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  1. I don't know.....but how does a ref "talk to me disrespectfully?" Did he say "Unnecessary roughness on 55" instead of "I beg your pardon Mr Burfict, but according to rules of football I am required to call a penalty on you?"
  2. 2026

    The biggest relocation leverage that teams used against their cities was moving to LA. That leverage is now gone. With Oakland and San Diego balking financing new stadiums (at least stadiums the owners want) it seems public financing is harder to get. The Raiders paid $350 million to relocate. Kroenke paid the league $550 million to move the Rams. I believe that money is split between the owners. Does anyone believe that Mike Brown will pay $300 million+ to relocate? I can see the Brown Family Trust selling the team before moving the team.
  3. Marvin sort of thru Hill under the bus as he does when he is feeling the heat. JH probably knows he is gone at years end so why wait. Have the surgery now and be ready for his next team sooner.
  4. True. If polled I would guess a majority of NFL players today do not even know who Paul Brown was. I have heard tidbits over the last few years that a major complaint from other owners is that Mike Brown does nothing to help grow the brand but constantly gripes about wanting the other teams to share more of their money.
  5. Burfict.

    He knew......you are going to feel that your foot is not level and you are stepping on something.....and he didnt even turn around and look to see what it was....he knew.
  6. Burfict.

    It sure looks like that after taze stood up and started to pull up pacman he moved his right leg back and stepped on Schwenke's arm. I do not know if it's intentional but it doesn't look good.
  7. Rick is a paying customer of NFL Entertainment, Inc. He has every right to boycott their product for any reason he decides. It is his decision and his alone.
  8. Winston Signs with Fischer to IR

    Is Kent Perkins still on the roster? Why not give him a chance instead of Winston?
  9. AJ Green Should be Arrested?

    I am waiting for the news that Green is out Sunday due to hand injuries......
  10. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Just bring back Wyche, LeBeau, and Coslet....all problems solved. 1/2
  11. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Since HC would be a promotion can Pitt stop it?
  12. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Mike will tell him he is not getting resigned and Marvin will announce his retirement to save face.
  13. Remember people giving Whit crap cause he signed with the Rams? Smarter move that folks thought.
  14. Bengals and Browns tried...

    Mike hates the Browns but likes Hue Jackson. My guess it was a personal appeal from Hue directly to Mike. Hue is feeling the heat and likely thinks if he can win a couple of games it saves his job for another year. With all of the picks that Cleveland has next year in the draft and the likely #1 selection why would you trade for a still untested QB (regardless of how well some think of AJ) halfway thru an 0-8 season? Especially with a supposed deep QB draft class in 2018? What do you really hope to gain? Still sounds like a Hue panic move to me.
  15. Bengals and Browns tried...

    The really bad thing is that the person who made the decision to draft Aliki Smith is still running the Bengals today.

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