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  1. My draft fear.

    My biggest fear is Mike Brown in the draft room.
  2. My draft fear.

    I guess Mike didnt learn much from his Dad. The very first Bengal pick that Paul Brown made was a center from Tennessee.
  3. Worked on my phone and now my desktop is working. I did try Go-Broncos......just in case.......
  4. Maybe it's just me, but hasn't Troy Blackburn become more of a Bengals spokesperson over the last year?
  5. They were told they were the 3rd or 4th best drafting team over the last 10-12 years. But can't win a playoff game?
  6. I was really hoping after last season to never have to read/hear any Marvin Lewis comments or quotes ever again.
  7. He probably meant the Vagina Hall of Fame.
  8. There were 12 other teams watching Johnny including the Patriots, Giants, Raiders and Panthers.
  9. Andy Dalton: "Nobody's perfect except Jesus"

    I thought Mike Brown was the Redeemer?
  10. I pretty much hate all west coast teams in every sport.
  11. Burfict in trouble again

    In this day of computing how hard is it for a doctor to look at a list of banned medications and not choose one on the list?
  12. Bengals Trade for Cordy Glenn!!!!

    If it was March 1 2017, last year and the Bills approached the Bengals and asked.... Will you trade your healthy, top 3 ranked LT Andrew Whitworth and move 9 spots lower in the 2018 draft and we will give you Cordy Glenn and a 5th round comp pick in return?....How many would make that trade? In effect that is what they did. At face value the Glenn trade looks good. They had nothing and had to get something. OK, I get that. But it's the Bengal's "strategic thought process" going back to last year that concerns me.
  13. Bengals Trade for Cordy Glenn!!!!

    What happens to their other star left tackle oogie boogie?

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