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  1. Speaking of, I’m hearing that he didn’t shake Joe Burrow’s hand after the game?
  2. I’m excited for this team in a way that I was never excited for the Dalton or Palmer teams. The camaraderie with this team is real and special, and you can tell that they’ve bought into the message of unselfish teamwork. This team is just fun to watch on both sides of the ball. Confession: I picked Baltiwhore in my weekly picks game. If I don’t win the week, so be it. I can live with it.
  3. We had one false start late with the backups but agreed. No Sewer Brewer this week.
  4. He said he didn’t mean to say that Burrow wasn’t impressive because he is.
  5. James Brown must have gotten roasted on social media. He just walked back his earlier comment about Joe Burrow.
  6. I almost hope not because we have sucked in the past against rookie QBs. Plus, IIRC, their one win is against the Titans.
  7. Also contain Mark Andrews, but we all know how badly we contain TEs. Latavius Murray is out.
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