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  1. Has there been anything mentioned about whether once training camp opens if fans will be allowed to attend?
  2. I threw up a little in my mouth reading that. What a load of BS!
  3. At that price, I would want to be a little further from the neighbors. Those houses look as close as they are in my 100 year old plus neighborhood.
  4. Al Bundy ran for 4 touchdowns, not threw them.
  5. Careful what you wish for. The last time the Bengals opened at home, Dalton threw 4 INTs against Baltimore;
  6. True. I wish him well.
  7. My sister is quoted in the article at the bottom of the page. She knew the writer of the article.
  8. Holy crap! That is cheap!! For that, I could fly to Denver to see my friend. That is, if I were so inclined right now.
  9. We will get the obligatory prime time game against the Squeelers and the obligatory Thursday night game that everyone gets.
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