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  1. If we want to see a possible future, watch Detroit. The old woman owner is out and the daughter has taken over and became the principle owner. She immediately shit cans Patricia after laying a turd on a thanksgiving.
  2. In my humble opinion the top recruits don’t want to play for Michigan in shitty ass Ann Arbor, especially QBs. Same reason Penn State can’t get a top QB. Social Media is killing programs like those. Even trashy Tallahassee is better than Ann Arbor. Partying outside in shorts in January is appealing to most college kids. My daughter went to OSU, serious party school and great RECENT success. Michigan is full of really smart people trying to do well in college.
  3. Yeah, Andrew Luck was trash. Kaepernick almost won a Super Bowl. They all sucked. Do a little research dude.
  4. Reporter: “How did the surgery go Dr.?” Doc: “Whew! Boy did I fuck that one up. Hell, he is young and strong so a little limp won’t hurt him.”
  5. Michigan hasn’t gotten a single difference making QB which they MUST HAVE to compete against the Ohio States of the world. There in no way you can compete at a high level without a great QB in college, it just isn’t possible unless you are Alabama with WAY better talent. I was at the Hobo vs Buckeyes game. Mayfield was mind numbing to watch. Just surgically took apart the Buckeye’s defense. JT Barrett couldn’t hold his jock. Burrow did the same last year. The difference between Tua and Hurts at Alabama was stark. And Michigan is losing because their t
  6. I am sorry but I have seen Michigan play 3 times this year. The QB play has been HORRIBLE! I mean fucking terrible. Watching guys who can’t accurately throw the ball 15 yards is mind numbing. Watching guys completely miss WIDE open receivers is brutal. Worse is one game they play ok and the next they totally suck. Plenty of highly rated kids come out of High School and simply can not play at the college level. Best example is 5 star recruit Tate Martell. My daughter knew him in college. He was a douche. She is also good friends with KJ Hill. When Martell left Hill told her
  7. Buckeye fans make me laugh. Harbaugh’s record at Michigan is better than the last few coaches. He simply can’t convince any high end QB to play there when there are far better options. Mahomes played at Texas Tech. Burrow LEFT OSU to play someplace better. Big 10 football is so horribly overrated. Maybe 1.5 good teams every year?
  8. 5 playoff wins in only 4 years of coaching to include a Conference Championship and almost winning a Super Bowl is no longer considered an accomplishment, thanks for the update. Your analogy is garbage, Harbaugh actually won something, your mother in law won you, poor thing.
  9. 44-19-1 in the regular season 5-3 in the playoffs with an NFC Championship. Yeah, NFL players won’t play for him.
  10. Again, 4 years at $20mil. If you fail you still won.
  11. What blew my mind with Ced was his reaction time. It seemed so many times he didn’t remember the snap count and the D End got a jump on him. As to Sewell, he is no different than Munoz, if you want to see how he does against NFL talent you will need to draft him or wait until September and watch him play.
  12. Adam Gase signed a 4 year estimated $20 mil contract in New York. Taylor isn’t making more than $1mil a year.
  13. He might if his goal was to sell the team to an outsider. It actually is better if the value is less from an estate tax point of view when he passes away. Don’t want Katie or Mikey in the poor house.
  14. I have never denied plenty of bad management exists in the NFL but Detroit and Cincy pretty much lock up the cellar. Cleveland seems to be turning the corner unfortunately. The Jags ain’t great but almost won the AFC Championship in 2017.
  15. We made the right choice with Burrow. We were not getting Lawrence and Herbert has a better line for sure so his stats are better. I am sure Burrow would do great at Kansas City. The problem will always be the front office, Mahomes would struggle here. My point is Burrow is not our savior. That only works in basketball, bowling, tennis and golf. He is a great piece for sure.
  16. I am not quite sure how you equate 2 wins and the 26th ranked offense as chicken salad. Yes, Burrow has played well as a rookie but the team is only marginally better than last year’s team on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Like Dalton, Burrow will need the pieces around him to be successful. Palmer was in the same boat and had a little success but not much. Now it is laughable to proclaim Lawrence overrated because his team is so awesome and pretend LSU, which had 17 players drafted this year with 5 in the 1st round, was successful because of Joe B.
  17. The Jets have played in 2 AFC Championships in the last 12 years. The Bengals haven’t won a playoff game in 30. There isn’t one GM in the NFL that would take Joe Burrow and his shredded knee over Trevor Lawrence given the choice. Burrow is a better QB than Andy Dalton which is good but it’s a huge stretch to call him special. Likable guy but a Passer rating of 89 and QBR of 59,9 makes him pretty average. Statistically, Herbert is having a much better season.
  18. LOL, the Bengals are last on every available coach’s list. You would honestly take the Bengals with Joe Burrow coming off rehab over the Jets and touchdown Jesus? Joe Burrow is already yesterday’s news. Rookie of the year? Nope. Next year Lawrence and Fields will be the big story, Burrow and the Bengals? Snore. He won 2 games this year. Yay!
  19. You can’t seriously think any coach would chose Cincinnati over any other franchise just because they have Joe “MCL, ACL, and meniscus damage” Burrow waiting for them? Coaches know what Cincinnati offers on a professional level, almost nothing.
  20. Uhh, Falcons, Texans and possibly Bears and Eagles? All 4 are massive upgrades. Atlanta’s new house is awesome. Houston WAY nicer than Cincy. Bears and Eagles both huge following in huge cities. Jacksonville vs Cincy?? LOL Detroit sucks but new owner ain’t fucking around. Jets are garbage but still a better job than earning 6 figures with Mike Brown.
  21. Marvin was 13-14 at this point after taking over a 2-14 club.
  22. Winston would be a great backup. At least he ain’t afraid to throw the ball. Won 7 games last year which is 7 more than our backups have won the last 4 years.
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