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  1. So the MLB, NBA and NHL are active but somehow the NFL is going to have a problem with their season 7 weeks from now? What a bunch of clickbait nonsense hysteria to fill the time.
  2. FWIW I had a relative call down to the ticket office to get some more detail on how things would go: The Bengals ticket office will call each season ticket member in order of seniority. They will pick their seats, then move on to the next season ticket holder. If you don't like the seats available the option to opt out will remain. You can also choose to reduce the number of tickets at that time with no penalty. They do not know capacity limitations yet and are still waiting on the state/local government & NFL input. If I had to guess capacity will probably be something like the Ravens communicated at 14,000 and stadium operations limited to the lower bowl,while also potentially limiting each season ticket holder to less than the 8 home games to allow all season ticket holders, who choose Option 1, to attend home games.
  3. False assumption. But then again, statistically speaking, there's probably not many on this board who do.
  4. Couldn't agree more. Football is happening. It continues to all be a media induced panic to redirect from the fact that the weekly death rates are now under the CDC's epidemic threshold 7.2% of weekly deaths. It's been under that rate for weeks now and currently sits at 3.4% in the 44 states that did not force nursing homes to accept COVID-19 positive patients (IL, MA, MI, NJ, NY, PA). Even those states as of this past week are under the epidemic threshold (5%). Any more these days it's hard to sift through the BS to get to that kind of data. The epidemic has turned the corner to a flu-like season that will run it's course through herd immunity. Play ball.
  5. I've been calling him this for months. Glad to see it elsewhere.
  6. Successful blocks by Collins and Cook.
  7. Did you not read the article above? He literally stated there's scenarios where he would return, even with "taking a quarterback". "I truly believe they want what's best for me, but I understand it's a business, and you know how that goes," Dalton said. "With the first pick, if they take a quarterback like everyone expects, that could trigger something. There's even a scenario where I go back there."
  8. Obviously way ahead of myself, but assuming worst case and there is no NFL season this year I would assume the Bengals would be selecting #1 overall again? Or do they go make an exception and go some sort of a lottery system...?
  9. This was obviously sarcasm. Even more evident by the fact the prediction was two AFC teams in the Super Bowl.
  10. Day 1 of Free Agency showed the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns will be playing in the Super Bowl. Lock it in.
  11. When you have a QB/LT on a rookie contract you have the budget for such things. This will be a luxury that will pay dividends in the quick reconstruction of this roster.
  12. But Johnson informed the league Sunday that he had decided against participating. He has not commented publicly about the decision..... FWIW he was interviewed on Barstool Radio during Super Bowl week and was asked why he didn't show up. He said he didn't want to take away from someone else's opportunity to make an XFL team.
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