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  1. Loved his fire and verve, and tenacity. Brings a smile to my face when i think about it. A real bright spot for us long suffering fans. Why did he leave? Fed up? Fired? What happened there?
  2. Yeah Mac Caulkin? Yeah maybe a little but i thought we had settled on Jim Breuer, the guy in Half Baked. Which i think is poetry.
  3. Ding mostly. it was ok. But i guess OK isn't good enough. Only one champ a year though.
  4. In myself i abhor cynicality - unless it's a monday. I wait it out with rose tinted hope. Naive or not, it Makes for a brighter day.
  5. I mean yep it's 7 scores, but i don't see the primo skill set of a player like Carson Palmer fresh out of college ball who can zip the rock around like a autobot. I see a guy taking advantage, lobbing it in there, and gambling a little bit in that highlight reel. Looks like he's got a real good feel and he's on the money with his accuracy, but the arm ain't primo.
  6. Fine Head Man by me. Wonder what the league would get, if the ownership gave him the uni laterals. Something like my Madden team? Pure Butter.
  7. He's got a couple inches in height which is make or break really. For me my negs on Andy are lack of consistent accuracy which leads to negative plays or plays that aren't what they could be in yards gained. Lack of Ideal height, which leads to lower angle of attack, which ups the rate of batted passes, which leads to lost plays, which leads in conjunction with substandard Oline play a greater frequency of 3 and outs. And he lacks the wheels, of say a Russel Wilson, Pat Mahomes, Bart Star, Aaron Rodgers, Dak, or Doug Flutie to extend the play, get out and about, to make up for deficiencies in the Oline. Andy is a gamer, his decision making is bar none, his reads are good and on point, his arm strength is more than capable, but he needs, like any pocket bound QB a stout oline to protect him in-order to make hay. So what are we getting in Joe Burrow upgrade wise? I've heard Arm Strength is negligible between the two. Maybe better owing to frame. Are his wheels better? I've heard so. His height is obviously better thats a fact. Are his reads better? That comes by knowing the playbook, reps and the ability to acquire keys quickly. So for now Andy has the leg up from there by familiarity, but thats negligible. Reads can be taught and learned in short order. Joe has been in a Pro-Style Offense for awhile and had award winning success. We would be getting a Heisman Trophy winner, leading a prestige team, a taller signal caller with purportedly moderate upgrades to arm strength and mobility. These are definative intangible upgrades upon which you can hang your hat, and build your franchise upon. On the other hand there is Chase Young, who is at his position all around otherworldly. Elite level talent. Take note and slap your mother shit. I'm giddy to see what they will do.
  8. Yo this aint' a season of futility. How often does your team get the number one overall pick, and by that, select from the talent pool at the top of every round? It's not very often. I'm jazzed about it to be honest. We got two stone cold locks to pick from at the top of round one, and the cream of the crop at the top of every round, along with spacious wiggle room. I'd like to see them decked out in unis for now, but in the future in something that is both old and new. Although Marvin got close, for me the Wyche led, Boomer and Munoz Captained squad from the Mid-Eighties i hold near and dear. I'm partial to that era, it's teammates, and the simpler uniform scheme. So that dress, an all time classic with a dollop of modern flair is what i would like to see the squad decked out in going ahead. It's really time to switch it up. End of an era. Something new and borrowed. Gimme that.
  9. About Tobin? Hindsight is 20/20. Regarding Coaching? You gotta give this staff some time, to take their licks and get some of their drafts in the bag, and establish something tenable going forward. Way too early to pull the plug on this situation. There ain't no better motivator to exceede than getting a tad humiliated. Oline desperatly needs shored up, and from that position, when that happens, we can all get a better idea about what the future holds. Frankly, i like hope. Wasn't so long ago this team was respectable.
  10. Your explanation makes sense. He very well could be enamored with the limelight at College, but if it were me, and i'm going to be a top one, two or three, i'd take the money and run. I could get dinged, have a down season, and lose my slotting, or worse, career ended. Also makes sense a coach would expect his players to be non-commital about future plans, to keep the focus where it ought to be.
  11. Why would C.Young return to school? And if he really weren't, but said he was, why would he say he was?
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