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  1. you are correct sir! You don't pick door number two when you can see where the grand prize is.
  2. don't disagree at all, but given how hard it's been for us to put together a decent LB core, I'll takes Bynes, Pratt, and hopefully a 2nd or 3rd round pick. That should be a big step in the right direction.
  3. hmmmmm......I'm with you on losing Dunlap, that would kinda suck - but - it's an interesting idea. I doubt they would want Hart - made me laugh. My only concern (and I saw someone address this somewhere) is the mental state of Williams. It certainly sounds like he was jacked around by the skins but there's 2 sides to every story. After the Cordy Glenn fiasco, I guess I'm a little nervous about these scenarios.
  4. I know it's just the endless / mindless media speculation, but I've heard they might look for a 2nd round pick. In no way would I do that - not at his age. Jason Peters is still out there and he's a free agent (unless I missed a signing).
  5. Kind of like the Indians in the movie Major League (great movie!)
  6. I see this same rumor was on the trade Dalton thread - never mind then
  7. It may not be anything, but I was listening to a Dayton radio station tonight and the host (not sure who it is) said we made a phone call to the redskins about Trent Williams. He also said there was talk about Jason Peters. Again - I haven't heard that anywhere else but it sure is fun to think about.
  8. Here's the thing........opportunities like this don't come along often, if at all for some. You can "what if" things to death but If I would have set all of this up for you a year ago - our record to get the number 1 pick, Burrow's epic rise, the unprecedented free agent spree, I think we all would have said - "no way any of that happens". The stars have aligned and we have the chance of a lifetime. Don't overthink it, don't think how much more we might be able to squeak out............draft Joe and don't look back!
  9. THIS ^ .....because of this once in a lifetime free agentpalooza......they've opened up the draft to go for the best talent
  10. LOL - love this......echoed my thoughts exactly and made me laugh! this is truly incredible
  11. sounds like a good / under the radar move.........................what the hell's going on here??
  12. Akili.....great stuff as always! I always look for your draft analysis. What's the scoop on Vigil? Is he a free agent - and if so, how in the hell did I miss that? Not that he's a worldbeater or anything close but he's certainly serviceable. Put 2 good LB's around him and you're probably ok.
  13. https://www.profootballrumors.com/2020/03/jason-peters-open-to-playing-rt Not sure what he's looking for in a pay day - but - an interesting option
  14. I second that - well done! There's always more behind the numbers if you look objectively.
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