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  1. Qb is a top dog. Defense was stout. The oline is not very good. Refs screwed us multiple times in crucial situations I think AJ is dead...
  2. My boy said the real number nine. I laughed but now - i'm starting to believe.
  3. Dude is crisp, and quick and on point. I approve. Watching FSU and GT a bit yesterday, and i wonder why they didn't put some people in the stands on Sunday? I thought FSU handled it right. Spread em out. Mask and what not. This barren land is not approved.
  4. One, unless they do gangbusters. Then it's all hail, let's circumnabulate the kaaba. Broadway Joe? Joe Wille? Nah, Rivercity Joe
  5. Couple of posts in here with really sweet fan made concepts. they are perfect. They are glorious. I'm a fan. If they do new unis they should look a lot like them. Retro with a modern flair. Very Classy.
  6. team game but he didn't get it done. We new era. Joe Namath Joe Montana Joe Burrow
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