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  1. I said that at the beginning of the year. And I picked them to win, too.
  2. The solution for the Browns is to not play on Sunday. They haven’t won a game on Sunday since 2015.
  3. My husband and son were debating last night whether the Browns always shot off fireworks after a touchdown. My husband was saying no, my son was saying yes. This went on for about 5 minutes and I was dying to say "Yes, it's just that you don't hear them because the Browns don't score very often." Finally my son said it.
  4. But his driver is going to jail for like 26 years in an unrelated incident.
  5. Shebengal

    You heard it here first

    Nope, not my hubby. He and my son were ensconced in our living room last night.
  6. Shebengal

    Injury updates

    That worries me, too, especially with our crack medical staff. (Or as I call the, our medical staff on crack.)
  7. Tell that to Cleveland and Minnesota.
  8. In the meantime, Browns fans were trolling @Zanegonzo36, thinking it was Zane Gonzalez' Twitter handle. Turns out it belongs to a college baseball coach named Zane Gonzalez.
  9. Oh, that just breaks my heart. Boo freaking hoo!
  10. Cleveland scored a TD with like 40 seconds left and tied the game and the kicker missed his 2nd extra point of the day. NO drove down, got a FG with like 20 seconds left, Cleveland drove down and kicker missed a 54 yard FG (his 2nd missed FG of the day also).
  11. My husband and son are not happy about this.
  12. The Ravens now have more losses than the Browns. Think about that.
  13. Ankle injury. Return is questionable.
  14. Shebengal

    Chat Link

    I have to watch the game on my phone so I may be in and out of chat.

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