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  1. The entire shit bag organization probably has a rape culture and should be exterminated from the League*. But it won't be because they sell lots of turrible rags to the inbred fuck stick bandwagon turd fan base.
  2. left arm tackling him from behind you dumb fuck in the booth whoever you are
  3. STFU Marvin. I thought you didn't have time to watch the NFL?
  4. Sandra Bullock getting cheated on by Jesse James > Randy....
  5. Sandra Bullock in the movie Runaway Bride > Randy.....
  6. I foresee lots and lots of domestic violence police calls on the north coast tonight.
  7. I keep hearing a browns fan booing & yelling at every call in the background lol
  8. After the Reds game today I took a little stroll over past the players parking lot. AJ still pimps a black Mercedes, Carlos a really nice white Mercedes S550. Tyler Eifert drives a jacked up Dodge Ram, and Cordy Glenns spot was empty. That's about all I could see.
  9. Well this would be the perfect scenario to pull something out of our ass similar to 2011. We are expected to do literally nothing and all eyes are on the Browns.
  10. Yes. While Chad was busy arriving in a Ford F-600 Tonka truck and wearing some sort of experimental helmet, Ced kept us in that game! Sorry to hear this.
  11. I noticed the interaction of the players with Taylor as well. Maybe it means nothing. Maybe it means everything, I don't know. But there is a different energy about the club.
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