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  1. HOF dan

    Top 11 WR duos in 2019

    agreed I feel your pain shebengal - I'm surrounded by them
  2. well done! I sure didn't think this was any way going to happen either. It's been said a lot already but in this division, you better have a good secondary. Dennard is a big piece of that. Add Webb and we could be pretty good on the back end.
  3. Iffffff.......he stays healthy - might be the best FA signing this off season. Good move!
  4. I've been reading this thread and pondering a response for 24 hours now.....couldn't do much better than this. 👍
  5. HOF dan

    Top 10 picks

    first let me say that while I've only posted here since the past season, I've been reading for years and I've always thought that you were far and away the best draft poster here - AkiliMVP - nice work. I'm slowly warming towards Bush (especially with your description) - but - damn we need to fix this O-line. So I would opt for one of the linemen, unless somehow we address that adequately in free agency (I know, I know 😕)
  6. HOF dan

    2019 Free Agency

    Am I the only one who thinks Weddle is a little overrated?
  7. that would be friggin hilarious
  8. HOF dan

    2019 Free Agency

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/06/browns-release-jamie-collins/ Not sure what he's looking for but he played pretty well for the Browns.......just another possibility
  9. HOF dan

    2019 Free Agency

  10. Just a random thought that floated through my brain...........what if the Brownies trade for Antonio Brown? They have the draft picks and cap space to pull it off. They've already shown a willingness to take a risk with Kareem Hunt. I get the dysfunctional locker room stuff but .......man.........they would be pretty loaded. slight disclaimer - I live in brownies territory - they are already obnoxious as fuck - that's why these things occur to me
  11. This is the same argument for me that it was for Marvin. If you have a better option - great. If not - why?
  12. I like that idea. If (and we all know it's a rather big if at this point) he stays healthy - he's as good as any in the league. Plus he's a great security blanket for Andy.
  13. the latest I could find: https://www.profootballrumors.com/2019/02/dom-capers-decline-bengals-dc-job apologies if this has all been covered already

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