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  1. Shebengal

    2019 Mandatory Mini-Camp

    Oh no, not the dreaded bone bruise. In the past, hasn't that been coach speak for "None of your business"?
  2. If he does, that means he’s doing better. I will not have an issue with that.
  3. A lot of the balls landed in the stands.
  4. Maybe one of these guys can play QB. This is Bubba Wallace and Corey LaJoie of NASCAR tossing a football with fans during a rain delay today.
  5. I can get Skyline in Columbus and yet when I go to Cincinnati I make sure I make a stop at Gold Star.
  6. But so are the Browns according to this, and this is with OBJ not even participating in minicamp.
  7. When they signed OBJ, my first thought was that the 2 egomaniacs would try to outmuscle each other for alpha male status.
  8. Oh, ye of little faith.
  9. Boy, Buffalo is having as much bad luck with TEs as we are. They cut Fisher and now Kroft gets injured. Wonder if they will bring Fisher back?
  10. And Cleveland could claim them, for that matter, since they were originally the Cleveland Rams back in the 40's.
  11. And Red Sox fans used to cry and whine before they won the World Series in 2004. Boo freakin’ hoo.
  12. And right now they have a D-Day exhibit. It is definitely cool.
  13. Or we could have gotten Steven Jackson instead of Chris Perry. My big risk/reward letdown is Ki-Jana Carter. He was Mr. Glass before Chris Perry. Not only was I at the draft when they moved up to pick him, I was also at the first game in 1998 when he broke his wrist against the Titans.

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