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  1. In my opinion Flowers is a gimmick player. I have always disliked running QBs because when they cannot run they are terrible. Not to mention they breakdown a LOT faster than drop back QBs.
  2. More experience but McCarron is 10x better.
  3. If Jake Browning is in this years draft we NEED to take him to back up Dalton, and possibly take over for him after a couple years. I live in Sacramento, and the Folsom Bulldogs are the real deal. The only team Browning lost to in his Soph-Senior seasons was De LaSalle which is a national powerhouse. Last good QB from this area was Ryan Dinwiddie at Elk Grove (played with Lance Briggs), but Browning is 10x better than Dinwiddie. The guy can definitely ball, and even though he's a bit smaller than most would like he's still the real deal. We could probably get him with a 5th round pick.
  4. Well fuq.. OH well, hope he does well and doesn't go Garoppolo on us. I have a feeling that he will though.
  5. Sorry I don't conform to your belief systems. I am sure they are 100% correct (in your mind)
  6. It's been pretty bad for a long time. Trump didn't cause the racial divide. The media is using him as the patsy though. I started noticing it when the BLM started propping up these criminals are martyrs. Then the media from there made everything about race. It sucks, but as long as they keep reporting this crap then it's going to be in the forefront. It wasn't Trump, and it didn't help when Obama called out the cops in a news conference when he didn't have any of the facts. I blame the liberal media and BLM for making everything about race. No, I am not white.
  7. I know I get flack for this but I think McCarron is better than Dalton, and would love for the Bengals to go forward with McCarron at QB. I don't want this to turn into a Garoppolo situation.
  8. uhhhhhh. no... It's not racist. It's what sport fans have been doing forever. And everyone from black, white to brown have had their fair share of hangings. It's this perpetuation of a hanging = black = racist is what's keeping this country down. We are all citizens of the USA and are all brothers. It's this constant "hey that's racist" crap that's causing divide.
  9. They gave up after the loss last week.. If they had won last week they most likely would have won today. Let's start anew with McCarron at the helm.. I would rather keep him than Dalton at this point.
  10. Because he's not a good backup caliber QB, I think he could be a good starting QB.. Personally, I think he's probably better than Dalton, and wished it would have been Dalton that was on the block.
  11. I would just rather keep McCarron and maybe if Dalton were to screw up this year we could have a QB controversy. Personally I think McCarron has potential to be a great NFL QB..
  12. I would still be a fan. I have never lived in Cincinnati, and never set foot there either. I live in Sac, CA so I only attended the Bengals against Raiders (not any more) and the 49er games against the Bengals. It would suck if Cincinnati lost the Bengals though. I went through the whole Sac Kings debacle a few years ago and it sucked constantly being trolled by Seattle Supersonic fans saying they're going to get the Sonics back. I had the last laugh, but got banned from their forum after my celebratory post.
  13. Gary


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