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  1. Teddy Bridgewater. Probably in the neighborhood of third to half the cost of keeping Andy. Capable of being a placeholder or a starter if necessary. This is IF Andy is not coming back. William Jackson has the same agent as Teddy.
  2. Post the sig picture as a separate file when you respond to this note. I'll resize it and repost it to you.
  3. HSHarry; your signature line picture is on of the largest I've seen. Please consider a reduction in size.
  4. Who is going to be the tie breaker pick ? Thanks again for running this contest.
  5. I talked about this with the former announcer's wife (and current announcer's mother). Out of all the Bengal's coaches not named Paul Brown, Sam was her favorite head coach. She even has this same jacket that Sam had given her as a gift. She wore it to the games on several occasions. She described him as a hard coach but off the field he had a heart of gold. He will be missed by many people. Rest in peace.
  6. If you read the other threads including this one; 1. They don't give him players 2. He hasn't had time to put in his 'system' 3. Injuries 4. Not his people 5. Everyone gets more than a year 6. He had to make do with the hand dealt him Not necessary to go on because the proof is there. Excuses will continue.
  7. Should there be a drinking game involved ? Mention Marvin Lewis, keep digging, we'll build upon..., never gave up, we'll add a few..., a few player's away, etc... DRINK
  8. 2 wins. Probably deserves a raise and another helping of mediocrity. The excuses are piling up as expected.
  9. Not very far off. I still wish that I would have been very far off...
  10. Looking at 7th round off the wall prospects. 1. Dee Anderson, WR, LSU, 6-6, 229 pounds. Suspended for 2019 season for reportedly conditioning issues.
  11. I've seen people put those Large jerseys over their jackets. Congratulations on your loss.
  12. Yes, I agree this line sucks. Since we know generally speaking how things work with the Bengals, this is how I estimate the situation to work. I don't believe he'll have to work with a shitty line. Because; 1. I believe we can afford a learning year. 2. There will be a placeholder. Not sure who the placeholder will be but I do think our line will not improve without a serious upgrade. Since we "build a team in the draft," the only hope is to get the most out of what we have and possibly pick up potential starters in the draft. I'm not confident with our current coaching staff in reference to the offense and it's line. Perhaps an upgrade in the offensive coaching department and various players stay off the PUP or injury list... Because if we pick Jeaux then we will not have the opportunity to resolve the line in the draft. By the time the coaching staff is settled in at the tail end of a losing season or after a year, Jeaux will start.
  13. Geaux Jeaux and he wears the number 9. Those Palmer fans will finally get to repurpose their jersey. Yay. Now go out and kick the Browns in the nuts.
  14. No, we didn't forget. We just wish it was draft night already so we can dream of a brighter future... Only to have the football pulled out from in front of us again, when the season starts... So we can wait again for draft night... Rinse and repeat...
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