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  1. fluhartz

    Guns in America

    dude... we are so much alike (except I never voted republican and don't have grandkids) I was raised in Roseville (Zanesville area) and all of my family and friends from there used/use the N word like its just a word. I never did, but thought it was just the way shit was until I went off to college. I was just down there this weekend and got into a huge fight with my father.. I just cannot understand how people support the fucking POS in the white house. I also still love my family...but I fucking hate their views on the world soooooooo much... I just told the wife I have to stay away for a while And the clapton dude is either a total troll or a nutjob that you can in no way have a conversation with...like my dad and brother... lol wish I could give this a million likes
  2. yep.. Driskel was god last year...until he actually got to play.
  3. fluhartz

    Guns in America

    and it shouldn't. but a dude going into a fucking Walmart with a gun holding like 100 bullets at a time and just mowing people down should.
  4. yeah... ole marv didn't like playing rooks... but I 100% agree with this. No way he wouldn't have played him if he was good... and then another regime overlooks him.. It's not like he was trying to break in to one of the best lines ever or something.. and AJ sucks...he's almost as bad as Driskel
  5. making the team was never in question Hell..he's in the top 4 receivers, besides being amazing on teams
  6. Erickson!!!!! he's amazing man..
  7. Driskell makes a great play (run) and ruins it by pointing 1st down
  8. Dre taught him that celebration
  9. our defense telling the offense to hold their beer

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