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  1. yea.. I feel like this dude is going to be o good one.. i hope we can end up with him somehow..
  2. I don't want the Bengals to draft Jackson... but I agree with the bolded. I think that ruined him forever and it was disgraceful, they didn't care about the person or his health....just wanted that win baby..
  3. I might be that and I'm 6'2" 185... lol
  4. Eric Reid to visit Bengals

    that shit is disgusting... How can someone have that many offenses against them and still be walking the streets? so sick of the violence in this world
  5. Trump/Russia Investigation

    hahaha.. no I haven't read it..... stupid ass I don't know how anyone can still support this fucker....
  6. looks about right.. I would replace the Baltimore game with an extra stealers game just incase we make the playoffs and have to play them... they can use that game
  7. You know that's intentional.. I would think everyone is assuming he will be their starter. At least in the pre season.
  8. Pick Of The Litter

    Yea.. Chubb or Nelson for me..Chubb being first pick None of the qb's strike me as can't miss guys at all.
  9. it would be tough to pass on Nelson or Chubb... but probably shouldn't take another player like that
  10. no big loses in my opinion.. The only reason AJ his a big loss is that we didn't get shit for him Pretty good offseason IMO
  11. yep.. and I can't wait to hear the excuses why it is't called..

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