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  1. A good breakdown of the 2014 and 2105 draft classes: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2019/03/18/walkthru-rip-2014-15-cincinnati-bengals-draft-classes-free-agency-nfl/3198915002/
  2. Doesn’t bother me in the least. I just scroll right by.
  3. I guessed Westerman but missed Fedjelem. My other guess was Malik Jefferson. Speaking of Jefferson, I know he was in Marvin's doghouse and hasn't played a lot, but how come he's not in any of the LB conversations? We have him-why not throw him out there and see if he can play? He HAS to be better than Hardy Nickerson, Jr. If he's so bad that he can't get on the field with our pathetic LB corps, then get rid of him.
  4. Kind of sick but I laughed at it.
  5. Shebengal

    2019 Free Agency

    I loved the Dennard pick when it happened but injuries slowed his development originally and he never got a chance to play outside with Dre and Pacman playing there. I hope the Bengals keep him.
  6. Well, whoever the Begals are, I hope he does a good job for them.
  7. My oldest brother (who hardly got to go to Reds games because he lived in Virginia) and my grandmother (who never went to Reds games) got to see his no-hitter. My grandmother fell asleep because it was boring-there was no hitting.
  8. He was very nice to me, also. I got my picture taken with him. I'll have to find it and post it also.
  9. My husband has been going through some old boxes and came across a program from The Columbus Touchdown Club Awards Banquet in 1991. Ken Anderson was the Master of Ceremonies and David Klingler got the award for Outstanding Collegiate Quarterback. Somewhere I have a copy autographed by David Klingler and a picture with Ken Anderson but in the meantime I have these.
  10. You were there, too?? Small world.
  11. And tomorrow I get to spend 4+ hours in a car with hubby dearest and his Cleveland sports squawk shows. Yippee!
  12. What, he doesn’t have to wash the Lumina, too?
  13. It’s like the old joke. A fortune teller predicts a violent end for a woman’s husband. The woman asks, “Will I be convicted?” 😜
  14. Shebengal

    2019 Free Agency

    Ha ha ha. Serves him right.
  15. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2019/03/browns-trading-kevin-zeitler-for-giants-de-olivier-vernon-according-to-reports.html We were driving up to Cleveland on Wednesday and I heard some bits and pieces of some Cleveland sports talk and the opinion among the squawking heads was that anyone signed by Sashi Brown was fair game to be released or traded. They were also talking about Jamie Collins and said he led the team in tackles last year but was ranked pretty low. They also said he wasn't one to talk to the media that much but that didn't mean he wasn't a leader in the locker room.
  16. Shebengal

    2019 Free Agency

    Oh, hell yes! He's disrupted our offense plenty over the years.
  17. Dude just needs to stay away from casinos.
  18. Looks like we're getting a DL coach. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2019/02/26/cincinnati-bengals-zac-taylor-nick-eason-coaching-staff-hire/2992752002/
  19. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2019/02/26/cincinnati-bengals-john-ross-trade-zac-taylor/2993027002/ I'm surprised at this, given the patience we had with Ogbuehi and Fisher.
  20. Shebengal

    2019 Draft Talk

    Oops, just saw this: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2019/02/26/cincinnati-bengals-john-ross-trade-zac-taylor/2993027002/ And this:
  21. Shebengal

    2019 Draft Talk

    Considering the patience we had with Ogbuehi and Fisher, I would be surprised if this was the case. I find it hard to believe that the new coaching staff wouldn't even make an attempt to find a use for his speed, unless something is going on behind the scenes that no one is aware of, or unless they are planning on an extension for Boyd already.

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