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  1. This is a good move. He's bounced around the league but has become a consistent kicker for the Bengals. Nugent missed an extra point Sunday for the Raiders in a game they lost by 1.
  2. Antonio Brown also tweeted Monday that he wanted a trade.
  3. Hart got dominated by Margus Hunt. How is that even possible?
  4. It holds a player's rights for a season, keeping him off the market. But it doesn't make him sign a contract. So for someone like Bell, who got paid last year, holding out is a viable option. Stealers are acting surprised but they didn't offer him a deal like Gurley got.
  5. The deadline for a multi-year deal for Bell was in mid July. The Stealers offer was pretty weak, less than he was making on the tag.
  6. sparky151

    Broadcast map

    I'd been going to the Crazy Mule but I think I'll try The Pub this time.
  7. sparky151

    Cuts Tracker

    I thought we might pick up Travis Swanson. He's a free agent veteran with lots of starting experience. He'd be a good backup center option. Nobody is going to claim Paxton Lynch on waivers since you'd get his first round contract with guaranteed money. After he's cleared waivers someone will sign him to a new deal.
  8. sparky151

    Cuts Tracker

    Technically the contracts aren't guaranteed but for vested veterans who are on a team's roster on week 1, they can claim termination pay equal to the remaining salary for the year. So if they are cut, they can get paid anyway. That ability can only be used once per career so there might be players out there who have already used it and who could be cut after week 1.
  9. sparky151

    Cuts Tracker

    That's a horrifically bad move. Hackenberg sucked his last couple years in college, then was overdrafted. He couldn't get on the field for a Jets team desperate for a QB. Then when he does get some playing time this preseason he sucks as usual.
  10. Giants had a bad O-line last year and didn't want Hart back. He was the equivalent of a street free agent like Giacomini. Both are below average RTs. We need to get up to average on the right side of the line.
  11. I'd think Kroft could sign an extension knowing he's likely to be the starter most of the time. But the Bengals won't offer him starter money. If we're starting Bobby Hart, our O-line is already in trouble.
  12. sparky151

    Available FAs

    DE must be a big need for us now that Gaelin Elmore has retired
  13. sparky151

    Season over/under

    I'll predict 6-10 and 3rd in the division. Glenn has to be an improvement over Ogbuehi and Price over Bodine. But Eifert is as fragile as ever, Glenn has a history of injuries, Burfict misses the first 4 games and maybe more, etc. We don't have a good or even average RT. Signing Chris Baker isn't going to upgrade the D-line. We still have linebackers who can't cover. And we're still coached by Marvin.
  14. Did Riverbend close? This seems like a duplicate of that but closer to downtown.
  15. Yeah, if Glenn has foot problems again this season, we're screwed.

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