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  1. Browns were foolish to take Kizer. They don't have a QB and their secondary is poor. That means another high draft pick next year when Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Jake Browning, Lamar Jackson, Baker Mayfield and others will be available. Those guys are all better than Kizer. Supposedly Gregg Williams wanted Obi Melifonwu at pick 52 instead of Kizer and that would have been a good pick for them.
  2. I like the Dielman pick. He may not ever amount to anything but it's a 3rd day flyer. He has some upside. It's not like TJ Johnson's roster spot is unassailable.
  3. Meh. I like his effort but he doesn't seem to have many moves. I'd have preferred Rivers or Williams since we need pass rush help.
  4. Dorian Johnson with our first 4th rounder would be a good pick. Maybe King with the Vikes pick and Gonzalez with the comp 4th. Biegel and Garret Sickles would be good picks later. I'd like us to take Stevie V from USC as the Peko roster replacement.
  5. I would have wanted 33 for AJM. Since it's gone, they should give us 52 plus a conditional pick next year, something like their 2nd next year (they have 3) elevating to their 1st if they make the playoffs or AJM makes the pro bowl.
  6. Marvin said nobody called us about trading down. If KC had offered us the same deal they made with Buffalo, would you have taken it? I would have and then taken Taco Charlton at 27 with an extra 3rd this year and 1st next year.
  7. I"m not a fan of the pick. If we were going to take a player with injury history at 9, Jonathan Allen would have been a better choice. We already have a WR who is a deep threat and keeps defenses honest. Picking Ross seems like a mismatch of player and scheme/other personnel. Ross can get deep and open in a couple of seconds but can Ogbuehi protect Dalton very long? Dalton is famously not very strong armed and has to put more air under the ball on deep throws. So will the defense have time to recover and offset Ross's speed? This seems like a pick by a coach who is a short timer rather than one taking the best player for the future.
  8. Dream draft? 1 Solomon Thomas 2 John Ross 3 Gareon Conley
  9. If you want a late WR, take Austin Carr of Northwestern. Best receiver in the Big 10 but not invited to the combine.
  10. Hello no on Taco at 9.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if Hooker were available at 9. If he is, the Bengals won't take him, they're happy with Iloka in the deep middle. I'd agree with that too, there's bound to be someone else who will upgrade the team more.
  12. Charlton is no where near being a top 5 pick. If we take him, it will set us back as taking Ogbuehi did. IE we'd feel obliged to give him every chance to succeed no matter how badly he plays, so we keep compounding the error of overdrafting him.
  13. It's a good signing. A multi-year deal would have been better but he should replace Maualuga in the starting lineup which is an upgrade.
  14. How can a guy whose career includes 0 fumbles forced, 0 fumbles recovered, and 0 interceptions be one of the all time great linebackers?