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  1. any OT or WR that suck, because we have seen that recently
  2. fluhartz

    Trump/Russia Investigation

    It's unreal to me that they can do that shit. This government is garbage and this country is just fucked. Trump is a clown and has been a thief, scumbag piece of shit his whole life and he is the fucking President of the United States... embarrassing for our country.
  3. seems like a lot of winnable games if we don't suck. we probably will open at the ratbirds
  4. I hope so. That means they drafted really well.
  5. wish I could like this post more than once... he must have been happy with 6-9-1, 7-9 and 6-10 the last 3 years and is just pissy that ole marv is gone. That's all I can think of..
  6. jesus christ.. that fucker is still alive?!?!?
  7. that's what he gets for liking the browns
  8. yeah.. I really don't think it will be hard to replace his 14 carries for 34 yards for the year
  9. ha ha.. that's pretty funny but yeah.. cut his stupid ass now.. should have done it a couple months ago
  10. fluhartz

    2019 Free Agency

    ah shit... that's cool man.. Mr. Fulcher was my favorite player as a kid.. Fulchers Vulchers!!!!!

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