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  1. Not sure about that. Kwiatkoski signed with the Raiders for 7 mil. We could have gone to 8 mil pretty easily. Pierre-Louis signed with the Redskins for around 3 mil. We could have gone to 4. Dropping out of the bidding for Schobert is ok, but I wouldn't say they were trying if they didn't move on to other players.
  2. The team is unlikely to give him a long term deal without seeing him workout. At the moment, that's not allowed. It likely will be before the July 15 deadline.
  3. If they trade Williams, they then have a hole at LT. If they trade down with say Miami for picks 5 and 18, they can get their LT at 5 and use 18 for a RT or WR or CB, etc.
  4. He's a good coach but they just lost their ringmaster. Brady was short of weapons last year, even with the #1 defense. So far they haven't added anyone of note and besides losing Brady have lost several key defenders. Neither Stidham nor Hoyer is going to get them to the playoffs.
  5. Stefon Diggs got himself traded by starting a thread on Twitter. Come on Dre, you can do it!
  6. Good thing he's not in charge. They can make a decision in late July.
  7. If we get Trent Williams, that would be big for the O-line and Burrow's health/development.
  8. We don't need to worry about comp picks next year. As the worst team in the league, we should be signing more players than we lose.
  9. It would take more than Miami's 3 first this year to get a deal done. If you think Burrow is a franchise QB, then you draft him. Miami got 3 firsts for Tunsil and Fitzpatrick. They're good players but I wouldn't trade a franchise QB for them. RG3 went for 3 1sts and a 2nd. Burrow is coming off a better year than RG3. If we did trade with Miami, there's no assurance Tua would be available at 5. Dalton isn't going to take us to a playoff win. So we'd just be spinning our wheels. Draft Joe and build around him.
  10. I'd bet Washington would trade Trent Williams for Carlos Dunlap. Then they'd trade pick 2 to Miami or the Chargers, and take a tackle. Redskins don't need a new QB. Haskins has a great arm and was much better at the end of last year. Rivera didn't pick him but Haskins went to school with Snyder's son and is close to Snyder. So they aren't looking to move on from Dwayne.
  11. I'm glad the team has been active. But our biggest needs from last year are fixing the O-line and our complete lack of linebackers. We've barely touched those areas, signing second tier players in Bynes and XSF. Jonah Williams will be almost a rookie in 2020 and we don't have a good starting RG, RT, or TE. LG is also a question mark.
  12. The Bengals will have plenty of cap room for several years to come. We aren't going to be giving Ross and Price big extensions. We might give Jonah one in 2 or 3 years but we can defer that choice. Burrow won't even be eligible for 3 years. By then AJ, Geno, and Carlos will retired or close to it.
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