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  1. The injury thing is being overblown. He played/started in 61 consecutive games prior to 2016 season where he missed 5. Sounds like the issue was fixed in January.
  2. Dautcom08

    Bengals Dot Com Draft Composit

    I'd absolutely love for them to get Mayfield but if the Bengals want him they're going to have to move up which would never happen unfortunately. Baker will go in the top 10. Out of all of the QBs coming out this year I think he has the best chance to be great. The Manziel comparisons are such a joke. I hope the Browns don't wisen up and take him.
  3. Dautcom08

    O-Line Love

    In terms of the running game I think we're just starting to see some evolution. What I've seen on Twitter from those who review the films the consensus seems to be that they've made the scheme into something more simple. Boling has played well the last few weeks. Also heard an interview with Mixon who said he has been watching more and more film with the o-line to ensure that his running lanes are aligning to what they're seeing up front on playcalls. I think a lot of their success this week will be running out of the spread.
  4. Most of all of the QB pressures seem to be coming from Carl Lawson.
  5. I find it strange that the owners don't realize to stop the bleeding on this ratings decline that they could easily make Goodell their scapegoat for all things that are wrong with the NFL at the moment. One common thread across all NFL fan bases is that Goodell sucks and it would please most across the board.
  6. There's no doubt he is. That's why Marvin is limiting his snaps, he's not ready yet for full time action.
  7. Dautcom08

    Kirkpatrick on Marvin

    Time to send ol' pasta belly Marv packing.
  8. Dautcom08

    John Ross

    Gonna be great when he runs circles around Mike Mitchell
  9. What was Mike Tomlin doing on the Bengals sideline?
  10. Dautcom08

    Burfict Suspended five games

    Too much subjectivity and basically zero consistency. They don't understand their own rules. The owners and league office have lost touch with their own game.
  11. Dautcom08

    Burfict Suspended five games

    In an effort to win over the soccer moms of America the NFL has alienated it's most loyal base yet again and will continue to do so until they completely burn the bridge. I'm to that point, if it's not Bengals related I don't watch anymore whereas in years past I tuned in to any and all games not Pittsburgh related. But I guess when you have $750M ripped out of your pockets in injury settlement you'll have to change your approach to how the game is played. With this ruling, they started down a slippery slope of how the game is played, reviewed, fined and suspended. Seems like the beginning of the end of the game of football as we knew and I loved is here.
  12. Dautcom08

    Joe Haden

    Joe Haden has sucked for a few years now anyways. Even my college roommate who lives by the Believeland mantra of "this is our year" every year with that team is able to recognize the level of crap he has been and said "he's playing like our 3rd maybe 4th best CB right now." Hard pass.
  13. So contrary to popular belief we've found out that Andy throws one of the best deep balls in the game and owns the clutch gene. What rumors will he dispel next?

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