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  1. Unfortunately its the 90s all over again. Zac Taylor plays David Shula. Joe Burrow plays David Klingler (Ok so im wrong on this one but just play along.) Joe Mixon plays KiJana Carter (wrong again but play along) And an offensive line that was horrendous. David Klingler got his ass kicked. Even got his jaw broke on year. Hopefully its not that bad but results are similar. I sure hope Burrow can recover but watching the replay made me want to vomit. Dammit....
  2. This franchise will never change unless the Brown family sells the team. Oline has been a shit show for years. Its not a big surprise that Burrow got hurt. Stupid fucking morons running this franchise.
  3. I've seen enough of Zac Taylor. Get someone who can get these guys ready to play?
  4. If Hubbard is goong to get a roughing the passer penalty. Take their qb out! Fuck em.
  5. More turnovers than 1st downs. God make it stop.
  6. I am stoked! The REAL #9. -Leadership -Burning desire to win -Can win in the spotlight/big games -wins over his teammates -not satisfied with good enough Most of all..He wins Championships.... We need a Lombardi Trophy. BAD. HAPPY BURROW DAY Fellas. He is ours!
  7. Good points. I think he's the worst coach I have ever seen. Dave Shula included. You would think a "good" coach would have his players that he's responsible for run through a wall for him. So what has he done?? 2 guys retired rather than play for him and another (Glenn) didnt want to play at all. With all this AND his track record. He should be fired IMO.
  8. Glad your ok BJ... Your outfit was THE DEAL!! Too Cool Bro..... As for getting fucked up at games, I think we have all been there a few times.... I remember I got kicked out of the Bengals-Eagles game on x-mas eve at Riverfront back when Blake was QB for jumping on the top of the dougouts and signaling 1ST DOWN!! Wasted and mouthy as hell.... however I didn't do it at an away game.... You da man!
  9. BJ you forgot this one.... [img]http://www.fungod.com/coppermine/albums/pictures01/normal_06212822.jpg[/img]
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