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  1. 2017 Play off Picture

    dude.. I fucking love this team too... but we are far from a great team....that's laughable If they would SOMEHOW sneak in to the playoffs.. I could maybe see them beating one of the the shitty teams that isn't NE or the stealers (yea..everyone else sucks) but you can't act like the Bengals are good or something.... and with ole marv at the helm... I really expect nothing....it wouldn't shock me to lose to the fucking clowns this week
  2. if you're going to go all "classless" why don't you root for him to get Brown.. fat Jen is almost done anyway.. ?
  3. 2017 Play off Picture

    you're not wrong kid.. Mixon does all of those things you are saying better than Hill ever did.. Hill was just running behind a much better line his rookie year. Barry Sanders couldn't run behind this line... when you receive the ball and two defenders at the exact same time...it's not easy... and if Joe wouldn't have punched that girl in the face he would have been picked up there were those guys were. BTW.. Gurley avg 3.2 yards per carry last year..but I guess that is better than 2.9 so he's still elite.
  4. THE Ohio State Football Thread

    I love/hate this week.. I love the Bucks and watching them..but I get so nervous about the game even when meatchicken is inferior to us...like this year GoBucks
  5. a couple more wins and I will be shocked if it doesn't happen... and Fred.. you're right on.. I see no point either.. With this offensive line..they can't beat the good teams..especially in the playoffs.. We will probably win enough games to be out of the top 10 in the draft and for the clapper to stick around
  6. he is so bad I remember once when a play helped the Bengals..not only did they not try to hurry and run a play, ole marv called a time out giving the refs time to look at it and change it... You can make that shit up.. I can't remember what the play was, but I remember it happening... I was never so pissed about something
  7. pissed off...but I'm still watching and bitching about him the whole time... so no change

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