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  1. If you want a late WR, take Austin Carr of Northwestern. Best receiver in the Big 10 but not invited to the combine.
  2. Hello no on Taco at 9.
  3. I wouldn't be surprised if Hooker were available at 9. If he is, the Bengals won't take him, they're happy with Iloka in the deep middle. I'd agree with that too, there's bound to be someone else who will upgrade the team more.
  4. Charlton is no where near being a top 5 pick. If we take him, it will set us back as taking Ogbuehi did. IE we'd feel obliged to give him every chance to succeed no matter how badly he plays, so we keep compounding the error of overdrafting him.
  5. It's a good signing. A multi-year deal would have been better but he should replace Maualuga in the starting lineup which is an upgrade.
  6. How can a guy whose career includes 0 fumbles forced, 0 fumbles recovered, and 0 interceptions be one of the all time great linebackers?
  7. Wasn't Billings' injury an ACL tear? A lot of times it takes more than a year to make a full recovery from those.
  8. No, my view is that Peko is overrated by Marvin and not worth his salary. Bad move by Elway. Same thing for Maualuga.
  9. Remember when Peyton Manning got taxed at more than 100% of his SuperBowl game check for the game vs Seattle? It was played in New Jersey which not only taxes athletes, it has a scam called "duty days" which means he was taxed for 2 weeks of game prep for the Superbowl applied to not only his SuperBowl check but his entire annual salary.
  10. 1 Ok, you're right that Spotrac doesn't include Dre's deal. Not sure what the difference between the figures is then apart from Dre's 9.384 cap hit. 2 Burfict is a good player but he's not going to get paid as a top linebacker because of all his issues, both with injury and suspension. The highest paid linebackers are pass rushers. VB isn't one. Collins got a lot because the Browns had over 100 mil in cap space. They're the team that paid 16 mil for a draft pick, 12 mil for KZ, and 10 mil for Bitonio this week. Nine mil is a fair price for Burfict. He's certainly not going to get a signing bonus from the Bengals that adds 7 mil to his 2017 cap number. 3 Yes, everyone counts during the season including IR and practice squad. Teams shouldn't spend so much that they can't afford 10 PS guys and some injury replacements. But even if we found ourselves in that situation, it's easy enough to get out of by restructuring someone to generate a few mil extra. That money can be carried forward if need be or used. Putting all this aside, the rookie pool is irrelevant to the team's overall cap situation. It's simply a limit on how much money can be spent on first year players above their base salary. It has 0 impact on how much cap space the team has. 4 5 Note the structure of Kirkpatrick's contract, how it includes a large roster bonus in addition to the signing bonus. That's to raise his 2017 cap number. That's bad management. Cap hits should be deferred as much as possible. Team did similar things with Maualuga and Peko's last deals. That's why the Bengals have less talent for the same amount of money spent (along with some poor drafting and inability to bring in desirable free agents). NFL teams more or less have to spend the money the NFL gives them per the CBA. But cap space is a resource which the Bengals don't do a good job of maximizing. It's a self-imposed handicap which may have cost the team some playoff wins when the window was open. Do you think Hall was worth his 7.8 mil salary and workout bonus in 2015? Is Maualuga worth it in 2017?
  11. This is reasonable but I'd say they should have kept the one that's hardest to replace. We have several good CBs. We only had 1 good LT last year and lots of other teams are looking for one too. If Ogbuehi had shone last year and seemed like a stud, it would be fine to let Whitworth go. But if letting Whitworth go means the whole offense has to be changed and certain things are generally no longer possible, then that's too high a price to pay simply to avoid admitting a first round pick is a bust so far.
  12. Thank God, he's gone. Peko has been a liability for 3 years now. We'll probably consider Sims the starter at DT with Billings the backup to open camp but I'd like to use a 4th or 5th round pick on Stevie V from USC. Isn't he related to Peko?
  13. He was using Spotrac which shows the Bengals with 31.175 mil in cap space after the LaFell and Kirkpatrick deals. The Bengals rookie pool is slightly above 9 mil for 2017 if we stay put in our draft slots. That has nothing to do with how much cap space we have though. Our 11 draft picks don't get added to the 53 man roster, they either don't make the team or take the place of someone else. So the rookie pool is a distraction that can be ignored. Burfict's contract extension won't add 7 mil in 2017. He's already under contract so new years will be added on and only the prorated share of his signing bonus will hit in 2017. He's got an injury and suspension history so I doubt he gets more than the 9 mil per year I signed him for in the mock offseason over at Football's Future. Add 4 years, 36 mil with 15 in signing bonus and his 2017 cap number increased by 3 mil. With Eifert it didn't make sense to extend him given how fragile he's been. Much more sensible to make him play a full year then tag him since the tag number for TEs is around what a healthy Eifert will get in free agency. I was able to keep Whit and Zeitler for a combined 25 mil in 2017, lost Dre, kept LaFell, added Hauschka and Andre Smith and some cheap veteran DBs (Kyle Arrington, Shareece Wright, Jeron Johnson), and brought back LB Chris Carter. Drafted Barnett in the first, Jarrad Davis in the second, Elflein and Carl Lawson in the 3rd and am about 12 mil under the cap for 2017 without cutting anyone. I've shopped Maualuga and Pacman but no takers so they're still on the roster. I let Peko and Dansby walk without offers but brought back the other guys (Gilberry, Hunt, Peerman, Burkhead) on cheap deals. The real life Bengals completely screwed the pooch in the opening days of free agency and have plenty of cap space to make the team better if they choose to use it. So far, they've chosen to be a less talented but cheaper team.
  14. Why would he? If it's the same pay, why come back to a team in decline over a team that just went to the SuperBowl? Atlanta has used RBBC the last couple of years and they don't want to pay big bucks to Freeman.