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  1. Worst game I have ever seen. We had no business having a chance to win it. Screw you Burrow... Humble up man.. Screw you McPherson... practice your short kicks for once. Screw you offensive line.... Go back to the drawing board.... You guys SUCKED today. Screw you Taylor.... You had horrendous play calling. Game ball goes to the garbage can. At least it did what it's supposed to do (collect trash) which is how the Bengals played.
  2. SAN FRANCISCO?!?!? After they BENCH a guy with a 31-14 starting record for a guy who has a starting record of 1-2?
  3. Mixon is going to have his best year this year with this offensive line. Guaranteed.
  4. I am glad we signed Browning to practice squad. I will be his biggest fan here as long as he's on the Bengals. The kid can play, and he's a winner. His sophomore season in Washington was amazing. The coaching kinda let him down the next two years, but the team still won. Not to mention he's a flipping leader and a boy scout. You will never hear anything bad about Browning. I am glad nobody picked him up. I kinda wished that he was the backup over Allen, but I guess we are just re-negotiating Allen's contract which is why we dropped him?
  5. Jonah Williams is going to make it. I hope Jake Browning the other player from Sacramento (Folsom) makes it. I will be upset if he gets cut because I think he will get snatched if we drop him. I wish we would carry 3 QBs.
  6. I am the Jake Browning homer here, because he's from Sacramento (Well Folsom, which is east Sac). I have been saying here since he's been on the team that this guy only lost like 1 high school football game to De LaSalle Concord in 3 years. And he was money in Washington. The guy just wins, and he needs to be the backup. I would feel better with Browning as the backup than Allen.
  7. I wanted this guy on the draft weekend. Glad we didn't get him... He's probably going to be suspended for life. It's horrible what he did and admitted to.
  8. Matt Araiza, the Buffalo Bills punter who came to prominence in college football as the "Punt God" last season, has been accused of participating in a gang rape of a 17-year-old girl in a civil lawsuit, according to the Los Angeles Times. The lawsuit alleges that Araiza, then an All-American at San Diego State, had sex with the minor outside his off-campus house while she was intoxicated at a party in October, then brought her inside to a room where she was repeatedly raped by multiple men. That group allegedly included two of Araiza's Aztecs teammates, Zavier Leonard and Nowlin “Pa’a” Ewaliko. Leonard is still listed on the San Diego State roster, while Ewaliko is not. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/bills-p-matt-araiza-2-san-diego-state-teammates-accused-of-gang-rape-in-lawsuit-223612033.html
  9. This is what separates the Daltons from the Burrows. Now give me the offensive line play from 2015 and Burrow will have record yardage and TDs.
  10. Jason McDonald was a teammate at Elk Grove High (he was a year ahead of me) but he played for the Oakland A's. It's funny though because the ONLY time I was a teammate of his was when we both played for Elk Grove. Winter League, and U18 we were on opposing teams. We would smack talk each other all the time. He's a good guy though and the U18 people pretty much all knew each other because we would always be playing against each other. Another guy that was an opponent most of the year that played with me in high school was Dennis Mauch. He was flipping the best catcher I had ever seen. Dude could throw out anyone because he was a pitcher that could hit any spot. His issue was his strength. He broke his arm when we were kids at the same elementary school on the swing and he changed from pitcher to catcher because he was getting arm pain when throwing too much. So he pitched from 7 years old until 12 years old. Amazing pitcher though. Great catcher, but during his rookie league year before going into class A he got into a car accident and messed his leg up. Such bad luck for him
  11. Never understood that. When I played baseball, at the end of each game we shake hands. I would say "That was one hell of a catch you made". to an opponent and would give him a pat on the shoulder. I loved the game so I would always give props to the opposing team when they did something crazy during the game. This was high school baseball, but we were top 10 in the state for as long as I played so it's wasn't like we were just so bad we didn't have any fire in our bellies, I just felt like being nice. Oh and there are players I did know as well from little league and some teammates on the U18 teams I took part in (in regards to tournaments). I have never got mad because I loved the game!
  12. To be completely fair, OC LOVED to kick fieldgoals during practice. He drilled a 60 yarder once (not hiked or held by a person). OC is a good kicker.
  13. I never get why people don't draft kickers very much. Especially good ones. Evan won us games this year that I don't think any UDFA kicker could have.
  14. Gastroenteritis. I had that 4 times. Stomach is hard because your muscles are involuntarily flexing the whole time. It feels like you have to take the biggest dumb ever and you're cramping up.. Multiply that by 10 and make the pain constant and you have gastroenteritis. One of the times I thought I was dying because when we got to the hospital I couldn't walk anymore and fell on the ground and started puking everywhere, then I passed out. Things got foggy and I got tunnel vision as I started getting lighter and lighter headed. It felt like what some people say when they die (the people that come back from death). I didn't die or anything but I got to experience it I guess? lol
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