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  1. https://detroitsportsnation.com/report-former-nfl-running-back-cedric-benson-killed-accident/ddrysdale/general/08/18/2019/207708/ RIP. 😱😥
  2. I have to say, the defense looked much better tonight than last week.
  3. There should never have been any doubt.
  4. Nice run back but 2 Washington players took out 2 of their fellow tacklers. 😂
  5. Maybe another 6th round draft pick.
  6. Same here. Hubby and the young man are still in Tribe mode. They went to the All Star game last month. DJ is also rooting for the Reds this year because he has a bet with hubby on the Reds’ record.
  7. Is anyone listening to Lapham? I just saw something on Paul Dehner’s Twitter that said that Lapham said that Westerman was contemplating retiring.
  8. Speaking of the Browns, I was sitting outside their training camp on Monday waiting for hubby dearest and the young man, and judging by the t-shirts, their new motto is “Earn your stripes.” 😂
  9. I was glad to see the Bengals try to go for a score with 58 seconds left in the first half. There was actually some decent clock management. Also, Taylor did not look happy on the sidelines early in the game.
  10. I see some things haven’t changed . Still can’t tackle. 😡🙁🤬👎
  11. Maybe he’s not a good “Practice player.” That would have put him in Marvin’s doghouse.

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