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  1. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/09/26/tua-tagovailoa-would-not-have-practiced-monday-with-back-ankle-injuries/ here's the preliminary banged up report from Miami
  2. for whatever it's worth.... I had heard (a month or so ago) someone speculating that the judge hearing all the evidence would rule something moderate and that Goodell would then swoop in and drop the hammer in order to make the NFL look tough. We shall see
  3. Since this is the random stuff thread.......... https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/06/23/pacman-jones-accompanies-chris-henrys-son-on-college-recruiting-visits/ I found this touching. I know there's a lot of baggage with Jones but he comes through on occasion.
  4. I wouldn't recognize him without his giant beard. He certainly made the most of his talents -nice career!
  5. way too much overlooked..... we owe our freedom to all of them they have our deepest gratitude God bless them all
  6. I haven't been here as long as most, but I'll weigh in. I'm a creature of habit and I'm used to the site as is. I rarely stray from the Bengals topics and can navigate around pretty easily to see what interests me. So, I wouldn't change a thing. and Mem............love your stuff! I don't do twitter so you keep me up to date there - thanks!
  7. I'm to lazy to look.....did somebody already pick the punter that everyone's drooling over? don't mean that to sound snarky - I'd like to have him too.
  8. Dax the way.....uh huh uh huh.......I like it......uh huh uh huh
  9. I cant' say he was on my radar but I didn't dive as deep into this draft as in the past. As Kingspoint said, I wasn't worried about this draft either - we didn't have a glaring need and we've been on a roll the last few years. There were a number of good options and I figured we'd nail one of them (except the TE Likely -not in the first round please). Having said all that, this kid looks like he could develop into a stud. His seemingly only weakness - recognition - improved a lot last year and his versatility is pretty rare. His physical traits appear to be borderline ellite - and he's only 21?! I love Jessie Bates but Dax might make that situation a lot easier to deal with. Great pick!
  10. always appreciated your insight and analysis.....long before I started posting here - good stuff
  11. agreed The kid showed quite a bit as a rookie in limited opportunities. I really thought that Zach would cook up more schemes to utilize him. Hopefully that develops - seems like quite a bit of untapped potential there. Nice problems to have.
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