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  1. Should have just signed Josh Reynolds. He went to Titans for 1.75 mil. We surely could have had him for 2 mil.
  2. I like the trade but if Barmore is great and Carman isn't then things will look a lot different.
  3. McPherson has high bust potential. Kicking in Ohio in December is a lot different that Florida. He seems to have to throw his whole body into his longer kicks so we'll see how well that works if the field is slippery.
  4. Chad backed out after his opponent was going to be Pacman.
  5. This is the team that kept Bob Bratkowski about 5 years too long. And is giving Zac Taylor a season 3. And passed on Bill Callahan in favor of Jim Turner.
  6. The World League? That was Bill Bergey in the early 70s. I don't think Bengals lost anyone (other than Steve Young) to USFL.
  7. KJ Wright is a free agent. But he'd be moderately expensive by Bengals standards.
  8. Who would you have picked at each of the Bengals draft slots? My choices: 1 Penei Sewell Starts the process of building an above-average O-line 2 I like the trade down the team did. Carlos Basham, a Dunlap clone 3 Dyami Brown a good outside WR to complement Higgins and Boyd 4A Cam Sample, more pass rush 4B Jaelon Darden replacement for Ross 4C Shelvin if still available, otherwise Brevin Jordan 5 Daviyon Nixon 6A Trey Hill 6B Trey Smith 7 Jose Borregales Basic idea is to beef up both lines and add some
  9. It's not clear yet what the practice squad rules will be for 2021. But if they keep the same rules as 2020, we'll probably keep 9 players on the 53 with a couple extra (including vets) on the PS who can be moved up and down as needed. My guess as to the eventual depth chart: LT Williams-Reiff - Carman - Smith LG Spain - XSF C Price - Hill with Hopkins on PUP to start RG Carman - XSF RT Reiff - Adeniji - Smith That's 9 on the 53 plus Hopkins. Price is still on his guaranteed rookie contract so he's unlikely to be cut. Jordan
  10. I think they are likely to re-sign Josh Bynes at some point. But also they have some young guys who were playing behind 4th string DTs last year. This year we should be deep at DT (knock on wood) so they're not worried about giving up 400 yards rushing to the Ravens again.
  11. Yeah, the Stealers probably had the worst offseason in the AFCN. IMO they should have pushed Ben into retirement and done their cap clearing. Why hang on to Joe Haden while letting Mike Hilton leave? I like Najee Harris as a prospect but he's in for a rude awakening going from Bama's line to Pittsburgh's. They're giving up on Terrell Edmunds, not exercising his 5th year option. They didn't really replace DuPree. It's going to be a multi-year fix and they didn't get started.
  12. It would be Carson Wentz for the Colts
  13. They signed Sam Tevi in free agency who started 14 games last year on Chargers terrible line. They could have taken a tackle high in the draft but seem to think Tevi is good.
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