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  1. fluhartz

    Fight after the game...

    just thought I would quote it again.. every bit of it is sad but true
  2. fluhartz

    Stealers schedule

    this... so much I really only watch them when they play us... but I can't imagine the games are called fair in any of their games except against the pats
  3. good: andy.. he was money again boyd bad: defense over all not getting mixon enough touches ugly: d-line not fucking showing up burfict missing tackles... still one of the better defenders today AJ drops injuries ole marv losing to those mother fuckers again FUCK
  4. these unfucking real that they didn't sack that fat bitch once what a fucking waste of an afternoon... same old fucking shit... I should have gone grocery shopping with the wife
  5. come on defense.... win it again for us...... PLEASE?????????????

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