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  1. Not to mention the now obligatory playoff meltdown / rematch angle. Honestly, Cleveland pregame talk show hosts asked the question "have the Bengals ever recovered from the playoff loss to the Stealers?" just a couple of weeks ago. But then again, if you're Cleveland, your used to epic meltdowns and lifelong angst.
  2. Elliot, Peko, Humt, Maualuga

    Boy - that one hurts
  3. MARGUS and Peko excelling on new teams

    I know Peko had more than his share of detractors on this board. I haven't been posting long but I've been reading for years. He was often the topic of disdain here. I always kind of liked him and thought he was good at what he did - eat up blockers to let the linebackers make plays. He made his own plays now and then but not a lot of highlight reel stuff. Not to mention a good locker room presence. Oh well - he's probably the only guy I like on the Broncos.
  4. Rey Maualuga Watch

    I was wondering what happened to him. I figured someone would pick him up but I missed the signing.
  5. Thanks for that - I'm with you. Waaayyyyy too early to hit the panic button. Believe me, I know our O-line is highly questionable but one game does not dictate a whole season.
  6. I know it goes against logic (this team always does) but I think we'll come out with some fire on Thursday. At least I hope to hell we do. I can't get too down this early.
  7. Looks like the Eagles just plucked Elliott off our practice squad. Let's hope Randy holds it together.
  8. Cut/waived/signed

    Haha - who knew? You could probably make a fortune from street sales of viagra there. Not that anyone would do that - just sayin.
  9. Myles Garrett Injured in Practice

    At what point do you start feeling a little bad for the snake bitten Brownies?
  10. Joe Haden

    I live in Canton so I get a LOT of Brown's insight. Hayden's been hurt the last couple of years and as a result has pretty much sucked. I think he's past the injuries and has a chance to return to a decent CB. This is the one area that the Stealers have not been able to find success. If Hayden can return to close to form, this sucks for the rest of the AFCN. Thanks Browns.
  11. LOL - Fat Randy made me laugh!
  12. My gut tells me that they really want Elliott to be their guy. It's way to early to make any determination just yet but they do need to give him as many opportunities as they can to see what we have. After Friday night, Tampa's probably just waiting to pick up whoever we cut.
  13. Ezekiel Elliott suspended for six games

    I don't recall any issues with him at OSU but I may be wrong. I like the team I just don't follow every detail like I do our Bengals. I was pretty shocked when I heard 6 games too - didn't quite see that one coming. If you look at some of his behavior over the past year, he does seem pretty cocky (tried to grab a boob on camera or lift her shirt - something like that). King Roger has spoken - and so it shall be.

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