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  1. Jacksons main problem was picking Clemson over the Bucks!!! JK.. I think he will a really good player this year. A year under his belt, they seem to think his mind is right this season and he obviously is physically gifted. I hope he becomes a star for us..
  2. Agreed... Common Man and T-Bone is a Columbus sports radio thing.. They are great..I listen most days The funny thing is T-Bone is a Browns fan, but he hates that the clowns signed the rapist and actually probably rooting against his team now.... good stuff... Fuck the browns
  3. haha. that is good but T-Bone is like that. Do you listen to the show or just happen to run across the tweet?
  4. I am not an autograph guy, just never cared about them... but that shit is awesome!!!!!!
  5. truth and not only do they seem to not car, a majority of them take up for him.. it's just disgusting and I would expect anything different from that fanbase...
  6. damn.. that quote is the real deal, dude freaking nailed it. So accurate
  7. yes they are, but this contract is deserved. Terry is a great player, I just hope he gets a QB one of these years.
  8. I know. There are some weird MF's out there. Defending this douche bag no matter what. Even when he is found guilty (civil) they will defend him saying well there were no criminal charges.
  9. It is very cool.. I always had a soft spot for Pac even when he did dumb shit, but adopting his kids is an amazing thing to do.... major props to him and damn slim JR is like an 8th grader and that big already. I guess that's why the Buckeyes already offered him
  10. yep.. I want them to be so fucked over the next few years. that wouldn't surprise me one little bit. It would be total bullshit, but again it wouldn't surprise me.
  11. oh....I know. Actually I think Mayfield kinda sucks, and I agree about Carroll. It was just a hypothetical that made Cleveland look like a shithole once again, and that always makes me happy.
  12. I can't stand Mayfield, but it would be awesome to see him go to Seattle and have success and Watson misses a ton of time being suspended and is never the same QB he was a few years ago... bye $239 million.. Oh, have I ever mentioned Fuck cleveland?
  13. right.. I don't see how anyone can see this as anything but an attempt at a hostile takeover. unless you're Jack Del Rio.. then it's just a little dust up.. lol.. fucking clown
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