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iOS8 & Yosemite both havesurprisingly decent features..

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I wasnt eager to watch WWDC, in fact i didnt, caught up with the video later to see if there was anything worth carrying about.


iOS8 features i like:


The multitask SMS - when a message pops up in the status bar, you can drag it down, reply, flick it up and it stays in your app. 


Opting out of AND/OR silencing group texts, so if you get caught up in a group SMS you dont wnat in, you can leave, or if you want to look at the replies but dont wanna hear the sms beeps every 3 seconds, you can silence ONLY that SMS thread. 


Ability to answer, reject, start call, etc from iPad, Mac computers, etc without even touching your phone or having it near you. If your phone is in the kitchen and you are on your macbook in the office, a call comes in, your caller ID pops up on the screen, you can reject, ignore or answer the call, if you answer, it puts it on your speakerphone and mic on your macbook. this is tits..


Ability to start am email on your phone or ipad and if you open up your macbook or wake your mac desktop, it pops up an icon to continue that email on the computer/ipad where you left off, mid sentence, anything...


Not as cool, but decent additions:


The voice message in mid-SMS.. in an SMS windows you can hold the mic button, saw a message, and swipe it up and it will send the audio recording you made to the SMS recipient.


The iMessage working for ALL sms not just iphone friends. "green bubble friends" as they called it(i chuckled).. cool, but i rarely SMS from anything but my phone, so not huge for me, but lots of people i know SMS from their macbooks often..


3rd party keyboards - those swype lovers will finally get a swype keyboard for iphone.. i used it on my old android.. i dunno if i will or not, but lots of folks will dig it..


I am eager for the new iPhone 6 to come out, looks very nice, thin, and the usual, faster better battery better resolution, and a bigger screen, 4.7 is as big as i really want, i have midget hands....

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Yosemite looks very nice to me, being able to have a dark theme is cool. I like iOS7 so I think I will like the new dock.

The new Spotlight looks great.. I have used Alfred forever. Spotlight now seems to be Alfred on steroids, searching for anything including the web from a push of the button and start typing with previews. Very cool.

Continuity is awesome.. Just picking up where you left off on any device.. I like that a lot.

The phone call thing is cool, if that's your bag. I try to talk on the phone as little as possible.


As for iOS 8..

Quick reply looks nice. 

I think Siri is going to be more useful, and I think you can just say Hey Siri now.

Mail seems to have improved, looks like Mailbox now.

The keyboard thing is cool for some I guess, I don't really care about that.

I think the instant hotspot is the best feature. That will be very helpful sometimes.


I am eager to see the new phone too.. A little bigger might be nice.. I am 6'2" and have pretty big hands, but I actually like the size of the phone now. i could never imagine using one of those phablets some people have. I have a buddy that has a Note(not sure which one) it is ridiculous.



Over all I think it seems that they have made a lot of very nice improvements.




oh yea... Yosemite is free just like Mavericks was, so the price is just right..

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