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  1. Thanks, Backer. I got a stream from there. No sound, but better than nothing.
  2. Any links to free streams? Not broadcast in Japan this week.
  3. Are they out to play today or will they make the Jets look like SuperBowl champions?
  4. More of the same shit I've been watching since 1988.
  5. I'm not too fond of them making us wait until the last 4 minutes of the game for them to wake up.
  6. Let's see, is my sig pic there? Bright spot of the day.
  7. Please stop the "ALMOST" intercepted. Catch the fucking ball!!!
  8. Is it safe to say that Joe is probably the most sacked QB in the entire NFL so far this season?
  9. I'm 54 years old and severely out of shape and I feel like I could do a better job on that front line than these ass hats. Suit me up! Put me in, coach!!
  10. I've been around. I was here last week too. It's 7am here in Japan. National holiday so I have the day off. I fully intended to get up and start from the beginning of the game. I overslept and woke up with about 30 seconds left in the first half. Looks like I saved myself having a stroke.
  11. If nothing else at least this game will be the highlight of highlight reels this week. What a fucking mess. But, still just one game. Plenty of football left.
  12. Deja-Vu. I'm feeling like 1988 to 1989 again. And why are the end zones so nasty looking on opening day? Come on, Brown family, spend a penny or two and get the field looking good on opening day for Christ's sake.
  13. Great start to the season, a sack and an interception for a TD. Good lord!! Still early, I know, but that shit could knock the wind right out of their sails.
  14. Oh, I think he's a piece of dog shit, I was just giving a possible reason why he may have done it. Like you said, fight or flight, someone in his position's first instinct is to get the fuck away from any trouble. I don't doubt for a second that Burrow would have immediately jumped off to help her. MULLY
  15. My first gut reaction was exactly the same. Burrow would have jumped off that stage immediately. I don't doubt that for a second. MULLY
  16. You know, for someone in his position you kind of have to wonder if he's moving away from any potential lawsuits. People are litigation crazy these days. He's probably like "Fuck that, I'm out". You're right though, it looks horrible.
  17. I'm the exact opposite, I congratulate them on their win. I'm a former professional....athlete isn't the right word, pool player. When you lose a match it's really rude to piss and moan about it. You man up and congratulate the winner BECAUSE they beat a good player. In this instance, the rams beat a great Bengals team so they deserve to be congratulated. I've walked away the victor many, many times. I've walked away in second place even more than that. It is what it is, you can't win every single one of them. Also, as I said in a previous thread, money can't buy the excitement we had first getting to the playoffs, then finally winning one in the playoffs, then another, and another, and then going to the Super Bowl. Don't let one loss ruin all of that. It's done. Time to look forward. I'm also curious as to how many cities put on rallies for a team that lost? Cincinnati rules all!! I will say this about that rally, I'm a bit disappointed that none of the players were there, especially the top names. No, they don't owe anyone anything, but would it have killed them to take 30 minutes out of their day to thank the people that stood in the cold to greet them after a loss and continue to cheer them on?
  18. Sorry, I should have put this in the General Discussion area. I can't delete it here. My bad.
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