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  1. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/exos-combine-event-begins-for-2021-nfl-draft-prospects-where-its-taking-place-and-what-it-means/ Book some space in a friendly state. They're doing them in Dallas and Phoenix.
  2. Havenstein can be obtained in trade. Williams may well be tagged again but he'd be a great replacement for Geno. Signing big money guys like Thuney and Williams, who will likely cost 35 mil between them probably means letting WJ3 and Lawson go. Watson will fetch multiple first round picks plus players or other picks. Houston has no leverage if Watson doesn't want to play for them. If he pulls a Riggins and sits out the entire year, they'll get even less for him next year.
  3. Huh? He's not as good as a healthy Trey Hopkins and maybe not as good as Billy Price. Martin was cut because he gets overpowered regularly and that's not worth 6 mil per year.
  4. Corey Linsley, the 1st team all-pro center will be a free agent and is expected to leave Green Bay. He's from Ohio (NE though). He could probably be signed for 11-12 mil per year and that would let us cut Hopkins and his 6 mil. So, not a lot of money to upgrade from question mark to top of the league at the position. We could still make a run at Thuney or Moton. Larry Warford was cut by the Saints last year for cap reasons, then opted out for covid and is now a free agent. He made the probowl in 2017,18, and 19, the last 3 seasons he played at RG. He's probably not too expensive either, maybe
  5. I wanted Wilson as the Bengals 2nd round pick last year. But his head and heart don't seem to be into playing in the NFL. That article says the downside is a wasted late pick but the real downside is him getting Burrow killed if he's half-assing it.
  6. That's the good thing about being a bad team, there are so many opportunities for improvement. Green and Ross won't be back but it's likely Ericson is and maybe Thomas too. The return of Tupou and Wren plus Reader should beef up the run defense. With the cap expected to be under 185 mil, there will be veteran options on the market too. I'd think Hunt is more likely to return than Daniels.
  7. Um Hurts wasn't a first round pick, Jalen Reagor was their first round pick last year. Hurts went late in round 2, which is where a team would take a backup QB if their starter has a history of injuries as Wentz did.
  8. Franchise tag would cost about 16 mil for Lawson. He's probably worth about 14 mil per year on a long term deal so they may gamble they can sign him on the open market instead of a tag. If he leaves, I don't expect a big ticket D-line signing. More likely they'll use pick 38 on a pass rusher. It's a fairly weak group this year but probably one of Phillips, Basham, Oweh, or Ojulari will still be on the board. If we trade down in round 1, then Rousseau might be a target, depending on who else is on the board.
  9. I expect a greatly improved O-line. Have some doubts about the D-line. On the offensive side, we had 1 of the bottom 3 lines in the league. We had one of the worst O-line coaches trying to make chicken salad with Michael Jordan, Alex Redmond, and Bobby Hart starting and Jonah Williams missing a good bit of the season. I don't expect Pollack to be a miracle worker but he's at least an average NFL coach and will be given some resources to work with. Re-signing Spain, adding Thuney and drafting Sewell would go a long way to giving us a better than average line instead of bottom 3.
  10. Because they drafted Hurts as a backup to Wentz, ie as the Foles replacement. Now that Wentz is gone, they realize that Hurts might start ahead of a rookie but he's not a long term solution so if they get a shot at a top QB in 2021, they make take it. Next year's class isn't very impressive.
  11. He's pretty much the opposite of a guaranteed starter. He's only been available for less than half his games on the roster. If your point is the team will put him in the lineup if he's healthy, then sure. But expecting 16 starts from Jonah involves a lot of hoping and wishing.
  12. For subscribers to the Athletic, here's an offseason exercise in Bengals roster management. https://theathletic.com/2389152/2021/02/18/bengals-offseason-choose-your-own-adventure-how-would-you-construct-the-roster/?source=dailyemail
  13. It's likely that Watson will force his way out of Houston and Miami has a lot of ammo to offer in trade. I bet Miami would trade Tua + their 2 first and 2nd round picks this year for Watson and think Houston would take that as opposed to waiting for future year picks. With Tunsil on hand, the Texans probably take a WR. Miami could well do that anyway. IMO it's a better than 50% chance Sewell is on the board at 5. Unless the Bengals sign a top OT (ie Trent Williams, Taylor Moten, maybe Daryl Williams or Russell Okung) in FA, we should take Sewell. If he's
  14. Wentz's problems are all in his head so in theory he could fix them. Maybe some positive reinforcement from Reich will get him back to where he was a couple years ago. So Dallas wants to give Dak a 37 mil franchise tag when they start with 18 mil?
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