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  1. Burrow took off his brace today? I wish he would wear them during the games. He's the best QB in the leagbue with a bad line and a brace on. Now he has a good line, and since he's used to the brace he should keep it on. I just worry about his knee. In a prev thread I mentioned an ankle injury I had when I wore a plastic air cast thing to keep my ankle from rolling. I had the injury in 7th grade and it came back about 3 years ago when I rolled my ankle in flag football. Wearing the brace thing makes me feel indestructible for some reason lol. It's like my ankle is golden. I could play without it, but it gives me a piece of mind wearing it, and makes me feel that I can take chances on otherwise plays I wouldn't without fear of my ankle rolling again.
  2. Bengals by 10+. I don't think Dallas is going to be good this year. They always seem to lose big games too. I see the Bengals winning this one 35-20 or something to that affect. I think the Bengals are going to be the #1 scoring offence this year too.
  3. Date Home/Away Opponent Time 9/11 vs Pittsburgh 10:00 AM PDT WIN CBS 9/18 @ Dallas 1:25 PM PDT WIN CBS 9/25 @ NY Jets 10:00 AM PDT WIN CBS 9/29 vs Miami 5:15 PM PDT WIN 10/9 @ Baltimore 5:20 PM PDT NBC 10/16 @ New Orleans 10:00 AM PDT WIN CBS 10/23 vs Atlanta 10:00 AM PDT WIN FOX 10/31 @ Cleveland 5:15 PM PDT WIN ESPN 11/6 vs Carolina 10:00 AM PST WIN FOX Bye Week 11/20 @ Pittsburgh 5:20 PM PST NBC 11/27 @ Tennessee 10:00 AM PST CBS 12/4 vs Kansas City 1:25 PM PST CBS 12/11 vs Cleveland 10:00 AM PST WIN CBS 12/18 @ Tampa Bay 1:25 PM PST CBS 12/24 @ New England 10:00 AM PST WIN CBS 1/2 vs Buffalo 5:30 PM PST ESPN, ABC 1/7 vs Baltimore Time: TBD WIN 11 wins guaranteed.. Other games will matter for us for playoff seeding
  4. Loving the Carson Wells pickup.. He might even make the team instead of just the PS.
  5. This will be one of our "road" games right? I hate the idea of having 7 home games and 10 away games.
  6. Cam Taylor-Britt ia going to be one of the best CBs to play for us, ever... when it is all said and done.. Guarantee it... Or my name isn't Cam Taylor-Britt errrrrrrr Jake Browning..
  7. I am pissed that we didn't spend a draft pick on who could be our next punter for the next 10-15 years.
  8. Wish we took Matt Araiza instead. And I don't think you need to wait until later rounds if you think it's someone that can help now. I think he could be our future for a decade or more.
  9. I like it.. Pretty much for the same reason BlackJesus says.
  10. EDIT: I meant to say that stupid TE that I don't want lol. I saw Elam drafted by Buff.
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