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  1. Zampese Out

    I'm not jason... Guenther is doing a good job.. but I am tired of the offensive shit and soooooooooooooooo sick of Marvin... I just want something to root for and I don't think Marvin will ever give me that again... I will still watch every week and root my ass off.....but I am literally tired of this shit..... Shock the world and get it done this week and I am back to all in....
  2. the optimism in this thread makes me happy....... we get it going and shock the world.... 20-10
  3. Trivia question

    I would have guessed Dalton too... know it was something crazy like that...
  4. #5 Defense

    it really is... they have got nothing but shit and bad situations from the offense
  5. yea.. bring in Tebow too... we need all the shit QB's we can get
  6. Zampese Out

    probably nothing.. but I don't think mccoooter is as good as Andy... So I want new blood.. If we did that.. Andy would probably go somewhere and be fine... he is just done here//
  7. Zampese Out

    I just want them to clean house ( coaches mostly) ... this shit is tired... I keep thinking back to thursday night.. Ross fumbles and is benched like he is a fucking high school kid and a point is being proven.. Its a business ole marv... get him back in there to do his fucking job... I am sooooooooo sick of this shit. I almost envy the browns... at least they have some optimism.. When we fucking suck all year and have a top 10 (probably top 5) pick.. I want a QB.. at least I can watch and have some hope.. Dalton has ben Bengalized...dude was a really good player a could years ago...that is over with.. he is traumatized and has no chance now.. The offensive line is the worst I can remember and that is the second biggest problem on the team... #1 being ole marv... FUCK!!!!!
  8. Zampese Out

    they already do it for RB's.. fuck it..just keep treating them like pre season games

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