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  1. I don't think the Bengals will sign him to a long term deal now after drafting Hill. So no deal by July 15. That will likely lead Bates to skip camp and pre-season and sign the tender just before the season starts. He won't be in football shape then so Hill will get a lot of snaps and if he plays well could win the starting FS job. Or if Hill struggles, Bates will get more snaps than he otherwise would.
  2. Wait, you're calling Cincinnati a shithole compared to Baltimore??? Have you ever been to Baltimore?
  3. Bates isn't going to sit out the season. If no deal is reached on a long term contract by the July 15 deadline, he'll skip camp and sign the tender before the regular season starts. The 12.9 mil on the franchise tag is more than he's made in his 4 year career. Since the team has already used their first round pick on his replacement, I doubt the team gives Bates a long term deal. So I'd guess we'll see him in September. Let's hope he shows up in shape.
  4. The thing about the Watson contract that was unusual wasn't the annual average of 46 mil, but the fact the whole thing was guaranteed. That upset other teams.
  5. Bengals should be able to keep Burrow, Higgins, and Chase together for a while. Boyd and Mixon will likely be the ones who aren't kept around. Colleges produce lots of good receivers these days so maybe they let Tee walk but it won't be because they can't afford him.
  6. More info has come out on this. Ventrelle was fired after reporting owner Mark Davis to the NFL for allegedly harrassing female employees. The league says it will investigate Davis.
  7. Boyd performed well as WR1 when AJ Green missed a year.
  8. Yes. Bates is a good player and deserves a fair market wage. He's also never been to the pro bowl. Something like 4 years/65 mil with a 15 mil signing bonus and fully guaranteed year 1 salary of 12.5 mil would be a sweet deal for him and affordable for the team. He'd have the second highest avg safety salary (behind Jamal Adams) and second most fully guaranteed money (behind Justin Simmons). His cap number would be 16.25 mil each year of the deal or about 3.4 mil more than he currently counts on the franchise tag. Bengals currently have about 15 mil in cap space and extending Bates would have freed up the first round pick. Hill will certainly be cheaper than Bates over the next 4 years and might be better. Or Bengals could have simply given Bates the transition tag which only gives them the right to match another team's offer. That would have shown him what his market really is.
  9. NFL teams spend millions of dollars each year on evaluating players who will be in the draft. Then do worse on average than a basically free and public list. If the argument is that we should trust the Bengals' process, we should see better than average results. That would mean few first round busts, a better than 50% rate on day two picks and half or so of the day 3 picks eventually contributing, even if they don't become starters. The consequences for poor drafting are now less since the Bengals participate in free agency now. But the drafting record isn't that impressive for Tobin. He didn't screw up the Burrow pick. Great, but he screwed up the Burrow protection picks.
  10. Problem for the league is the AFC has better teams and is more attractive to fans this year. It's a QB driven league and the NFC has 1 good team per division while the AFC has multiple good teams per division.
  11. Fins have some holes on their roster and Tua hasn't been impressive thus far in his career. Boy do they wish they'd taken Herbert instead!
  12. The problem with putting all your trust in Tobin is that his track record isn't especially good. It has hits and misses. Burrow was a no-brainer. Chase over Sewell turned out to be a good choice. Williams is ok, but hasn't really lived up to expectations. Other first rounders have been outright busts. Coming off the Super Bowl appearance, the team had a chance to take a major step forward with lots of cap space and a young core. We signed 3 proven free agent O-linemen and I fully approve of those moves. We lost Uzomah but did well to get Hurst who I have hopes for. Losing Phillips and Hargreaves is insignificant. After fixing the O-line, our biggest need going into the draft was in the secondary, specifically at CB. We also needed depth at 3T, a TE3 upgrade, and WR4. Adding a S in case Bates or Bell are gone next year would be a good idea too. It wouldn't hurt to add a LB in case Pratt leaves next offseason as well. So how did we do at covering our thin spots? We took 2 safeties and basically said Bates was on his way out the door and maybe Bell too. We added a CB to compete with Apple. But we lost 3 CBs and only added 1. We added a DE to 3T project. We drafted a T to G conversion and took a late flyer on an edge rusher. We whiffed on a WR and TE. God help us if Hurst or any of the big 3 WRs get hurt. Last year the Bengals had pretty good luck with injuries. May it continue. But if it doesn't we have some thin spots. So what would I have done? First I'd give Bates a fair market deal. When a player is young and above average and reaches free agency, the team should reward him appropriately if they can afford it. The Bengals certainly can afford to pay Bates whatever he'd get on the open market, probably something like Justin Simmons is getting. I'd also re-sign Spain after the draft to either start at LG or provide insurance in case Carman can't keep the job this year either. So the team would be able to take a dropping Zion Johnson or Kenyon Green if they were on the board at 31 as a long term upgrade. If they were gone, the team could sign Spain cheap and not use a draft pick on the O-line. That would give the youngsters time to develop. At TE, none in the draft were worthy of a first round pick but a number merited a pick between the 2nd and 5th rounds. Any of them would be better than Wilcox or Schreck or Moss and some would probably pass Sample for the TE2 spot by the end of the year. Since both Hurst and Sample are only signed for 2022, it would be good to have some continuity there. At WR, we'll likely let Boyd go when his deal runs out unless he's willing to take a very team friendly contract. Higgins will be asking for 15 mil+ and when Chase eventually gets a new deal it might be 25 mil+. We're a year away from Higgins being eligible for a new contract and he'll probably want one then. We could stall and tag him in 2024 but then we'd need a new WR2 instead of WR3. This would have been a good year to take a WR with some return ability who could at least spell the big 3 and learn the game. Mike Thomas doesn't have any upside left, he's as good as he'll ever be. Given that we missed on WR in the draft we should see what Emmanuel Sanders is asking for and maybe sign him for depth. On the D-line we already have a DT/DE tweener in Cam Sample. He was a much better college player than Zach Carter. We have a couple of big bodied backup DTs for run stopping in Tupou and Shelvin. So taking Carter doesn't add much to the roster. He may be a marginally better edge rusher than Khalid Kareem but the same could be said of Gunter or Wyatt. We could have used the 3rd and 4th round picks on say Ruckert and Tariq Woolen. Both have big upsides and could be useful backup players in the short term.
  13. Raiders had fired several front office people in the last few months. Allegedly there was a grift going on. So maybe it rose to the team president or the owner thought he should have been on top of it.
  14. Do they count afternoon Thanksgiving games as prime time? Our visit to Dallas would make a good national game for the networks.
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