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  1. All by the road teams, with :04 left in the game..... Crazy eh?
  2. Same.. Take a half of a Dramamine (original formula) and wait about 20mins. You should be good. Plus it's only a half of one so you might not get drowsy. I play the bar fight game, and Gorn Arena or whatever.. I love them.
  3. Niners would be the easiest game for us, but they always seem to beat us right at the end on a last drive or whatnot. All the time! But I want revenge!!! So I want to play the Bills, then the 49ers. That would probably be the easiest route for us. So from easiest route to hardest; 1. Bills/49ers 2. Bills/Rams 3. Chiefs/49ers 4. Bills/Tampa 5. Chiefs/Rams 6. Chiefs/Tampa
  4. This is what I said about kickers when we drafted McPherson. People were complaining about using a 5th on him if I remember correctly.
  5. Wow... Wow..... Holy cow... Wow... Yelling and scaring our animals! Had to go get them and say sorry.. Yikes.... Wow.......... Only one win from the superbowl. Bengals were what odds before today?
  6. I can't imagine... Oh yah, I was 15 the last time the Bengals won a playoff game. I am an old man now lol. Grey in the beard.
  7. Tennessee? You all think we can easily win that one on the road? I would rather the Bills play KC. I would rather play Tennessee.
  8. Oh something I forgot about. Before the pandemic I was on a work flag football team. I was the center, but there were no blockers so I was able to catch passes and ran short routes, and bailout routes. In 4 seasons I never caught a TD pass but I had caught a lot of passes..... The LAST game before the pandemic closed the season in March 2020 I caught a TD pass and did the shuffle. Half the people were laughing and the other half were asking what I was doing lol.. In that same game I went for a pass and dislocated my finger. We had a QB that used to play college ball. We were undefeated in 4 seasons and champs 3 of them. The 4th season we won the first playoff game, and had two more games before it was shut down due to the pandemic. But he tossed a heater to me and it dislocated my finger lol.
  9. Same.. I was in high school last time the team won a playoff game. 10th grade... I am 45 turned 46 this football year now.. This is like 66% of my life I have been waiting.. Holy crap! Whodey! I joined this forum when I was 30 lol. The funny thing is that I trust in Burrow FAR MORE than I trusted in Dalton, and the lame Carson. We would have lifted the curse long ago if Palmer never got hurt, but I am glad Carson finally got some success in Arizona.
  10. EXACTLY. The guy doesn't fold under pressure. See his National Championship game? See what he did, and what Trevor Lawrence DIDN'T do? Even Dalton had issues with big games when he played for TCU. Look up his game stats on big games in college. That's the reason I wanted McCarron to stay as QB over Dalton. McCarron was more poised under pressure. Dalton just threw int after int and low ratings for all playoff games he was in.
  11. I don't like Saturday, but I do like the Raiders and think we can drop another 32 or whatever we did the first time. 32-13? I think that was the score.
  12. Don't like the idea of going into the playoffs as a losing team, even if it didn't matter much.
  13. Yah I want the Raiders. They seem like they don't even want to be a team. Went to one of their games in Vegas when I was down there and they had more intra-team arguments on the sideline than I have ever seen at a game.
  14. Shoot they put it on EBAY and I would outbid ya. Was thinking about that earlier lol.. I am a millionaire (not that everyone isn't with house prices the way they are) so I can go pretty high since I have nothing to spend my cash on hehe.
  15. Check this out.. Yah that's right. 70% completion % and is only behind Rodgers in RATE. This is hopefully going to be a special team for years!
  16. There was like 6 or 7 Chiefs near him then all of a sudden Chase was gone.. Crazy stuff man.
  17. Chase/Burrow A+++++++++ I am so happy that the Bengals went against my judgement and picked Chase over Sewell. We have something very special and hopefully they will be around for a VERY LONG time. Again I will say it! So yes, I was wrong wanting Sewell... BUT this year we need to spend at least 4-5 picks on OL unless we sign some studs. Didn't Burrow get sacked the most this year? Can you imagine how GOOD he could be if he had decent time on pass plays!? EDIT: Burrow/Chase >>>>>>>>>> Dalton/Green ...... Much better than Dalton to Green always disappearing in BIG GAMES!!!
  18. No Burrow next week. Let Browning play ffs.. Browning was an amazing passer at Folsom High (few miles from my house). Guarantee he would make an awesome QB. But Holy FUG! WHO DEY! Wonder if anyone was close to a heart attack like I was. Joined the forum at 30 years old... Now I am 47 years old lol.
  19. Nothing to do with the game but I just noticed we have Jake Browning on our team. This kid grew up in my area here. He was a flipping baller at Folsom High, and had two undefeated seasons, one of them with the state division 1 title, and the other was runner up. This guy can pass though. He was one of the best QBs to come out of this area, and I would rather have him as #2 than Allen.
  20. Crazy stuff on his accuracy. 70 flipping percent in his second year?!? crazy stuff. The difference between Burrow and guys who have one good year then fizzle out is Burrow is actually getting better as the year goes on. Crazy stuff man! He's second on rating, tied for 1st in accuracy! Last years QB crop was one of the best in a very long time.
  21. We most likely still make playoffs even if we finish 10-7 (if we won a game and lost a game). http://www.espn.com/nfl/playoffs/machine Like messing with the playoff machine.
  22. Doesn't matter. If we beat the Pigeons at home then we have the division tiebreaker over them. If we win 3 of 6 then we win the division imo as long as one of them is Baltiwhore, because Baltimore is having 5 of last 7 games against division, and those are usually toughest on them. Wild card doesn't even worry me much since we will end up having a decent conference record because of our 5-2 we are now.
  23. The good.. My dad's best friend (who is a huge Stealers fan) hearing me in the background of his phone call calling Pittsburgh Stealers the Bitchburg Squeelers.
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