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  1. Er, I don't think Paul Brown deserves it for his accomplishments with the Bengals. He's certainly a Hall of Famer for what he did with the Browns. But being the first coach and team founder isn't in itself deserving of the ring of honor. If his son didn't own the team, he wouldn't have made it.
  2. Portland has regular protests/riots in its downtown business district. That's why the local are upset. Their small businesses are at risk.
  3. I'd swap the bottom two. Browns stood pat while Stealers likely got worse. They added Najee Harris and that's about it. Meanwhile they lost Conner, Villanueva, Pouncey, DeCastro, and Feiler.
  4. My guess is he'll practice fully in camp but skip the scrimmage, start and play a series or two in 1 preseason game and start the season opener.
  5. Sorry to report that 4 members of the Roughriders suffered torn achilles tendons in less than a ten minute period during practice this week. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/07/10/cfl-players-union-sounds-alarm-after-four-roughriders-suffer-torn-achilles-tendons-in-six-minutes/
  6. Eh, the Bengals have appeared in as many SuperBowls as the Chiefs in the last 50 years. KC does have a win though. I'd love to see the Bengals win a Super Bowl but it won't happen because it can't happen until after the death of Mike Brown. So when that day comes, I won't be sorry. Mike Brown is also deeply committed to his way of running things despite it's pronounced lack of success and I don't expect him to change.
  7. Presumably Reiff will move to LT if Williams goes down again. Then it would be who plays at RT, Carman or Smith or Johnson.
  8. Stealers are trying to pull a fast one. DeCastro practiced the first day of their minicamp.
  9. It's not about turnout for offseason workouts, it's about patching the holes on the roster and coaching staff. What's your expectation for wins in 2021? My guess is 6-7 which would be better than the last 2 years but still not very good. Do you expect to make the playoffs, ie win 11 or more games?
  10. Those guys are looking for starting jobs. Didn't Moses sign with Chicago?
  11. But that's the problem. Finding out he isn't good enough puts Burrow at risk. Jordan isn't owed anything by the team, it's up to him to play well in preseason games when Burrow isn't on the field. But he won't be facing top quality opponents then.
  12. Problem for him isn't just the one play where he got the Franchise hurt. He allowed 8 other pressures in that game and a bunch more in other games. Nobody wants a guard who will have their QB under pressure and maybe on IR.
  13. I think Mike Brown will be dead during Burrow's tenure and Katie will do what's necessary to field a strong team.
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