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  1. ok so I disagree with the whole kicker adage in regards to when/where you're supposed to pick them. Reason being is that a kicker can determine who wins and loses in about a quarter to half of your games all year. This kicker is also a stud. Wish we kept Elliot from a few years back. That kid had a leg.. I remember way back when Nugent was injured we signed a kickass kicker Josh Brown which I have NO idea why we would not keep him. I like Nugents accuracy, but he didn't have much of a leg.
  2. I think after Chase this will be the best pick of this draft for the Bengals. This guy is a mad baller. Look for major PT this year.
  3. Since we screwed ourselves in the draft we need to trade the pick. We aren't getting Sewell. Will not happen in a million years with Miami on the board before us. Trade our pick with Atlanta and the Jets. Atlanta moves down one and Jets move down two. Jets still get a QB since Miami seems to be in love with Tua, We get Sewell and Atlanta still gets Chase or Smith.....(Miami taking Smith or Chase).
  4. I would NEVER wish this on anyone after we almost lost the Sacramento Kings to Seattle. Even if they Bengals were coming to Norcal I would still say no. I cannot even imagine how screwed up that would be.
  5. See ya next year, unless it's career ending, then see ya when we start winning again.
  6. Gary

    POTUS 2020

    I hope a lot of you peeps are voting for Biden because you don't like Trump, and not because you think he can do a better job than Trump. That's fine with me. You aren't going to change some people's minds and that's cool. I understand that. Live and let live eh? So let me tell you why I am voting Trump.. Well for one, BLM screwed my niece's life up, and assaulted her on more than one occasion. When democrats don't come out to condemn it, it kinda pisses me off.. I really wish I could post screenshots of my 401k for the past 13 years... But TWO YEARS Obama gave me 10+% on my 401k,
  7. Gary

    POTUS 2020

    You can't march National guards into the streets if the governors don't want them. They need to type the request all up and need to sign it and Trump needs to sign as well. It has to be a formal request. You just can't send people in unless they are protecting a federal building, which in that case it is just federal law enforcement and not the National Guard. Trump cant just send guards to whichever state he wants. There are laws against that so the president can't just pick a state and say I am sending in the army. It's in the constitution that the state governments are suppose
  8. Gary

    POTUS 2020

    So... My niece (single mom of a 1 year old) lives in the apartment building about 4 blocks down from the federal building in Portland. BLM rioters destroyed her vehicle. Luckily she had insurance... Got it fixed and things seemed to calm down outside her apartment building (all residents have to park on or near the street). So one night she wasn't able to get a parking lot space because she worked late and the baby sitter needed to go home. Next day her car was destroyed again by BLM rioters. This time her insurance dropped her after agreeing to only pay out a portion of the vehicles worth.
  9. Gary

    POTUS 2020

    I'm going to stick with Trump. My taxes went WAY down, and the economy (before pandemic) is going to allow me to most likely retire in 5 years. My 401k never hit 10% under Obama, and then with Trump it was never below 17% gain per year. Biden is a joke as well. Democrats are pretty dang racist too so that will be a no from me. They keep trying to segregate everyone, and that's not how to fix things. We need to be together. Not to mention during Covid the democrats were still talking about impeachment, and some democrats said it's ok to socialize up to April when they realized they were wrong.
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