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  1. This is going to be ugly. Packers are a better team and looking to bounce back. They are banged up but have an elite QB which covers a lot of flaws.
  2. IMO he should have been fired after the San Diego playoff game. So if he's not back, it would be too late in moving on. But I wouldn't be surprised if he does return since the Browns don't really demand accountability from their employees.
  3. Mike Brown has a pretty high tolerance for losing as he's proven over the decades. Marvin could well go 4-12 yet return. Watt said he had a compound fracture of a finger in today's game so I doubt he plays on Thursday.
  4. Why don't they play Fisher at LT instead of Ogbuehi? Both played LT in college and both played RT last year. We already know Ogbuehi lacks quicks, even to keep up with old man Suggs. Might as well try Fisher over there, he was a better player in college than Ogbuehi.
  5. Good: not much, maybe Gio looking healthy Bad: start season with divisional loss vs team we usually beat at PBS. Coaches looked inept. Ugly: Ogbuehi, Dalton
  6. Burfict Extended

    Yep. When it was described as $38 mil over 3 years, that seemed excessive, but this is pretty much a pay as you go, pay for production deal that is very team friendly/
  7. Week 1 NFL Maps

    It's the usual early season Brown out for us in Columbus.
  8. It won't mean anything to the Bengals because they no longer have 90 players on the roster. During the season the cap applies to the 53 players on the regular roster, plus the practice squad, plus guys on IR, plus dead money for cut players. I believe Jones and Burfict are still on the cap but at lower numbers than previously thought since they don't get paid during their suspensions.
  9. Burfict Suspended five games

    Indeed. Difference is that we're not paid to opine on football (or politics). But even here there are separate threads for political discussion and moderators to move the talk there. You'd think highly paid professionals could meet the same standards. But they can't resist using their megaphones.
  10. Burfict Suspended five games

    Florio, Costas, and King all appear on NBC's Sunday night football games, plus PFT and MMQB of course. Besides Kaepernick, they express views on the Redskins team name, gun control, and other issues. Journalists lean left and broadcasters and sports writers think of themselves as journalists. I don't know who Cain is or what he said about Kaepernick. I also don't listen to Limbaugh. Even if I did, it wouldn't change the fact that the broadcasters listed feel free to express their political views in what is ostensibly football coverage.
  11. Burfict Suspended five games

    The NFL sued Brady and lost at the trial level. The court of appeals decided for the NFL. So don't sue in NYC, sue them in Ohio, which is in a different appeals circuit.
  12. Burfict Suspended five games

    Burfict should file a grievance, then take it to court.
  13. Burfict Suspended five games

    If only this was true. Florio, King, Costas, etc interject their politics frequently. Maybe you haven't noticed coverage of Kaepernick?

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