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  1. Are the people saying this so stupid they don't know that the team that in finished last gets a last place schedule the following year?
  2. went chalk basically Grade: B+ 3 Picks: first three picks, but I really do like them. Burton maybe my favorite pick. Happy with Mims: very pleased I also really liked McLachlan, Cedric Johnson and Matt Lee. This was a really solid draft IMO.
  3. yep and he is free from that piece of shit Iowa offense.... A chance to be something....
  4. I like this one.. if he can get it together could be a really good one....
  5. happens all the time... So we gotta hate a Buckeye and root for our new meat chicken player.
  6. she sure did... so good. I loved her on Good Morning Football on the NFL Network.. What isn't to like about a smart hottie Bengals fan?
  7. I can agree with this, but you need to have that Ferrari motor (9) on the track. The injuries need to stop.
  8. Agreed. Sweat would be a great addition to this team and should do what they can to get him.
  9. I love this signing. At least they aren't going in to the draft thinking they have to go RT in the first... I mean they still could draft a tackle there but they don't have to. I think they have had a really good first week of free agency
  10. yep.. I just couldn't imagine that dude in this offense... Instant star with Joey slinging it to him...
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