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If You're a Fantasy Homer...

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You probably won't get AJ and Eifert. I've tried in two separate drafts already this year.


1. AJ/Eifert

2.AJ/Eifert  if not available take Cam Newton he has been there both times for me in the 2nd and is the highest fantasy scorer. 


4.Gio/Dalton  probably going to have to pick from one of the two here

5. Doug Baldwin Seahawks/D.Thomas Broncos




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Real draft, (Yahoo), is Sunday night, did a couple of mock drafts tonight. Had a chance to take Ezekiel Elliott or AJ Green with my first pick in both mock's. Went with EE both times, losing out on AJ both times. I have a feeling it's going to play out the same way tomorrow night. 

Who would you take given the choice of those two?




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