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  1. I disagree. It's football. The potential for a season ender is there for every player on every snap, the world over.
  2. Athletes tear, or get their knees torn all the time. Not just in Bengaldom. It's sucks, and i'm bummed about it. But it's football. Didn't happen to be watching the game at that particular time, so i'm glad i didn't see it. Whats the timeframe for recovery and suiting up again?
  3. Not a Marvin Lewis move. I approve! They even did him right by sending him to a place that suits him.
  4. Belicheat wasn't all world at the start either. These things take time. I still have confidence in the HC.
  5. Browns are getting manhandled and humiliated - so thats a bonus.
  6. AJ Green sighting. And we matriculatin nicely in the opening frame.
  7. Corey Dillon was awesome. My favorite bengals Rb. And you're right he did have a foreboding air about him, like - he'd cut you. Part of the secret sauce, i guess, along with his physicals that made him rareified. Can't think of anyone Quite like him.
  8. Despite the scoreboard, all in all i don't think the team has played awful, some flubs by the Qb leading to easy scores for the Baltimore team.
  9. I'm starting to think AJ didn't want to be a bengal no more, (wanted in the twilight of his career to go somewhere else with a better shot at a ring) and this is what 20 million bucks worth of don't give a fuck looks like.
  10. Curious decision by Harbaugh there on fourth down, up 17, at the 50. Very Curious.
  11. Bad look for Aj on that blitz, and subsequent pick. Yeesh.
  12. After the cut, the opportunity is what lights the fire. He'd already been chomping at the bit. I can put myself in those shoes fairly easy.
  13. Not so fast my friend. His deep ball needs a ton of work.
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