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  1. I hope the a-hole never walks again.Screw him.
  2. Turnovers cost the Bengals this game-Mixon and McCarron.
  3. Mayock said he's a top 15 talent.
  4. I also like the pick.Nawrocki,in his draft book,says he is a dynamic playmaker in multiple phases of the game.Ross is a threat to score eveyrtime he touches the ball!
  5. None of those receivers could run a 4.2 forty.That's the difference.
  6. Did anyone watch draft on nfl-network? When Bengals made the Billings pick,Daniel Jeremiah and Mike Mayock, said they were one of the best drafting teams every year.
  7. Mayock said he dropped because he is mainly a run stopper.
  8. Mayock,Jeremiah,on NFL network love the pick.Said year in and year out,Bengals are one of best drafting teams in NFL,and that is why they are always in playoffs.
  9. Lapham

    There are at least 3 teams,and maybe 4 ahead of Bengals if you count the Ravens,that could take wr,Fuller wouldn't be one of my top 3 choices,but at least he is fast.He just drops too many passes.
  10. Lapham

    Of the possible 1st rnd wr's,Fuller probably has the best chance of still being available.I would be ok with him as the pick.
  11. They did a mock draft tonight on nfl network.Charles Davis picked for the Bengals.Only Fuller was left of the 1st rnd wr's.He passed on him and took the center from Alabama(Ryan Kelly).He said Bodine has been a disappointment
  12. It doesn't sound dumb to me either.I liked it better on the weekend also.The move to prime time was all about more money for the nfl owners.
  13. Lapham

    This! They need someone who is fast opposite Green.If Doctson,Coleman and Treadwell sre gone,Fuller would be a good choice.
  14. Wil be happy if they get one of these three:Doctson,Coleman or Fuller.
  15. Did not realize the injury was that serious.That being the case,i would go with M.Thomas,D.Lee,then Floyd.

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