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  1. MB might be the nicest man in the world, but an NFL owner should care more about winning than making his great great grandkids be well off.. you can do both and as far as Tibor.. I don't have him on ignore, but I ignore him...
  2. ah shit. I got my scumbag stealer LB's mixed up.
  3. wow.. I would love it if we signed him. hope he is the beast they thought they drafted
  4. did you think we kept your boy Dalton or are you just a miserable _____ at all times? hope you are way off Lets go Joe
  5. incorrect. At the end of that one you would have to put..and then he quit on the team like a bitch, so at least he's gone.
  6. ahhhhh.. the scrolling is so nice.. looks good too.. thumbs up
  7. hey Bung.. welcome back!!! I love this offseason so much...spent some cash in free agency to bolster the defense and no #1 pick QB has ever some in has ever come in with so many weapons... A+ for the Bengals offseason... I sure as fuck hope there is a season
  8. good luck Go... It's always a good time to decide to get healthier.. I am trying to do it too.. I am not heavy.. I just drink to much
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