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  1. let try to not get Joe sacked 9 times this time..
  2. REDZONE!!!!! I switched from Hulu live TV to Fubo a couple years ago and I get redzone for free now (well as part of mu subscription). Best thing ever... When the Bengals aren't playing on Sunday in the 1:00 0r 4:00 slot, that is what I watch. Muting that dude was my best decision ever on this board.
  3. Collinsworth doing this game tonight half hearted with his beloved stealers going down again...
  4. every time I hear that here we go stealers chant, I want our fans and team to leave and then the stadium is bombed...
  5. not to mention every play on third down gets called for them... tough to play that way, but they absolutely need to get more pressure on small hands.... he has all day..
  6. against most teams.. we aren't playing against the refs to most weeks
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