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  1. I think I have to weigh in here.............. Fuck the Stealers that is all
  2. I agree of giving Austin the benefit of the doubt only because it's a "new system". My hope is that we start to come out of the learning curve and improve. I see your point (and can't argue with the numbers) but I don't believe they've squashed defensive capabilities (yet) and don't see that as our issue. If you look at our run defense (or lack thereof) and some of our coverages, it's not a rules issue - it's just poor defense. I think we have enough talent to say that it's not a talent issue either. I agree that the roughing the QB issue is changing the dynamics and visibly so but not the rest of it. I'm a glass is half full guy so I'm hoping that the return of Burfict and more time in Austin's system will boost us to at least a middle of the road defense. If our D can do that......this team will be a handful.
  3. HOF dan

    Marching Through Atlanta

    I'm with you Harry. I'm anxious to see how Teryl Austin rebounds from a crappy game plan last week. No pass rush, zone coverage that left the fleet of foot *ninja* Funchess wide open all day, and no run defense when we knew it was coming. We have enough talent on defense to have had a much better game than we did. Austin took the blame and I think that's correct. Matty Ice is over hyped but still a much better passer than Cam the poser. Bring some D and we can score on these guys. Not a must win but certainly could be a statement game as well as a confidence booster.
  4. I know this was touched on briefly elsewhere - but - does anyone else think Cam Newton is one of the biggest douchebags in the NFL? He clearly calls his own number inside the 10 so he can have a chance to score and pose for all his adoring fans. Couple that with his whiney puss attitude after the superbowl loss and you have a special case of douche. I've been chewing on this one since Sunday.....had to regurgitate!
  5. lol - I live up in Brownie land (Canton) and you don't know how right you are. I agree Mayfield looked pretty good last night but it was one half......against the Jets. I know every fan base has that homer factor but the kool-aid fountain flows strong up here. If they win 2 more games, it's superbowl bound!!!
  6. Honestly, who knows how this team is going to be? With the revamped O-line, new coaches and new playbook......I'm waiting to see. I had last Sunday pegged as very manageable game for us. We know how that worked out (I credit Luck's quick release and accuracy for their success). I also agree that Buffalo is just terrible. Who was their quarterback again (seriously - I can't recall)? Anyway........tomorrow night should be a good barometer for us. Hopefully we can build our run game off of last week. I've thought all offseason that was our biggest need. Run the wheels off Mixon - right past their blitz.
  7. Erikson strikes me as the Rex Burkhead of receivers. He isn't real flashy and doesn't play much but when he does, he produces. He gets open and catches the football. I like this signing.
  8. I just read that too........damn I hate it when our (former) guys do that! You would hope we are a good enough team to overcome that. We should also be smart enough to mix it up enough so they can't tee off on us. Besides the Ravens, the other game I think that played out was the Thursday night debacle against Cleveland at home a few years back. They had just signed Andrew Hawkins that year.
  9. The drafting of Fisher and Ced coupled with the loss of Whitworth was one of the biggest screw ups in franchise history (and there have been quite a few)
  10. What a great day for Bengaldom!!
  11. HOF dan

    Labia Bell's training camp

    https://www.Stealersdepot.com/2018/07/video-leveon-bell-working-on-building-hand-strength-at-strip-club/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Looks like labia bell is working hard to prepare for this season. Thank God we're not dealing with this crap for a change.
  12. A better Lawson.........that's an exciting possibility. So many wildcards this season - I can't wait!

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