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  1. Funny, I remember listening to that press conference in my car and thinking "WTF? We're keeping him?"
  2. What happened to Mayfield? I didn’t get to watch that game. Also, I will be making my annual sojourn up there next week with hubby and the young man.
  3. FWIW-This is the first victory by a team with a cat as a mascot since the black cat ran on the field during the Giants game. Glad to see them win, even if it does screw up my weekly picks at work.
  4. DJ got told the same thing, but OSU didn’t have his major in undergrad and he had smaller schools with the program he wanted in undergrad and they offered him nice scholarships to go to their schools so that’s how he wound up at ODU.
  5. And also reservoirs for the kids who can’t get onto main campus their freshman year. It’s a lot tougher to get into OSU main campus your freshman year than it used to be. That’s one of the reasons my son didn’t go there (even though hubby and I are both alumni) and we live 2 miles from the Horseshoe. On game day, you can hear the 3rd down bell on my front porch, and around 10:00 am on game day, we see the police escort with the opposing team buses heading down High St.
  6. But right now, a kiddie nerd show may be more entertaining. At least it’s something different than another, “Mike Brown sucks, Andy Dalton sucks” thread, right?
  7. I will be watching it at the Bengals bar, which is also a Browns Backers bar, owned by a Stealers fan. I the Browns-Stealers game and the people watching is going to be more entertaining than our game. Looking forward to it.
  8. We watch it pretty much every week because it comes right after NBR and we usually just leave the channel on, and I’ve noticed that on tough math questions, Art, and classical music, they’re right on it, but when it comes to pop culture or sports, they are usually clueless.
  9. “In The Know” is a weekly high school quiz show here in Columbus. So we’re watching it last night and the question came up, “Name the NFL team that plays in a stadium named for the team owner, Paul Brown Stadium.” After one of the students incorrectly answered, “The Cleveland Browns” and the other 7 allegedly smart students couldn’t answer it, the host says, “We’ll, they’re almost a team. The answer is the Cincinnati Bengals.”
  10. Along with a rookie RB and a rookie WR. Rookies always kill us.
  11. And the reason I told my friend who runs our picks game at work that I was picking Pittspuke because if their ability to get turnovers.
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