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MLB to change the playoff structure?

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MLB is considering a move in which each league would have three division winners and four wild-card teams making the postseason starting in 2022, sources said. The best team in the league would receive a bye into the division series. The two remaining division winners and the wild-card team with the best record of the four would each host all games of a best-of-three series in the opening round.

The potential changes were first reported by the New York Post.

Once the teams clinch and the regular season ends, the plan gets congested:

  • The division winner with the second-best record would select its wild-card opponent from the three wild-card winners not hosting a series.

  • The division winner with the worst record would then choose its opponent from the remaining two wild-card teams.

  • The final matchup would pit the wild-card winner with the best record against the wild-card team not yet chosen.

All of the selections, sources said, would be unveiled live on television the Sunday night of the final regular-season games.

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Fuck that.  That means slightly fewer than ONE-HALF (7) of the teams in each league (15) make the post-season.  


Time to fix this shit.


Get rid of the Central Divisions and distribute everybody back to the East and West

Contract Tampa and Arizona

Swap Milwakuee (to the AL) and Houston (to the NL), where they belong

End Interleague Play

Get rid of the Designated Hitter

Make them throw 4 pitches to intentionally walk a batter

Put Pete in Cooperstown


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I agree with part of your list. 


I like interleague play, because it forces teams to visit every stadium every few years (like the NFL does).  

DUMP THE DH!  I will never forget seeing this in person, which adds to the evidence:



Pete should be in Cooperstown.  


Not sure Arizona should be contracted, but Tampa should move.  I've been to that stadium.  It was odd being in Fla in the middle of summer and not needing shades to watch a game in the middle of the day.  One upside to that stadium, a ton of parking.  

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