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  1. Yeah, Brian Hoyer is a formidable competitor.
  2. Yeah, I don't know how 1-31 doesn't get a coach fired. Haslam may be too busy trying to stay out of jail or perhaps he's easily hypnotized or something.
  3. Swinging for the fences means Antonio Bryant's bad knee or TO's antics. At least in MB's opinion. This team's poor management is a huge competitive disadvantage. The Browns may improve themselves a lot this year with their cap space and picks. If they find a good QB, they may be ahead of us in 2 years. The Ravens and Stealers are better run teams who can probably handle their upcoming QB transitions. Meanwhile that 15 mil includes re-signing current players so likely no outside players. I'm sure Hobson will be along to say it is really 18 mil and they spent 3 on Baker. And the money saved from Pacman will have to go to dry out the stadium after flooding or some such.
  4. 2018 Free Agency thread

    He's coming back from a major injury. Not surprising they don't want to pay 11 mil for that.
  5. If they are planning to start Randall, that's good news for us. Some of the new Browns front office guys came from Green Bay so they seem to be doubling down on their prior mistakes. Packers are terrible judges of DBs. They're the guys who let Casey Heyward walk so they could keep overpaying Matthews.
  6. Browns getting Landry was a good move for them. Getting Taylor and Randall were poor moves where they overpaid. They seem locked in to Barkley and a QB, probably Darnold, with their high draft picks. So they should wait for free agency and sign a mentor type veteran like McCown or Bradford. Fortunately for us they didn't make the deals the Rams did for Talib and Peters. Give Gregg Williams CBs like those and they'd be formidable on defense. Of course they would still be coached by Hue and have a rookie QB.
  7. This is a bad signing and an example of why we can't have nice things. We give 3 mil to a 30 year old stiff like Baker instead of paying up for a good performer. We'll probably re-sign Bodine because he's cheaper than the alternatives and that 3 mil would have let us fix the hole in the middle of the line. A really stupid move.
  8. Correction, we can't spend it on good free agents from other teams. We can overpay players already on the Bengals or past their prime guys from elsewhere.
  9. Seems like the Raiders will take Roquan Smith. We desperately need to replace Ogbuehi and Bodine as starters. We might have to trade for a LT. There are multiple centers available who are upgrades over Bodine. I expect we'll re-sign Andre Smith. If we had something like Cordy Glenn-Boling-Jensen-Hopkins/Westerman/Redmond-Andre Smith we could roll with that. It would let us use our first pick on either O-line or a defensive playmaker. We could come back in the 2nd round with an O-lineman like Miller, or maybe Hernandez or Brown.
  10. Moving on from Bodine is probably the biggest and best decision the team could make. They seem determined not to upgrade the center position because the tackles were worse but that's not how winners go about things. We don't have any must-re-sign players. So we could do something like trade a day 3 pick for Cordy Glenn, sign Norwell for 12 mil plus Jensen for 8 and draft a RT in round 1 or 2. If we cut Pac and MJ to fund Norwell, we'd have something like 18 mil in cap space for other things after fixing the O-line. Or we could go for cheaper options like Josh Sitton or Josh Kline, Weston Richburg, etc.
  11. I think there's a reasonable chance at least 1 of the top 4 QBs (most likely Mayfield) is still on the board at pick 12. There may well be suitors for the pick, especially if some team signs Bradford or McCown as their starter. I wouldn't object if we took Vita Vea at 12. Similar to Haloti Ngata. Won't fix our O-line problems but in long run would be a good pick.
  12. The nice thing about free agency this year for the team is that there is nobody who is a must re-sign. I expect the team to re-sign Andre Smith, Pat Sims, Chris Smith, Cedric Peerman and maybe Bodine. But we could let our entire free agent class go and replacement them with similar players at similar costs. We could also make moves to bring in better players though that goes against the Bengals methodology.
  13. I'd be fine with cutting both if it meant we sign a top free agent like Norwell or Solder. But we all know it won't mean that.

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