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  1. LOL, well he hasn’t actually committed a banable offense. Being a Rose colored glasses wearing Homer is not a banable offense.
  2. They hire really talented and expensive people to do it. That is actual money out of Mike’s pocket so don’t hold your breath.
  3. You have a makeshift offensive line with a 6th round rookie making his third start at tackle. The rest of your offensive line are backups at best. Your team is out of the playoff hunt. Your coach responds by dialing up 36 pass plays in 34 minutes which is on pace for ANOTHER 60 pass attempt game for his rookie QB. Taylor is a fucking moron. Burrow is averaging 41 passes a game, Super Bowl and league MVP Patrick Mahomes, playing behind a great Oline, is averaging 36.
  4. And there you have it. You need a franchise QB, very good o tackles, great edge rusher, a shutdown corner and a stud linebacker in the middle. Basically, you have to have 5-6 excellent players to compete as long as you have decent starters everywhere else and your QB is awesome. Adding a stud WR and TE makes you Kansas City.
  5. Point taken. I assume you think JB won’t be ready at the beginning of next season which could be the case.
  6. Bring in Kaepernick. I would actually watch the remaining games for curiosity sake. Finley means I am going hiking or something. I won’t watch the equivalent of a bad MAC team play.
  7. A lot of truth. No doubtWhit and Zeitler would have helped but the other 3 position still look bad. Oh, and the defense is bad. Watching Vegas and KC play and we are NOWHERE close to these teams. They both have talent everywhere.
  8. He is getting Archie Manning’d. Manning led the league in pass attempts and sacks his 2nd year (first full year). He took an absolute beating and hitting the QB a second after he threw it was legal back then. He also ran it 63 times that year. Their O line was terrible.
  9. They threw the ball 34 times by the 11:31 point in the 3rd quarter. On pace for 60+ pass plays. Just fucking incompetent play calling.
  10. Unfortunately the Cowboys are still in playoff contention.
  11. Don’t exaggerate, they only threw it 34 times in the first half.
  12. What evidence do you have he quit on his team? He didn’t refuse to play. He didn’t sit out. The coaches reduced his role and he wasn’t happy with it. Complaining does not equal quitting. Oh, and having a 6th string rookie as your starting left and right tackle was brilliant. See you in 2022 Joe.
  13. When did I ever say it was right? I said it isn’t hard to figure out and isn’t surprising. He didn’t want to be part of a rebuild and wanted to go to a winner. He succeeded. EDIT: He gave Zac and his coaches over a year and he obviously doesn’t think it’s going to work. He pulled a Jalen Ramsey and went to a contender.
  14. I am sure they will do ok against a bad team like WFT, it’s how they fool us into thinking maybe there is hope.
  15. No, that is why Dunlap forced his way out. This really isn’t hard.
  16. I simply think he was tired of playing for a dead end franchise and decided he was never going to enjoy playoff success here. I don’t think it is that hard to figure out. He is near the end of his career. He sees his UF teammates like Haden and Pouncy playing for Pittspuke and wants to taste some success. You act like a professional athlete with pride is supposed to just suck it up and lose like a man. Who they hell wants to tell their grandchildren, “I played pro football for the Bengals for 12 years, we never won anything.”
  17. Possibly a competent coach? The guy is 4-20-1. He left Burrow on the field late last week to get mauled.
  18. A contract that ISN’T guaranteed. This isn’t baseball or basketball. Why people are tanking on Zac is the real question you should be asking.
  19. Or he could say, “Enough is enough” and try to work his way off of a rebuilding team. He gave them 10 years and has nothing to show for it. It’s 2020 and players in every sport do it all the time.
  20. I would agree with you if this team was run like a professional NFL organization. It isn’t. It hired a guy to be coach with the thinnest resume I have seen since David Shula. The reason that is a BIG problem is Zac didn’t have enough coaching capital or experience to bring in competent assistants. Everyone wanted to coach with Andy Reid, those same people were like, “Who??? The Bengals??? Nah.”
  21. He played his ass off here for 10 YEARS! After playing on Florida’s National Championship team in 2008 and going 13-1 in 2009, he was drafted by the dysfunctional To/Ocho show Bengals. His rookie year he saw a shit show with the QB quitting at the end of the year. Welcome to “professional” football. He then endured 5 years of his starting QB pissing down his leg in every big game and then the utter meltdown in the 2015 playoff game. Still, he played hard for 3 more years until Zac and his band of misfit coaches showed up. You see, Taylor is here because he was a shiny
  22. I think it wii be a “mutual” divorce then I think he comes back to the pros. It won’t be with the Bengals though, MB wouldn’t pay him enough. Just my opinion.
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