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  1. Definitely OT Josh Jones. If the depth chart was released today, it would have Hart on it. That makes me cringe. We have a franchise QB to protect now.
  2. I wouldn't trade the No1 pick even if you gave me all of your picks & a vaccine for the coronavirus.
  3. I am stoked! The REAL #9. -Leadership -Burning desire to win -Can win in the spotlight/big games -wins over his teammates -not satisfied with good enough Most of all..He wins Championships.... We need a Lombardi Trophy. BAD. HAPPY BURROW DAY Fellas. He is ours!
  4. He Had some good games. The Monday nighter vs Denver was awesome. But the last few years he had me cussing. Terrible results for his pay. Good luck Dre.
  5. Good points. I think he's the worst coach I have ever seen. Dave Shula included. You would think a "good" coach would have his players that he's responsible for run through a wall for him. So what has he done?? 2 guys retired rather than play for him and another (Glenn) didnt want to play at all. With all this AND his track record. He should be fired IMO.
  6. Any links to the radio broadcast? I have a family gathering today and want to listen to it some. Yes even if they are 0-11, I still watch and pay attention. I cant help it. Also, I think Bengals win today. Just a crazy feeling.
  7. Ok. I changed my mind. Bengals need to tank. Im watching LSU vs Alabama. Burrows MUST be in Stripes next year. That dude is really really good.
  8. I Totally get your point. However, I don't want to go 0-16. 1 or 2 wins should get the 1st pick still.
  9. I hope Ryan Finley has speed. Maybe thats the only way to win with this O-line.
  10. TeeBengal


  11. [img]http://img125.imageshack.us/img125/1794/pigeonsreadyut4.jpg[/img]
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  14. Another..... [img]http://assets.bengals.com/assets/fans/fanfun060324-5.jpg[/img]
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