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  1. Old Days vs New Times = Before Free Agency/Salary Cap vs After Free Agency/Salary Cap
  2. Last I heard Mack was coaching high school baseball and football somewhere in Washington.
  3. I didn't even notice that till u mentioned it.....lol Now the question for all you posters.....did I vote up his post or did he?
  4. That very well could be......lol
  5. For the love of God I do not know how or why, but the official Browns fan club "Browns Backers Worldwide" is one of the largest organized fan bases in all of professional sports and maybe 1st in the NFL. They have over 100k members in 350 chapters in every big USA city and 10 different countries. That is a lot of misery spread around the world.
  6. Top 10 CB....Top 3 dumb ass. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
  7. HSH can post anything he wants anytime. The topic might not be fresh but the perspective always is!
  8. I have always valued your opinion as much as any one here, but if we disagree this time...its ok. But I have a question....if ML has Mike's ear as you say...then why do we have those questionable players now?
  9. When you make the break----make it clean and complete all the way.
  10. A preemie would seal the deal.
  11. And with Green, LaFell, Ross and decent young WR's plus Eifert and other TE's and don't forget RB's catching balls out of the backfield......and since they still play the game with one football.....another pass catcher just doesn't seem to be a big need especially one with a lot of baggage.
  12. If Mr. Bengal Homer Supreme will be finally running out of patience in another 2 years, I do not feel so bad about jumping off the Marvin Lewis bandwagon 7 years ago.
  13. Absolutely no doubt that he has great talent and physical ability. Maybe as much as anyone in the NFL. But the Titans after drafting him in the 2nd round traded him after 1 year for a backup lineman and then the Eagles released him a year later. He must be really lazy or just a basket case.
  14. There are a max of 32 head coach jobs available and several of those are locked up. It's hard to believe they couldn't find someone interested. If they can't then maybe the "why not" question is what we should be asking? According to the sports talking heads the Bengals have had one of the more complete rosters in the NFL the last few years. I would want to know why someone would not want the opportunity to coach them?
  15. I understand the "lame duck" coach in the college ranks. It's harder to land top recruits if they do not know who the head coach is since they are locked up. I just do not think that the same thing plays out the same way in the NFL. I do not believe that if AJ Green or Andy Dalton entered into an extension negotiation today that ML being a lame duck coach or not would even be discussed. Players are worried about their money, guarantees and years. Whitworth was a lame duck player for a couple of years and I didnt hear any outcry.
  16. I have never understood the NFL lame duck coach argument or concern.
  17. Anthony Munoz Jim Breech Pat McInally Elbert Woods Reggie Williams Ken Riley Issac Curtis
  18. Technically....if the Browns or any team score a field goal on the opening drive but the Bengals win...does that count as a "come from behind victory?"
  19. Nothing to worry about......he has Adam Jones in house to lead him down the righteous path.
  20. I thought about suggesting they put down Fred instead of dogs but i didnt want the kickers to intentionally miss.
  21. I have hope every year...it's faith I lack.
  22. Isn't he the guy that moved to Montana and became a Dental Floss tycoon?
  23. marvin is just upset because they do not hand out playoff game participation trophies.....
  24. Mike Brown said $0. Sorry, I couldn't resist!