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  1. John Ross

    Gonna be great when he runs circles around Mike Mitchell
  2. What was Mike Tomlin doing on the Bengals sideline?
  3. Burfict Suspended five games

    Too much subjectivity and basically zero consistency. They don't understand their own rules. The owners and league office have lost touch with their own game.
  4. Burfict Suspended five games

    In an effort to win over the soccer moms of America the NFL has alienated it's most loyal base yet again and will continue to do so until they completely burn the bridge. I'm to that point, if it's not Bengals related I don't watch anymore whereas in years past I tuned in to any and all games not Pittsburgh related. But I guess when you have $750M ripped out of your pockets in injury settlement you'll have to change your approach to how the game is played. With this ruling, they started down a slippery slope of how the game is played, reviewed, fined and suspended. Seems like the beginning of the end of the game of football as we knew and I loved is here.
  5. Joe Haden

    Joe Haden has sucked for a few years now anyways. Even my college roommate who lives by the Believeland mantra of "this is our year" every year with that team is able to recognize the level of crap he has been and said "he's playing like our 3rd maybe 4th best CB right now." Hard pass.
  6. So contrary to popular belief we've found out that Andy throws one of the best deep balls in the game and owns the clutch gene. What rumors will he dispel next?
  7. Cool Carl Lawson Story

    Isn't it well documented that the reason he fell was because of injury concerns? If he can overcome that then he'll be a solid contributor. Besides, they don't need him to be Geno Atkins of Carlos Dunlap because they already have those two. If he can be a better pass rusher than Michael Johnson at a minimum then he will help this defense.
  8. Peko Bad Mouth's Bengals

    It was for TJ Pony Tail too. Until he finally admitted it wasn't.
  9. With their first 5 picks Bengals got 5 guys who could be big contributors in 2017. For that reason alone they did not reach on any of them. Whether you get Ross at 9 or 20, he was the guy the Bengals had targeted and weren't getting another shot at him in the 2nd round. Take who you want when you can and let everything else sort itself out. Just so happened that guys just kept falling in the Bengals lap after the Ross pick which makes it look even better.
  10. The Bengals vs. the NFL

    So what you're saying is, the outcome of any game is influenced on if the league front office likes you or not? The "competition committee" may want to look into that. I also don't believe for one second the report of "28 teams had him off their board". All 32 teams showed up to his pro day, there was interest by every single last one of them, quite possibly even the one who used to employ Ray Rice. The Raiders selected someone being accused of rape in the 1st round. The Browns selected someone arrested for domestic violence two weeks prior to the draft. The main difference? Mixon was caught on video back on that day and had the video not existed my guess is he goes Top 15 (that's not me excusing the act). This isn't an issue particular to the Cincinnati Bengals. It's league wide and if they want it to stop, then don't make these players available to play in the league. Otherwise they should expect players with these kinds of transgressions to continue being selected. I also don't get why Vontaze gets lumped into this group. He's never done anything off the field. I don't remember an insane outrage / witch hunt on Suh.
  11. Chad Johnson footwork with even more insane speed. This blows any defense wide open with an offense already lining AJ and Eifert up. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  12. It seems everyone is on the Trubisky at #1 overall scent now. Seeing sooo many mocks changed or put out today with him at the top. I think Bengals may end up with their dream scenario playing out and ending up with Thomas.
  13. Maybe that's the trickle down effect from the conservative "playing not to lose / last second field goal" approach the head coach and staff seem to take instead of just going out and burying the opponent and taking it yourself...?
  14. With the state of the Oline as it stands today my vote is for making the defense as nasty as it possibly could be the rest of this offseason. Mike Williams does not do that. Draft whoever is going to break faces, specifically Benny Boo and LeVeon "Everyone's Out To Hoyt Me / We'd Win Every Game If I Was Healthy" Bell.

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