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  1. I would dispute the Chevette. I had a 1981 Chevette bare bones, manual transmission and I loved that car. Bought it in 1989 for $750.00, drove it for almost 7 years, and the only reason we got rid of it was because we had a baby on the way. Also, it didn't start so we pushed it to the car lot that we bought our sensible sedan from and they gave me $200 trade in, put a new started in it and sold it for $600.00. That car went everywhere in snow. I think the 1974-1976 Mustangs should be on this list. My 1976 Mustang was one of the worst cars I have ever driven. I agree wit
  2. There is a state representative who wants to institute an Ohio license plate for Alabama fans. He is doing this in tribute to his father, who played for Bear Bryant. Talk about a vanity project. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/politics/2021/04/14/ohio-lawmaker-pitches-university-alabama-license-plate-buckeye-state/7193895002/ No. Just no.
  3. Brannen is out. https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/cincinnati-fires-brannen-following-investigation-231012275.html
  4. Me, too. I always liked the kid and I hate to see him go, but if he asked for his release, then I'm glad the Bengals did right by him. I just hope he doesn't wind up somewhere in the AFCN.
  5. I would say that electing not to play due to the pandemic and not hurting their stock for the draft is totally different than not playing due to a torn ACL and not expecting that to hurt your stock in the draft.
  6. Agreed, even though I know we have more money tied up in this position than most teams.
  7. Hubby's comment when he told me this: "Good luck learning how to spell Ogunjobi." I told him I learned how to spell Houshmandzadeh, I can learn Ogunjobi. Besides, he's the one with spelling issues.
  8. Not at all, friend. I laugh at the situation frequently myself and have for years. It’s all good .
  9. Can’t say as I’m overwhelmed by this signing, unless it’s for depth.
  10. And my hubby is NOT happy about it. He wanted him in Cleveland. So for me-win/ win.
  11. Only 3.5 million is guaranteed. $100,000 per game that he plays. 8 million in incentives for making the playoffs, Pro Bowl, All Pro, MVP or Super Bowl MVP.
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