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  1. People seem to like Reagan, the last president we had who had dementia in office. Just have to be smart about it - like that whole Jelly Belly fixation. The signs that something wasn't right in that man's head were all there - a grown man obsessed with jelly beans, talking about that shit all the time..more than a little weird. But his handlers played it off as just an old man's eccentricity and it becomes part of the charm. Hell, play your cards right and you can use it to your advantage, like how claiming stupidity kept that old lying sack of shit Reagan out of jail for the Iran-Contra affair.
  2. A bold take from Matt Miller! Gutsy and insightful reporting. Meanwhile, the "Burrow Era" thread is on page 27...
  3. I agree, he does look like a boob in that pink shirt. She looks no different.
  4. Burrow can like coming here, or he can hate it. But they all come around once they get a taste of that sweet John Morrell money.
  5. I'm glad we didn't buy into the Joe Brady hype. Dude has 1 year of real work behind him, not even at a coordinator level. Who knows what his time as Assistant Pissant in the Saints organization actually means. We bought on the hype last year (Sean McVay hype anyway, ZT was never highly touted by anyone) and a year later it's all gone quiet, his team is a spent force which has completely mortgaged its foreseeable future, and here we are. This organization can only take so many boy geniuses.
  6. Smart lad. Well, not smart enough to have never played football in the first place, but at least ending it before more damage is done.
  7. Pay no attention to the garbage time offensive stats. He had nearly 60 attempts FFS. The Flaming Thumbtacks spent 1/4 of the game killing clock in a conservative scheme. Jackson was largely inaccurate, several of his passes were flapping through the air, barely spirals, looked terrible overall. Also, far too much praise going to Derrick Henry. The Tacks O-line is crushing it, last night Henry was routinely 5 or more yards downfield by the time he was first touched, running through huge holes. Perhaps it stands out more to us than to the announcers because we have gotten used to watching Mixon have to fight his way out of his own backfield behind our shit line, but for all the effusive praise for Henry, I still wouldn't take him in a straight-up trade for Joe.
  8. Who? Is this the same guy who used to sell little league baseball skills videos on TV?
  9. If Brady saw Mike Brown's name in his caller ID, he would probably physically destroy his cell phone.
  10. Ridiculous question. What Zac has actually shown is unquestionably inferior to what Marvin did. The team immediately took massive steps forward when Marvin took over. We regressed - or at best, stagnated - under Zac. I keep hearing about how 'the cupboard was bare' when Zac took over. Marvin inherited a 2-14 squad, added a couple cheap spare parts in the offseason and molded them into an 8-8 team contending for the playoffs into the final few weeks of December. Keep hearing about improvement. By November of Marvin's 1st year we were delivering signature wins against the 9-0 Chiefs. 2019? Sure, we progressed from turds to maggots. It is hard to not show improvement when you start 0-11. If you want to argue that it was time to part ways with Marvin - fine. I won't debate that. It's probably best summed up as an "It's just not going to happen" type situation, as they say. The ingenious foreplay, the extra lube, the dildo and vibrator, just not going to get it done tonight. Best to just go to bed. But even after a year, still the only thing Zac has going for him is 'potential.' That precious commodity of whistful gamblers, thinking of that magical 'upside,' what could be, even when the bank has foreclosed on your house. Sure, I guess Zac still has potential as an unproven and unknown quantity - like any of us. Put another way, this is the belief that Mike Brown has seen something in this lad that the rest of the league didn't notice. Doesn't sound so appealing anymore.
  11. So Burrow is worth an additional 4 points per game, and Young is worth 10 points per game, and you would take.. Burrow.
  12. Oh please. Not at all realistic. That is not how this organization is run. He'll come on as the VP of video analysis (but be the only person in his department).
  13. He is not ready for his close-up with the helmet off. His 'do needs a serious upgrade.
  14. Don't know where your numbers are from, they are incorrect. Perhaps you are counting the preseason...are you a Browns fan in disguise? Actual W-L-T record in Andy Dalton regular season starts: 70-61-2, even after this year's debacle. Including his 4 playoff losses: 70-65-2. Whether you or Mike Brown deem it acceptable or not, this is the best QB winning percent in Bengals franchise history. Perhaps it doesn't truly register as a 'good era' considering the playoff failures. I never said it was. But whatever it is, it is likely to be a long time until we see an era as good.
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