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  1. He doesn't get paid. But to discourage teams from suspending players without pay for cap reasons, his check still counts on the cap. It gets donated to a charity.
  2. They had drafted Dion Dawkins the year before their trade with us. He played well for them and showed he could play the left side for 9 mil less than Glenn. They were also trying to trade up for a QB so they were happy to jump 9 spots for a guy they might have cut.
  3. I wish good things for Joe, but he's not the best QB in next year's class.
  4. The practice squad players and guys on IR do count vs the cap.
  5. I think Matt Forte was in that draft and went a couple rounds after Perry.
  6. Let's say 5-11. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's less than 5 wins. Nobody on our schedule looks like an auto win and we look like that to most of our opponents.
  7. Dude is cursed. At least he got a free education and a year of NFL IR money out of it.
  8. As long as Whitworth plays better than his various Bengal replacements. Tobin or Brown has actually been pretty terrible at drafting the last few years. If a team is going to forgo free agency each year and rely on the draft, then they better draft better than their opponents. The Bengals don't outdraft anyone (Ross over Mahomes or Watson?) so we suffer.
  9. I also picked 5-7 wins but that might be optimistic. Let's see how long Cordy Glenn can stay healthy, err if he can get healthy.
  10. Brown could well file another grievance over not getting a year to switch to an approved helmet. The NFL told him last week if he found an example of the helmet he wanted to wear that was less than 10 years old, he could wear it. Then after he found such an item, they rushed it to testing to disqualify it. But last year they let people wear helmets that had already been disqualified (unlike Brown's helmet).
  11. Nobody is going to pay Dalton 30 mil per year as a free agent. Foles was a free agent this year and he only got 22 mil.
  12. Stafford did have a 5000 yard 40 TD season once when Megatron was still playing. Dalton has never come close to those numbers.
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