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  1. now that... is a beautiful picture!!!!
  2. ha ha...right.... that's why I call them hypocrites
  3. FUCK all of stealer nation... bunch of hypocritical bitches..As I think old schooler said one time.... My hatred for this team just keeps getting stronger and stronger...
  4. Dillon

    I am not.. that team was a cluster fuck when he was here.. One of the best players in the NFL then.. I am with you that you pretty much always have the best avi though....
  5. he does some dumb shit once in a while...oh well... If he was a stealer he would be on the cover on Madden.. fuck everyone... I love Burdock!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Fair enough...And awesome reason!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
  7. Say what? Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
  8. Current: Atkins Burfict Dalton So tough to not have Los and AJ on here. All-time: Boomer as said by Bengalfan..the player not the douche bag broadcaster Dillon.. dude was a beast just stuck on the 90's Bengals.. HOF on a good team Fulcher.. enforcer of the SWAT team!! Loved those guys HM. Chad.. he was awesome, but the Ocho... Ugh
  9. sad but most likely true
  10. Shooting their shot?
  11. nice..... good movie...
  12. I voted if the line steps up...but this is honestly how I feel.. I don't have any faith in Ole Marv anymore.
  13. Comey Fired