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  1. I'm feeling a big play from one of the unsung today, maybe a big return from Taylor or a big TD catch from Irwin. Trent/Trenton.
  2. They said on the WLW pregame that both kickers were missing in warmups. The ball is like a rock. https://radiostationusa.fm/online/700-wlw
  3. Dealing with success is definitely a different animal than dealing with being the underdog. We might have a couple of guys who won't handle it well, but overall I think it's a great group of level headed, good character guys who will thrive as the "big dogs".
  4. Burrow interview after a tough loss as a junior in high school.
  5. As a Bengal fan as long as there have been Bengals, I'm never over-confident. Never talk shit. I always have hope, but expectations often get crushed. Is it finally our time, our year? I hope so. I might not have too many years left. But I'm enjoying the ride regardless. I've never seen us get so much love nationally and that feels good, but we'll get curb stomped by the national media just as fast if we don't win it all. Fuck 'em. I'm having fun. Who Fuckin'Dey!
  6. Correction on my earlier post. Apparently the line opened at 2.5 and quickly dropped to 1.
  7. I wonder when was the last time the Chiefs were only favored by 1 at home. They've been good for several years and that stadium has a reputation as a hard place to play for opposing teams. I'll bet it's been years.
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