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  1. fluhartz

    Marvin Lewis gets a job

    all true... and couldn't agree more with all of it.
  2. fluhartz

    Alt Right and other bigoted and racist shit

    Those fucking asshole police officers (I use the term lightly) need their badges taken away immediately. That shit is unbelievable...
  3. fluhartz

    Marvin Lewis gets a job

    Agreed and I loved Marvin for what he brought the Bengals from to where they were until he started losing to mediocre teams in the playoffs. And in the end he didn't answer only stupid questions from the media like a smug asshole, he answered EVERY question like a smug asshole. Because that's what he is now... a smug asshole. And for sure.. I hope he goes and enjoys his millions..he earned and deserves it. Anyone that can find someone to give them millions of dollars for being average/or less for over half of a 16-year career certainly deserves it. +1 for some reason
  4. he looks like that duck dynasty dude
  5. hence the term...3rd and Dre
  6. competition is a nice thing to have.
  7. JFC hopefully just precautionary
  8. @Le Tigre I was even thinking of that when I was tying mine..lol
  9. I have been saying it all offseason. I hope they still suck so bad. I would love to see mayfield take a step back since people have all the tape on him. They have basically been crowned by the media
  10. are you fucking kidding me??? gotta protect the big child's ego.. don't want a temper tantrum in another country.
  11. fluhartz

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    which side was cotton on? I forget.. Hatfields I think without looking it up...

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