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  1. fluhartz

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    only see the obvious...
  2. yea.. this you explained it much better than my ok... but that's what i meant
  3. not comparing anyone to Corey.... best RB we ever had but Mixon is super talented... he did "ok" behind the worst line in the NFL last year. you'll see this year.. just an ok line and the kid will be awesome..
  4. stealers?? lol Mixon is a beast....
  5. it will still be Andy's fault
  6. no doubt.... where's Rumble????
  7. same.. that's why i said it... hope nobody gets hurt
  8. our 3rd,4th,5th string suck
  9. jesus... Barkley sucks... but Ced almost got him killed there.....

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