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  1. The league would be delighted to see any signs of progress or life in Cincinnati. The Bengals have nothing to be terrified of.
  2. sparky151

    Who's the next HC?

    It's depressing that Hue and Vance even got interviews. I don't really want Mike McCarthy but why not offer him the job? Is he too overqualified or something? Browns have fired a bunch of assistants, how long before Seamon or Zampese is back in Cincy?
  3. Brown counts about as much on the cap for the Stealers whether they keep him or trade him. So they can easily trade him if they get an offer they like. Replacing his production would be the hard part, rather than dealing with the cap ramifications.
  4. sparky151

    2019 Draft Talk

    If the available QB is Haskins, you take him. Otherwise you take another position. If you can't trade down, you skip the tackle in round 1 and trade up from round 2.
  5. sparky151

    2019 Draft Talk

    Let's see how free agency plays out and who the coaches are. We shouldn't lose much in free agency and should be able to shore up a couple of positions there.
  6. Great minds think alike... Ok, change the coach to Jim Caldwell Chargers 24-21
  7. This team needs more than a new HC and a couple of players. Unfortunately, I doubt we really refresh the organization. IMO the most Marvinesque possible hiring would be Jim Caldwell. Solid, respectable coach who will never come close to a championship.
  8. Hallelujah, Marvin is gone. It's the first step of a long march toward winning a championship. Hiring Hue or Vance would be a step back. I'd rather hire a young talent on his way up than a retread. I'd rather hire some other team's retread than a Bengals retread. This team needs a complete change of culture. Unfortunately, Mike Brown will still be around. I don't care if Tobin stays or goes. But we're also kidding ourselves if we think Dalton is the QB to win a championship if we just find him a better RT and some LBs. If we get a shot at Haskins, we should grab him. Otherwise wait a year. Obviously Cincinnati isn't a top job but there are more HC candidates than jobs open. So we shouldn't have to settle for a bad former coach like Hue, we can get a McCarthy or Arians type at least.
  9. sparky151

    Squeelers game flexed

    Channel 10 in Columbus decided to switch from the Browns game to the Bengals. Then changed their mind and switched back.
  10. sparky151

    Squeelers game flexed

    We all know Mike Brown's preference for inaction and staying the course. I don't want a win or close loss to give him an excuse not to make changes. This team has tanked down the stretch. I want the geniuses who took Ross over Mahomes and Watson to be looking for new jobs. The guy who after 16 years still can't manage his challenges or timeouts to be gone. We need to hit rock bottom before it will get better.
  11. sparky151

    Squeelers game flexed

    While I hope the Stealers miss the playoffs, I'll be rooting for a blowout Bengals loss since that might be what's required to get rid of Marv (and hopefully Hue too).
  12. sparky151

    Cleveland Skid Mark Game Thread

    The bright side to losing today is it denies Mike Brown his usual crutch of improvement at the end of the season meaning we should stay the course. Hopefully we get crushed next week and can have the complete housecleaning we should have had after the 2013 wildcard game.
  13. sparky151

    Buh Bye, Marvin?

    I certainly don't want Hue running things but firing or not renewing Marvin is the first step toward respectability.
  14. Ogbuehi is easily the bigger bust. He was a first round pick, Fisher was a 2nd. Ogbuehi is the guy who encouraged us to let Whitworth walk.

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