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What happened to Schotzee?

westside bengal

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11 hours ago, westside bengal said:

Schotzee was pretty active here and one of the "good guys"  I haven't noticed him around for a good while.

I hope everything is OK.

Agree and could say the same for any number of others.

Mully comes to mind immediately and I miss his input.

Harry Hater™ extraordinaire, Lucid (the trolling mod), is also conspicuous by his absence.

Young Elijah dropped out when he went to kollege.

Arkansas and Montana are infrequent fliers and active on the other board as are others.

And RhodeIsland? was here for awhile and gone.

The guy who sold golf carts to The Village People whose name I can't think of at the moment.

And I hope all are OK.

Good topic, btw.

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Thanks for the updates.  Although I have never been a big poster this is the place I call Bengal home.  I occasionally visit the other board that has a lot of news stories posted for convenience sake and while I contemplated joining there at times I believe my contrarian thinking would not be welcome. 

So, I guess this place is where i belong?


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On 3/18/2017 at 11:02 AM, Montana Bengal said:

Funny...I seem to be only here and drop in almost every day.  Not posting much.  Hate the offseason bitching.


edit- I think Mulley has been focusing on other outlets that aren't necessarily football related.

Glad you're still around even if cloaked in the stealth mode.

Rick was the guy who sold golf carts at The Villages.

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