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  1. Yeah shake it for me chubby Bengals mom. I want some of that.
  2. If I'm BW Webb I'd just retire on the spot. There's no coming back from that.
  3. As to the dude 'living' on the roof until the Bengals win. It really doesn't have the same affect when your on top of your own bar that you own, you have all the amentities of home, can go inside and use the bathroom/ jerkoff. You're basically just living in a crappy upstairs apartment.
  4. Tab Perry type injury? Wow there's a name I haven't thought of in a while.
  5. The inbed fucktards have had 3 new rules created just based on assaults on Bengals players alone. - The Rivers rule: Blind side block intentionally trying to fracture facial bones with intent to maim or kill. - The Gio rule: Spearing a defenseless player with crown of helmet with intent to maim or kill. - The Palmer rule: Intentionally trying to cave in the knee with intent to disable. I'm not even counting when they tried to break Kenny Anderson's neck.
  6. What should happen: Garrett suspended from 2 practices. Rudolph 3 season ban for inciting a riot. Pouncey 3 season ban for attempted murder. Stealers organization fined 5 million dollars and lose 3 complete drafts. Forfeit all games this year. What will happen: Garrett 8 game suspension. Bengals organization fined and loss of draft picks for creating this culture. Burfict 6 year ban.
  7. Garrett did nothing wrong. He was just trying to give Adolph or whatever his name is, his helmet back.
  8. Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon... You come and go, you come and go. Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams... Red, gold, and green, red, gold, and green.
  9. I am just glowing as if I were pregnant with my high school sweethearts baby. I work with stealers & clowns fans. This is all so delicious I can't possibly eat another bite. Gentleman, my heart is full.
  10. Lot's to unpack here. First of all, that was awesome last night. I saw lots and lots of stealers being walked/ carted to the locker room, some from cheap shots, which is completely awesome. Myles Garrett is my favorite Brown and possibly my favorite NFL player of all time. There's just something about those cheap shotting fuck heads that brings out the worst in people. I love it. I love all of it. And a stealer loss....well, I wish my refractory period was shorter like when I was 18 so I could masturbate again. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...hand goes back in my pants.
  11. I was just wondering to myself what the bottom could possibly be, and how will we know when we are there?
  12. I'm sorry to hear this, we've lost a few off that 81' team. Wow what a photo that is. When men were men.
  13. If Dan Fouts & Carsyn Palmer were roommates would their menstrual cycles sync up?
  14. I also predict Finley will get knocked out and Medulla Oblongata or whatever his name is finishes out the season.
  15. 'Stubborn Bengal Love' by The Lumineers They'll choke and suck and lose... And beg you from their knees Make you think they'll win it this time They'll tear a hole in you, the one you can't repair But I still love them, I don't really care When we were young Oh oh, they won enough When it got tough Ooh ooh, they sucked up I can't be told Ah ah it can't be done It's better to feel pain, than nothing at all The opposite of love's indifference So pay attention now I'm standing at Paul Brown screaming out And I won't leave until Mike comes downstairs So keep your head up, keep your love Keep your head up, my love Keep your head up, my love Keep your head up, keep your love And I don't blame ya fans For running like you did, all these years I would do the same, you best believe And the wildcard games say we're close But I don't need those things anymore I never trusted my own eyes When we were young Oh oh, they won enough When it got tough, Ooh ooh they sucked it up I can't be told, Ah ah, can't be done Keep your head up, keep your love Keep your head up, my love Keep your head up, my love Keep your head up, keep your love Head up, love Head up, love Head up, love Head up, love
  16. I had to go to Youtube and check out Andys TCU Rosebowl highlights to remember if he could ever play at all. He had a little more time to throw back then.
  17. I would hope so, they've been around for 150 years. (and I'm a Reds fan)
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