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  1. LOL - Fat Randy made me laugh!
  2. My gut tells me that they really want Elliott to be their guy. It's way to early to make any determination just yet but they do need to give him as many opportunities as they can to see what we have. After Friday night, Tampa's probably just waiting to pick up whoever we cut.
  3. Ezekiel Elliott suspended for six games

    I don't recall any issues with him at OSU but I may be wrong. I like the team I just don't follow every detail like I do our Bengals. I was pretty shocked when I heard 6 games too - didn't quite see that one coming. If you look at some of his behavior over the past year, he does seem pretty cocky (tried to grab a boob on camera or lift her shirt - something like that). King Roger has spoken - and so it shall be.
  4. Ravens lose starting guard Alex Lewis for season

    Wow! They have been hammered by injuries this preseason. I can't think of all the players (other than Flacco's back) but there's been a bunch. Too bad it's the Ravens and not the Stealers.
  5. agree with all the above. It will also be interesting to see what our newly revamped LB corps looks like.
  6. Cut/waived/signed

    I'd be stunned if they cut Cody Core. By all accounts, he has made major improvements from last year and looks to be an up and comer. But what do I know?
  7. +1 seems like the last time we ran the ball well (2 years ago?) was behind Hewitt. He was a forgotten man last year. It will be interesting to see if they get back to him now.
  8. I agree. He seems to be this year's Geno Atkins....drafted well behind his talents. I'm excited to see what he can do. God knows we need to improve our pass rush. On the other side of the same coin - I hope all the fits he's giving our O line speaks more to his skills than their lack of.
  9. I think another reason they should get this done ASAP is Marvin Lewis. Love him or hate him, Burfict is devoted to him. If for whatever reason Marvin doesn't extend and we don't have Burfict signed, we've lost our biggest edge. Get 'er done
  10. I like it. Something tells me a lot of teams are going to "feel the Burf" this year!
  11. Hey all - been reading here for years, thought I'd finally chime in. Over at the Stealer's propaganda headquarters, Florio has posted the first shot at Burdick of the season (as far as I know). I'm hoping this link will work so you can enjoy his handy work. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/08/01/vontaze-burfict-hits-gio-bernard-low-scuffle-ensues/ I really believe all these guys are scared to death of him (rightfully so) and like our politicians can only try to paint him as the bad guy. I love it - looking for a big year from this team. profootball talk.html

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