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Off to get lasik Thursday.


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Finally biting the bullet. Going for lasik tomorrow (Thursday). 

95% excited and 5% worried for recovery. 

my sister had it done and had bad eye pain for about two days. 

they have been saying to me it’s like some itching or burning for a day maybe. 

so we shall see. 

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Procedure is cake. So fast and easy. 

the following 90 minutes is light burning. Like lint is in your eye or sweat. And you can’t touch them


then the next four hours are basically trying to decide if they still burn or not. 

adter that I can mostly see. Little milky still. But burning is all gone. 

follow up with doc tomorrow. 

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lasik is amazing. everyone should get lasik.


Be sure you are always getting the latest technology however, the price is a big higher but its worth it.


I went in at 3pm thursday.


Cleaned my eyes at 3:05, calming drug and numbing drops at 3:10, one last checkup then into laser room at 3:15


roll me under, suction cup the eye to hold firm (this is the worst part, it doesnt hurt but it feels quite unnnatural.


There are several lights, guides, focual point, and the laser. its like a crappy light show, and they play funk music, which is amazing.


i could tell from watching vides what weas going down, laser peforated a U shape, doc lifted flap, laser altered cornea in about 6-7 seconds, flap down, smooth it into place. lots of drops in eye.. suction off.. close eye...


Move to other eye and repeat..


sat me up, inspected eyes in chinrest thing... sent me to recovery chairs room.


checked on me 5 minutes later... sent me ass home.. walked out of the building about 3:40


the following 90 minutes was shitty, felt like tons of lint in your eyes that youre not allowed to rub, constant watering, so so frustrating...


that subsides.. dose off and on for next 4 hrs.. eyes feel tired tear ducsts feel exhausted.. so go to bed atound 9pm.


antibiotic drops and artificial tear drops.. woke up next day with what looked like and left like a bukake was run on my eyes all night... 


warm cloth gelty cleand up without rubbing eyes..


drove myself to check up friday..


could see great..  less than 24 hrs later i was 15/20 in right eye, 20/20 in left eye.


today hit 48 hrs after procedure. 


can see fantstic.. still doing drops through tomorrow, then just no rubbing and artificial tears after that..


my contacts were -2.75, worn contacts since i was 13-ish. 26 yrs later i can see perfectly..

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On 10/31/2020 at 4:19 PM, Shebengal said:

I asked my optometrist about it some years ago and he said at my age I would still probably need reading glasses so I figured what’s the point.


yea i will need reading glasses at some point as well. but even then not dealing with glasses 24/7 is fantastic. i just wore contacts forever, but its so dry in colorado contacts kind of suck too. 


hopefully i can keep the need for reading glasses at bay for a while.

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as of last week my eyes had adjusted to 15/20 in both eyes. dry eyeness has mostly subsided, i use drops maybe 3-4 times a day. 


only side effect still lingering is starred lights at night, driving in the dark all lights are starred out a bit... they said that one can last a month or two typically.

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