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  1. I don't really see down side. Hopefully he turns out to be another William Jackson III. Like getting an extra first rounder this year (I know - it's kool-aid season - at least for me)
  2. Happy Easter!

    And to you sir!
  3. Mock Draft 1

    Agree - I happen to think that Kroft was pretty darn good last year. Was he as good as Eifert? - no but with all of our weapons, I think we're fine at TE for the moment. Who knows, Uzoma may even come on a little.
  4. It certainly sounds like a total revamp which is awesome. My biggest fear was the same old same old. Along with the offseason moves - makes me excited to see what the finished product can do.
  5. son of a bitch.... two steps forward.....
  6. Sure didn't think this was going to happen - especially with all the crazy money being thrown around this year. You had to figure somebody would do something way over the top. In addition, we upped our offer to match niners/rams. Have to give credit where it's due - the Bengals (aka Mike Brown) have stepped up this off season. We certainly have put a lot of pieces in place to make some noise this year.
  7. Gee - I thought everyone hated him and wanted him banned from the sport. I can't imagine a scenario that would allow this trade to happen.
  8. I was digesting this last night and was (also) lamenting the lost opportunity of grabbing an exceptional linebacker. It didn't occur to me until this morning that they are right in the crosshairs of a center upgrade. I'm starting to get a big grin as I think about a real good O-line and Mixon / Gio in the backfield. After a few more sips of kool-aid, I can see John Ross lighting 'em up and Eifort being healthy for 16 games.
  9. hmmmmm - I love the plan but I have to admit the injury history makes me nervous. If healthy, we nailed it. Any news on his injury history? I know it was a foot but any update? I wonder if this trade is hinged on passing a physical? I have to say, I was getting a little excited about the two linebackers mocked to us but if this works, we're a world better.
  10. How can you not hope they retain rights? If the dimwit browns knew how to use a fax machine, we would have another 2nd AND 3rd round pick. How nice would that look about now?
  11. Alex Smith traded to the Redskins

    Holy crap (or what the fuck) - I didn't see those numbers until now. Dan Snyder is the exact opposite of Mike Brown.
  12. Alex Smith traded to the Redskins

    There was a whole lot of hoping up here in Brown's town that he would have landed in Cleveland. Since they signed the Chief's old GM, I guess it seemed like a natural fit. Everyone figured he would be the veteran presence next year to win some games and groom their next QB experiment. There's a lot of angst and despair here (once again) because they lost out (once again). It's like a broken record.
  13. I don't care who you are - that there's funny!!

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