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  1. He showed some promise last night, especially in the last drive. But Uzomah being gone is going to be a bigger loss than some people may think, especially since Burrow likes to throw to the TE.
  2. And just to define what I was dealing with, since we don’t have NFL Network, I had to watch the game on my phone but listen to the Browns broadcast and it was 1-2 plays ahead of the stream, so even though I had headphones in, I still could hear the Browns broadcasters. And, yes, I was stingy and wouldn’t share my phone with my hubby.
  3. But he wasn’t even at the game for the first time since 1991 when he missed a preseason game 2 days before Paul Brown died.
  4. Burrow’s stats: 37 for 61, 316 yards, 3 TD’s, 0 INT, 90.6 QBR. Baker Mayfield: 16 for 23, 219 yards, 2 TDS, 1 INT, 110.6 QBR.
  5. And there, folks, is the difference in the game. Right now all the squawking heads are talking about how great Baker Mayfield played, but once the stats come out, (and I tried to find them), I think you’re going to see that Burrow’s stats will be better, in spite of the poor protection. Yes, the fumble was bad, but it was Myles freakin’ Garrett who forced it. Our run defense is putrid again.
  6. I would add Jessie Bates. I heard at least 3 times during the broadcast, “Missed tackle by Bates”.
  7. Baker Mayfield’s rating the 1st half-156.0. ! Where is our defense?!
  8. For some reason I can’t connect. I was going to pop in during halftime and say
  9. https://www.cleveland.com/sports/2020/09/clevelands-baker-mayfield-vs-cincinnatis-joe-burrow-in-battle-of-ohio-crowquill.html A little amusement from the Plain Dealer.
  10. Paul Dehner on the Seibert signing: “You don’t live in Cleveland, you live in Cincinnati (at least temporarily.)
  11. Dude missed a FG and an extra point on Sunday. There was a reason he was cut.
  12. Because they didn’t show the game in our area. (We were Browned out) and I don’t have NFL ticket and my hubby won’t let me watch it on our outdated computer so the phone it is.
  13. The good: Joe Burrow showed that the game wasn’t too big for him. No OTAs, minicamp or preseason games, having to face Joey Bosa and a top 10 ranked defense from last season, and he held his own. The shovel pass made me flashback to Dalton, but the composure he showed on the last drive impressed me and showed why he was the #1 pick. Defense-Yes, they played well, but come on, it was Tyrod Taylor and they still gave up over 150 yards in rushing. The tackling has improved and I don’t think there was a lot of YAC. Also, stopping them on 4th and short twice was huge. The return game was good and part of the reason our average starting position was so much better than LA’s. It looks like they are picking up where they left off last season. Kevin Huber punted well. The bad: Bobby Hart needs to go. Fat Randy’s last kick. There is no excuse for cramping up if you’re standing on the sidelines. But he did make a 50 yarder earlier in the game. The ugly: The OPI call at the end of the game. That was ridiculous. Mixon’s fumble. What bad timing! Burrow’s shovel pass. Should have never been thrown. However, I’m going to chalk that up to his eagerness to make something happen. He will learn from it. All in all, I was encouraged by what I saw. The team just needs to get to the point where a ticky-tack call doesn’t determine the game.
  14. Normally, I would have been at the Bengals bar because they didn’t show the game here. But since I live with an extremely COVID 19 phobic hubby, no bars for me for now.
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