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  1. sparky151

    Season over/under

    I'll predict 6-10 and 3rd in the division. Glenn has to be an improvement over Ogbuehi and Price over Bodine. But Eifert is as fragile as ever, Glenn has a history of injuries, Burfict misses the first 4 games and maybe more, etc. We don't have a good or even average RT. Signing Chris Baker isn't going to upgrade the D-line. We still have linebackers who can't cover. And we're still coached by Marvin.
  2. Did Riverbend close? This seems like a duplicate of that but closer to downtown.
  3. Yeah, if Glenn has foot problems again this season, we're screwed.
  4. I'd like something like Gesicki, Orlando Brown, then Griffin.
  5. Browns blew it again. Should have taken Chubb over Ward. They also should have signed someone like Malcolm Butler or Trumaine Johnson in free agency with their 100 mil+ in cap space. Now they have a rookie QB with no LT and a middle of the pack defense. They also should have signed Cousins or Keenum at QB, then could have taken Barkley or traded down from 1. Stealers reached big time for Edmunds. He would have lasted until the middle of the 2nd round at least and isn't as good as Ronnie Harrison. Ravens taking Lamar Jackson is a good move but Hayden Hurst is probably not the best TE in the class. Surprised they didn't take Ridley.
  6. None of the centers should be taken at 21. Any of them would be good value at 46 and we could trade up from there with some day 3 picks used. But at 21 we should take a good player who is worthy of the spot and for whom there isn't a good equivalent at 46.
  7. I wanted a DE last year at 9. I would have taken Derek Barnett at the time. Now we still need a DE to replace MJ.
  8. The comp pick formula is secret. How do they know workout bonuses aren't included, especially since most such bonuses are much smaller?
  9. We talk about Hobson or Brown dousing out hope quickly but Jimmy Haslam has to hold the record when he brought back Hue for another season. I doubt Hue makes it through the year or even to week 9. But it doesn't matter who they draft if your coach is 1-31 and only got the win because the other team's kicker missed a chip shot on the last play of the game.
  10. I'm opposed to a C at 21. There will be better players available. Evans or Vander Esch are likely to be there. Maybe McGlinchey, likely Miller. Take one of them and wait for the C. I agree it's important to get a good C in this draft who can start from day 1. But it's unlikely any of the top 3 centers will be off the board at 21. Maybe 1 goes in the first round. We could trade our 3rd round comp pick to move up from 46 if needed, probably about 8-10 spots. That should guarantee we get a shot at one of the top 3 centers and we can wait until 2 are gone.
  11. There's about 80 guys who could be a first round pick. Only 32 of them actually will be and there won't be 3 centers in round 1. We'll have at least 1 good one available at 46.
  12. sparky151

    My draft fear.

    I"m pretty sure the team knows they need a starting C. I'm not sure they know they need a starting RT. They probably think that competition among Fisher, Ogbuehi, and Hart will produce a starter. Same at RG. I'm not worried about RG but am worried about RT.
  13. Yeah, Dez will want more money than he's worth.
  14. Yeah, I'm actually not worried about RG though I don't know who will win the job. C and RT are needs.

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