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  1. couldn't agree more. It's embarrassing that he could even believe that, let alone say it out loud.
  2. how is it that one of the announcers seems to know every play before we run it?
  3. good to hear. It has to suck out loud to be a packers fan this season. Also - been there, done that with the quitter. I want Joe here, happy, and successful for his whole career
  4. sorry....I've derailed a good thread. I've read his posts over the years. I know what he's about and have always just ignored it. I abandoned many discussions here because they've evolved into pissing matches and that's just boring. For whatever reason, last night - I reacted to silliness. my bad......let's get back to this Sunday's game.
  5. Actually glad we're in a position to joke around so far. In year's past, the number of walking wound was depressing.
  6. aren't there places where you can purchase a blank jersey and have any name put on it?
  7. This is a little late but I was thinking about how healthy we came out of Sunday's win. I don't recall hearing much talk at all. I did read a blurb buried in one of Hobson's articles about them checking out Mixon's foot on the sideline.........that's concerning. Burrow did say his ankle was rolled up on but that it was fine. I'm not aware of anybody else getting banged up. If those two are nothing, then, that's a cherry on top of the victory.
  8. no question.....big mistake by geniuses in charge this should have been an easy call but they completely whiffed
  9. that's a really good question. The talking heads and the media have christened him the next great coach.......but why? Everyone who has had the chance has passed on him. I don't believe that's due to some old trouble. It strikes me as the media picking the "next great thing" for reasons that don't necessarily translate to success. maybe time will tell
  10. https://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/allbengals-insiders-plus/grading-the-trade-billy-price-shipped-out-for-bj-hill don't know if this has been posted, but a pretty good opinion of Hill. FWIW - the sample vids are enticing!
  11. https://www.bengals.com/news/price-for-trade-as-bengals-pick-up-d-tackle-from-giants don't know much about B.J. Hill but I guess he's more valuable than a back up center / guard
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