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  1. It is a little confusing. When I read the article it sounds like the $500 million was just for basic repairs and updates like plumbing, electrical and new seats. The package that includes all the extras are ideas that could be added but as yet have no price tag.
  2. Roger and NFL's biggest fear.....lenient sentence and then other Watson accuser's come forward?
  3. Do not disagree. The problem Roger has is this. Until the new CBA Roger was the judge, jury and executioner for everything. We all know the problems and issues the players had in what they considered was inconsistent punishment with that process. The third party advocate chosen by both sides was considered the solution. If Roger and the NFL appeal he becomes the jury and executioner again and the players will think there was no change in the process. If Roger does add games or a heavy fine against Watson then Watson can file a lawsuit against the NFL. The judge could hand down an injunction allowing Watson to play until he has his day in court which could be years down the road. Roger loses again.
  4. Correct. And that 3rd party was chosen by both the NFL and NFLPA.
  5. Mine did but I am in southern Indiana. Location.
  6. I understand how it works. I understand it is always a battle deciding who to keep and who to let walk because of money. But I am seeing salary cap projections of the cap being $300 million by 2026. That means 2023 salary cap $225 million, 2024 cap of $250 million and 2025 it will be $275 million. That is another $150 million they have to spend the next 3 years. Some are projecting more with all the online betting coming on. My point is paying Bates or any one else for that matter $15 million a year for next 3 years won't have much monetary influence on Joe and the others later on. Listen, I am not saying sign Bates. I am not saying he is worth his asking price or X amount of dollars. I actually was disappointed when his regular season play suffered and he whined about it being his contract status. All I am saying is if the Bengals do not think Bates is worth what he asking it is OK, just say it.
  7. Every year the Bengals get the same amount of salary cap money to build a roster as every other team. With a quickly escalating salary cap I am not sure how paying Bates another $2-3 million a year now is going to impact salaries 2-3-4 years down the road? Won't most of Bates salary already have been paid by then? Beginning to sound like the typical MB excuse to me.
  8. National favoribilty numbers for Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell and McCarthy have been in the 20's or low 30's for years. I have not seen national numbers for AOC or her Squad lately but are at least as low as other members of Congress. Biden and Trump are only 10 points higher. We live in a country where the audience cheered when the aliens destroyed the White House and US Capital in the 1996 movie Independence Day. I am afraid most people lost faith in the government solving their problems years ago and those bodies being paraded around would probably be carried by a good number of normal citizens and just not the so called rioters.
  9. I am sure the true story is Minkah sprained his wrist wacking off his teammates in the shower.
  10. My biggest fear is the dreaded Sophomore Slump. Chase is a true second year player and it will be Burrow's 2nd complete year. Remember the Bengals were a 10-7 team and were 5-4 after 9 games getting smoked by the Browns in game 9. There is going to be a lot more fresh tape on these players and also the team. Defensive plans against the Bengals will be different. How the Bengals respond is just as important as who they respond with.
  11. If the suspension is only a few games Watson might eat them just to move on, unless the NFLPA is serious about fighting it. If Watson does decide to fight it I would not be surprised if Watson sues the NFL for something or other and a judge issues an injunction that allows Watson to play while his case meanders years thru the court system.
  12. Roger made sure everyone knew the league was asking for a year suspension. They will claim it's not their fault that the female independent arbitrator gave Watson a light sentence.
  13. I wonder if the some of the other owners are putting pressure on Goodell to give Watson a long suspension? Not so much to punish Deshaun but to punish the Haslem's and the Browns. Many owners were pissed that the Browns opened the floodgates of fully guaranteed contracts. Watson might be the first but down the road are WR's, LT's, TE's and DE's going to want the same thing as QB's are getting? Remember the rule that all the guaranteed money goes to an escrow account at signing. How happy will be some of these owners to start tying up hundreds of million dollars into escrow accounts to maintain a roster?
  14. I want to believe the NFL really wants Watson to get a 1 year suspension. But Roger Goodell is such a slimeball he knows it won't happen but he can stand in front of the cameras and whine "we tried."
  15. The stupid Browns/Haslem's besides paying Watson his signing bonus this year also had to cut a check at signing for the remaining $184 million of his guaranteed salary to be held in an escrow account. After spending all that money plus lost draft picks they still do not have QB worth a shit.
  16. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/deshaun-watson-21753/ Watson's base salary is only $1.035 million this year which is all he can lose. That equals $55K per game of suspension. He gets to keep his $45 million signing bonus. Read the contract notes.
  17. So what was the deal with Ogunjobi? Did he not want to be a Bengal or did the Bengals not want him?
  18. The NFLPA has stated that they will vigorously defend Watson from a big suspension. Their reason is that owners are supposed to be held to a higher standard than players and no major punishment for Kraft, Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder and their escapades.
  19. You are correct about the NDA's. If IIRC back in October when there was scuttlebutt about Miami trying to make a trade Watson offered each plaintiff $100K. And at Miami's insistence aggressive NDA's were proposed. 18 of 22 accepted but the others did not like the NDA proposal and since it was an all or nothing deal it fell through. Now that extras have come forward the price might change some. But I still think time is on Deshaun's side.
  20. Maybe. I am not sure though. If he sits for a year why pay now? Or pay at all? The trial is not scheduled until March 2023 at the earliest. Will the plaintiffs stick together and be willing to wait or can the Watson lawyers start siphoning off plaintiffs with a payoff? I am no lawyer but I still think the lack of criminal charges helps Watson a lot more than the plaintiffs.
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