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  1. HOF dan

    Labia Bell's training camp

    https://www.Stealersdepot.com/2018/07/video-leveon-bell-working-on-building-hand-strength-at-strip-club/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Looks like labia bell is working hard to prepare for this season. Thank God we're not dealing with this crap for a change.
  2. A better Lawson.........that's an exciting possibility. So many wildcards this season - I can't wait!
  3. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2018/06/10/cincinnati-bengals-xtra-new-helmets-and-supplemental-draft-steal/685860002/ Somebody's been reading your posts
  4. aaannnddd........we got to screw the Stealers as an added bonus! That still makes me laugh.
  5. I noticed that too. It seems like all of our draftees this year were high character guys. In fact it seemed like we placed a premium on that. What a turn around - bizarro land. But I like it! I think you build great teams around guys like Billy Price.
  6. That's EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I love it - much needed - refreshing!!
  7. I'm starting to think that the best offseason move (including the draft) was getting Frank Pollack as our offensive line coach.
  8. Flowers is sure getting a lot of love from Hobson. He certainly sounds like a physically talented guy but I really don't know much about him. I'm not sure where he would fit in on our roster since they are trying him at running back now. Maybe practice squad?
  9. This kid reminds me of Gio in almost every way. His size and skills, his life story.......hell he even looks like him. We look to be stocked at RB - love the pick.
  10. I really like the pick too but I don't think Gio's going anywhere for quite a while. Dude has more heart than anyone on the team. I was kinda wondering after his injury how he would look - better than ever. He convinced me. I think we needed to add to our stable of backs anyway. Win - Win
  11. this is pretty random but for some reason I'm not that jacked up for the draft this year. I usually am. Maybe it's cause we're (hopefully) drafting a lot of linemen (which we should) - not sure - but just not feeling the usual excitement. On the other hand, living here in Brown's country, I'm cringing with them having all these early picks and a real GM. I kinda like having 2 easy wins every year. Oh well, maybe by the time it all rolls around (along with a few beers) I'll get into it. Plus golf league starts tonight - that might help.
  12. I don't really see down side. Hopefully he turns out to be another William Jackson III. Like getting an extra first rounder this year (I know - it's kool-aid season - at least for me)
  13. HOF dan

    Happy Easter!

    And to you sir!

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