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  1. Be honest and truthful about the topic, do you really live underneath a bridge?
  2. I am 66.....my idea of a nooner is taking a nap and dreaming about knocking one off.....or maybe it is the tool sale at Lowe's....I can't remember.
  3. Zampese Out

    What I wonder is how could someone be on your staff for 12 frigging years and and you have not figured out that while he is a good asst coach he was not OC material. You hired Gruden and not him after Brat.....you put Hue there and not him after Gruden. So why did Marvin and Company think he was all of a sudden ready to be OC now?
  4. I think a poster earlier asked...."What is a NEAR MUTINY?" 1) Marvin Lewis realized the toilet paper had been removed from his bathroom? 2) Mike Brown went to leave PBS and found his Lumina on blocks with wheels and tires missing? 3) The Oline blocked Burfict from tackling Marvin Lewis and twisting his ankles until he fires Zampese? 4) Pacman Jones screaming and spitting ..."You disrespecting me, ho?...If you don't fire Zampese, you can suck my dick.
  5. Zampese Out

    Zampese = Marvin's scapegoat.
  6. Ross

    How many targets/receptions does the speedy, undefendable, 1st round pick John Ross have so far this year? He was highly touted by Marvin so I hope the Bengals coaching staff have used his exceptional receiving skills to their advantage.
  7. It was Andy's day to babysit Pacman.....
  8. You are right that Andy was having a very good year for him in 2015. But other than 2015 hasn't Andy's rating been less than 85 in 50% of his games? And under 75 in around 33% of his games. Andy seems to be a pretty good vs not so hot kind of QB. If Andy is hot for the right games then he is capable of winning a SB. But the odds are not in his favor.
  9. We're on to Houston.

    We can't forget that we do have Prime Time Andy as QB.
  10. Will we have Prime Time Andy against the Texans on Thursday night?
  11. The good sign out of today game is?

    I would not bet on that.....
  12. There used to be a poster that was run off the board because he always claimed that Dalton was just an 80's rated QB. Maybe he was correct all along. 1/2

    I thought all of Andy's weapons were supposed to be Bengal players?
  14. Cut/waived/signed

    I read a few years ago The Villages had one of the fastest growing rates of STD's in the USA. I have no idea if that was true or not.
  15. Death of the NFL

    In ten years it won't matter.....let me introduce the Cincinnati Robotic Bengals....or let me introduce the Cincinnati Virtual Reality Bengals.

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