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  1. I've been reading all this stuff for the last few weeks. I see all the angles from all the arguments and have changed my mind from one day to the next. I have now landed firmly in the camp of drafting Sewell. Now......if a great trade offer comes along - I think they should take it and load up. Short of that, I think the best approach is to take the long term answer at Oline. I know we've whiffed at drafting tackles (twice in the same draft) before - here's the big BUT how many times were those guys hyped to this extent? Never that I recall. Hell, you can co
  2. has Geno Atkins signed with anyone yet.......I haven't seen anything.
  3. anyone know where Akili (I think was his name) has been? Always valued his draft knowledge / input.
  4. I hope that didn't come out wrong....I certainly didn't mean to insult you or your family. It's just that I recently moved away from Brown's territory and was plugged into their mindset as you are with your family.....so - I can relate.
  5. that made me laugh! I love your conflicted family situation.
  6. Lawson went on record saying he would have been happy to stay with the Bengals. You think the Jets offer any greener pastures?
  7. not to be critical - but - this may be one of my favorite posts of yours. I think Willie warrants some consideration.
  8. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2021/01/zac-taylor-not-necessarily-safe First time I've heard any rumblings...........food for thought, though.
  9. I saw that too. I think either one of them would have been 2 of the easiest draws in the playoffs.
  10. Well, if that ain't a nice Christmas present!
  11. They (we) have a relatively small window with Burrow on his rookie contract where he isn't going to command 30 plus % of our salary cap. There's not a luxury to wait around and hope Taylor and / or some of his staff might figure it out. I'm usually a patient guy - hell, I was one of the last calling for Marv to be replaced - but this situation is different. With the salary that top qb's command now, and if Burrow performs like we all think he will - his next contract will affect our ability to pay other talented players. Along with that - we can't let a losing culture linger her
  12. just rolling through here after the nightmare that was yesterday. I'm of the same mind as these guys....I thought "give Zach a chance". He's had his chance. We can only pray that somebody upstairs is embarrassed by this crap.
  13. thanks.....that's the first time I've laughed since this happened
  14. I really wasn't overly hyped for this season other than the future looks awesome since we found our future. Just watching how good we could be was fine for now. It's unlikely to be a career ending injury but I'm crushed. I have no interest in watching this team right now. F me hard......................
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