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  1. they all are fuck the stealers
  2. I was nervous watching that.. I thought he was going to break his leg at the end or something similar.
  3. signing those guys and drafting white in the first would be an amazing offseason
  4. them signing any significant free agent would shock me. I am actually still shocked they even tried, by trading picks for Glenn last year. Oh well.. they did finally get rid of ole marv, so we'll see...
  5. lol... I think that is it...
  6. I am already drunk fuck the stealers ha ha
  7. ha ha ha ha... I swear I felt the exact same way, but instead of backing out I scrolled down since there was one comment. I will not be watching even when lunch settles. just look at that fucking face..reminds me of the last few years of misery here.
  8. I agree on the wunderkind part...that dude is going to get broken as far as the deal...meh Flacco is not really much/any better than Keenum, and now they will have like 40 million in QB salaries
  9. 3rd and Dre is a thing and yes
  10. fluhartz

    2019 Draft Talk

    I am a OSU homer and so do I but no chance unless we trade way up
  11. fluhartz

    2019 Draft Talk

    he was so good this year.

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