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  1. I had a boss who owned a Porsche. He slid off the highway on an icy day on his way to work (this was before everyone and their brother had a cell phone) and a woman driving what he described as a "piece of crap gray car" and then looked right at me and said, "Kind of looked like your car, come to think of it." (At the time, I was driving an 11 year old Cavalier). Anyway, this woman was kind enough to go and call a tow truck for him. I told him that me and my "piece of crap gray car" made it to work on time that day. LOL!!
  2. They’re saying it was a back issue and not a concussion.
  3. None of the playoff teams from the AFC last year are undefeated. Four of the teams (including us) are 1-2. Raiders are winless.
  4. Nope. Kick the FG so they have to score 3 TDs and make 3 XPs.
  5. Clowns-Squeelers- Who’s everyone rooting for tonight? I’m rooting for the Clowns.
  6. Who would want it right now??? LOL!!
  7. As much as we want to blame the OL for all of the sacks (with good reason when you don't block Micah Parsons), I can't help but think that some of those sacks are on Burrow. God bless him, he's always trying to make something happen and I admire that, but he needs to learn to throw the ball away. Also, how many times do we see him sitting on the bench with a blank look on his face instead of looking at pictures or reviewing what the defense is doing?
  8. Cleveland's secondary is bad, but the way we are playing, I would say that we need to worry about every team, including the Jets.
  9. Irony of ironies, Romo was saying on the broadcast yesterday that Micah Parsons give La'el Collins a lot of credit for helping him become the player he is when they were both in Dallas by helping him with technique, etc. I would have thought that Collins would have a better read on Parsons since he practiced against him all of last year. Guess not. It was mind boggling how many times Parsons had a free pass to the QB. How do you not block last year's rookie Defensive Player of the Year???
  10. I know. I can’t take any more games like this, either.
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