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  1. The NCAA won't grant hardships willy-nilly to players from Big 10 and Pac 12 schools. They are at least nominally planning to play in the spring so they'll have football this school year.
  2. The O-line improved when Cordy Glenn took the field. He's not here now. It's reasonable to expect improvement from Jordan and Fred Johnson. Maybe Hopkins but probably not. Jonah Williams might be better than Glenn was but he might not be, at least as a rookie. Hart is what he is and XSF is playing a new position. The coach is unlikely to have become better during the offseason.
  3. That's only true if the NCAA waives their transfer rule requirement that players sit a year when changing schools. They won't.
  4. Yeah, 5 or 6 wins seems likely. We'll probably finish 4th in the division again this year and might only win 1 or 2 games vs AFCN. But if Burrow gets his rookie mistakes out of the way and some of the younger players develop, then 2021 could be a playoff year. That's even if AJ or WJ3 leave. Bengals went on a free agent spending spree this year but we will have the 3rd most cap room in the league in 2021 and with a reduction in the cap likely, there should be plenty of talent available to go with a top 10 pick.
  5. Adding Daniels is a good signing. We also got him at a reasonable price.
  6. I'll bet they use their punter as the placekick holder. Most teams do that now to simply practice schedules.
  7. Yes, he can teach the youngsters how to collect checks while not doing much. Isn't Taylor trying to change the culture of the team?
  8. I'm thinking of players cut by other teams. There will be plenty of guys looking for regular roster money. DT is a position that doesn't require tons of playbook study.
  9. I'd rather they find a younger backup with some upside. Peko overstayed the first time and should have been released a couple of years earlier than he was. Let's not repeat that mistake.
  10. If the Patsies were tanking, they wouldn't have signed Cam Newton. Throwing Jared Stidham to the wolves would work better to get a high pick.
  11. Yes, the Brown family are shrewd business people as their sweetheart stadium lease indicates. But the ticket sales money is certainly not invested in high yield investments. It will be in a low rate, on demand deposit account. As noted previously, the team doesn't owe a refund until the date of the canceled game has passed. They can't recognize revenue until it has been earned. So at the moment, the unplayed games will be a liability on the team's balance sheet, which will be settled by returning the money paid for them. That money won't be taking market risks or locked up at higher rates.
  12. At least they didn't go through the usual BS of how a top pick starts at the bottom of the depth chart and has to win the job. Hue Jackson got himself fired that way.
  13. Interest? Rates are so low that interest shouldn't figure in any organization's decisions on the timing of refunds. If they had say $50 mil in season ticket sales (probably much too high a number), and get 20 basis points on their business deposits, then 2 of 10 games at full price for preseason would earn them $20K if they wait a full year. Or less than $2K if they wait a month. They aren't obliged to pay and likely won't refund the money until the date of the game has passed. They're losing much more money from parking, concessions, and onsite merchandise sales than any they earn from delaying refunds on preseason tickets.
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