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    Green Bay Game

    Thanks for the heads up. Probably going to make that trip.
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    ** RD 2 - BENGALS select JOE MIXON, RB **

    Greg Cosell's NFL draft preview: On the field, Joe Mixon is most complete RB prospect in this draft Mar 28, 2017, 1:16 PM A lot has been said about Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon off the field, and some teams will take him off their draft board for a 2014 incident in which he punched a woman. While teams will have to make that decision on how to weigh Mixon’s off-field issues, for this piece I’m focusing on the evaluation of Mixon only as a player, based on film study. And on film, he’s one of the most complete NFL prospects among running backs in the draft. Based solely on film, Mixon is a better overall prospect than Florida State’s Dalvin Cook, who is projected by almost everyone to go in the first round. Mixon might not be the same kind of runner as LSU’s Leonard Fournette, who I reviewed here, but Mixon has very good all-around skills. Joe Mixon rushed for 1,274 yards and had 538 yards receiving last season. (AP) Here’s what I see as Mixon’s on-field strengths and weaknesses: STRENGTHS As a runner, there’s a fluidity to Mixon’s movement. He has quick cutting ability, lateral quickness and balance to make penetrating defenders miss in the backfield. He also has vision and patience as a runner with the burst to get through the point of attack, and the speed to get to the perimeter. [Sign up for Yahoo Fantasy Baseball: Get in the game and join a league today] This play, a 32-yard touchdown against Houston, showed off Mixon’s short-area acceleration to clear the second level of defense. Mixon has a fluid, lateral running style with a subtle, darting, slashing element. His lateral agility in confined space will be a big plus in the NFL. He also showed an innate feel for pressing the hole and influencing second-level defenders. What gives Mixon a boost as a prospect is the rest of his game. He’s quite versatile. He has good blitz recognition and blocking execution. He even spent time as a lead blocker in two-back sets with fellow OU running back Samaje Perine and one-back sets on quarterback draws. Mixon also is a natural catcher with good hands and run-after-catch ability as a receiver out of the backfield. He has good route running ability with lateral quickness to beat linebackers on option routes. He ran seam routes out of the backfield for some big plays. Here’s a 60-yard catch against Houston, in which he beats the defense deep and makes a nice play to haul in the catch with one hand. (YouTube.com/OneHourFootball) (YouTube.com/OneHourFootball) (YouTube.com/OneHourFootball) (YouTube.com/OneHourFootball) (YouTube.com/OneHourFootball) And here’s a 56-yard touchdown catch against Texas Tech. (YouTube.com/BIg12DigitalNetwork) (YouTube.com/BIg12DigitalNetwork) (YouTube.com/BIg12DigitalNetwork) (YouTube.com/BIg12DigitalNetwork) (YouTube.com/BIg12DigitalNetwork) (YouTube.com/BIg12DigitalNetwork) Mixon can detach from the formation and run receiver routes. Whatever Mixon’s NFL team wants him to do, he’ll be able to execute it. He displayed a lot of skills at Oklahoma. WEAKNESSES Teams want to see a running back hit it up inside and grind out tough yards, because that’s a lot of what the NFL running game is. At times, Mixon would look for the big play and not hit it up inside. There were times he’d search and wait for gaps to appear – a style that Le’Veon Bell of the Pittsburgh Steelers is well known for – but he’d often get stuck without getting the needed positive yards. Mixon’s vision could be inconsistent at times, not seeing creases and holes back to the inside, and despite his size (about 6-foot-1, and 228 pounds) there were snaps in which you wouldn’t see the natural power to shock the box and move the pile. When the box is heavy, teams will have to question if Mixon can be consistent in gaining tough, sustaining yards. He has the skills to do it, but needs more experience to develop the feel for that part of the game. TRANSITION TO NFL Mixon’s size-speed-traits profile is the best of any back in this draft class. He reminds me a bit of David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals, though the running and receiving styles are different – Mixon is more subtly fluid and shifty while Johnson is more laterally abrupt and physical. Another NFL comparison for Mixon could be Matt Forte. Like Forte, Mixon is a comfortable, unhurried runner. Mixon has the size and overall skills to fit in any scheme. He’s not as explosive as Cook but his receiving skills are apparent on film, while Cook’s is not. Obviously there’s more to the Mixon draft decision for teams than just film. But what teams will see when they watch his college tape is pretty good.
  3. Great breakdown of Ross' game: https://sports.yahoo.com/news/greg-cosells-nfl-draft-preview-washington-wr-john-ross-doesnt-obvious-weakness-171815969.html Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
  4. Special teams continues to find ways to destroy any joy this team provides.
  5. I would say that the Bengals offense and coaching staff isn't playing like their season is on the line, but in fact, that's probably exactly what they're doing.
  6. Agreed. If they just get 1/3 of them, they'll be better off.
  7. Well, it was nice knowing you, Mike Nugent. Not even a Nugent hater, but that probably does it. Right?
  8. Hate punts that gain you 25 yards of field position.
  9. I'm not anti-Marvin, but this is definitely the worst coached game in a long time.
  10. Should have waited a sec. The slant was breaking wide open.
  11. Defense bailing everyone out right now.
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    UDFA Signings

    Nice! Need to make it happen.
  13. Dan_Bengals_FL

    UDFA Signings

  14. He's definitely not a three-technique. He's a 4-3 nose like Peko, but in a little different fashion.
  15. Dan_Bengals_FL

    4th round wish list

    My Day 3 Wishlist: Demarcus Robinson WR, Florida Duke Williams WR, Auburn
  16. My Day 3 Wishlist: Demarcus Robinson WR, Florida Duke Williams WR, Auburn
  17. For those looking for a breakdown of Tyler Boyd's game and how it projects to the NFL, Greg Cosell does a fantastic job on Ross Tucker's podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ross-tucker-football-podcast/id638447093?mt=2&i=365447076 Starts on Boyd at 12:11 and outside of a brief mention of Doctson, continues for a few minutes.
  18. It's definitely possible. If that occurs then I won't be jealous anymore. However, if you're Doctor did the surgery and he's giving you a positive grade then you have to have faith in your people and make the pick.

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