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  1. If only he'd made a block or two...
  2. Only good thing is we're closer to the end of the Marvin era. Clean house.
  3. He's on IR so he can't practice unless the team is using one of their recall rights on him.
  4. IR and Practice squads

    It's been done before, including by the Bengals a few years ago. We ended one season with something like 27 players on IR.
  5. I'd be fine with using our 2nd on Price and 1st on a tackle. We won't sign a top caliber free agent linemen but maybe we can sign someone with some tread left on their tires and a little better than our usual.
  6. Current 2018 Draft Order

    It's known as the Alan Faneca rule. The NFL formula for comp picks is secret with teams not knowing it but it's been reverse engineered over the years. After Faneca left the Stealers in free agency, the cap on veterans was discovered.
  7. Burfict.

    I think you mean 1-31
  8. Goodell has added negative value to the NFL this year. He should be fired, not extended. The NFL could find any number of people who could do a better job than Roger and who would work for $10 mil. The league may have seen ratings and attendance peak and should be doing some belt tightening.
  9. Of course they're having fun, they play for good teams which will advance to the post-season. Instead of playing out the season watching their team circle the drain.
  10. Uh, you do know this isn't true, right? Smith could have chosen to stay with the Bengals rather than sign with the Browns. When teams need an extra roster spot late in the week, they normally find a guy who will assure them of his return before they cut him. He does have to pass through waivers and Smith did, before he could be signed to the practice squad. But apparently the Bengals didn't do the normal thing and get an assurance from Smith. Or he broke his word but he isn't signing with the Eagles, it's the Browns. It's not unusual for the agent of a player on a team's practice squad to call the team for a counter offer when another team comes calling. Maybe the Bengals told Smith to hit the road but if so, it was dumb.
  11. This seems dumb on the Bengals part. We cut him late enough in the week that he got his game check for Jax. Then when we dump the extra kicker, we should sign him back. But he apparently doesn't want to stay here or we didn't guarantee him a spot when we cut the kicker. So off he goes to Cleveland where he'll probably get more PT.
  12. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Not an option. Seniority rules around here.
  13. 2018 Coaching prospects

    Will it be Tiger Johnson or Homer Rice?
  14. I doubt he wins the grievance. I think the Bengals will give him the 1st round tag but let teams know they will take less, ie early 2nd and 3rds.

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