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  1. This player resembles Michael Weston if you added a few pounds and inches.
  2. Play nice guys... Seriously. P.S. Does anyone have an updated injury list for both sides ?
  3. https://static.www.nfl.com/image/upload/v1629471746/league/umfva5wnr32ozmukz5jd.pdf Are there 6 or 5 ?
  4. Standby for Collinsworth cock gobbling on Stealer's. Anybody wanna bet on his saying that's Stiller's football ?
  5. What would the 49ers and Bengals meeting in the Super Bowl do for you ? I personally will look forward to payback.
  6. Stay classy Pittsburgh... So many things wrong with this video.
  7. We're going to war with what we have been given. Any other player of another team no longer matters. Only thing that matters is the Bengal's.
  8. #teampeneisewell is not happy but we'll survive. Kinda hard to fuck this one up.
  9. ... commercial... Waiting for pick is in while watching Geico commercial...
  10. Hell, I'll have one regardless because this is almost Bengal proof.
  11. Chase and Sewell are available. It's a perfect storm. Now all they need to do is figure a way of fucking this up.
  12. The only one I can think of off the top of my head is Steve Young. It's not a powerhouse QB factory but I guess anything is possible before the season starts. It will be interesting to see which of these QB's outperform the others.
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