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  1. I'll be honest - this one makes me nervous. Even more so since I live close to the heart of Brownieland. If (somehow) we can keep Chubb in check, we have a chance. Having said that, with AJ looking doubtful, I wouldn't put any money on us. I guess I really don't know what to think of this team right now. How's that for a non-answer? I just can't bring myself to pick the browns over us.............Marv's minions 24 Elves 17
  2. wow - a lot of pessimism around here..........which I get, believe me. I loved the being 4-2 but everyone could see our defense was non existent and we had to win with last second heroics. Not a recipe for sustaining success. I think this game will most likely answer the million dollar question as to whether this team has it or not. I honestly have no clue how the defense is going to respond to the recent mix up. Does Marvin still have his D-coord chops? Do these guys even listen to him anymore? Beyond all that, are the injuries just too much to overcome? That doesn't even address our famous disappearing offense. I guess I'm like Bob in that the homer in me always holds out hope.....until I get kicked in the nuts again. So - I'm thinking this defense finds some spirit today, the offense feeds off of that and we pull out a much needed win (covers nuts) 😖
  3. HOF dan

    Hue is Back

    Dear God 🤢
  4. A little late to the party but my sincere gratitude to all of you (and those who may not have posted) God bless all of you
  5. HOF dan

    Fire Austin Now!

    I think you can add the Browns to that mix
  6. HOF dan

    Fire Austin Now!

    At this point in time, I think the whole staff needs to go. I've never been a fire Marvin guy (unless you find a better option) but this team is about as stale as any that I've ever seen. Blow it up and start over.......sad to say that about a team that was 4-2 just a few weeks ago. there is no excuse for this level of play - and it's not like one flukey game. crap
  7. Well.....that's all I can take. Austin shouldn't be employed here tomorrow but I'm sure they'll roll out the old "too many injuries" line. pathetic
  8. Damn, the Ravens are about as banged up as are. Both starting tackles are out for tomorrow. Fuckin Stealers always seem to catch the breaks.
  9. I always thought Guenther rode the coat tails of Zimmer anyway. And yes, Austin's act is getting thin fast. If you read the stories quoting him this past week - "as long as we win nothing else matters" crap doesn't cut it.
  10. HOF dan

    Bye Week Thread

    Do you guys really think we needed to make a trade? Just curious, what thoughts are (were) out there? I know we have lots of needs but that really never crossed my mind as part of a viable solution. Oh yeah................................Subaru's are great!
  11. Dear God - just say NO to Hugh Jackson at this point. And I'm just about right there with Austin too.
  12. Yep - that's the one I always think of too.
  13. not to be a naysayer but: Good: Jameis Winston's interceptions - Tyler Boyd - 1st half Mixon Bad: our defense they give bend, don't break a whole new meaning Ugly: our offensive 2nd half coma glad for a win but........man!!!

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