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Pictures with my EF 50mm f/1.8 II


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Well, you guys know I bought a camera a while back and was starting to get into photography. At the time I wasn't sure what kind of photos I wanted to take. I thought nature scenes were always cool but every time I took them they never came out very well. Then I stumbled upon something that interested me, taking pictures of people in their natural surroundings. I think I'm doing Ok with these and have been getting great comments from people that check out my pics. Anyway, I thought I'd post a few here. These are just grabbing people off the cuff. Also, I have no real reason behind it, like trying to be some artsy fartsy fag or something, but I really like black and white. I think it looks cool. Hope you guys like these.

First one is catching Mrs. MULLY messing with my guitar...

The Mrs. and our friend Jessica from Australia

The guy I bought my car from

A friend of mine showing off the magic digits (helluva guitar player right here)

Another friend messing with my guitar

and a few guitar shots

The Clapton Brothers

My Martin 000-28EC. This pic was a total accident. I snapped this off without checking any settings, thought it was too dark in the preview and then when I opened it up on the computer I fell in love with it.


Opinions and advice are always welcome.
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Thanks, guys. Mongo, I totally forgot to add the biggest detail about that lens. It's a standard 50mm lens that costs around 90 bucks. I think it's Canon's cheapest lens. No zoom of course. It's a great piece of glass for the price though. I hardly ever take it off.
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