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  1. couldn't agree more Hell, the brownholes spent more than a decade trying tho find a franchise qb (and might still be looking!) I wasn't all in on a qb change at all this year but here we are and have the opportunity of a lifetime. I can't remember ever being this excited about a draft pick (and I'm 63). Go ahead and turn the card in today.
  2. following this logic......we might as well just give up then I was too, but I've been swayed as well....................go with Joe!
  3. You know.........I don't ever like the "refs cost us the game" guy and I wouldn't say that about yesterday - BUT: good God the officiating crew was horrible yesterday. They were the most flag happy crew I've seen in a while. I think the Brownholes got jobbed on the "interception" by Vigil but after that, they wouldn't let up on us. The article above certainly illustrates one of the very questionable calls but there were a bunch and almost all on us. Again - we lost the damn game ourselves but these guys (refs) sucked out loud. There.........I feel a little better now.
  4. I have to admit, I've come around on Burrow. I voted Chase Young in the poll but after watching LSU the last 3 or 4 weeks, I'm impressed. Yeah - he has more time in the pocket than you would get in most NFL games and most likely will not rush for as many yards - but - he seems to have the "it"factor. I'd be happy if we got the #1 pick and grabbed Burrow. Then if we could just................................aw never mind.
  5. That's been my thoughts for a while now. If we could just kick the stealers and browns in the nuts (brown's at home would be even funnier!) and still keep the #1 pick, that would make me happy. pretty sad it's come to this.......................
  6. I voted for chase as well. This defense is soooooo bad that we can't score enough points to beat anybody. Yesterday wasn't enough of a sample to measure Finley by. My guess is, that if you fix the line and get people healthy, he can be as good as Dalton. You (hopefully) already have your left tackle in the fold so one or two more pieces, not necessarily first rounders (and maybe a better coach) can produce an adequate line. We need quality linebackers as much as anything but if you can get a once in a blue moon talent like Young, you do it. He can make a bigger impact on the defense than any other single pick......then you try to find an LB (or 2) via draft or FA. I've been racking my brain to find a way out of this mess and this seems like the best path to start on. For what it's worth, I thought Tua looked better on Saturday (I really haven't watched them otherwise this year). He had a better touch on his long throws - even playing in pain.
  7. I'm a glass is half full kinda guy and I got nothing It's amazing how fast the fall to absolute shit can be ugh
  8. I believe this to be spot on. The only way the Bengals could be at fault here is not realizing that it was too good to be true. Looking back on it now, why in the world would anyone give up a gifted left tackle for next to nothing. At the time, we all believed it was from a recent slate of injuries. Looks now like it goes deeper than that and the Bills already knew what we are just finding out. Glenn wants to ride the rehab train and collect paychecks. I don't think we'll ever see him take another snap for us. I can't see that anyone would be dumb enough to trade anything for this guy now. Terrific............
  9. Interesting take on an issue that has been on my mind for a while now too. My thought the other day was watch him milk this out as long as possible then announce his retirement. That seems to be a fitting scenario for this team lately. I hate to assume bad about someone without any evidence but geez. also - thanks for the laugh about the wife's headaches - good stuff!
  10. Am I the only one who didn't realize that Clowney was the best player to ever take the field? Good lord.....give it a rest
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