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  1. boy, do I love this picture! our two Joes..... thanks for this one BJ!
  2. almost sorry I ressurected this thread
  3. I agree with all of this - good post. I tend to think, though, that Zach and company got into town so late in the game that they really didn't have much of a chance to put together any kind of an offseason plan. (I realize that might be a ninja in bold) Hopefully, this year's approach is more representative of this staff. I'm starting to gain quite a bit of confidence in them after all that's happened in the last 2 months. I voted 8-8 but it's quite a loaded question. How will the OL do? Can all the new pieces of this defense gel? How good is Burrow's rookie season? What will the injuries be? (who the hell knows) I'm an optimist - so - 8 and 8 is as far as I dare. But deep down..................can't wait to watch it unfold!
  4. for some reason, the "Dalton Released" thread was "closed to further replies". Well.....I have a further reply: You know, I don't really get the hatred for Andy Dalton. You can throw out all the " never won a playoff game, sucked at clutch time, interceptions and on and on and on. I know - I was there too - with everyone else. But here's the thing..... Andy didn't ask to play for the Bengals, we drafted him. He certainly isn't an elite quarterback - he is probably middle of the pack. What he did do is show up every day and played as well as he was capable for this team. You can't ask for more than that - give the best that you have. He was never a distraction or a complainer, even when he was benched or had to live through the rest of the crap that was this team - he stood tall and did the best that he could. He kept a great attitude and never bitched like so many player do. He isn't Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson but he doesn't have that. If you really have to blame someone - blame the front office for not finding a better replacement. I think it would be hard to find a classier and more generous person than Andy. That doesn't win playoff games - I get it - but Andy gave us the best that Andy had to give. For those of you who have to hate and will probably dribble all over this post - have at it - that's your issue. Best of luck Andy and thanks for all you gave this city!
  5. this reminds me of the year we drafted Billings.......in the 4th round Some people had him rated as a first round talent ya just never know
  6. given his size, skill set and how young he is - starting to like the pick more
  7. isn't Ezra Cleveland still available? No love at it seems........curious as to why. I think our best strategy is still OT or LB.
  8. you just about made me pass out.............I thought you had an earlier stream WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!
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