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  1. Big game for Taylor, Marvin always played Baltimore well but Taylor hasn't been close. Coming off a big win, it will be a good test to see what these coaches can do to get these players ready to go.
  2. I say would Matt Nagy and Doug Pederson are better comparisons than Taylor, they both had the same role and responsibilities that Bienemy is currently responsible for. Taylor was a QB coach not an OC, it's pretty rare to go from position coach to HC. I'm sure Bienemy will get the right opportunity for him. As for Taylor, a 4 or 5 game win streak would go a long way. I hope this team can compete with Baltimore this year.
  3. Alex Remind played well today and really helped solidify the line today. I loved his effort, especially on that screen where Mixon slipped. He was competing hard and kept the mistakes to a minimum. Best game by this line in all season.
  4. So do you believe your "folks" or Andy Reid.... just trying to understand your point
  5. That's not true... according to Andy Reid “His role is the same (as Pederson and Nagy),” Reid said Thursday leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. “He does all the stuff the other coordinators do — the game plans and so on. He’s the one (who) signals and calls the plays and in communication with the quarterbacks. He’s in every quarterback meeting, all the stuff all the other guys do. I don’t know the answer.” https://wtop.com/sports-columns/2020/02/column-the-chief-reason-for-kcs-super-bowl-liv-comeback-is-overlooked-again/
  6. This week Taylor and Turner made the following statements about Joe Burrow and the play of the offensive line, specifically the right side and Bobby Hart. This is Taylor on Burrow getting lit up behind this God awful line Taylor and this crew put together this off season: "Some of those are on protection, just pure pass protection. Some of those are on him and the style of his play. The play is never over for him. He does everything he can to keep it alive." Coach Zac Taylor placed blame for four of the eight sacks on the offensive line." https://www.nfl.com/news/bengals-want-joe-burrow-to-be-smarter-about-taking-hits Seriously WTF... Yeah let's blame Joe Burrow for trying to overcome your ineptitude... what an ass. Be smarter!!!! Fuck you Zac! Be smarter says the guy who passes on 3rd & 2 twice. Says the guy who uses all of his time outs and loses again in the opener. Taylor is trying to put Burrow getting beat up on him instead of where it belongs... the offensive line coach Jim Turner. Now here's Taylor's boy...Jim Turner on the worst starting RT in the NFL, Mr. Untouchable, Bobby Hart: "Out of all my players, Bobby Hart is the most underappreciated player and the most picked-on player by everybody from the media to whoever wants to talk football," Turner said Wednesday on a conference call. "It's like every pressure we've ever had gets blamed on that kid. Nobody has put more time or effort into our offense, like in preparation for the season and understanding his weaknesses and in training and getting himself ready to play for the season. You watch him play, right? He's played three solid games." "Bobby's playing the best football I've seen him play in his career right now," Turner continued. "I think mentally, he's a great place right now. I think he's unaffected by anything that's said about him, and I think he knows, like if you watch his side of the line, it's solid." https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/jim-turner-defends-bobby-hart WTF... How can anyone trust these clowns (HC & OC & DC) to do anything other than what they have shown they have been able to do... which is lose. Fuck you Jim Turner... solid like baby poop...these guys are unraveling fast.
  7. But Marvin.....20 games in people are still blaming Marvin. If he was holding them back why can't they win more than 13% of they have played without him as HC when they won 52% of the games he coached? I didn't realize the ghost of Marvin Lewis is why Taylor is one of worse coaches in NFL history. At what point does Taylor and this coaching staff get held accountable by anyone?
  8. Are you unaware of what happened during his tenure in Miami, where Taylor got his only NFL OC experience, it was a pretty big deal? I'm glad you're so tolerant and progressive but I don't know if anyone is learning anything from Turner, despite how obnoxious his sense of humor may be. If they're learning it's not showing up on Sunday and Joe Burrow is on pace to get destroyed in the process. All of the hate this organization received this off season because of Burrow's supposed hesitance to join up with Bengals because of the way this ownership, front office, and coaching staff go about their business it's proving like it was well deserved. To mismanage this on every level is ridiculous. The front office failed to get enough depth and talent in the offensive line, then signed off on hiring an absolute moron(anyone who thinks Bobby Hart is playing great is a moron, medically speaking) to develop the less talented players is a recipe for disaster, and added a head coach with no prior experience or real qualifications besides he looks like a guy he worked for that was successful more so than the other candidates that were interested in the job. And the ownership group is giving Bobby Hart $21 million dollars to get Burrow blasted every game, doubling down on it, because who else is available...that would require hiring more scouts...overhead...oh no.
  9. Exactly, the talent is there for them to at least compete but the coaching is getting in the way.
  10. Oh gee..if only there was another option...a former Bengal who interviewed but wasn't hired..has a proven track record of success, has won a Super Bowl in which in his unit that he is responsible for plays great(not like Goff in the Super Bowl...but I digress)...who could this guy be. https://wtop.com/sports-columns/2020/02/column-the-chief-reason-for-kcs-super-bowl-liv-comeback-is-overlooked-again/#:~:text=Yes%2C Reid calls plays.&text=“His role is the same,in communication with the quarterbacks.
  11. So how do you reconcile the Jim Turner hire with Taylor's system and culture that he's trying to implement? Zac Taylor hired Jim Turner shortly after his press conference like T-Dub stated, and not only does Turner have a well-documented history of implementing and installing the exact opposite of what it takes to win a championship in his offensive lines, his performance has been awful and it's not getting better. Guys who played for Power 5 programs that won national championships like Florida State, Ohio State, Alabama, etc..come here and play as they have never played a down of football. Taylor gets a lot of opportunities and excuses for horrible performance, he's demonstrated repeatedly that he can't win in the NFL.. 20 games is a large enough sample size, especially for a guy who has zero prior experience and isn't qualified for the job. I'm not saying that he should be fired before the end of the year but it's another 2 or 3 win season and it looks like Joe Burrow is going to get seriously injured, like it has been looking so far, then Taylor should be fired. Burrow's development needs to be the #1 priority for the franchise in the next 18 months and if the Bengals front office can't get an offensive line that can protect the rare commodity that Joe Burrow then some major changes need to be made, there are literally billions of dollars on the line.
  12. He wasn't ready for this opportunity and this is a paid internship for Taylor where he gets to learn from failures, but we the fans and unfortunately Joe Burrow are literally suffering through it. Just look at the win percentage of Taylor(13%) compared to every other coach in the NFL, it's not good. He's worse than Hue Jackson( 21%) and nowhere near Marvin (52%). I know Taylor hasn't had an easy go but his team's have proven to be inconsistent when it comes to blocking and tackling. If you can't consistently do those two fundamental aspects of playing football how good is your system/program/way of coaching/ whatever cliche ...?
  13. Billy Price should not be in the NFL based on his body of work. He sucks, he should not be on the team. Fred Johnson isn't much better, he's more physically gifted.
  14. Well the o line coach is hand picked by the HC, so the o line is Taylor's mess as much as anyone.
  15. Absolutely, they should hire him as the GM/Coach and let him build the culture of the franchise. Taylor was never qualified, he's never been a successful coach at any level. What has Taylor won as a coach at any level?
  16. I think getting a better coaching staff would be a good idea
  17. It's amazing Kenneth can type and suck Zack Taylor's dick at the same time. What a clown
  18. Let's see what some practice time with the coaching staff and continuity can for this offensive line. Prior to FA these were the top 5 offensive linemen regardless of position so this will be a good test for this team. In theory it should improve the performance, if the staff can coach 'em up this week. Although it's not ideal conditions so far this offensive should have it's best performance so far.
  19. I remember when he started his own board, sad to hear about this
  20. I was looking at some players that could be cut in the next few months that could be available to compete, replace, or add to the talent level at the offensive line; here are my top candidates in no particular order: -Kendall Lamm- Teaming him up with :Gaither-Davis could be good for the App St. star. With recent draft picks Lamm could be a cap casualty. - Nick Gates - The front office and fans love this guy but then they add 3 more players that are arguable better/drafted higher than him in the past 50 days. - David Quessenbarry - He's a smart player that can add value if he's healthy. The Titans drafted Wilson, signed Sambrailo in FA, and Kelly Dennis is very popular in Nash Vegas; leaving Danny in limbo. -Martinis Rankin - Could be the odd man out, if so he's definitely worth adding to this roster. The addition of Niang in the draft and Remmers in FA doesn't bode well for his future in KC. - Oli Udoh - He's young talent that could get cut in favor of a higher pick. Raw but has the tools to get better, physically he's gifted. He's going to have beat out more experienced guys to make the final roster. I believe guys like Douglas, Prince, and Redmond could be upgraded with these players.
  21. He wore a harness for most of his senior season, so it was pretty obvious that there was something going on with his shoulder. It's the Bengals responsibility to do their proper investigation and due diligence. No one forced the Bengals to draft Williams and so blaming him or Alabama is pointless and off base
  22. I haven't heard of Hart being a cancer in the locker room, not sure where you are getting that from.
  23. Ol' I wanna speak to the manager face...I'm sure the Bengals media will get right on it for you, sir. What is your obsession with Westerman, clearly you hold him in higher regard than the rest of the NFL. Maybe you get a GM job ala Mike Mayock and sign Westerman so you can finally see him realize his potential.
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