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  1. lol I was being sarcastic... again... at least he had his freedom huh? it's there... it's fucked dude.. can you imagine what will happen when the orange clown loses? fucking chaos
  2. here it's virtual for at least the first semester and see where it goes from there.
  3. I am going to guess it's from going to rallies with a bunch of idiots not wearing masks and social distancing. Or just not doing those things in everyday life. at least he had his freedom
  4. fluhartz

    POTUS 2020

    ha ha ha.. That fucking cunt being the president of the united states is the greatest embarrassment in the history of the United States
  5. have you ever liked a Bengals player? serious question
  6. another Bengals great named Ken that should be in the HOF. RIP sir
  7. no... he is pussy quitter.. maybe the protesters should kneel.... oh yeah!!!!
  8. MB might be the nicest man in the world, but an NFL owner should care more about winning than making his great great grandkids be well off.. you can do both and as far as Tibor.. I don't have him on ignore, but I ignore him...
  9. ah shit. I got my scumbag stealer LB's mixed up.
  10. wow.. I would love it if we signed him. hope he is the beast they thought they drafted
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