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  1. some people can't enjoy anything only bitching and moaning
  2. awesome..... thank you for being a good person I hate people so much... how could anyone do something like that? I couldn't do that to any animal
  3. yep.. Bengals finally make some noise in free agency....things are looking up... there is no season and we all die
  4. yep and hell, as long as he doesn't jump up and down celebrating after a QB overthrows a wide open receiver I will be happy.
  5. As for Waynes, just by your own assessment. He has similar ball skills against the pass, but is better at everything else. I like it.
  6. yeah.. the girls lacrosse just got cancelled... 14 and 12 sucks
  7. fluhartz

    POTUS 2020

    ha ha.. no shit the asshole in there now is about the most incompetent person to be in charge of anything. It couldn't get any worse.
  8. yep.... after we pick Burrow at 1.... everything but QB is a choice at 33.... we aren't the best at anything
  9. nah.. Sample will step up.. Remember how well that worked when they let Whit walk for the young guys?
  10. that sounds great to every Bengals fan i would think... except maybe Go
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