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  1. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2019/05/top-10-remaining-nfl-free-agents-defense-2 Here are the last of the leftovers of defensive free agents. Is there anyone who you think might add value? I'm on the fence about Suh - at a good price, maybe but I don't want to cut any young players with potential to open a spot. Claiborne could be a good add for depth. I'm not sure any of our backup are much more that just that - backups. I was really hoping for one of the 3 or 4 good linebackers but that ship sailed a while ago.
  2. Just finished reading this article this morning and had the same thought as everybody else....it's the complete anti-Marvin. It certainly will be interesting and hopefully exciting to see a new staff with a more modern approach to a game that has been transforming quickly. One other thing - I keep reading about this being the largest coaching staff we've had. I can't help but feel like that may be a big advantage over the Marvin era. It's all good this time of year!!
  3. I admit, I was pulling for bush for quite a while. I heard some pundits saying he might be the best player in the draft. When the effin Stealers moved up, I was pissed. I was so pissed, I didn't really give Williams a lot of thought that night. Of course like most, I never even considered Williams would be anywhere near pick #11. Well, as usually happens, the next day I looked at all of this through fresh eyes and wasn't so bummed. After I while, it began to dawn on me just how good Williams could be. After a few days, I realized that we were the beneficiaries of the stealers impatience. The more I read about Williams (and continue to read), the happier I am that it worked out this way. Maybe it's some of the homer in me but, Williams will benefit this team more than Bush. Williams + Pratt make it a no brainer (I think Pratt may be something special as well). After hearing all the post draft interviews and insights, I think the Bengals had Williams over Bush all day. Considering he was pretty much a consensus higher valued pick - they should have.
  4. I've read most of the stuff on here the last few days and didn't see this one. Over at the Bengals site they mentioned that Pratt is getting jersey number 57, alluding to Vinnie being gone. I know he wasn't Ray Lewis but, man that kid saved our bacon a whole bunch of times coming off the bench. He is a total class act to boot. I guess we'll see soon enough.
  5. It's interesting in that we are all so indoctrinated in the draft from a Marvin Lewis perspective - me included. We watched his picks, his analysis of them and then his development / use (or non-use!) and, at least for me, my expectations remain as they have been. I think I've seen and heard enough today that tells me I need to be ready to look at all of this through a new lense. Taylor and company clearly have a their plan and talk like this draft played into that. Specifically a dedication to a diverse offense that features a strong run game. While a lot of this is football speak that we've heard from all over the league for years, hopefully these guys are onto something. I'm always an optimist and I'd like to see how this unfolds compared to the last 16 (?) years of ole Marv ball. It just might surprise some people - even with a second round reach.
  6. well, hopefully the guy who's review compared him to Jason Whitten is the smartest guy around. I'm feeling less bummed than I was last night. I love the commitment to run the football. I read somebody's assessment that the kid is a mauler. As well as Mixon ran last year I think he still has more juice in the tank. If we in fact get better in the run game, everything on offense improves of course. I'll sip a little kool-aid and hope we can find some defensive gems today.
  7. Ok........I feel a little better now. I had to switch to the Reds last night after our 2nd round fiasco. This guy seems like he could turn into something - although - so did Dawson and others. I like that he's a converted safety. He's used to covering receivers / tight ends.
  8. heck, we'd have been money ahead reaching for one of the 3rd round projected linebackers! 😣
  9. 4th to 5th round projection??????
  10. geez - no shit what the hell are we doing?
  11. alright........see u next year!
  12. Risnor......crap! I really like that kid

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