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  1. I believe this to be spot on. The only way the Bengals could be at fault here is not realizing that it was too good to be true. Looking back on it now, why in the world would anyone give up a gifted left tackle for next to nothing. At the time, we all believed it was from a recent slate of injuries. Looks now like it goes deeper than that and the Bills already knew what we are just finding out. Glenn wants to ride the rehab train and collect paychecks. I don't think we'll ever see him take another snap for us. I can't see that anyone would be dumb enough to trade anything for this guy now. Terrific............
  2. Interesting take on an issue that has been on my mind for a while now too. My thought the other day was watch him milk this out as long as possible then announce his retirement. That seems to be a fitting scenario for this team lately. I hate to assume bad about someone without any evidence but geez. also - thanks for the laugh about the wife's headaches - good stuff!
  3. Am I the only one who didn't realize that Clowney was the best player to ever take the field? Good lord.....give it a rest
  4. Happy Who-Dey gents (and ladies of course)!! I haven't posted in a while but I'm always lurking here to check in on the snarky comments, disagreements and occasional nuggets of genius. I'm just as excited for the start of a new regime as everybody else. I'm generally a glass half full guy but it's hard to really know how this team is going to perform. I think it may take a few weeks to see what we got. Having said all of that.............Let's kick some Seahag ass!!
  5. If you ever wondered just how much influence a coordinator (or his scheme) had on a unit, last year showed that it's quite a bit. I confess, I was stunned at how bad our D was. Sure, there were a lot of injuries but holy crap we looked like the Washington generals playing the globetrotters in too many games. It was confirmed that Austin was the culprit once he was fired. I like what the players are saying, along with Hobbs. The reports are that they are playing faster (not thinking too much) and held accountable. Somewhere, someone threw out a comparison to Zimmer....don't need to tell you guys how high a compliment that is. If you couple this with the return of the injured players, we might be better than you think.
  6. With all the crap raining down in the form of injuries, it's certainly felt like there's not much to get excited about. That's changed some for me after reading and watching the comments coming out of this camp. I know we've heard it all summer but now there's a little more detail about how dynamic this offensive (and maybe even defensive) schemes could turn out to be. You're starting to hear about the variety of positions that all the wide receivers can assume along with different motions and plays they might run. Just think how refreshing (and hopefully successful) this is going to be compared to Marvin's utterly predictable playbook. My hope is that this might even cover up some of our talent deficit. I fell a little better now.
  7. Report: Initial diagnosis on A.J. Green is a sprained ankle Posted by Charean Williams on July 27, 2019, 4:43 PM EDT Getty Images The initial diagnosis on Bengals receiver A.J. Green is a sprained left ankle, via multiple reports. Green is headed for an MRI “to be sure,” Ian Rapoport of the NFL reports. “You don’t want to assume anything, but I think we’re going to be OK,” coach Zac Taylor said, via James Palmer of the NFL. Thus, Green and the Bengals might be able to breathe a sigh of relief, but both sides also will want to exercise caution with the receiver through the preseason. The Bengals want to do all they can to make sure Green is on the field for more than the nine games he played last season, and Green wants a contract extension. The receiver is in the final year of his deal, making $12 million in base salary and counting $15.2 million against the salary cap in 2019. Green has six 1,000-yard seasons in his eight seasons but had a career-low 694 receiving yards in 2018. He was running a go route against Dre Kirkpatrick on Saturday when he went down. He got up limping and eventually was carted off the field. Share this: hope this report is accurate......aye carumba!
  8. Good Lord........this just keeps getting harder and harder to take!! I haven't posted since losing our first round pick (again) and then Boling, but this is beyond snake bit. Please make it stop........dammit!!
  9. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2019/05/top-10-remaining-nfl-free-agents-defense-2 Here are the last of the leftovers of defensive free agents. Is there anyone who you think might add value? I'm on the fence about Suh - at a good price, maybe but I don't want to cut any young players with potential to open a spot. Claiborne could be a good add for depth. I'm not sure any of our backup are much more that just that - backups. I was really hoping for one of the 3 or 4 good linebackers but that ship sailed a while ago.
  10. Just finished reading this article this morning and had the same thought as everybody else....it's the complete anti-Marvin. It certainly will be interesting and hopefully exciting to see a new staff with a more modern approach to a game that has been transforming quickly. One other thing - I keep reading about this being the largest coaching staff we've had. I can't help but feel like that may be a big advantage over the Marvin era. It's all good this time of year!!
  11. I admit, I was pulling for bush for quite a while. I heard some pundits saying he might be the best player in the draft. When the effin Stealers moved up, I was pissed. I was so pissed, I didn't really give Williams a lot of thought that night. Of course like most, I never even considered Williams would be anywhere near pick #11. Well, as usually happens, the next day I looked at all of this through fresh eyes and wasn't so bummed. After I while, it began to dawn on me just how good Williams could be. After a few days, I realized that we were the beneficiaries of the stealers impatience. The more I read about Williams (and continue to read), the happier I am that it worked out this way. Maybe it's some of the homer in me but, Williams will benefit this team more than Bush. Williams + Pratt make it a no brainer (I think Pratt may be something special as well). After hearing all the post draft interviews and insights, I think the Bengals had Williams over Bush all day. Considering he was pretty much a consensus higher valued pick - they should have.
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