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  1. But if you don’t make the postseason, is it really a punishment? 😂😉
  2. Has Watson received the bonus yet? If he has, I would imagine that it would be hard to void the contract because then you have to recoup those funds. Good luck with that. Also, if Watson is suspended for the whole year, then does that push the timetable back for the contract to begin until 2023? If so, then the Browns only pay him $1 million next year and they have him until 2027 instead of 2026. The scenario that would really screw the Browns would be to suspend him for 15 games, not the full season. That way, the contract kicks in for this year and they're on the hook for the $46 million next year.
  3. I would have done that if hubby wasn't a Browns fan. Funny story-When we went to our priest for pre-Cana counseling, it was 1989 and our priest had season tickets and had gone to the Super Bowl. Hubby wore his Browns jacket and our priest said and I quote, "I have no use for the Cleveland Browns or their fans." Hubby never did like him after that.
  4. Maybe for that purpose, then. I just wouldn't want that diva upsetting the locker room chemistry,
  5. No. Just no. If Beckham's father was upset at the number of targets OBJ got in Cleveland, can you imagine how irked he would be with OBJ in Cincinnati competing against Chase, Higgins and Boyd for targets? His Twitter and Instagram accounts will blow up.
  6. To be honest, since the new accusations and other stuff have come out, we really haven't discussed it. My son no longer lives at home so I don't see him nearly as much as I used to. But if we discuss it, I'll let you know. Personally, I think it was stupid to give him $230,000,000 guaranteed, first of all because of all the baggage, but second of all because I just don't think he's worth that much as a QB. Meanwhile, somewhere, Baker is laughing his ass off.
  7. My niece goes to East Central. She's going to be a senior this year.
  8. I attended some practices there also, including the last year there. I was 7 months pregnant and it was stinking hot that day. (Easy ride from Columbus) FWIW, back in the 80's, there was a mystery writer named Jonathan Valin who wrote mysteries set in Cincinnati. One of them was called "Life's Work" and it was about a Cincinnati football player who went AWOL, but some of the book was set at Wilmington College during training camp. Interesting that he used that title, as Paul Brown used to say that some football players needed to retire and find their life's work. It's a good read if you're into mysteries. And that is my book review for the day.
  9. Turns out, he was legally drunk (had almost 3 times the legal limit in his system), had 2 drugs in his system, and a female companion with him. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/33971836/dwayne-haskins-was-legally-drunk-death-according-toxicology-report
  10. Focus on transaction and storage, absolutely. However, even having guns locked up away from kids doesn’t always work. My son had a teammate on his summer baseball team 10 years ago (so this kid was 14) who found his grandfather’s locked up gun, pulled it out to show his best friend. The gun accidentally went off and the friend was shot in the chest and died. My understanding is that the person who shot up the school was living with his grandparents because his parents were out of the picture. Same with the my son’s teammate. Now, I’m not saying that kids being raised by grandparents is the issue here, not at all, because sometimes that’s the only option. But I will say that absent parents is a large part of the issue also. Gun control and trying to stop mass shootings is a multi faceted issue that has a multitude of partial solutions that aggregate into a solution, but our legislators can’t agree on what to do. Liberals want to take away guns. Conservatives want to address mental health issues and what they call “the decay of the family “. Meanwhile, mass shootings keep happening. 😪
  11. Maybe because Burrow doesn’t talk shit about anyone.
  12. And in the face of this tragedy, some news outlets last night (I'm looking at you, Faux News) were already blaming "the lack of security measures". Why wasn't there an armed resource officer there? Why aren't the fences taller? THIS WAS AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!! How tall do the fences need to be to keep kids inside the playground during recess? I'm sure that when this school was built, they didn't build the fences to keep out a school shooter. That probably wasn't even on their radar. It's another sad and tragic story and people will feel bad for a while, and noise will be made about gun reform, and nothing will happen or change.
  13. My son the Browns fan likes Joe Burrow. Hubby, on the other hand, calls him the “OSU backup QB.”
  14. When I access this site on my phone, it automatically jumps to the "New posts start here" line. I really like that feature, too.
  15. Part of the whole Mexican prejudice does have to do with drugs, given Vance’s family history with drug addiction, which was the basis for “Hillbilly Elegy”. (Which I have not read, nor have any desire to read.)
  16. I don’t know if you’ll be able to access this or not but Doc had a good column on Jeff Ruby. https://www.proquest.com/docview/2659005486/90DC5039120C4D3APQ/74?accountid=1060 If you can’t access it, let me know.
  17. I know, right? I guess opinions can change but I’m still scratching my head over that endorsement. But I did find it amusing to watch the Republicans fight each other during the primary season. Some of the ads I heard were just plain bizarre.
  18. Well, the Trump endorsed Republican Senate candidate just won the Republican primary here in Ohio. 🤮🤢Granted, almost all of the Republican candidates sucked this year.
  19. All I keep hearing is that the midterms are going to be a bloodbath for the Democrats. I think Roe vs. Wade may be just the issue to wake up Democratic voters. Here in Ohio, there will be another primary once the state districts are FINALLY agreed upon, but right now, the US representative districts are redrawn but heavily gerrymandered in favor of the Republicans. Today was the first time I missed voting in an election ever, due to COVID, and it sucks because I really wanted to vote.
  20. ABC was just talking to Karlaftis’ mom and grandfather and now a commercial.
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