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  1. I just meant our recent run of 1st rounders getting hurt every year.
  2. ahh.. If the Bengals would have picked him, be would be broken by now
  3. I seem to remember andy having a fumble like that in the playoffs. What is the fucking rule?
  4. I sometimes listen to Golic and Wingo during my drive to work. This morning little Golic was saying the Bengals should trade AJ to the 49ers.. That would make some peoples heads explode... lol I would be all for it btw if it's their 1st rounder or 2nd and 4th or something like that
  5. seeing Nick simulate the planting of the flag was so great.. I wish he would have sacked him ten times.
  6. right.. I work with a bunch of those dumbass fans that have been running their mouth since the end of last year. I have always said if they ever have any success, everyone will remember how much you hate their fans.
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