar and gets zero blame for his poor decisions.
  10. It's been reported that Tobin is the football guy who is supposedly calling all of the shots for the Bengals. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/2/9/18217579/duke-tobin-is-putting-his-reputation-on-the-line-with-the-zac-taylor-hire Tobin has been with the Bengals for 20 years in various positions and in his current role he's the de facto GM that is in charge of the draft and player personnel. The overall problem with the Bengals is the god awful oline and LB play, combined with an inexperienced coaching staff that looks overwhelmed and unprepared. All of this falls directly onto the desk of Tobin, he's responsible for the glaring lack of talent and subpar product that is put on display. I see fans and the media blame everyone except for Tobin, first it was Marvin, now it's Taylor and the Brown family. No one ever places the blame where it truly belongs, with Duke Tobin. If he's the guy drafting hurt players in the first round consistently and resigning guys like Bobby Hart despite clear evidence that he shouldn't be starting in the NFL then he should have been fired years ago.
  11. Thanks for the laugh, stealth tanking.....how is he going to stockpile draft picks when they haven't made a single trade.. If it came from Tony Pike then it must be true.
  12. The HC clearly values that position, they drafted one in the 2nd round and signed 2 in the offseason. They dress 4 every game, hell they ran an end around fake with the 4th string TE, surprisingly it didn't fool anyone.
  13. If he's healed then he will be fine, with his contract status uncertain he will wait until he's 100% before he gets back on the field, there's nothing for him to rush back for, unfortunately.
  14. They are the true culprits, until the Brown family completely removes itself from the day to day operations of running this team and treats it like a billion dollar corporation instead of truckstop Subway franchise then I don't expect much to change. Katie and Troy have no clue what they are doing and should not be in a day to day decision making position with any NFL team. They have no qualifications outside of nepotism that make them an ideal candidate for their current roles. The Bengals have 5 scouts but 16 people selling tickets, maybe if they put more resources into finding better players they wouldn't have to work so hard at selling tickets. https://www.bengals.com/team/front-office-roster/
  15. This is just silly, maybe Dalton doesn't have much trade value but AJ is respected around the NFL.
  16. After last night's debacle it's clear this coaching staff is in over it's head. They're trying to run plays out of formations that don't highlight the players skills or they are just badly designed plays. Who knew that hiring a HC, OC, and DC with no previous experience in those roles was a bad idea. Apparently everyone except the Bengals front office, smh Throughout that painful broadcast Booger and that other moron kept talking about how Talyor had brought in fresh and new energy. He added that if the Brown family could spend money and get him some better players, thatTalyor could possibly be successful.....lol...good luck with that. That's the reason why no good coach or player wants to come here, because they know ownership won't/is incapable of doing those things. That's like saying if that meth head could just stop using drugs every 4 hours and go to MIT, they could get a job at Google or Tesla. After the the first quarter of the season that new penny shine has worn off, the fan base is even more disillusioned, and it's looking like the 90's all over again.
  17. I hate to say it but.....yeah...that was awfully embarrassing.
  18. We'll see tomorrow night, I don't have too much confidence in this coaching staff or current roster to do much.
  19. That's exactly it, they're extremely efficient and he's throwing the ball down the field so he's getting a ton of yards per attempted pass. He's averaging over 15 yards per pass attempt. He has 3 60+ yard completions so far this season, he's a big play machine. He's a physical specimen; was a power lifter in high school and can throw it a country mile. He also has all the intangibles, he's smart, the son of a coach, selfless, he's a competitor, and he plays big in big games. Bama doesn't develop NFL QB's so the 3 years he spent there didn't help him but his time with Riley is showing that with good coaching he can improve dramatically. The NFL has taken the last 2 Riley coached QB's #1 overall in consecutive drafts, the trend could definitely continue with Hurts.
  20. I really like Jalen Hurts, he's developing nicely in Riley's system. I think you need a mobile QB in the NFL because oline talent has fallen off and you need a QB that evade rush, they don't have to be Vick 2.0 but able to not be a statue or look like a deer in head lights whenever a rusher is coming at them like our current QB. I'm not sold on this Herbert kid, but he seems to have all of the tools. I've admittedly haven't seen to much of him, but he's supposed to be a top prospect. As for Tua, hard pass for me. Playing QB at Bama is probably the easiest job in CFB because you have the best players at every position and a NFL defense to support you. Physically he is going to have to prove he take NFL hits. The way this season is going hopefully we will see if Finley or Dolegala can play in this league. After 9 seasons of Andy finding new and innovative ways to lose games, I say put him on the bench where he belongs...Andy is this generations Jon Kitna, great backup that is a mediocre starter.
  21. The first win of the Taylor era vs the Stealers would be massive.
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