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Denver Nuggets 2023-24.season.

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"Nuggets" faced the "Blazers" tonight, all but one starters for the blazers out, jokic and murray didnt even make the trip, nuggets won by 3, rough game to watch, like 40 turnovers combined in the game, terrible basketball all around.


G league 2 way player Colin Gillespe played really well, very unsuspecting player, doesnt look like he would be effective, but smart and hustle goes a long way.


back home for Memphis monday, who also sucks, rumors that murray may sit again with sprained ankle. I expect Jokic to play.


sold my tickets for that one, first of a.5 game home stretch, the 4 following games are much better.

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back tied with the thunder in theory, how the thunder have played 2 less games than denver at this point in the season is ridiculous.


OKC has more games, more road games, more games against playoff teams, than denver to end the season. as long as denver doesnt wet the bed they could easily climb into the 1 seed.


but frankly no one expects the thunder to make it to the Wester conference finals so denver would be the top seed probably anyway in that game and still have home court.


and if OKC does make it, the nuggets can sweep them in all honesty.  so itwould be nive but not necessary. as long as we stay ahead of the Wolves. Wolves if healthy, are the second best team in the west. but they arent healthy.



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murray been out 4 games, been rough, also just ice cold shooting, were 10/40 from 3 against the wolves. same the game before, also BLOWING fast break points, they were 2/17 on fast breaks. which is ASTRONOMICALLY low.  like never seen that before low.


were back clicking even without murray today, shot 63% from 3 pt hit 21, tied season record. roughed up the Cavs by 30.


jokic a 26/16/15 triple double.


they claim luca has passed jokic in the MVP race. which would be a crime. then again last year was a absolute robbery giving it to Embiid. and in 2021 giving it to Giannis again.


Jokic should have 4 going on 5 MVPs. he has been an unstoppable menace.


Nuggets placy the wolves next week again, if they win that they have a good chance of winning out, depending who they rest and when. i think they only play 1 other team with a winning record. Spurs twice, Hawks, Jazz, memphis, then clippers and wolves are the two decent teams.


OKC plays a road back to back against the 76ers and then Boston the next night. if they drop BOTH of those, the nuggets have a solid shot at the 1 seed.


a 1 seed would likely earn Jokic the MVP. 


Murray has now missed 21 games he is eliminated from any awards, meaning he cannot sign a SUPER MAX extension contract this offseason, just a MAX contract. which is like a 100million difference. 


he can risk it and not sign the deal and play next year hoping to make all star or all nba teams, but if he gets hurt, itll cost him 30-50 million most likely.


 Nuggets in 2nd place, half game up on Wolves, tied with OKC but losing tie breaker.


they lose tie breaker with Wolves and Thunder no matter what.

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Wemby is a madman, 9 blocks vs the nuggets tonight, luckily jokic went for 42pts 16 rebounds and 6 assists, probably could have had 20 assists if guys hit their open shots.


Murray still out. hopefully he returns for the clippers thursday


if not i would fully expect him back saturday for the Hawks.


Gordon took a hell of a fall on a foul tonight, hopefully he is alright. was late to postgame interviews due to treatment.


nuggets currently in first place over OKV and wolves by .5 games, however tied in the loss column. and they have zero tiebreakers with either team so may as well all be tied. if everyone wins out, the nuggets are 3rd place


okc and wolves on back to back games tonight and tomorrow, OKC SHOULD lose, wolves SHOULD win.


wolves do face nuggets next week so i guess they cant all win out..that game could very well be for first place in the west.



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