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Palestinian man dies in Israeli custody


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Israel says thirty-year-old Arafat Jaradat died of natural causes, while Palestinians allege he died under questioning.




Fatah’s armed branch has vowed to take revenge for the Palestinian man who died in Israeli custody on Saturday. The call comes amid continued clashes since the weekend.


Israeli soldiers were out in force this morning as Arafat Jaradat’s funeral took place in Se’eer. Arrested last week, Palestinians believe he was tortured in jail, though the autopsy proved inconclusive.


The incident has revived fears of violent clashes, as fingers are pointed in every direction. Nour Odeh, from the Palestinian Government Media Centre claims tension are rising, “ because of the practices of the occupation. Settler attacks against ordinary Palestinians is on the rise.”


Mark Regev, the Israeli Prime Minister’s spokesman called on the Palestinian authority to “act responsibly” to prevent an escalation in violence.


Around 4,700 Palestinians are incarcerated in Israeli jails. Many of them have been refusing food since Jaradat’s death on Saturday. If any further deaths occur in custody it could fuel further violence.


Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu has called for calm from the Palestinian Authority. President Mahmoud Abbas has responded by saying that Israel wants to create chaos.


US President Barack Obama is due to visit the region next month.


Looking for a spark...  This is not going to end well for either side.

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