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  1. In fairness to them, several of the earlier playoff teams in that run were very limited teams which over-achieved to reach the playoffs, and one of them was so depleted by injuries that Rex Butthead started at WR. The 2015 team is obviously a different story even with Dalton's injury.
  2. The countdown to bankruptcy is now running
  3. [quote name='CTBengalsFan' date='29 March 2010 - 04:39 PM' timestamp='1269895144' post='873797'] BTW, Tory, is there a Kige Ramsey reaction to this? [/quote] Kige has not been seen or heard from since the game. This includes his normally-prolific facebook updates as well as the Kige Ramsey Show. Frankly, he's probably just sucking off Clay Travis trying to get a job in sports talk radio.
  4. [quote name='Bunghole' date='29 March 2010 - 02:29 PM' timestamp='1269887389' post='873757'] On the scoreboard, yes, WVU beat UK, and they were coached by Bob Huggins. My point, which is valid, is that UK beat themselves by the worst shooting effort by an Elite Eight team I have ever witnessed, and it actually had very little to do with Huggins, the defense, whatever. UK had open looks along the perimeter all day...they just wouldn't fall. Same goes for the charity stripe. I'm not bitter about it. Its just exactly how I see it. There's always next year. And unlike Bob or WVU, UK has actually won it all in recent memory. [/quote] They clearly shot poorly - but that doesn't mean they were a superior team which gave the game away. Their inexperience is just as important a defining characteristic of the team as their talent, which is why it is foolish to call their performance in that game an abberation. It is merely typical of an inexperienced team running into the first opponent capable of biting back, and is the reason I picked them to lose.
  5. [quote name='Bunghole' date='29 March 2010 - 12:46 PM' timestamp='1269881186' post='873718'] He's a great coach, but he didn't beat UK. UK beat UK. [/quote] A Bob Huggins team beat them convincingly. Elsewhere, a Bob Huggins-recruited team led by one of his disciples nearly made the final four as well. That's just the Power of Huggs. Anyway, few would argue that UK had the most raw talent and potential in their team. There's a reason this is nothing more than an academic point, though. They were not the best team, they lose, they get nothing, good day sir.
  6. Cronin will never have this kind of authoritative big-man voice: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKWb3qDWUlA[/media] Can you see Mick trying to do that? "Ummm, excuse me, pardon me, can I have your attention?" Shades of Sam Wyche.
  7. [quote name='JC' date='14 December 2009 - 01:36 AM' timestamp='1260769011' post='842192'] Did they get NIT tix last year too? [/quote] Well played.
  8. Huggins, on past heart attack: “I don’t think about it, because if you think about it, it has a tendency to bother you. Now, I’m going to tell you an interesting deal. When I was in the ambulance, the guy who was in there was Calipari’s cousin. John grew up in Coraopolis. It’s gospel truth. And his cousin was the guy in the ambulance. And there was a couple of things that went on. But basically what he said is we’re not going to let you die until John beats you at least once.”
  9. what the hell is this status thing

  10. [quote name='Bunghole' post='782988' date='Jun 30 2009, 07:24 PM']PLus you guys had Maxiell! Maxiell![/quote] Careful, man! A friend of mine once typed M's name 3 times; he appeared like Betelgeuse, swatted the shit outta him and then dunked on his wife. After he vanished they discovered his daughter was pregnant. Wasn't pretty.
  11. [quote name='#22' post='779223' date='May 28 2009, 03:55 PM']I guess that quote about inquisitive idiots in your sig has some new meaning now. :rofl: though if you think that UK didn't know the ins and outs of this investigation (which is 18 months in the works) before they hired Calipari. Why do you think the first 5 minutes of the presser when they hired the guy were about academic integrity and honesty?[/quote] From the Yahoo sports homepage: [quote]An NCAA spokesperson said the organization did not discuss John Calipari’s role in the ongoing investigation at Memphis with anyone at the University of Kentucky before the Wildcats hired Calipari earlier this spring.[/quote] [url="http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/news?slug=dw-kentucky052809&prov=yhoo&type=lgns"]http://rivals.yahoo.com/ncaa/basketball/ne...o&type=lgns[/url] [quote name='#22' post='779226' date='May 28 2009, 04:04 PM']By the way, can anyone find a sucessful modern college coach who hasn't been guilty by association with wrongdoing?[/quote] This is why college sports suck ass.
  12. [quote name='scharm' post='760610' date='Apr 2 2009, 12:13 PM']Despite what the NCAA says, UK didn't get a bye to the Championship that year.[/quote] UMASS and Calipari were stripped of all victories in that tournament and forced to repay all their earnings from it for breaking the rules. One doesn't get to take credit for honors which have been stripped away from him. This is like saying Floyd Landis is a Tour de France champion, because despite what the World Anti-Doping Agency says, he crossed the finish line first.
  13. [quote name='scharm' post='760361' date='Apr 1 2009, 05:15 PM']He is getting 2+ mil to lead the Vols. Yet Kentucky is paying too much for a coach that's gotten teams to [size=5][s]2[/s] 1 final four[/size], has had NBA teams come after him, and has proven he can get top players. Please.[/quote] A correction, for accuracy's sake. [quote name='Bengal Migration' post='760514' date='Apr 2 2009, 12:24 AM']If you play ball with Kige, be sure to post some pics [/quote] Ramsey is, at best, doubtful. All he offers to our repeated invitations is a cryptic "we'll see." Not surprising, since he's a busy man - running the YouTube Sports Studio ain't exactly child's play.
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