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  1. It should be easy enough to identify him. If he wasn't with the Ravens or a league employee, it would be odd.
  2. The head coach isn't doing a very good job. It was weird seeing the team throw 3 times near our own goal line on our last possession but not be able to get a first down despite completing passes. He's just not a good play caller. The best ones run plays to set up others. They mix up formations and motions and personnel packages early to see what the defense does. That's not our man Zac though. Hurst isn't much of a blocker and our 5 O-linemen can't protect Burrow. The obvious fix against someone like Parsons would be to play with 6 O-linemen if that's what it took but while the team did that for some running plays, I don't think they did it on passing plays.
  3. Stealers don't have better talent than the Bengals but they have a better head coach. Zac did a terrible job of game management. He complained about not being able to see what happens on the goal line near the sideline. That's why coaches have a guy upstairs looking at replays! Jeez. Adomitis looked good in preseason so I'm not worried about the kicking game next week. Shooter was on a roll but should be able to get back on it with the new snapper. Our roster construction at WR is dumb though. Three very good receivers backed up by 3 special teamers. How about a 4th receiver whose main job is catching the ball? Now that we're past week 1 and teams are adding veterans who won't have their contracts guaranteed, let's get a decent veteran receiver. Cole Beasley if nobody else.
  4. Volson got abused and both tackles were overrun. Other than that, Karras and Cappa were soso.
  5. On an extra point, the defense will always have numbers. 11 guys rushing to block the kick with nine (or really just eight) providing protection. The long snapper takes up some space but usually isn't counted on to block much. The main principle is to block from the middle to outside. Sample was more at fault on the blocked kick than Wilcox was. You can't give a DB an inside rush to the kick. But the announcers harped on Wilcox instead of Sample.
  6. Yeah, Jackson is betting on himself. He doesn't have an agent and we likely won't find out what the Ravens offered. But he may increase his value if he stays healthy while he and the team have a good season. Or he could have a serious injury in game 1.
  7. Eh, our offense's biggest advantage vs the stealers is the WRs vs their DBs and Burrow finding the open guy.
  8. She looks like a young Courtney Cox. Who does she report for?
  9. Burrow was part of the former Buckeyes in the NFL contingent at the Notre Dame game. Was well received by the crowd.
  10. At the moment the roster doesn't show George on the PS. Did he get claimed? I'm glad the league has expanded the practice squads and improved the flexibility to bring players back from IR. Teams have 53 man active roster at any given moment but with all the rotation and musical chairs allowed, they can basically keep up to another 24 players. That will help with the 17 game schedule.
  11. Yes, Decker, their usual LT, was hurt at the start of last season so Sewell played there, then moved to the right side when Decker returned.
  12. Peneil Sewell looked ordinary early last year then studly the second half of the season. Might be because he sat out in 2020 but he certainly improved over the course of the season.
  13. Er, you guys do know that naming rights are usually not paid up front as a lump sum, right? Paycor will pay up front for the cost of the signage and probably pay annually for the naming rights. If the company goes under, the Bengals will be a creditor but able to resell the naming rights if Paycor defaults. There have been lots of examples of companies with naming rights going broke and defaulting.
  14. Tretter announced his retirement from the NFL today. He'll continue as the union president. So he won't be rescuing the Browns, who have lost 2 centers this preseason.
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