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  1. Guns in America

    good double post...so I could like it twice... the dude is spot on
  2. true and true I used to defend him...but I am tired of trying... It's ALWAYS not his fault or something..just an unlucky guy I guess
  3. Guns in America

    right.. He is such a fucking piece of garbage
  4. ha ha ha.. that shit made me laugh out loud.......
  5. pretty much this... no way the Bengals give up that much for a dude the Bills don't value that much....
  6. they are blind..Bengals could win the Super Bowl with Andy being the MVP some people will still say that shit. good one dude.. you on recess or lunch?
  7. Man.. I hope he doesn't win it... I think the Broncos have like the 36th pick or something like that in the second round... that would be awesome. Even a high 3rd would be good...
  8. didn't you hear???? He is a must resign!!!!!
  9. when I first saw this I thought it meant he won and was unrestricted.. I thought damn/meh.... that figures.. could have got something for him and didn't.. not surprised.. but I am hoping for the same thing you are old...
  10. almost stopped reading at...the Cincinnati Bengals will continue to press forward in surrounding the Red Rifle with enough supporting talent to have a shot at a deep playoff run. lol but I couldn't...and I am so happy because I wouldn't have got to see that Bodine is a must resign again.... and the dream splash stuff... pretty funny article
  11. So what I gathered is that the Bengals already don't have any money for free agency.. and it's super fucking important to resign Bodine.. oh... and the "early indications that the Bengals might not be as active in free agency as one would think" comment is golden...lol you guy pumped for 2018 or what????????
  12. I actually think he already is a dynamic back... dude makes cuts 3 yards deep all the time to get a yard..... Build that team around him and they could be good..just a lot to do with that line...

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