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  1. But that player would be facing criminal charges. The cases against Watson were presented to 2 different grand juries who said they didn't even meet the probable cause standard to indict, let alone the beyond reasonable doubt standard to convict. Watson has settled all but one of the cases against him, though likely for far more than it would have taken a year ago. He received terrible legal advice. But he was also on the receiving end of a campaign of vilification by the opposing attorney, which has largely been successful.
  2. None of the women who testified against Watson in the investigation said he forced them to do anything. Only 4 women cooperated with the NFL's investigation and their stories were about him exposing himself, asking for sex, or ejaculating during or after a massage. I doubt he's their only client who has done that.
  3. Either side can appeal the 6 game suspension. Watson and the union have said they would accept whatever the judge handed out. The league can appeal it to Roger Goodell but has to decide within 3 days. That's also the day of the HoF game in Canton. I'd guess the league will appeal and Roger will increase the suspension. The whole thing is mainly driven by PR. Watson has settled all but 1 of the civil cases against him, including the first woman who came forward. Two grand juries declined to indict him for anything. Watson's lawyer has bungled this from the beginning, but his client will be on the football field this season.
  4. Higgins is worth far more to the Bengals than Bates. If Tee went down, we'd be playing Mike Thomas. If Bates sits out, we have Dax.
  5. You have it right. A team trading for Bates would only get him for the 2022 season (assuming he signs his tender). So nobody will offer a lot. He could have been traded more easily before July 15 if he and the team wanted that but apparently he doesn't have any suitors willing to pony up both a big deal for Bates and a good pick for the Bengals. Reader has it right that Bates won't sit out the year and I expect he'll be back before week 1. It could be even sooner if the team excuses him from practicing. The team ought to give him a promise not to tag him next year if that would get him into camp now.
  6. This isn't a big deal unless he has complications. He'll miss 2 weeks of practice at most and wasn't going to be taking hits in practice or playing in pre-season games anyway.
  7. I think I guessed 7 or 8 wins for last year. Didn't think Burrow would improve as rapidly as he did and thought our O-line was insufficient. Also wasn't sold on our CBs. Chido turned out to be a lot better than expected and Apple played well too later in the year.
  8. No. His suspension would start with the first week of the season and he's not allowed to practice with the team during his suspension. He can practice on his own or have the WRs come over on their own though.
  9. I think the original payment was for permanent naming rights. They pay a yearly rent, which declines as time goes by so it's not very much now.
  10. If I remember correctly, the team bought the naming rights when the stadium opened for about 15 mil. So the team probably gets the revenue from a sale rather than the county. If the team does sell them, the money doesn't go toward the cap or getting more players. But it could be used for any other expense, including the indoor practice facility, paying the coaches, or anything else, including a team contribution to stadium repairs. Does Hamilton county have money sitting around unspent from the covid relief bills? I wouldn't be surprised if the Federal government removes restrictions on spending it rather than asking for it back.
  11. Bengals don't like to give long 3rd deals to players but should be willing to do year by year deals. Vonn Bell wasn't coming off his rookie deal when they signed him. Chido will still be in his prime when his current deal ends. Personally I'd like to draft Notre Dame TE Michael Mayer if he's available next year but CB looks like a good guess due to positional value. Tyler Boyd might not be in Cincy after his current deal and I wouldn't be surprised if Joe Mixon doesn't make it to the end of his current contract. We can't have a whole roster of guys on rookie deals and 2nd contracts. There's certainly a place to take a chance on some vets on 1 or 2 year deals.
  12. I'd put Bates ahead of Mixon and Hurst from the offense and Pratt from the defense. He's about even with Apple.
  13. Not even close to being true. Who is James Palmer? Is he related to Bates' agent or something?
  14. I doubt he sits out the season. He'd need to show up before midseason to get credit for the year toward free agency. Otherwise Bengals could tag him again and he wouldn't get the automatic 20% raise that comes with a second tag. Though the odds of the Bengals tagging Bates in 2023 are pretty low unless it's a tag and trade situation.
  15. The NFL likes to sue first so they can get the case in a New York court where there are some precedents in their favor. Judges elsewhere aren't bound by them.
  16. His contract will toll if he's suspended for a full year but if he plays in 2022, it will count as a year on his contract. He can attend training camp and play in pre-season games before any suspension starts. Judge Robinson had the hearings and the deadline for follow up briefs was this week. So she should rule before the end of this month. The league can appeal any punishment she imposes but is bound by her fact findings.
  17. Brissett is a big dropoff from Watson. If their starting QB misses the first 4-6 games of the year, they'll be starting in a hole.
  18. Bates has said he won't play on the tag in 2022. I don't think the team is interested in signing him to a long term deal unless it's really cheap as a Bell replacement. So my guess is that Bates holds out through training camp and preseason and shows up before week 1 when it would cost him money. IMO the team would be willing to trade him if they got a good offer but they won't get an offer of at least a 2nd round pick for him since the new team couldn't extend him. So Hill will be the starter by default in preseason and if he plays well will keep the job. If Hill has rookie struggles, Bates is back in the lineup again.
  19. Lamar has said the tweet wasn't about his contract, it was just a quote he liked from some movie he saw last week. But he does still want to get a deal done before the season.
  20. Yeah, they won't do a long term deal now that they've drafted Hill. Bates won't hold out the whole season, he'll at least show up for enough games to get credit toward serving this year and hitting free agency next season. I think he'll probably show up before week 1.
  21. They should have waited another week or two to find out. They don't want Mayfield playing but he's much better than Brissett if Watson is out for the year. The trade does give the Browns back whatever cap space Carolina is picking up. Matt Rhule seems to just be collecting bodies at QB and hoping someone can play. Mayfield should win that starting job pretty quickly though.
  22. If the player and league agree to it, the 2021 season could be counted as an unpaid suspension. Watson would have to give the $10 million he got back to the Texans (and it would become available cap space for them) but if there is a negotiated settlement, that might be part of it. Florio has a piece saying the league's case against Watson focused on 5 women but none of them alleged any force by Watson. So soliciting women for sex during a massage might not violate any NFL policy. The league didn't punish Kraft so it might not be able to punish Watson either. If Judge Robinson does impose some punishment, the league can appeal it to Goodell, but he will be bound by her findings of fact. If she imposes heavy punishment, the league won't appeal. But if she comes back with a lighter punishment and finding no use or threat of force, the league will have a problem. NFL decisions are mainly decided by PR considerations. Letting Watson back on the field pretty soon wouldn't be a good look for the league but neither is overturning a female arbitrator and former federal judge in her first case. That bodes poorly for the league down the road.
  23. Of course Watson isn't defending himself in the media, beyond pro forma denials. Buzbee is waging a PR campaign making his clients available to HBO and the New York Times with the goal of increasing pressure on Watson to settle for a larger amount than 18 of his clients were willing to settle for a year ago. Since the various claimants don't allege to be witnesses for each other, Watson is letting things play out. You don't think he's had a large number of private investigators on the job? But if he has discrediting evidence against the plaintiffs, he'll reveal it in court rather than give them a free preview in the media. You're making a decision based on a pretty distorted view of the facts. Why not wait until both sides have presented their case?
  24. That's sort of the point. You don't have the testimony of the alleged victims. The grand jury records are sealed. What you have are the complaints and media interviews, not given under oath or penalty of perjury. People asking for money have to state a complaint for which relief (money) can be given. So complaints tend to be rather lurid even if they can't be proven when they reach court. Until at least the deposition stage, them saying Watson assaulted them is no more legally significant than you saying Watson assaulted them. Unsurprisingly, Watson says he didn't assault them.
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