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  1. marvin is just upset because they do not hand out playoff game participation trophies.....
  2. Mike Brown said $0. Sorry, I couldn't resist!
  3. It's not always moral judgements....some of us just can't tolerate dumb asses like Adam.
  4. I am not a Peko fan.....but any NFL player in the twilight of his career would likely say anything to get a paycheck from a team. He would probably say the same thing if he had went to the Browns.
  5. I do not care how good or bad he is....player wise or person wise.....Pacman is a dumb ass. I do not like dumb asses playing on my favorite football team.
  6. Pacman was later seen leaving Paul Brown Stadium driving a gray Lumina.
  7. probably a police car.......
  8. They don't usually break but after a while they can stretch and eventually cause issues. But yes chains do usually last a very long time. The point i was trying to make is that usually if you have to take the timing cover off you are right there and check things out. Most auto jobs like that seem to be much more labor than parts.
  9. After Spygate and then Deflategate most of the other powerful owners hate Kraft and the Patriots. And Jerry Jones is one of those. If there was collusion on the part of the NFL then the Patriots would not be winning Super Bowls and Dallas would have played in at least one Super Bowl in the last 20 years. And if there was collusion wouldn't Mike Brown be part of that? If he is standing by and not saying anything isn't he just as guilty? Might have happened in the "old days" but now we live in the age where TV viewers are calling in penalties on golfers during tournaments. I am sure there are some football hating media types that would love to create a scandal about the NFL picking winners and losers if that was really going on.
  10. I am not a mechanic.....however if you have to remove the timing cover it might be worth it to replace the chain/belt while they are there. I do not think the parts are all that much and you wont have to pay labor again.
  11. IIRC, only 2 of that group were drafted in the 1st round and none were in the top 10. Just saying......
  12. 2 rules to always remember while we are here. 1 The NFL doesn't care what we think. 2 Mike Brown and the Brown Family Trust doesn't care what we think.
  13. the one thing to remember about the Browns......whoever they pick at QB will be fucking wrong.
  14. A person that spits when he talks like Pacman rarely has anyone standing in front of him.....just saying.