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  1. Gary

    POTUS 2020

    I'm going to stick with Trump. My taxes went WAY down, and the economy (before pandemic) is going to allow me to most likely retire in 5 years. My 401k never hit 10% under Obama, and then with Trump it was never below 17% gain per year. Biden is a joke as well. Democrats are pretty dang racist too so that will be a no from me. They keep trying to segregate everyone, and that's not how to fix things. We need to be together. Not to mention during Covid the democrats were still talking about impeachment, and some democrats said it's ok to socialize up to April when they realized they were wrong. And democrats have gone batshit crazy!!!! Impeachment was a hoax, Russia was a hoax, that stupid dossier where they approved wiretaps from was not accurate in the least. I actually used to be a democrat until I saw how they acted over 2016, and being a white male, they don't even want me in their party. Politics suck, so I am basing it on my 401k in the last 3 years. 23% / 21% / 17% in 2017/2018/2019. 2020 so far it's back to 0% so I don't expect much this year. IT was at -10% in April and I got back about 10% so it's all good. I was thinking 401k growth was supposed to be about 5-10% per year, then Trump got in office.. It's a great time for 401ks people! Democrat will crash the markets.
  2. God damn... That was the day I became a Bengal fan. First time I have ever saw them on TV. I was 4 years old, and live in NorCal. My dad is a 49er fan. I had to go against him. That's what I did.. I was a Dodger fan, dad was a Giant fan, and my first time watching football was the Bengals against my dad's team the 49ers. Sure enough, when the Bengals lost I cried. Cried and cried and cried, but a new Bengal fan was born. 1989 was the same. Watched, and we ALMOST won, but in the end we lost and I remember being so pissed off that I didn't care about the "do not walk on grass sign" at school and walked on the new grass and had to go to the office. I was around too many cheering 49er fans so I showed them by walking on their new grass!!!!!!! It was hell living in Norcal and being in Junior High with all these rabid 49er fan kids and teachers who knew I was a Bengal fan. I did not hear the end of it ever. Anyway, that's how I became a Bengal fan. I have never even been to Cincinnati. The only reason I am a fan is because I love cats, and they were going against my dad's football team in the first football game I ever watched. Since then I have been a rabid fan, and have seen 90% of the games the Bengals have played in Oakland or SF since either with my uncle or dad.
  3. We knew what Dalton was, and we knew what he could do. I wanted McCarron after Dalton got injured. I wanted there to be a legit battle for starting QB after that year, and if Burfict wasn't an asshole we might have had a different starting QB since the Bengals would have won a playoff game under McCarron. I don't hate Dalton, and I would have LOVED to see Dalton with some black Bengal stripes in his hair at one point (someone photoshop that?), but I never hated him. When the Bengals started being shitty again and they kept starting him I would have loved to see McCarron in there.
  4. There is another playoff spot this year right? 9-7 might get us to that extra spot.
  5. 5-11 or 6-10. Or We can do like a Mahomes, or Garappolo type turn around and win a ton of games? Probably not, so I puck 5-11 or 6-10. Leaning towards 5-11.
  6. Hey Bengal fans. If Jefferson (LSU) was available with our second pick would you go that route?
  7. It's gotta be Ruiz. I get a lot of West Coast football being on the west coast and this dude is in a class of his own.
  8. Hell to the fuck no.. Not unless it was number 2.. I have a feeling Tua will be better in the short term, but Burrow will be better long term and win more.
  9. AJ Mccarron. Bring him back to start for one year over Burrow, then at the end of the season if Mccarron did well keep him going for another year. Sorry.. I like AJ
  10. Same... I live in Sacramento which is 49er country (hour or two from SF) and the whole reason for liking the Bengals is because the first superbowl I remember watching was in 1981 against the 49ers and since then I loved the Bengals. I was like 5 years old and cried when they lost. And again when I was in junior high during the second superbowl I cried (but only to myself lol). Such close games. Both of them. Now I don't care. When they got Garoppolo I told my dad that they just got the savior of the team. I told him that Garoppolo doesn't put out stats like some of the super QBs, but his teams always find a way to win no matter what. It's a really weird thing with Garoppolo. You can give SF some middle of the road QB statwise and they will win 5 games. Then get a guy like Garoppolo who puts up similar stats and he wins 13 games. He has the x factor.
  11. I would probably go with Justin Jefferson. He and Burrow are good friends, and they trust one another. If Green isn't coming back then why not? I know we have to protect Burrow, so maybe the rest of the pics can be OL'men?
  12. Same.. This thread is dumb. No offense to the OP, because I have some weird ideas too sometimes, but Joe Burrow is our man and he's thrown 7 TDs so far today. If Jefferson is slated to go in the second round then pick his ass up too. Burrow and Jefferson have some great chemistry together.
  13. This might not be a popular opinion, but we need to spend $$$$$ and draft picks 2-5 on OL. Keep Green, and Boyd, and bring in a 3rd guy like Cobb. The defense can wait a year. I just want to keep Burrow from constantly burrowing into the ground (get it? ha haha, not really). Defense can wait for a year. I know our guys are getting old and they aren't very good anymore, but I would rather have a year of Burrow protected and playing lights out than him having to constantly run around while getting sacked. Even if we don't win much I would still like him having all the confidence in the world. Or the team might make the Garoppolo or Mahomes effect? I live in 49er country, and last season the 49ers were looking at playoffs. Then Garoppolo gets hurt and Mullens/Bethard had similar stats to what Garoppolo has. Why do they win under Garoppolo yet Mullens/Bethard that came in when he was injured they cannot win? There is more to winning than just stats. There is confidence, and teammates that are confident in you leading the team.
  14. Good: Give me some Joe Burrow!!!!! I don't care about the rest.
  15. Send them to Sacramento. We're dumb enough to cheer on teams that always lose.
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