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  1. Baby Hawk Retirement

    Baby Hawk just finished his Masters in Sports Management from Columbia with a 4.0 GPA. I would guess he has a bright future somewhere in football.
  2. Marvin Theory

    A story was posted as another topic and here was what I thought was interesting... "Brown said he has a good relationship with Lewis and acknowledged that the one-year contract status will give him added pressure this season. He noted that it's not the first time Lewis had completed a contract with the Bengals. ''Sometimes it was an additional prod,'' Brown said. ''We all know how it went last year. We all wish it had gone better. So maybe we'll see a better year this year and things will sort out then.'' Lewis declined to say anything more than Brown did about his contract status." --- https://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/1338977-bengals-owner-defends-decision-to-keep-adam-jones If you add that blurb with the one Mikey saying it was his decision and his alone to keep Adam Jones after his latest arrest I am beginning to wonder if Marvin really has Mikey's ear as much as is thought around here. I am sure they have a good and amicable working relationship and Marvin might have a little more opinion in Bengal matters but it is still "i am the owner and your just the coach" relationship and will always be that way. The Brown family think of themselves as real football royalty along the lines of the Rooney's and Mara's. I am not sure the Brown's especially Mike would ever stoop low enough to become that close to just a coach like Marvin. Duke Tobin with his Dad and uncle being in the NFL a long time has a better chance to being closer to Mike Brown than Marvin will. Just my thoughts, I could be way off base.
  3. Pacman suspended

    I mostly agree with what you say. I have always felt that Hue had a little too much "legend in his own mind" attitude. Besides the 'creative genius' thing he had going on I thought there were times when he had a good game plan he would abandon it the first time it didn't work. I just felt he was worried about his rep but he really lacked confidence in his ability. If you check the written record that same thing was talked about in Oakland. As far as a replacement I am all for fresh ideas, thinking and attitude. Nothing against Marvin and Company but no holdovers... let the new guy in with his own staff and direction.
  4. MMQB All Time NFL Draft

    Yeah, maybe not...but it is true.....
  5. Pacman suspended

    We all should have learned one thing about this whole affair.....remember a few years ago when Mikey announced it was pretty much Katie's and Marvin's team now....that was horseshit. Mikey said that the Pacman decision was his and his alone. Mikey is never going to give up his power and the only time Marvin has his ear is when Mikey agrees with him.
  6. MMQB All Time NFL Draft

    It is hard to compare players from one era to another. There is no doubt the players from the early NFL days were a bunch of tough guys. But for most of the NFL it was a part time job trained and played during football season. Even up thru the 70's most players had real jobs during the off season. For the non-stars that was often a recruitment tool....the off-season job they were offered was why they came to town. Charlie Bednarik was one tough SOB. Who knows how good he would be if he trained under modern year round conditions. Focusing on one position he might be the greatest of all time. But to say someone like a JJ Watt or Von Miller wouldn't dominate back then is not true either. Most any modern player wouldn't have to run through those guys...they would just blow by them before they even got up out of their stance time after time.
  7. MMQB All Time NFL Draft

    Old Days vs New Times = Before Free Agency/Salary Cap vs After Free Agency/Salary Cap
  8. Last I heard Mack was coaching high school baseball and football somewhere in Washington.
  9. Josh Malone

    I didn't even notice that till u mentioned it.....lol Now the question for all you posters.....did I vote up his post or did he?
  10. Season Tickets

    That very well could be......lol
  11. Season Tickets

    For the love of God I do not know how or why, but the official Browns fan club "Browns Backers Worldwide" is one of the largest organized fan bases in all of professional sports and maybe 1st in the NFL. They have over 100k members in 350 chapters in every big USA city and 10 different countries. That is a lot of misery spread around the world.
  12. Pacman is a top 10 cb

    Top 10 CB....Top 3 dumb ass. Sent from my iPhone using Go-Bengals.com
  13. ESPN Sees Problem With The Bengals

    HSH can post anything he wants anytime. The topic might not be fresh but the perspective always is!
  14. I have always valued your opinion as much as any one here, but if we disagree this time...its ok. But I have a question....if ML has Mike's ear as you say...then why do we have those questionable players now?
  15. When you make the break----make it clean and complete all the way.