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  1. Atkins and Dunlap are probably thinking that they have one last big contract period. The Bengals might give them a mega deal...who knows. But I wouldn't be surprised to see them wait and test the FA waters. In fact if the Bengals do not sign them early I would probably bet on at least one not returning.
  2. 2018 Playoffs Thread

    Just reported....Chris Collinsworth on suicide watch with no Stealer's cocks to suck till next year.
  3. Coaching Staff Changes

    I know he is different but one Shula in my Bengals lifetime was probably enough.......lol.
  4. After going 0-7 in the playoffs and coaching the team to a below .500 record the last 2 years the Brown Family Trust gave their head coach Marvin Lewis a 2 year extension only firing the OL line coach Alexander. The DC Guenther whose contract has expired and can no longer be held hostage might seek greener pastures elsewhere. Looks like coaching status quo with little faith of things improving especially with several veteran players having expiring contracts the next couple of years. On the other hand, the Green Bay Packers also finished below .500 in 2017 missing the playoffs for the first time since 2008. The Packers started cleaning house and kicked Ted Thompson out of his GM role, fired both Offensive and Defensive Coordinators and several other coaching assistants. The Packers HC Mike McCarthy whose contract expires after 2018 was told the new GM can bring in his own guy if he wants after next season. One team sits on their ass and does nothing. The other changing things up to make something happen. Let's see in a couple of years who has chosen wisely.
  5. Whit could have been the face of the Bengals. Mike Brown wanted this guy instead......
  6. A tale of two teams.....

    I don't know. Have the Packers missed some opportunities...sure. But going to the playoffs 8 years straight. winning some playoff games and a Super Bowl might not be considered a "waste".
  7. I will always be a Bengal fan...have been since their beginning. But it seems evident that the Brown Family Trust doesn't really care if they win or lose, so for now on either do I.
  8. The problem is that the Front Office doesnt mismanage the clock. The Front Office doesnt say "its not our job to motivate players."
  9. Marvin wants front office changes? Typical Marvin throws somebody under the bus crap. He had a Super Bowl winning type of roster in 2013-2014-2015 and couldn't get the job done.
  10. I think 2018 is going to be an important year for the Bengals. Possibly (hopefully) new head coach and staff. It will be interesting to see how much coaching status quo will be in play and what new thinking will be happening including what players fit the new schemes. After 2018, the Bengals only have ~28 current players signed to the roster. Atkins, Dunlap, Dennard, Jones, M. Johnson, LaFell, Kroft, Oogie, Fisher, Rey and a host of others are all free agents. Atkins and Dunlap at 30 y/o probably have 1 big career contract left and I wouldn't be surprised to see one or both leave for bigger money. AJ Green is a free agent after 2019 and turning 32. Green also has one more big contract. Will he stay? He has made big money already. What will be most important to him. HOF and will that come if he stays here? If the Bengals are not one will he want to go to a contender? What will the Bengals be willing to pay a 32 y/o WR even AJ Green? And let's face it the biggest part of Andy Dalton's success is because he has had an elite, top 5 WR to throw the ball to. Which brings us to Andy. I have always thought of Andy as a slightly above average QB. Maybe not good enough to carry his team alone but with the right personnel--both offense and defense--good enough to win the SB. Like most others here I really believed that in 2013, 2014 and especially 2015 until he got hurt. I still am undecided how much the Bengals failure in the playoffs was Andy and how much was Marvin Lewis. But as I said I do believe having Green as his #1 receiver made Andy look better than he probably is. The point is if the Bengals are rebuilding do we take a QB now to maybe shed Andy's salary? Also, keep in mind that the CBA expires after 2020. Right now all NFL teams have from 0 to maybe 4-6 players on their roster after 2020. The Bengals have Dre K on the 2021 roster and thats it. I am sure over the next couple of years we will get a better feel on the new CBA and if the NFL keeps losing viewers then the networks which are the leagues biggest source of revenue are not going to pay what they have been. I see a real war brewing this time around not only between league and players but also between owners. I guess my reason for rambling here is when folks talk about fixing the roster I really am not sure if that means for 2018 only? Because with all the upcoming free agents and possible changes no one has any idea what the 2019 or 2020 and beyond rosters will be.
  11. Draft pick?

    Marvin said fuck u Mike Brown with the win!!!
  12. I hope everyone has a great and safe Christmas holiday...... including you Fred!!!!
  13. You all forgot the reason about the Bills not winning a Super Bowl..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NyhAJEPEHk4
  14. https://pro32.ap.org/article/mike-brown-defends-bengals-decision-keep-pacman-jones Mike thinks he is still in charge.
  15. I lucked out.....they are not showing the game in my area. No matter what I always feel guilty if they are on and I am not watching.
  16. A team that drafts cripples in the 1st round would not surprise me on anything they do. 1/2
  17. I agree with Go as this seems like a decent QB class this year. While I might not pick one in the 1st round my first thought would be could I find a QB as good as Dalton? It comes down do I pay a $17 million a year Andy or a $2-3 million a year Andy Junior?
  18. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Let's hire McCarron then.
  19. I think this is pretty much it. Over the years the Brown family has been notorious for whining about being a small market team and begging for handouts from the richer teams. I think the richer teams understand the small cap teams problems but their issue with MB specifically is they feel he does nothing on his own to help grow the "Bengals" brand and help himself. He just wants free handouts from everyone else.
  20. If Lewis Out, Shouldn't Andy Follow?

    Absolutely. People often forget how important that attribute is.
  21. XFL 2

    It has nothing to do with politics and everything to do about the product on the field. Poor fundamentals and poor officiating are my 2 major complaints but the list goes on.
  22. XFL 2

    You are forgetting one thing....the NFL is already damaged.
  23. I am not saying that Marvin doesn't deserve some credit for changes here but Duke Tobin deserves as much credit as Marvin does. And Marvin was barely a .500 coach until Zimmer turned the defense consistently around.
  24. I am thinking it is "saving face" move from Marvin. His contract was up and he did not get an extension......of course he is moving on. Lewis was either told he was not getting an extension or maybe he just realized it. Marvin announcing now makes it sound like it was his call and not Bengals front office.

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