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  1. I'm waiting for the Internet to make a photoshop of this with someone playing Rock, Scissors, Paper with him.
  2. Guys, I could be wrong, but I think when he says "non-official" he's not talking about a Chinese knock off, he's talking about a "non-Authentic" jersey that costs 350 dollars. Probably looking for the 69.95 jersey.
  3. Totally digging the white helmets. Are they only gonna be this one game this season?
  4. My opinion, the NFL should pay for it, but stay the fuck out of it. The team of doctors should have to swear an oath that they'll be impartial....and that they aren't Steeler fans.
  5. Fuck it, I’ll say it. Hurst is a fucking beast!!! Glad he’s on our team
  6. Mixon should have changed course and run to the outside. One guy out there, he could have rolled right over him.
  7. It’s like the playbook is passed down from generation to generation.
  8. They’re making this 3rd string QB look like Tom Brady
  9. Thanks, Backer. I got a stream from there. No sound, but better than nothing.
  10. Any links to free streams? Not broadcast in Japan this week.
  11. Are they out to play today or will they make the Jets look like SuperBowl champions?
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