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  1. I'm to lazy to look.....did somebody already pick the punter that everyone's drooling over? don't mean that to sound snarky - I'd like to have him too.
  2. Dax the way.....uh huh uh huh.......I like it......uh huh uh huh
  3. I cant' say he was on my radar but I didn't dive as deep into this draft as in the past. As Kingspoint said, I wasn't worried about this draft either - we didn't have a glaring need and we've been on a roll the last few years. There were a number of good options and I figured we'd nail one of them (except the TE Likely -not in the first round please). Having said all that, this kid looks like he could develop into a stud. His seemingly only weakness - recognition - improved a lot last year and his versatility is pretty rare. His physical traits appear to be borderline ellite - and he's only 21?! I love Jessie Bates but Dax might make that situation a lot easier to deal with. Great pick!
  4. always appreciated your insight and analysis.....long before I started posting here - good stuff
  5. agreed The kid showed quite a bit as a rookie in limited opportunities. I really thought that Zach would cook up more schemes to utilize him. Hopefully that develops - seems like quite a bit of untapped potential there. Nice problems to have.
  6. The golden fleece that Marvin Lewis searched his whole career for. It is indeed glorious.
  7. This has been on mind my as well. With the quarterbacks we have to deal with in the AFC now, we need to be able to get pressure in a big way. I also agree with MichaelWeston about filling in with free agents. Some good names out there still - maybe older, but great as rotational guys.
  8. right there with ya. He just seemed like one of those guys that could be a late round gem. what a gift that would be if he comes back and shines.
  9. well.....that's the thing - you never know who's going to go early and who might fall. If they would take Linderbaum, you kick Karras out to left guard and you've entirely fixed your O-line. Believe me, I'm with you though - I'd rather them bolster the defense.
  10. that's who Mcshay has us picking at 31. I any of you have doubts (as I did - honestly, it was reading some of the "short arms" talk here) go to the draft thread and find the video on page 23 and watch the "locked on Bengals" podcast. It changed my mind.
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