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  1. Safari on Mac, no problem. The sites main page doesn't work, but the forum does. MULLY
  2. MULLY


  3. This is on my channel. A very rare "Priceless" video. MULLY
  4. Just so you guys know, I've turned the game off. My jinx will hopefully be lifted. I don't mind losing, but not to this team with that fucking doucheface QB of theirs. MULLY
  5. The Good: The Bengals are 8-1 and on top of the division like a motherfucker. The Bad: They lost The Ugly: I haven't watched one game all season because they started winning and I didn't want to jinx them. I tuned in today and this happens. I'm done for the season. Highlights only for me. MULLY
  6. He'll get a fine for that? Really? What kind of pussy ass league is this becoming? Fuck, I hate Palmer as much as the next guy, but Jesus, this is a whole lot to do about nothing. MULLY
  7. Yeah, easy to say after the game is over. Face it, the Browns and Bengals more often than not have tough games with each other. Remember a few years back when the Browns were playing like total dog shit and we beat them with something like 54 points? Yeah, the score was something like 54-52. Someone else can pull up the exact numbers. Hey, I'm happier than a pig in shit that they won it. I never said they wouldn't, all I said was that it's not a guarantee, and I stick by that and will every time they play each other. MULLY
  8. I don't care if they're all in wheelchairs, the Bengals always have a tough game with the Browns. MULLY I haven't watched even 1 minute of play this season. Afraid I'll jinx it if I turn a game on.
  9. I never count out the Browns. Anyone that thinks this will be a simple win is out of their fucking mind. Remember a few years back, the Browns were shitting the bed the entire season, we go in there and they rack up over 50 points on us? I hate the Browns more than the Stealers. The Browns are never just a walk in the park. MULLY
  10. Ok, so.....saying......"black couple" is racist now? I could understand it if it said "The niggers at table 4", but, are they not a black couple? If I'm a fan of say..... Morgan Freeman,and you don't know who he is, how many hoops do I have to hop through before I'm allowed to point out his skin color? Must we exhaust every other avenue possible before we're allowed to state the fucking obvious? If I was in a predominantly black shop and someone said "the white guy", I don't think I'd find much fault in that. And don't think for one second that I wouldn't be labeled as that the second I walked through the door.  MULLY
  11. In Japan the swastika is a buddhist symbol, hundreds of years before Hitler was even swinging in his daddy's ball sack. It's reversed from the Nazi swastika though. MULLY
  12.   You can go through quotes all day and cherry pick the ones that suit the cause. MULLY
  13. Getting rid of the Dukes of Hazzard infuriates me. Out of all the TV shows that have ever been on, that is probably one of the most family friendly, wholesome shows ever. Pull it because of a flag on the roof of the car? Idiotic. If they pull that then they need to pull All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Sanford & Son, the Carol Burnett show, Saturday Night Live, old Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry. The shit is never ending. I would think any TV or cinema company would fight to preserve the history of the medium. What a sad bunch of assholes a lot of people have become.  Long live the General Lee!!! MULLY   Also, it should be noted that no laws have been passed saying that places like Amazon can't sell rebel flag goods. No laws have been enacted saying that government buildings can't fly it. All of this is by choice (public pressure). Hopefully it will turn itself around.
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