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  1. She is saying that he walked to school early to workout.Lapham said he left home at 5:30 in the morning.
  2. They just said on CBS super bowl show that Jack del Rio is going to be Bengals def co-ordinator.
  3. stan

    Injury updates

    Lewis just said Price and Brown should be able to play in next game,over at Bengals.com
  4. Looked to me like the Stealers cb had him covered pretty good.Should have waited for someone to get open,rather than just throwing it to Gordon.
  5. stan

    Peter King on Billings

    King said Bengals have one of 2 or 3 best def lines in football.That's pretty high praise.
  6. nfl.com says he is a Gio Bernard clone,a super shifty yac machine, and gives the pick an A
  7. I'd love to get James also.James Daniels C out of Iowa.
  8. When they drafted When they drafted Ced,I remember Marvin or someone saying that they got a top 5 worthy pick.They thought he was that good.That's why Paul A.doesnt have a job here anymore.Both recently drafted OT's and Bodine all busts.
  9. stan

    Andrew Norwell

    The Bengals should take Texas off tckle Connor Williams in rnd 1 and Billy Price C in rnd 2.
  10. Belecheck sucked as a hc,then drew Bledsoe got injured.Brady got a chance to start,and the rest is history.
  11. I hope the a-hole never walks again.Screw him.
  12. Turnovers cost the Bengals this game-Mixon and McCarron.
  13. Mayock said he's a top 15 talent.
  14. I also like the pick.Nawrocki,in his draft book,says he is a dynamic playmaker in multiple phases of the game.Ross is a threat to score eveyrtime he touches the ball!
  15. None of those receivers could run a 4.2 forty.That's the difference.

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