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  1. Raiders cut their Hard Knocks sensation WR Keelan Doss. I liked him.
  2. Marvin is a stand up man and a friend. That's the kind of person you would want as a true friend in your life. Wish if Marvin could have stayed as our D.C. but I know that would never happen.
  3. I can't help but to agree with this. As I said earlier, I'm not going to keep complaining but move on and support the moves and the new coach.
  4. How much say do coaches have in who we draft? It sounds to me like Duke is the man at this. Either way, now that it's over I'm ok with Drew Sample. He's a Bengal and I'm going to support him. If he makes our running game better then I'm not complaining. I'm in love with the rest of the draft picks.
  5. I just feel like this draft sucks after yesterday. I'm ok with the 3rd round pick but we def reached in the second.
  6. This mother fucker could have been had in the 5th round. This team is sucking balls right now. I truly don't have any faith in this coaching staff.
  7. I would have taken MJ all day over that fucking bum
  8. Saturday, Sep 01, 2018 02:37 PM Bengals keep Tate, Schreck and Tupou, but roster in flux Geoff Hobson SENIOR WRITER Frank Victores/Copyright 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. Auden Tate survived the first sprint, but the Bengals roster is still unsettled. The Bengals came out of Saturday’s cut even younger than last year, but for how long as they continue to adjust the roster through the weekend and eye finalizing it Sunday preparation for the Sept. 9 opener (Cincinnati’s Channel 12, 1 p.m.) in Indianapolis. The Bengals had to cut to 53 players by 4 p.m. Saturday, but a spate of injuries is apparently going to force them to re-adjust the roster by 4 p.m. Sunday. Two players who missed the last two games with injuries, wide receiver Cody Core (back) and rookie cornerback Davontae Harris (knee) both made it but may be candidates to go on injured reserve Sunday so they can be eligible for recall midway through the season. Also complicating things were three players sent to season-long injured reserve after getting hurt in Thursday night’s pre-season finale: H-back Cethan Carter (shoulder), rookie safety Trayvon Henderson (knee) and quarterback Matt Barkley (knee). They released a trio of long-time veterans Saturday, headed by right end Michael Johnson, but as the dust clears from potential moves ranging from waiver claims to IR classifications, the Bengals can approach those vets Sunday to re-sign them. Players with three years or less of experience are subject to waivers, but Johnson, H-Back Ryan Hewitt and back-up center-guard T.J. Johnson are free agents. Michael Johnson, 31, has the most Bengals games on defense with 126 and has started for three AFC North champions. But Johnson, Hewitt and T.J. Johnson are eligible to re-sign with the Bengals or sign elsewhere starting 4 p.m. Sunday. If the current roster goes to press in Indianapolis, it is even younger than last year, when head coach Marvin Lewis had his youngest group in 15 Opening Days at 25.45. This one is at 25.22 with the average NFL experience at 3.72 years, down from last year’s 3.75. But hold on to your calculators. The roster isn’t set because of the injury juggling as the Bengals scan the waiver wire of the biggest cut down in NFL history. It is the first time there hasn’t been a mandatory cut before final cuts. With Core questionable, it forced them to go with a seventh wide receiver in rookie Auden Tate. With Harris questionable, it forced them to go with five “healthy,” cornerbacks, with rookie Darius Phillips and slot man Tony McRae backing up the first three of William Jackson, Dre Kirkpatrick and Darqueze Dennard. Even McRae missed three of the four pre-season games with an ankle injury, so both positions are in flux. Sophomore tight end Mason Schreck making the club instead of Hewitt seems to represent a philosophical change. With Hewitt gone and Carter on IR, there are no more H-backs listed on the roster, just four tight ends. Feeling they needed at least one back-up nose tackle, the Bengals opted for sophomore Josh Tupou and waived fifth-round pick Andrew Brown. But there still could be moves made here since the Bengals usually keep at least nine defensive linemen and this leaves them with only eight. https://www.bengals.com/news/bengals-keep-tate-schreck-and-tupou-but-roster-in-flux
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