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  1. He played for two years in the SEC, he's not coming straight outta high school... Getting a quality OT is just as hard as getting a quality QB, you may have to go a little early but it's worth it No way he makes it that far in the draft, he could be a first round pick. He was a 2 year starter on the best oline in the best conference in CFB. Drafting Wilson at the top of the second round would a great move to protect Burrow.
  2. I really like Isaiah Wilson from UGA, hopefully they draft him in the second round
  3. Who said that was the plan? Hopefully the oline will continue to improve like they did as the season progressed. The Bengals started Smith and Jerry at LT for the majority of the season, I doubt that will be the case for the upcoming season. I think the oline will be improved because of better talent and the coaching staff having more time to get guys who fit their system. There's plenty of things a team can do to cut down on the sacks allowed, having a mobile QB that has a great pocket presence is a start.
  4. He was sacked 69 times in 28 games, which is about 2.5 sacks per game. Considering the considerable difference in the level of competition I wouldn't say LSU's oline was stellar.
  5. Not really, Burrow was sacked a ton and had to scramble often. Their starting LT missed multiple games because of a suspension, they weren't considered a top unit. There's 3 LSU OL players in the draft, none of them are considered first round talents.
  6. I wouldn't say he was great, slightly above average is more accurate. The speed of regular season games are much greater than CFB and preseason games. The XFL has a huge drop off in talent from the NFL. Guys who couldn't get on the field in the NFL look like HOF'ers in the XFL. Josh Johnson, Walker, Tamu, etc... I think you are severely underestimating the talent level in the NFL. If these guys had the talent to play in the NFL they would be in the NFL.
  7. Sources tell me that Burrow will be a Bengal, the Palmer Bros. and TJ are hypocrites, and Mike Florio is a gossip girl
  8. Just look at the location of the most recent Super Bowl, the NFL is in business with the city of Miami....not so much for Cincy, the Brown family won't even invest in a practice bubble to protect the players from the weather.
  9. Ryan Finley will be the backup, I seriously doubt they are going to pay 6-8 million to player to not play when they can pay a guy $500k for the same role. If they do bring in a FA, I think Sean Mannion would be the guy because he worked with Taylor in LA when Taylor was the QB coach.
  10. How does this guy keep a job? The Bengals sold everyone on Marvin Lewis being the problem but Tobin looks to be very incompetent.
  11. He reminds me a lot of Andy Dalton... doesn't take a lot of chances/quick to check it down, questionable accuracy down the field, fairly mobile, and not a natural leader....I would rather keep Dalton than draft Herbert or any other QB in this draft besides Burrow.
  12. Herbert is nowhere near the talent of Burrow, trust me Burrow is a special player... he's a leader of men and the bed prospect to come out in a generation. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/1/24/21079631/andrew-whitworth-potential-pick-joe-burrow-special The Bengals aren't pressured, they're fortunate. They need quality talent, not a bunch of picks. They had 10 picks last year and got next to nothing as far as production is concerned from those picks. As for the media....fuck em'... they'll be onboard once Burrow starts winning.
  13. Did you actually watch Burrow and Herbert play....if that answer is yes to both questions and you still want Herbert over Burrow then I seriously question your football IQ. A game changing QB is more valuable than a mid tier QB and a coverage LB.
  14. Re-sign him and let him play with Burrow... that's a Super Bowl winning combo
  15. OSU lost...regardless of who or what. They blew a 16 point lead and lost. Clemson was the better team because they won, it's rather simple.
  16. He just pulled out of the game due to knee issues...so he will definitely be the 2nd round pick.
  17. I'm looking at either Beckton from Louisville or Wilson from UGA. No question the Bengals need to upgrade the talent in at OT position, quality depth is needed and protecting Burrow has to be priority #1.
  18. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/01/20/bengals-executive-duke-tobin-disputes-espns-report-about-no-1-pick/
  19. Some one needs a time out..-10 good boy points....no chicken tendies for you... Btw, name calling isn't helping you convince others that you are intelligent and passing on Burrow for Herbert is just fucking dumb.
  20. Why... outside of Burrow this QB class is questionable at best. Burrow is the best QB prospect in the college and I don't Lawerence or Fields are better. Just do the obvious thing a get a great player, the Bengals had 10 draft picks last year and got a whole lot of nothing. Quality over quantity
  21. He's the chosen one, he's going to lead the Bengals to the promise land. I think the Nebraska connection will help Joe feel comfortable coming to the Bengals.
  22. He's such a Westsider....Joe Burrow aka the Prince of Price Hill...aka the Common Man's Champion
  23. Lol.... staying at the Westin means you've have arrived. Btw...he hates the chili https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/1/15/21067438/joe-burrow-doesnt-like-skyline-chili-oh-well
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