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  1. First thing that crossed my mind.
  2. Crazy cause Zane IMO was the better of the 2. Ranked number 1 and Elliot was 2nd. Oh well, we'll roll with this.
  3. Did Zane Gonzales get picked? Elliot is good but Zane was the one to get. Elliot was right after Gonzales.
  4. I'm digging this pick BJ
  5. We're knocking this draft out as if it were a chick
  6. Well I'm done

  7. ** RD 2 - BENGALS select JOE MIXON, RB **

    Defenses will be worried
  8. Well I'm done

  9. Well I'm done

    Bye Falicia
  10. Black Jesus is the poll God! (Rumble messed up BJ's poll by posting first)
  11. Day 2 draft talk

  12. Day 2 draft talk

    Hope you're right
  13. Day 2 draft talk

    Here we go Mixon here we go
  14. Day 2 draft talk

    Let's go Joe Mixon