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  1. same here...but didn't really want to voice that because there are a lot of Buckeye haters on here. I also agree with the people (SF) that the Bucks left way to many points on the field int he first half settling for fg's and not getting tds. But you cannot overlook a couple of those calls... oh well...back at it next year... lets go Bucks and bye bengalbuckeye
  2. damn.. I really thought that bad snap would land.. oh well, I thought it was funny
  3. lock her ass up.. Sent a video on snapchat as the officer was holding the phone... yikes indeed... bad snap...
  4. @Jamie_B man.... thank you so much for posting that video. I had not seen it. Makes me love Odell and also feel like shit for him even more. Could have been one of the best I am super happy that he is in a good place now though...
  5. same here.. he was so awesome.. just owned the middle of the field.. he was literally one of my favorite players instantly the booze and drugs just had control of him...
  6. couldn't agree with this any more.. like all of it. I think Burrow is the right pick, but it totally the right pick for the Bengals for all of the reasons you have stated.. Best pick and easiest thing for them to do.
  7. this I don't trust the Bengals to do the right thing......ever
  8. right.. they are both fucking loud mouth idiots. No way Burrow does that..
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