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  1. Good analysis as usual. For me I am still wanting a hybrid LB at 33. But with the recent FA signings I really have not looked if the Bengals now have a Safety that could play that role. And of course there might not be a LB that fits that role left at 33. If there is a true Green replacement available at 33 I might have to think seriously at that move. If you take a true WR1 the question is would Green become trade bait? There is no reason to give Green a long term deal if you have his replacement in house.
  2. I hope the camera crew and production staff take up the slack and boo Roger.
  3. Good work. I do think there is a decent chance that LB's Simmons, Queen, Murray and Baun could all go in the 1st round. I really would like to see a Hybrid type LB or at least one with strong coverage skills at 33. If those first 4 are gone which LB would be the pick at 33? Gaither-Davis or Dugger are probably next best hybrid types. I know it might early at 33 but I do not think they will make it to 3rd round.
  4. The Bengals have had their fair share of redeemables over the years I pass on Gay.
  5. Whenever it is mentioned about Rapistburger in a video I am always thinking it will be the rumored Ben and Hiney Ward in the shower video.
  6. If NE would win a SB with Andy under center that would end the "Was it Brady or Was it Belichick" debate real quick.
  7. Yes they could. I would be happy to get 1 LB and 1 OL in FA and a LB at 33 and OL in 3rd. But it does look like they are trying.
  8. Talk about sad, found this on one of the local FB Garage Sale sites.....
  9. I am busy enjoying the retired life so I really am not missing any of it yet,
  10. I am sure if Tua WANTS to be seen throwing we will see videos popping up in April.
  11. Since 1998 when all the football gurus couldn't decide if Peyton Manning or Ryan Leaf was going to be the better NFL QB, I think 50% of the gurus don't know shit and the other half are just lucky guessers.
  12. I think if you ask Joe, he will tell you that his balls are bigger and he has no problem handling them........
  13. Yes, Chad was as important as anyone in helping the Bengal fans forget the Dead 1990's.
  14. Of course Joe saying he has leverage could just be a simple message to the Bengals.....let's see how the Brown Family Trust improves the roster these 2 months before the draft?
  15. It really doesn't matter now what the talking heads are saying in the media. No team is going to decide anything until April to see if Tua is healed up enough to throw the football before the draft and get a firmer progress status report for the fall.
  16. Tag and if he is healthy and still got it look at making a longer team deal.
  17. Actually, I am not sure of any west coast team in any sport that I can say I like. There are some that are just an after thought. Others I despise. But that is just me.
  18. I bet ole Carson didn't hate the Bengals too much while signing that $97 million extension.....
  19. I have never been that impressed with Tobin. Sure he gets some hits in the draft but you can throw darts at the board and get some hits to. I have not been that impressed with his total roster building. I know Tobin gets a lot of credit for the playoff years but looking back I still think the Bengals started improving when Zimmer came in and started declining after he left.
  20. I think sometimes Mike and family have the "hit a home run" syndrome or the "I am smarter than everyone else so I will reach for this player" thinking. That's how they end up with the Aliki Smith's, Oogie's and John Ross' of the draft. They need to keep it simple.
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