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  1. I rarely give up on the Bengals. When I had season tickets I left at half time twice. had them fort 13 years... ..babck to back weeks in. 2000 I think.. Against the Rams and the Chargers.. like 28-0 at the half in both.. . I gave up and quit watching today... 4 fucking turnovers in a row.. I ;eft and had a beer or 7 nice to see the actually made it respectable, but fuck
  2. fucking garbage play and coaching.. going to get our ass kicked by a shit team
  3. that play makes mess happy... remember when the quitter would just dump it on free plays?
  4. no shit... if he gets hurt again, oh well... but playing like this is stupid
  5. defense playing so well and then give up a 3 and 24.. wtf? and the offensive play calling is so dumb... playing scared
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