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  1. Probably Williams, but that's about as tough of a pick as there could be. I like all three and wouldn't be upset with any of them.
  2. fluhartz

    "I Suck", C. Ogbuehi

    he went to shitsburgh probably married to his sister too
  3. and I thought the only shit at PBS was on the field!!!
  4. our best chances of making the playoffs is the stealers plane crashes in to the ratbirds plane and everyone dies. and then we still have to beat the clowns next week...
  5. everything is overrated in someones opinion we are all shitheads.. lol
  6. we can't root for a chance to finally get rid of ole marv, but also want them to at least show some heart. When they don't show up at all is the reason we want ole marv out of here. I still actively root for them to win every game when I am watching... I can't help myself...but when they lose I am like oh well. But the games when they are down 500 to nothing before they decide to play (clowns and Saints) drives me crazy I just hate marvin now
  7. fluhartz

    Free agents to sign

    no.. it's know... he sucks you are just joking though..right?
  8. Jesus Christ!!! whenever I see one of those things.. I just shake my head and think they are fucking dirtball (I know, I shouldn't judge lol).
  9. probably... if there was another stealers fan there

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