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Avengers Endgame


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The only Avengers that lived at the end of Infinity War were as follows.


Iron Man

Captain America

War Machine 



Black Widow


Rocket Racoon




And while everyone thinks he's dead he's just stuck in the quantum realm so he's not, Ant Man


Captain Marvel was not in that movie so she didn't die.


Every other Avenger is dead.


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Saw it last night with my wife.  I am not a huge Marvel fan by any means, but we did enjoy it. 


Looking back I forgot got how many of the ‘22’ films were not great.  


Edit:  wife said her favorite avengers flick was Infinity War.  I think I need to see endgame a few more times (will wait for small screen though)

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I loved X-Men Apocalypse.  The scene where Quicksilver saves everyone while listening to Sweet Dreams is quite possibly my all time favorite scene from any movie.  The only competitor is the sword fight scene in Princess Bride.

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The Xmen movies have been ok, but I was not a fan of how they did Apocalypse at all, being a fan of the cartoon in the 90s it was really bad compared to how menacing he was in the cartoon. And I like Oscar Issac. 


Dark Phoenix looks like it has potential. 


Best Xmen movie by far and is easily in my top 5 Super Hero movies was Logan.

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