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  1. Titles such as this one reminds me of a bygone Era in which we all had leaves to be raked. Thanks for the book recommendation.
  2. Thanks for asking Harry. I'll be around but life currently has other plans for me at the moment. Health care within the VA system is sometimes difficult. I'm hoping things level out and I'll be back more frequently.
  3. Congratulations to nobody for picking right and thanks to Jason for facilitating the contest again this year. How many year's is it this year Jason ?
  4. Just heard on sports show in passing that a possible solution was something considered back in the pandemic days. Seeding would be "determined by winning percentage." Not sure where this puts us but would be fair as fair could be.
  5. So, what do we look for to get the complete and hopefully fair answer on what happens ? With the #1 seeding on the line we might as well declare this a loss if it's called a tie. Is there another way to word this which makes it fair and equitable ? How would this look towards seeding ?
  6. All hopes and prayers to Damar. At what point is the result of the game going to be officially discussed or decided ? I've seen LTs legal approach to the answer but the answer is still not clear. If no answer at the moment, what needs to be eyed for an answer ? An official NFL commissioner conference/statement ? I'm aware this has been discussed in other threads but just heard on the Herdline that the "game will not be resumed this week." Calling the game a tie would be a disappointment to me and I understand that the importance is with Damar (as it should be) but what about the ten's of thousands who attended the game for less than one full quarter ?
  7. Not sure of the purpose they've showed up for the game but here it is...
  8. Someone should have kicked Johnson in the nuts. We might never have heard the mention of Heinz Field if it wasn't for his spawn. Don't forget to add Bill Walsh.
  9. It doesn't fit with their version, therefore it isn't true... There are others.
  10. Another option besides asking a current Bengals consultant is asking a former Bengals Oline coach who loves to talk about other players on his Twitter feed. https://twitter.com/CoachPaulAlex You might still get a biased opinion because one replaced the other.
  11. A highly rated Guard (with high marks from PFF) is not going to simply be ignored by other teams. He is still under contract from the Bengals, therefore teams are not beating down the door but are possibly in contact with management. There are only a handful of reasons for not starting an individual that by all other observations and grades is a starting Guard. Note: We're not talking about grades from self professed experts on this board but verifiable stats from recognized experts. For those that believe that the NFL is always based upon merit have not been paying attention. Blackballing exists whether a fan is too blind to admit it or not. Giving up a little over 700 thousand should make a person go hmmm... As LeTigre would state, "Anything you say..." to which I respond, "Things a consultant might say..." 1. I am not at liberty to say. 2. This is above your paygrade.
  12. I can't say. ... and no, that's not a convenient excuse. Don't forget his grades while in the NFL. However, there is always more than grades while playing for the Bengals which could qualify for the Jerry Springer show at times... This could be the last we hear from him. However, if someone really wanted a real answer they would ask a "consultant.". Maybe one that's been around a "few" years... ...and that is only "IF" Son of Paul has not gagged him. This is not a Miami thing either as someone has already asked me. Although, there were several connections to them, including his mother. Note: Coaches tend to copy other people's notes on players...
  13. There is a wee bit more to this story than is being reported... Just a hunch.
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