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  1. The two previous guys who broke out got much better QB play. If the argument is that Dalton is getting much better, it's bunk. If it's simply that Dalton is better than Driskel, fair enough.
  2. Cordy Glenn has been moved but to LG apparently. RT would make more sense.
  3. I agree we should have traded for Lee. He's good in coverage. But this is a deal Gase made that McCagnan refused. McCagnan wanted the Chiefs 5th rounder next year and they only offered their 6th. Bengals should have just offered our 6th this year and gotten the deal done.
  4. It's from the Venom comic. Venom is sort of a demon who lives inside the Tom Hardy character but can come out at times. He has a malleable form which includes creating tentacles as needed.
  5. I'm pretty sure that won't happen but it would be truly terrible if it did.
  6. They're saying his pass coverage grade was 78.9. That puts Pratt at 33 out of 180 draft eligible linebackers who had at least 250 snaps in coverage.
  7. And yet Dalton's passer rating last year was 89.6 while Driskel's was 82.2. That's despite Dalton having Green and Eifert while Driskel got their backups.
  8. My guess is: LT Glenn LG Boling C Price RG Miller RT Williams
  9. Yeah, we should have taken someone who will get on the field in the 4th. Burr-Kirven was available then. I think Omenihu was too. I thought Driskel did reasonably well last year considering the lack of talent around him. But if we need to replace him, sign Chad Henne or some other vet.
  10. Yes, if we'd covered our needs in free agency and taken Haskins in round 1, then it would make sense to trade up in round 2 for the player we wanted most if there was a positional run. If we passed on Jonah Williams, then the other tackles would have been bumped down a spot. I'd have just stayed at 42 and taken Greedy Williams as a nickelback.
  11. They drafted Garrapolo to be Brady's successor if Brady retired. He didn't so they traded Garrapolo for what they could get for him. Same thing with Brissett. They drafted another QB this year too. None of those rookies are going to beat out Brady. If Brady gets injured the rookie won't be on the field either, it will be Hoyer or another vet.
  12. Yes, every team drafts QBs. They hope to find the next Brady. Nobody thinks Finley is the next Brady. If we're trying to find our next franchise QB to replace Dalton, by all means use a high pick on him. But if we're simply trying to replace Driskel, we should sign someone with prior starting experience. Josh McCown, Chad Henne, Colt McCoy type players.
  13. But we effectively ignored the O-line by signing trash like Hart and Miller. If we'd gone for quality over quantity, we'd be better off. We should fill most of our holes in free agency so we can go into the draft free to take the best players, not have to fill needs. Bengals started offseason about 49 mil under the cap and are now about 23 mil under. So we spent about half our funds and didn't get much from it. We got 6 mil in cap relief for cutting Burfict. We could have used that 32 mil to sign Dennard, Jesse James, Trent Brown/Juwaun James, and a better linebacker than Preston Brown. Plus various cheap veterans like Josh Shaw, Jake Ryan, Dontrelle Inman, Joe Barksdale, etc.
  14. It doesn't make much sense to draft a QB to be a backup. It's much better to pay a veteran who has washed out somewhere else. Finley may beat out Driskel because of draft investment but having live NFL snaps is important for a backup because they don't get many in practice.

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