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  1. It's a good re-signing. We might still draft a CB high but it's a less urgent need.
  2. Yeah, now that we don't need to spend millions on bottles of ketchup, we should have some hog money available.
  3. sparky151

    Burfict released

    It was time to make this move. If the Jets are dumping Derron Lee, he would be a good replacement. Zach Brown is more of a middle linebacker so we'll probably bypass him since we have Preston Brown, but he's fast and would also be a good signing.
  4. Dennard probably figured if we're willing to pay Dre $10 per year, we should pay him that much too. That's not unreasonable but I wouldn't pay him more than 7 mil per year. Which is reasonable for a slightly above average slot corner. But unreasonable compared to what we paid Hart and Miller, who are below average players.
  5. And that's why nobody has signed him.
  6. I'd guess we'll re-sign him. He's better than Driskel and almost won us a playoff game. He can get a 2-3 million base deal plus playing time incentives if Dalton gets hurt. That's not a bad deal at all for either him or the team.
  7. sparky151

    2019 Draft Talk

    I doubt it. Hopefully Denver takes Lock so somebody better falls to us. Who is our RDE if Michael Johnson leaves? And I don't want us to re-sign him. We've got a glaring weakness at WLB since Burfict can't stay healthy (and should be cut). Bobby Hart isn't the answer to any question at RT, and Miller probably isn't at RG. If Dennard leaves, we'll need an early CB. My guess is we see a defense heavy draft since they probably think they've filled the holes on offense with Eifert, Hart, and Miller.
  8. sparky151

    2019 Free Agency

    Depends on what they paid him. My guess is they had the sense to pay him less than half what we paid Hart.
  9. sparky151

    2019 Free Agency

    Shelton would be a decent addition. Have we heard whether or not we're staying with a 4-3 or switching to a 3-4? Shelton would make sense as a NT in a 3-4 with Dunlap and Atkins at DE, and Hubbard and Lawson at OLB. At the moment the ILBs would be Brown and Vigil. If we stay with a 4-3, we have more holes to fill.
  10. He's better than Driskel. But probably more expensive.
  11. Yeah, they fell apart between when they qualified and this season. I'd guess Juve or Liverpool are the favorites.
  12. Firing the coach is a lot easier than firing the owner. Bengals could use a good housecleaning with the Brown family stepping aside to simply collect checks but not having day to day decision making authority. They don't want to do that so the same old shit continues for years.
  13. Hobson is pretty lame and he is the Bengals PR operation. They hired the girl from the Crew to do some videos but Hobson's shtick is what the public knows.
  14. And don't ask about Schalke...

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