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Return to school this fall

Montana Bengal

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Where I'm at there are two school school districts.  Usually they aren't that far apart in terms of policy.  My daughte'rs school had voted to do blended.  1/2 students would attend 2 days a week and the other would attend two other days.  Gaps would be online.  A couple of days ago they reversed course and are planning on operating as full time in school or full time online.  One of the big concerns was 'childcare' for many parents.  I've got all kinds of feelings about this.   We have elected online for my daughter. 


The other school district votes on Friday and their superintendent is recommending blended.


The wife and I both work at the University.  The plan their is blended (small classes in medium classrooms, medium in large, and large are online).  They are trying to make sure everyone has the opportunity to have a face-to-face class.  Masks were not going to be required....but not they are.  Testing for students was not required, but it sounds like that may happen (Not super clear when that is happening).  The school is mandating that everyone have plan to return to work on campus.  Many have returned w/ some safety measures implemented.  I'm unsure how this is going to play out for our family at this point.

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