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  1. Just a random thought that floated through my brain...........what if the Brownies trade for Antonio Brown? They have the draft picks and cap space to pull it off. They've already shown a willingness to take a risk with Kareem Hunt. I get the dysfunctional locker room stuff but .......man.........they would be pretty loaded. slight disclaimer - I live in brownies territory - they are already obnoxious as fuck - that's why these things occur to me
  2. This is the same argument for me that it was for Marvin. If you have a better option - great. If not - why?
  3. I like that idea. If (and we all know it's a rather big if at this point) he stays healthy - he's as good as any in the league. Plus he's a great security blanket for Andy.
  4. the latest I could find: https://www.profootballrumors.com/2019/02/dom-capers-decline-bengals-dc-job apologies if this has all been covered already
  5. This is exciting!! Tired of hoping we hit a grand slam in the draft and that everything finally clicks with the team. Who knows how well this works? Only time will tell. I like the effort and everything I hear so far.
  6. I love the thought of Del Rio - experience and success. Just - no - to Capers
  7. Nah.......that doesn't worry me. I'm stoked too, hearing that not only the Bengals were blown away by his interview but the Broncos and Cardinals as well. Must be something pretty impressive there.
  8. We've done some stupid things but that might top them all. I think Dalton is towards the top end of the middle of the pack - not great / not bad. I do think he's good enough if we build a good team around him. Careful what you wish for. It took the Brown's over a decade to find (maybe) a good starting QB along with many other teams. The road to ruin is littered with the next great QB - even our own: Akili Smith / David Klingler. I have no problem drafting who we think might beat Andy out but we better know that before we move on. BTW - no offense SmoothD
  9. I agree with this too. It's one of the many unknowns surrounding this team. After watching him last season, between the league beatdowns and injuries, I really have no idea if he has anything left. It makes me sad to watch, but if he's a shell of his former bad self, we need to move on. BTW.....he was the main reason we were in the driver's seat to win that nightmare of a stealer's playoff game.
  10. HOF dan

    DC Options

    some interesting names in that bunch. I didn't see Greg Williams - former Brown's DC / HC on that list. Is he still available? Like it or not, he put some teeth in their defense.
  11. Of course he is. He's a stealer's fan who's not even in the closet anymore. I stomach his site only because it's one of the better places to get good info.
  12. HOF dan

    Who's the next HC?

    a thousand thumbs up!!! who really knows what a fresh face might bring - I applaud the effort to completely retool btw - Ian Rapoport is reporting Taylor on the NFL network as well
  13. HOF dan

    Who's the next HC?

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/10/the-great-cincinnati-mystery-could-end-in-eric-bieniemy/ for what it's worth
  14. HOF dan

    2019 Draft Talk

    agreed but just how many quality tackles actually hit free agency (other than Whit - ugh)? We were pretty dam lucky to get Glenn last year in the trade. I hope Gupp's theory doesn't come to pass but have a bad feeling it may work out that way......shades of Keith Rivers.

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