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  1. I think the stands would have emptied out onto the field if they had called that back
  2. The refunds shot was well deserved. I didn't like "BurrowHead" or "We're the team to beat" shit from the get go. Obviously the Bengals are my team, but shit talk AFTER you whoop ass, not before. I kind of think 10 wins was making them puff their chests a bit early too.
  3. Hmm, that apology is pretty half assed then immediately turned back on himself and how much his family loves him. BTW, Pratt, it’s “irrelevant”.
  4. I’ve had a day to think about this and I keep coming back to the same thing, Mahomes may be a great QB, but he sure as fuck didn’t do anything impressive yesterday. A broken down Bengals offense stayed with them until the final seconds, and lost because of a penalty. It bothers me hearing the talking heads saying the Bengals only beat Buffalo because of the fumble recovery. Yet KC wins because of a penalty putting them in FG range and Mahomes somehow played an amazing game and destroyed the Bengals. Suck my dick with that horse shit. I honestly believe a healthy Bengals team would have won that game easily. Our decimated O line looked great in Buffalo because their defense was so bad it made them look good. On the 3rd down that got replayed, watch the video. Before that play he clearly said to reset the play clock to 10 seconds then he says “the play clock and game clock will start on my signal” he blew his whistle and both clocks started just as he said. Then the mystery happens. The one official said he blew his whistle but it was so loud in there that no one heard it. Interesting, go back and watch, you can hear every single blown whistle the entire game except that one. TV mics don’t lie, there was no fucking whistle. Anyway, great fucking season and I honestly believe there’s a SuperBowl victory in our future. I’d sure like to see one more season with this receiving corps. And PLEASE beef up that O line. Lastly, I think the Bengals were the superior team there yesterday. Even if they weren’t, the Chiefs and Mahome didn’t appear to be the force of nature these media dolts make them out to be. MULLY watch it and tell me I’m wrong
  5. If the sportscasters start sucking Mahomes' dick for this, fuck them. They won by a FG with 8 seconds left against a team with a decimated O line that couldn't give Burrow any time to do his thing. Had that O line protected him Joe would have torn them a new asshole. They barely got past the Bengals. The Bengals are definitely the superior team.
  6. I must apologize for my doomsday messages before. God damn this team keeps it interesting, don't they? Holy shit, that was one helluva ending.
  7. Just once I'd like to see these guys play a complete game. Come on!!!!
  8. No doubt. That fire changed things for all of us. My mom and stepdad were flying over it. Mom said she could see the bodies lined up the driveway. Horrid!!
  9. Notice he wrote "at Paycor". He very well could have been resuscitated in the ambulance or at the hospital.
  10. Fair enough, but until we hear from the doctor or family that is just speculation.
  11. FACT, there have been no comments from doctors or family members, other than that uncle talking about 50% oxygen levels. At this point in time no one knows what happened to him. Was it the contact that caused it? Or did he just have a heart attack? That does happen. Or did he have a massive stroke? That happens too. Until there is an official statement all of these news outlets are reporting on nothing and using this as the thing to get their clicks.
  12. Exactly right. No one is mentioning Tee. That guy needs to know that none of this is his fault. I sure hope he's not feeling that way.
  13. Oddly enough, when and if Damar wakes up, he probably won't recall any of what happened. He made a tackle and then woke up here.
  14. Just so everyone knows, it's ok to discuss what's going to happen with the game without preempting it with "His health is first" or "The game doesn't matter as much as his health" etc... You are allowed to wonder what's going to happen with the game AND still care about how he's doing.
  15. I agree on not speculating, but, they were doing CPR, that means his heart had stopped.
  16. What a horrible turn of events. With that ambulance still there I fear the worst.
  17. I love how the ESPN analysts say things like "The Bengals survived the Patriots". Horse shit, the Bengals slaughtered them. They had 3 TD's. One was a fucking pick 6, another a legit TD and the last a fucking miracle that God from Heaven dropped in their laps. They talk like they were dominating the Bengals and then the Bengals somehow got lucky and won. Fuck them!!
  18. I was sitting here yesterday and got a PM on Facebook about Onyx. I'm so sorry to hear this. He was a good guy. May he Rest In Peace. MULLY
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