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  1. I am sure there have been some but how often has a Bengal been suspended by the team themselves in the last 10-15 years?
  2. The Brown family will keep sucking until 2026. The PBS lease will be up and Katie will be 61. She has 2 girls and the move forward will be up to them or Katie's younger brother Paul. If team values really jump after legalized football betting will they want to keep doing what they are doing as owners getting paid $millions in salary every year? Will they stay as just owners and hand off operations to real football people or will the girls say screw it and sell the team and become Cincy's version of the Kardashians?
  3. So let me see if I have this correct.....back in 2015 they didnt think Andrew Whitworth was worth a multiyear contract so the Bengals plan was to use their 1st and 2nd round picks on 2 tackles who sucked and are long gone and then make a deal with the Bills to drop 10 spots in the 1st round of the 2018 draft and take on Cordy Glenn and his nagging injuries plus his remaining $30 million salary and then use another 1st round pick for a tackle in 2019. My bad, I forgot the Bengals did get that 5th round comp pick for letting Whit walk in free agency. That Bengals FO is sure a smart bunch.......
  4. The LSU-Alabama game in November might be the decision maker between Joe and Tua.
  5. I don't know what happened but if I was a Bengal injured player I would always want a second opinion from a real medical doctor. Of course maybe they wanted Glenn to get a second opinion and he refused.
  6. Agree. He gets credit for constructing the roster for the consecutive playoff run but he has been here since 1999 and that is not much of a resume to me. I still believe Zimmer's defense was a major part of that playoff run as anything.
  7. I believe it was thru Duke's dad Bill. Bill was a long time NFL executive. He recommended Duke to Mike when Duke was wanting to break into the NFL.
  8. Over the years I have began thinking that he really is clueless. Everything he thinks he knows about football he learned before his Dad passed and modern Free Agency began.
  9. Bad thing it lets the Brown Family Trust continue to believe it's just bad luck and they do not have to do anything different with the team.
  10. I think the arrival of Mike Zimmer and his molding the Bengal's defense into his image was a major factor in those seasonal wins for those playoff years. Even though he left after 2013 I think his "presence" carried over a couple more years.
  11. I was thinking it was a really "Musty" day. Lil Paul and Troy were sitting several feet away from him.
  12. It is true about Whit. I wish he never left. Whit had studied OT's when he was around 30 and knew if he wanted to keep playing he needed a plan. He became a workout warrior in the off season including a dietary plan to control his weight, yoga, MMA, 2 rounds of golf many days, weight lifting and more. While many struggle with working out he made it fun with things like pushing his 900 lb golf cart up inclines with his 2 boys in the cart. But you know as well as I do that Whit is an exception. Certainly a mistake by the FO for letting him leave but an exception none the less. There are 1700 players on rosters, how many do you think are 30 and over? How many 35 and older? And I bet a lot of those 35 and older are QB's, Kickers and Punters? I certainly respect your opinion and I do not think you give Green, Dunlap, Geno, Gio and Dalton away for peanuts. I wasn't expecting much this year but to fix the roster the Bengals need picks either to trade for or draft with. Those picks have to come from somewhere.
  13. I understand your logic but I keep being drawn back to the fact that a lot of our best players are 30ish and on the back side of their career. What will their status be in another year or two waiting to add more talent to the roster?
  14. It's probably just my hopeful thinking but the Zac Taylor thing about not trading AJ sounded a little off to me. In the past didn't those statements come from Duke or more recently from Troy? It was almost like an incomplete sentence...."We are not trading that guy"....for anything less than a 1st round pick. Again I know its not a Bengals thing to trade like that but I am still holding out hope till the trade deadline.
  15. I am not sure if Zac Taylor even knows what the Bengals will or will not do.
  16. I always respect your opinion whether I agree or not. But damn LT, that took some real big balls to say that in public!!!!!
  17. I hate the 49's but I would trade AJ to them for a 1st or a 2nd + a mid rounder.
  18. Of course we could keep doing it the Bengals way and let them leave in FA and get a 5th round comp pick like they did Whitworth.
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