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  1. One, unless they do gangbusters. Then it's all hail, let's circumnabulate the kaaba. Broadway Joe? Joe Wille? Nah, Rivercity Joe
  2. Couple of posts in here with really sweet fan made concepts. they are perfect. They are glorious. I'm a fan. If they do new unis they should look a lot like them. Retro with a modern flair. Very Classy.
  3. team game but he didn't get it done. We new era. Joe Namath Joe Montana Joe Burrow
  4. I wouldn't call some of our players thugs. Instead knuckleheads seems apt to me. Under Marvin, he kept knuckleheads around based on raw athletics. But they invariably knucklehead, in the crunch, when it matters most - time and again. It's their MO. Thats what they do. You can almost count on it. Stealers dont' really keep freak talent knuckleheads, or the patriots for that matter, or any NFL team really. They get rid of them despite their raw talent. Because time and history has proven that in the crucial moments knuckleheads will lose you games.
  5. Didn't have the tools to make up for where the team lacked. It looks like Joe does.
  6. Fine with everything so far and i'm Hopeful. I don't have any reasons to see why not. New era at Quarterback. The guy is certified. Thats enough right there to fill me with sunshine. A first round tackle who i'd like to think is chomping at the bit. Luxury at wideout and running back. Got some new plugs for the second level of the defense. A competent secondary. I'm thinking nine or ten wins.
  7. I don't doubt for an instant that Mr. Brown wants nothing more in this world than to win a professional championship. I guess were fixing to see what that entails for Mr. Thrifty.
  8. That ain't a bad idea, but everyone runs in undies now adayas, and the ability to scoot like a rocket is just, to me, a part of the mix, the amalgum, the algebra, of a prospect. To me it ain't the be all end all, but in some warrooms their captains get weak in the knees, and blitehring when it comes to eye popping track times, and it will make them over look stuff, and gamble. Scoots won't make a knuckle head a superstar, but they will make a heady player one.
  9. Just let it go Chief. Be easy breezy. Ain't about nothing other than the clicks. Thats my take.
  10. My only hestiancy and worry is that the Bengals, wanting to protect their prize disallow him from being himself and neuter him.
  11. I had the disctinct pleasure some time ago to view Mr. FulRoc up close and personal down around Kenwood area, long after he quit playing. Said hey (he was buisness casual). I was in stuttering awe. After the meet and greet, i'm about my way, and i thought to myself, this lily white boy don't have the mansauce (as of yet) to be freight trained by that 240 pound hunk of fast moving concrete. No thank you. He was intimidating even then. Yes sir. No sir. Very nice to meet you.
  12. Thats a nice summary Mr. Uncle Earl. I was mansplaining (while drunk) and it felt good. Thanks for stealing my thunder.
  13. Joe couldn't make the grade at OSU and chose to turn tail, like the yella bellied coward he is, to LSU and injury lucked his way into a NFL ready roster that chewed up future physicists and would have done so without him. Gimme the tide. Saban forever. <<<<<<<Ninja goes here.
  14. Takeo Spikes in facts. Pollack in hype.
  15. I think it all depends. For a corner, say like Deion Sanders, elite speed, boost and intellect is what made him special. The ability to backpedal, turn the hips and burn, at an exceptional rate will make a heady defender other worldy in the moment to moment bang bang. For a wideout top end speed is part of the grabbag in scoring, but it's other physical stuff, like hand play, feints, wingspan, and first steps(lateral and verticle acceleration) which creates the tidbits of separation that makes the grade, for their position, in the pro game.
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