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  1. ! You’ve met me, too!! We watched a Bengals- Ravens game on a Thursday night at Fitzgerald’s on Bethel Rd. With Le Tigre!!
  2. That is so sad. My library has saved me a fortune in books that I don’t have to buy. I’m fortunate to have a great library system in Columbus, and my branch is within walking distance.
  3. True. Can’t we all just get along? For crying out loud, we’ve just watched our team win a playoff game!
  4. Ok. So my sarcasm meter is off. But seriously, you don’t want me to get started on the importance of libraries because I could talk or post about that all day.
  5. It’s a card that lets you check stuff out of your library, Or nowadays lets you check out and access e-content also. They’re free and I think some libraries, you can request one online.
  6. You can thank hubby for part of it. He’s the one who discovered the Dispatch access. I just poked around further and found the Enquirer access.
  7. https://www.proquest.com/docview/2619803826/D0D68535F06B46EFPQ/34?accountid=1060 Here’s the Paul Daugherty column from yesterday that someone else tried to post.
  8. To the Central Ohio fans: I have found a way to access the Cincinnati Enquirer without having to subscribe. If you have a Columbus library card, you can log into their website, select “E-Content”, then scroll down until see a link for “US News Stream “. Once you click on that, you have to log in with your library card number and pin (usually the last 4 digits of your phone number) and then search for the Cincinnati Enquirer. Once you find it, click on “Go to Publication Page”. I only went back 3 days but it had all the sports stories and Doc’s columns. Also, you can access the Columbus Dispatch through the Press Reader link on the E-Content page. I don’t know if other cities’ libraries offer this service, but it may be worth poking around your library website.
  9. Truth. This is why this is one of my favorite Bengals teams all time. Plus, they just seem to be having fun out there, and they’re fun to watch.
  10. Through our winning playoff history, that is. First we beat the Raiders to exorcise the curse. Now we play Tennessee, formerly Houston, the team we beat in 1991 to get to the Raider game. If we win that, it is conceivable that we could face Buffalo, the team we beat to get to Super Bowl XXIII. Finally, if we beat them, we could wind up playing SF. Weird, ?? Are the football gods teasing us?
  11. The original Cincinnati Enquirer board where I originally met a lot of you. Missing Cinci Fan and Orlando.
  12. And now, the team in the AFC North with the longest playoff win drought is the Squeelers.
  13. Well, Jake Elliott did me NO good in my fantasy pool. Hopefully Deebo Samuel and George Kittle can step up for me.
  14. I saw this. Wish I could have been there. Hopefully I’ll get back there next season if this whole pandemic crap is over.
  15. He set the franchise record for receiving yards in a playoff game, formerly held by Cris Collinsworth.
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