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What to do if impeached?

Catfish Bob

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I really do not follow politics much at all. 

Anyone care to explain in layman terms what happens if Trump is impeached?

Should I be considering making moves within my 401k? Such as moving funds out of stock funds and to a money market fund while waiting out the storm? 

I don't know chit really but I feel like if impeachment happens the stock market could react very negatively. 

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First thing that happens is Impeachment, this is what the House of Representatives decides, this is likely going to pass today.


Then the Senate holds a trial to see if they will remove him or not. This is unlikely to happen from what it sounds like. He should remain in office at least until it is decided in the election.


Independent of all that alot of Economists have been predicting a recession in the next year, but I am not an economist or an economic advisor so I would not pretend to give recommendations on what you should do with your money.



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First thing that happens, is gambling agencies will pay out for those who knew he couldn't make it 4 years without this happening.  


Next will come a kangaroo court in the Senate, where what is essentially the foreman of the jury has already declared he is not interested in seeing evidence or hearing testimony and already knows he will vote to not remove from office.


The end result of all this will ultimately be 2 things. One, to officially mark this presidency for its corruption, in a way that will really only matter for historians looking back; and two, to hasten the demise of our republic, when the re-election of an individual just convicted of corruption in that office officially confirms that the value of truth and character has fallen to 0.00.


The stock market has been outperforming actual metrics of our economy's performance for quite some time. It never hurts to follow some sound advice:


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