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  1. So sad. Still in real shock. RIP Jason 😔
  2. Well karma got me and UC lost <_< But let's go Dayton Flyers :headbang:
  3. UC better come out for real second half cause them ivy school boys ain't messing around!
  4. Fuck yea. ....hahahaaaa.....Go Flyers. ....suck it OSU ahhahaaaaa
  5. I'm sure he's a great person but I'm talking about being a coach Amir. I wish we could have moved on.
  6.   I just saw that. I am actually disgusted by it. Mick isn't the answer for this team. He would be good for the likes of a team like NKU or some shit but not a program like UC. We need a better coach than that. I am not happy at all with this.
  7. [quote name='Farbeyonddriven' timestamp='1331346688' post='1104085'] When this team brings their 'A' game they are awesome. I hope they play like this going into the tournament. [/quote] Dude, they play like this in the tourney and they may go to the final four.
  8. What a fucking game. Jason, you see that shot that Yancy almost made to end the game lol WOW
  9. sucks we lost but my view from being at the game. [img]http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/396426_3224106364438_1319873441_3324196_750874771_n.jpg[/img]
  10. Going to the game tomorrow night with Ikota and a couple of other buddies. Should be fun.
  11. [quote name='IKOTA' timestamp='1326218067' post='1088155'] Hell yeah....Syracuse will be ranked #1...should be a good game. I'll look into getting some tickets. Nice game for Kilpatrick and Dixon....beating #11 Georgetown at their place for the 4th time in 5 tries is nice. [/quote] I have a budy that wants to join and his wife can get tickets for cheap.
  12. [quote name='IKOTA' timestamp='1325781004' post='1084599'] Surprisingly, it did not. Gates flowed with the game tempo and the team as opposed to trying to play the way he did before the suspension. This team right now is focused and the chemistry is off the charts. Gates, as well as Cheikh have been practicing with the team this whole time so it's not like they're "new" to this new scheme...just haven't had game experience. Now they have...beating ND by 16 is a good night. Theyre still a pretty good team without Abromaitis. I'm excited about the rest of the year....they've got a 7 game win streak going and have started B-East play 2-0. The freshman are starting to get more and more comfortable, especially Davis. They play Georgetown in a week or so, that will tell us a bit more about this team as Georgetown is pretty good, again, this year. [/quote] We should go to a home game
  13. That is just messed up. Mick Cronin sucks and I hope he's gone. But that fight was nasty.
  14. Just cause you put a bunch of these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! around your title don't mean it's official
  15. that game was un real. im proud of UC no matter what. they played freaking well, and shoulda beaten WV. but damn it im pissed that that Butler hit that freaking 3 right off the damn back bored
  16. [quote name='IKOTA' date='24 February 2010 - 04:55 PM' timestamp='1267048509' post='865146'] I've felt that way for a long time this year but I think the smart thing to do would be to give him his 5th year (next year). He took over a disaster of a situation and has at least brought UC to the middle of the B-East pack. At the time of him taking over, everyone expected an NCAA tourney team by his 5th year. Losing Vaughn will make this team better as he's a huge liability on defense and makes the offense stagnant when he runs the point. Also, next year Mick won't have the inexperience excuse to throw out there after losing close games. Also, I think if he's fired after this year, there would be at least 2 transfers in Lance and Cashmere......who will both be counted on heavily next year to initiate the offense and score. I think it's in the best long term interest to keep him another year. He'd better produce next year though..... [/quote] i would love if they went after a big name coach which im sure everyone wants that. i want us to be back on the map man. this was a Basketball college, now it's Football. don't get me wrong, im very happy with the football program and all, but we need to get our hoops back on son. i remember when i was a student and would stand in line for tickets and go see K-mart and Melvin go crazy out there. good ol days
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