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  1. The fact that rookie 6th rounder Adeniji, who has played every line position except center I think, scored near 60 is actually kind of impressive.
  2. True but at least it’s a start. The Bengals were 4-12 when they drafted Munoz, 2 years later they were in the Super Bowl. Therefore...
  3. I am starting to think being a Dallas fan is worse than being a Bengals fan. Seriously, the team got a very experienced backup QB just in case. In case happens and Dalton completely sucks.
  4. You expect him to do all three at the same time? Come on now, a little weed before the game ain’t so bad.
  5. $14.4 mil and he has only started 5 games. Nice!!
  6. My favorite was the 3rd and 8 sideline route Dalton would always throw 1 yard out of bounds. Ahh memories.
  7. You’re the guy who always slows down at accident scenes aren’t you?
  8. Can you imagine his agent calling him and telling he just got picked up by the Bengals? I bet he would pee a little in his pants.
  9. All you need to know is the Giants’ top rusher has only 384 yards rushing this year which is over 100 yards more than the next guy. The top rusher? Daniel Jones.
  10. Unfortunately, he played here so it won’t happen. He was great but the team accomplished nothing while he was here.
  11. Meh, three are Saints fans so I can’t do that. My oldest daughter is a Browns fan so I hope the mouse trap in her stocking feels good.
  12. The Bengals only sold 75% of their low priced tickets last year and are probably the bottom of the barrel as far as TV eyeballs are concerned. Even the regional money adds up.
  13. I seriously doubt St. Louis would accept the Bengals with ownership still intact. No city probably would. The Browns are NOT getting the same stadium deal this time here. They may have to cash in soon.
  14. It’s impossible to run an NFL franchise into the ground. They all share ticket and TV revenue. The other owners must be besides themselves having to share with these tapeworms.
  15. I am not wishing for it but you can bet the other owners are. Two reasons: 1. This area is saturated with NFL teams. 6 teams within 300 miles of cincy. 2. The Bengals organization is a parasite in the NFL. They and Detroit add almost nothing to the league.
  16. “tonight we’re gonna party like it’s 1993”. Bring it home, Prince!
  17. 2026 is when the stadium deal expires. St. Louis is licking its chops.
  18. He is an average quality NFL left tackle who was picked at #11. He has missed 18 of 26 games thus far in his career to include 2 this year. He is fine when he plays I guess. Good enough to start when he is healthy but nothing to write home about.
  19. Moved to Dayton in 1974. I feel your pain. And ALL of my children moved on from the Bengals in the last 8 years. Honestly, I loved taking my kids to games over the years (4 kids) They have totally turned their back on the team which is sad.
  20. Does anyone own a sarcasm pressure washer? Finley: 3 starts, 64 QB rating. Great choice to mentor the QB of the future LOL.
  21. Yeah, I write my reply when everyone was thinking Alex Smith type injury. He should be back with an ACL. It was NEVER an intelligent move to bring Joe B in with almost NO camp, no OTAs and have Ryan Finley as his mentor and backup. Mahomes had Alex Smith Tua has Fitz Herbert has Tyrod Taylor 10 years, 47 starts Finley?? 3 starts, 64 QB rating
  22. I think we have progressed to 1993 since Zac is on year 2.
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