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  1. Agree with it all. I always figure when someone shows up like BB, he is a banned poster or another team's fan that shows up with a new fake ID to fuck with the board and just see how much crap he can spew before getting banned. I doubt they ever intend to stay too long.
  2. With the season he was having Joe and his Dad had to realize there was a good chance he was going to get drafted by a crappy team somewhere. I know Cincy gets bashed a bunch but I would rather live in this area than Detroit any day of the week.
  3. It wouldn't break my heart to see the fat walrus finally win a super bowl.
  4. To be fair to Joe Burrow's OSU years, most players and staff felt he progressed every year. IIRC a lot of folks thought Joe had the inside track to be Barrett's #1 backup in 2017 but he broke his right hand in training camp and was out for a while which opened the door for Haskins. After Haskins came in for the injured Barrett in the 2017 Michigan game and helped lead OSU to a come from behind victory pretty much sealed the deal who was going to start in 2018. Joe realized as many do in a similar situation as a graduated player it is easier to transfer with 2 years eligibility instead of only 1.
  5. Jeff George was a 12 on the 1-10 Total Asshole Prick scale too.
  6. There are always rumors this time of year. The NFL is down to 4 playoff teams and 2 after Sunday. They can only write so many "who is going win" stories so they have to make-up shit to fill the pages or talk shows.
  7. Someone will throw trash on Joe's front lawn if the Bengal's give him #9.
  8. I would like to see 2-3 more scouts. Steve Radicevic was the West Coast scout who got promoted to Director of Pro Scouting. But I think he is still doing the West Coast scouting gig too. Same with Mike Potts who is now Director of College Scouting and still doing his Southeast region college scouting. You can't be 2 places at once. I understand now why the team misses players wearing braces, fully recovered from injury, etc. They have to be relying too much on just tape or networked friends opinions and not actually going to games and seeing with their own eyes. I know Bengal's use their coaches as scouts as most other teams also do. But most other teams use the coaches as the 2nd and 3rd opinion guys not the 1st cut. A recent article talked about a another team's scout who went to see a highly regarded lineman who was injured. Watching the player he noticed he wasn't just wearing a jersey joking around on the sideline. The player was involved, drawing diagrams on the whiteboard, really involved with team. You wouldn't know that if you were not there. He starts for the team now. Scouts are pretty cheap...$50k -$100k...depending on experience. Just finding a couple solid starters every year would be little money well spent.
  9. The Bengals just hired an Offensive genius/QB guru as a head coach, I am sure Taylor wasn't interested.
  10. When Trevor was running I was waiting for the announcers to say "First down by a Nose".
  11. And did anyone notice he was wearing a soccer boot on his kicking foot and a plain athletic shoe on his plant foot. Dude is only 42. Plenty of life left for a kicker.
  12. That pretty much answered that question. I have not seen Trevor play that much but I was not all that impressed last night but he is still young. You never know for sure if a college QB can make the transition to the NFL but Joe looks as ready as any I have seen for good while.
  13. It might be smart for Joe to go to the Senior Bowl. After working with the Bengals coaching staff he might announce he is going to medical school or something else instead.
  14. Word was Bill wanted to keep Garoppolo and Brady/Kraft forced the trade a couple years back.
  15. I am interested in game tonite. The question I have is do the Bengals stay with Joe or take Young and Tank for Trevor?
  16. I wonder how many NFL teams will be looking for 6'3" 240 lb running backs in the 2020 draft.
  17. No doubt Tua has the talent but the big unknown for him is how he responds mentally from the hip injury even if he heals physically. Throwing the ball hundreds of a second too early or too late because you are worried about getting mashed again can be the difference between leading the league in passing yards or interceptions. Every one is different in that regard and won't be known until he steps on the field.
  18. If the Bengals make it truly known they are going to take Burrow at #1 they might have a chance for Joe Brady.
  19. RIP Sam. You were my All Time Bengal's Head Coach.
  20. Ole Marv has years of experience with a meddlesome owner so Dallas or Washington would be a good fit.
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