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  1. What year was it that the highly-favored Dallas Cowboys rolled into town...and got spanked by the Bengals? One Cowboy couldn't even come close to getting Krumrie's name correct (perceived as s lack of respect) and a pissed off defense was pumped. Dallas' first drive ended in a safety.
  2. One note regarding the practice squad: the players that don't make the initial roster can sign to be on ANY team's practice squad (assuming they're offered). They are not required to sign with the Bengals.
  3. Hopefully they are able to package some of those picks to move up to get a player (or players) that they covet, but might possibly get snatched before our next selection.
  4. Hopefully they are just doing their homework...with consideration of a possible trade down.
  5. I thought I saw that someone had already signed him...or maybe a talking head was speculating...or maybe I just dreamed it.
  6. Goodell just awarded the stealers an extra first round draft pick as compensation...
  7. Only true if you are striving to be an AVERAGE team.
  8. Since the season is virtually over: A BLAST FROM THE PAST: BODINE'S DRAFT DAY THREAD They talked about how strong he was, but what I recall from watching his highlight videos was that he got pushed back two to three yards before he would begin to stand his ground. And this was his HIGHLIGHT video!!?? Very interesting to read the comments thru this thread.
  9. I wonder which team will make halftime adjustments...
  10. The good: pulling out a W after such shitty play thru 3 quarters. [Well, a guy can dream, right?]
  11. ...and yet you used the word "all". #EnglishLanguage