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  1. I know the mantra is that after so many years, it became clear Marvin would never get this team to the promised land... what should follow this statement is that no one else can do it either, with this front office. If given the opportunities - and some probably will come his way - I believe Marv will do it. I will be cheering him on. Regarding his playoff performances.. I don't put as much stock in the raw number of 7 losses since I was following the team and paying attention to the context of those games. Also because I remember the pre-Marv days when you were cautiously optimistic that maybe this year, the team will be below average but not a total laughingstock. About half of the playoff squads were mediocre talent-wise and it was an achievement to reach the playoffs with them. Were any of you people fans in 2009? I remember that season for the way Marv and the staff took an average squad and totally changed the personality of the team (dominant defense with game-managing rushing offense) by adapting to the strengths and weaknesses of what they had. Hard to imagine that kind of flexibility these days. Other teams were also unripe, talent wise, and did well to just make it. The early years of Dalton and Green, for example. The 2005 game was contested with small-hands Kitna unexpectedly thrown into the fire from the 3rd play. The 2014 team...by season's end, so bombed out and depleted that a RB started as a slot receiver. 2015 had a backup QB as well, the Ryan Finley of his day. 2015, the game which scarred us all - certainly Marvin's best team and a game we should have won, even with McCarron. Of course the buck always stops with the head coach and Marvin takes the L. But even if you are a firm believer in the coach's ability to conjure up 'mentality' or 'the steeler way' or whatever you want to call it, the players must execute. I don't know how much you can honestly say Marvin is at fault for Jeremy Hill fumbling the ball while burning clock with the game in hand. Maybe you think Marvin should have 'instilled a winning attitude in him' or some BS. For my money, the worst news of the season was Marvin selling his Cincy home. I guess I was secretly hoping somehow he would be back. Marvin was able to cover many of the shortcomings of the front office and paper over the cracks, but without him the Mike Brown Bengals have returned to their true and natural state. Welcome to the 90s all over again. It took MB well over a decade to find a single head coach who wasn't utter garbage - he has accomplished this feat only once in his life - and I guarantee you that he and his stooges haven't gotten any better at their jobs since then.
  2. A big part of the problem with Taylor is that he wasn't able to bring in good assistants. I'm not sure he would even be able to recruit a better staff if he tried. Why would anyone work for him if they had a better option? Dude has no reputation, no track record, and is far less-experienced than many/most of the candidates. How would he help you advance? It only exaggerates the situation that the novice executive has surrounded himself with a crappy 'cabinet.' Reminds one of national politics. Marvin had a nice track record of advancement of his assistants, and also had a great resume going before he was even made HC. Hence why we had several coordinators (including Hue, but most notably Zimmer) who were well-known and already in consideration of being head coaches elsewhere. When Hue walked into the building, he just made this sound - kinda went 'hee heee!' - and MB and all the front office staff in the building started going 'hee heeeee!' - and here they go.
  3. Incidents like this cause one to pause and reflect. What is the most you have had to do to make a Steeler listen?
  4. Mike Brown has spent the majority of his career asleep, what makes you think he would want someone who is woke?
  5. 6-10, 7-9, 7-9, 11-5, 5-11. Yes he learned and improved with time. But my point would be, even in his first season, he wasn't close to looking as incompetent as Taylor.
  6. The argument would be that a single season isn't a fair reflection of his potential - that he needs time to gather the personnel which suit his gameplan - and that a never-ending coaching carousel (e.g. Stains) is self-perpetuating for that reason. Here's my question though - in the history of the NFL, has any coach who started so poorly ever 'come good' and amounted to anything when given more time or multiple chances? None come to mind. What does come to mind is Hue Jackson being given a 2nd season after his 0-fer. Look at Marvin, for example. Yes, after 16 years or whatever we all know his faults. But when he took over, it took less than a season to turn around what was a total laughingstock and show he was a different class from any of the clowns that preceded him - an immediate impact.
  7. That would be fine with me. No one really knows which player would be best choice - I certainly don't. What I do know is that given the opportunity to get a big decision wrong, the Bengals front office will usually do it. I feel more confident in success if another team picking before us takes the decision out of the Bengals hands.
  8. I'm hoping we draft 2nd: 1. Takes away the ignominy of being the worst team in the league - a distinction we have avoided for 17 years. 2. I don't really care if we end up with the best player overall (consensus seems to be Chase Young) or the best QB, and frankly I would take solace in knowing that a team picking ahead of us would take that decision out of the incompetent hands of the Bengals braintrust, who would probably get it wrong if they had to choose.
  9. Also has a cute little tush: But would the team respect him after catching a glimpse of a little sliver of that booty?
  10. Who are these people out there who will trade anything of value for Andy Dalton? People keep saying this and I don't get it. Hue Jackson no longer has a team.
  11. This. Any new QB is going to look shite playing behind this line, with bad protection and no run game. O-line and QB are priorities 1a and 1b for me. I'm afraid whomever we draft will end up with the Tim Couch or David Carr effect, their development stunted permanently by the trauma of it all. Don't want to end up in an endless loop like one of those teams that drafts their new franchise QB every few years but never seem to find a good one, partly because they keep spending picks on QBs instead of a quality line. I personally wouldn't mind if we draft QB this year, let him learn for a year while Dalton takes the abuse, and we have another year and another draft to un-fuck the OL. I know Dalton will just kill our otherwise great chances of getting that super bowl ring next year, but I think it's worth it.
  12. I'm pretty sure when someone told Mike Brown he could have Sample, he thought he was just trying him out and wouldn't have to buy if he didn't like it
  13. In fairness to them, several of the earlier playoff teams in that run were very limited teams which over-achieved to reach the playoffs, and one of them was so depleted by injuries that Rex Butthead started at WR. The 2015 team is obviously a different story even with Dalton's injury.
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