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  1. I was thinking the same thing, some one needs to hire a PI to find BJ so he can come home and complete the prophecy scrolls. The Prince who was Promised has arrived and his name is Joe Burrow.
  2. Do you think Taylor has shown to be a better coach than ML?
  3. I think Price has a future at RG, putting him next to Hopkins can help both guys.
  4. Taylor should get another year to see if he improves, which should not be that difficult being that the bar is very low. He will have plenty of talent and more of his guys, so we will see how it goes.
  5. You know, his system and culture...I don't see what is so hard to understand about this.
  6. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/12/29/marvin-jones-son-marlo-dies/ Sad day for former Bengal player, he was one of the good guys. Sorry to hear about this.
  7. This is the worst idea, Jameis is a turn over machine and Chase Young can't affect a team like a QB. Burrow is the pick, no debate.
  8. I think Taylor has blamed his horrible record on Glenn and there's no way he's on the roster when the 2020 season starts.
  9. He's gone as of Sunday at 4:30 pm, I imagine he's already cleared out his personal belongings from the locker room. I wouldn't be surprised if he was inactive.
  10. Especially if they could get a billion dollars to do it.
  11. But do they get their tendies tho?? it's all about the tendies.
  12. They're lazy and incompetent, you don't set records for futility and ineptitude unless you are both of things. Not winning a playoff game in almost 30 years despite profit sharing, free agency, etc..screams of laziness and stupidity. If they are overwhelmed they could out source certain task or add staff, the Brown family is too lazy and cheap do that and not fuck it up.
  13. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2836745-matt-millers-scouting-notebook-top-nfl-gm-candidates-2020-big-board-and-more There's plenty of qualified candidates and the Bengals have the resources to upgrade the front office and the roster. The big question is do they have the desire and competency to get the job done.
  14. I just think the Brown family is extremely lazy and stupid when it comes to running the Bengals. I don't get the sense they are working around the clock, trying as hard as they can to get this franchise to the Super Bowl. They say they want to win but I don't think they are willing to put in the work to ensure that it occurs.
  15. I think Ross is a better athlete, can do more with the ball, and overall is better than Erickson...but you're right about his availability, which ultimately is more important than his ability.
  16. Thought this topic should be revisited seeing how the season has progressed and the off season about to begin. The last 3 drafts have been awful and the FA signings are just as bad. When you look at the historically bad season and the decisions that have been made it doesn't make sense to let Tobin run another draft, especially one in which the Bengals will be drafting first every round. I know this is a long shot but if the Bengals are serious about making this franchise respectable they should totally clean house, stop digging deeper into the the hole abd get someone who has a proven track record of success to run the organization.
  17. This is how you go 1-15....yeah I'm predicting a loss on Sunday. The Bengals need to fire Duke Tobin and get a real GM.
  18. Maybe he didn't want to be on the Bengals and told them so....I don't know why they would waste their time by going after a guy who can't pass a physical exam.
  19. This roster is full of guys who shouldn't be on the team but are. That's my point and how this is an historically awful team. This front office is more concerned with being right and looking competent than actually winning games.
  20. Duke Tobin is very much invested in Ross being successful, it makes Tobin looks like he's good at his job. Ross isn't going anywhere and he's better than Erickson.
  21. They should at least try to trade Glenn, cutting him should be the last resort. Ideally they would keep Glenn on the roster as he's the best LT we have. One game vs. the Dolphins doesn't make Johnson better than Glenn. The Bengals have proven they will take less talented over more talented players because they are cheaper and easier to control. This notion that after one game they can say Johnson is hands down better than Glenn is laughable.
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