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  1. fluhartz

    Season over/under

    he's 100% trolling now... ignore
  2. fluhartz

    Season over/under

    ha ha.. you got it..
  3. fluhartz

    Season over/under

    usually 2-3 weeks to get it.. IDK, maybe I have just been lucky. I haven't cashed any out for a while though. So I cashed out $150 yesterday to see. Got a confirmation email later in the day saying it was processed and I should receive my check in an average of 15 business days.. I'll get back with ya when I get it.
  4. fluhartz

    Season over/under

    never had an issue... do a withdrawl and they send me a check.
  5. fluhartz

    Season over/under

  6. yea.. this and Geno have to be no brainers.. Bengals for life!!!!
  7. fixt no kidding.... how dumb are these guys???
  8. and the newly added dan fouts... DAN FUCKING FOUTS is a voter.. That guy is lucky to tie his own shoes and not drool everywhere..... unreal
  9. hasn't this shit happened with them before?
  10. I see so many predictions like this and actually even way worse... I know I (we for the most part) are biased... but our biggest problem last year was the horrid o-line and I think it improved a lot.. we went fucking 7-9 and could have won a couple more of those games with some luck.. why in the hell is everyone predicting us to be such shit?
  11. wtf... did the ole marv comment hit home of something?
  12. so you'll take an ok player (as long as he shuts his trap) over the best player (at that position) ever on this team because that player got sick of this organizations bullshit? ok MB loves fans like you.. mediocrity is fine... you are probably happy with ole marv too, he never ruffles any feathers

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