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  1. This player resembles Michael Weston if you added a few pounds and inches.
  2. Play nice guys... Seriously. P.S. Does anyone have an updated injury list for both sides ?
  3. https://static.www.nfl.com/image/upload/v1629471746/league/umfva5wnr32ozmukz5jd.pdf Are there 6 or 5 ?
  4. Standby for Collinsworth cock gobbling on Stealer's. Anybody wanna bet on his saying that's Stiller's football ?
  5. What would the 49ers and Bengals meeting in the Super Bowl do for you ? I personally will look forward to payback.
  6. In regards to the helmet to helmet bad call against the Bengals; we got away with a helmet to helmet earlier in the game. Should have called that one. I don't have a rewind of the game but I believe it was near one hour and fifteen minutes into the game. In other words, I know the refs have made a questionable call on the basis of an earlier missed call. IMHO. I'm less concerned about a bad call than making a green QB a hero. Don't get me started on allowing the Jets to score that many points. Pathetic. End of my soapbox tirade.
  7. Good: ... Bad: Penalties and porous defense. Ugly:. Allowing a green QB to beat us. Have we no shame ?
  8. Good:. One Hundred Twenty Eight One Hundred Twenty Eight is the number which guarantees we will continue to receive a fighting chance. One Hundred Twenty Eight is a tribute to the defense and allowing the opponents only 128 points against us ... "And Joe Burrow raised the football up on high, saying, 'O Lord, bless this thy football, that with it thou mayst blow thine enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.'
  9. i heard the announcer say something about that but I've never heard that until today. Thanks
  10. Good:. Won Bad:. Didn't finish the game in the 1st quarter. Ugly:. Detroit Fan's message boards right now. I was in chat with a bunch of them. It reminds me of the Dave Shula era. Funny:. Detroit fan throwing the football back onto the field. Not sure what was supposed to happen. Bags on their heads are coming out.
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