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  1. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/high-school/ohio-high-school/2019/04/24/mount-healthys-david-montgomery-leaves-iowa-state-early-nfl-draft/3538547002/
  2. Shebengal

    Hey Central Ohio folks

    I would think so, too.
  3. Shebengal

    Trade with Pitt?

    What they both said.
  4. Shebengal

    Hey Central Ohio folks

    At one time, the NFL league offices were in Downtown Columbus at the corner of Broad and High. You're welcome. BTW-there's a wide receiver from ODU that may be drafted or signed as a FA. His agent was able to get him into OSU's Pro Day. http://www.draftscout.com/dsprofile.php?PlayerId=1020701&DraftYear=2019 https://www.timesreporter.com/sports/20190320/contini-shows-stuff-at-osu-pro-day He holds the ODU for most receiving TDs with 38. But if he doesn't get drafted, he'll be OK. He has a 3.9 in accounting and is heading to law school.
  5. In conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the NFL, they will be broadcasting 3rd day picks from all of the original NFL cities, including Columbus. They’re doing it from the Ohio History Connection by the fairgrounds on Saturday and they’re also offering a free kids football clinic. There’s currently an exhibit there on Ohio’s sports history also. I wish I could go, but I’m doing something even nerdier that day. https://www.columbussports.org/event/nfl-original-towns-draft-day/62958/
  6. How in the hell do the Super Bowl teams wind up with the 2nd weakest schedule? Are their divisions that bad that they pull down the percentage??
  7. I think the last week of the season, every team plays a division opponent. Also, I don't think the last 2 weeks, games get flexed. If it affects the playoffs, it might get moved to 4:25 with any other game that would affect the playoffs so that a team doesn't know its fate prior to playing. They've done that before.
  8. They do talk about Dalton a little bit and they do spend 3 pages on the last Ravens-Bengals game in 2017. (The Dalton to Boyd TD at the end of the game to knock the Ravens out of the playoffs game.)
  9. I just finished reading this book. I really enjoyed it. It basically dissected the whole 2017 season for Alex Smith, Joe Flacco, Andrew Luck, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Doug Williams (who is the Player Personnel director for the Redskins.) It also told their life stories and backgrounds on their careers. It really provided an in depth look at what it takes to play the position. One of the reasons I liked it so much is because they didn't pick the usual stars (Brady, Worthlessburger, Brees, etc.) to focus on but picked other productive QBs to profile. It also had some interesting facts, like for example, Alex Smith almost went to Harvard but opted for Utah instead so he could play in a bowl game. (The Ivy League back then didn't allow teams to participate in a bowl game.) had he chosen Harvard, he would have been Ryan Fitzpatrick's teammate. That would have been interesting. Anyway, if you need a good read, this was.
  10. "Forrest Gregg, the former Packer, whom Lombardi called his best." RIP.
  11. We took my son on that train ride many moons ago and it was quite pleasant. It's SE of Cleveland. And SF2-don't be picking on Parma. My hubby is from the home of pink flamingos and white socks.
  12. Boo frickin' hoo!!
  13. New entrances, new lighting, sounds like Zac Taylor wants to be an interior designer.
  14. He cost my husband $500. 🤬😡😢

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