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  1. Yes, that's certainly possible. But unless some team claims him on waivers (unlikely), he'll be a free agent. Bengals might put him on the PS but even there he'll be signable by other teams. He'll be on the list of available punters for every GM who suddenly needs one.
  2. It would be a bigger assumption that he wants out of town. If we offer a market value deal, I'd think he'll take it. Both to get paid and financially set for life sooner, and because he's on a team that values him and can win games. The teams offering the most money are usually bad teams that have lots of cap room due to lack of talent.
  3. Huber is a vested vet who has the option of taking termination pay once in his career, it the remaining balance of his 2022 salary. But he may be better off taking PS pay for 2 months and finding a new team next season.
  4. The team should find out if Adeniji or Prince have improved their pass blocking enough to succeed Williams. Jonah is under contract for 2023 so we're ok for a bit and can draft a project if need be. But he hasn't lived up to his draft status and doesn't deserve a raise over this 5th year option number.
  5. Between Higgins and Boyd, it's an easy call. Pay Tee. If it means letting Mixon or Boyd go, so be it. We can find a decent RB or WR3 in round 3 or 4 of the draft.
  6. Mixon should be cut after this season. Paying top dollar to a running back is a luxury and we won't be able to afford it after this season. They should absolutely pay Higgins 15 mil per year if he'll take it. It probably means letting Boyd go but that's ok. Bell, Hurst, and Pratt should be kept if they aren't asking for big raises. Likewise Reader. The guys currently on rookie deals who are in line for big raises are Burrow, Higgins, Wilson, and Chase. Williams will be on his 5th year option next season but his market value may be lower than that if they want to keep him around. Otherwise, trade up in the first round for a tackle.
  7. Ok, Trey Hill then. Point is Carman hasn't earned a high enough spot in the pecking order to be active on Sundays. Adeniji and Sharping are clearly ahead of him.
  8. Jackson isn't one of the top 8 or 9 linemen on the team so he's not active on Sundays. Unless we get a lot of injuries at the position (knock on wood), it will be the 5 starters, plus Adeniji, Sharpring, and Prince or Smith.
  9. Cutting Mixon frees up a net 7 mil in 2023 and 13 mil in 2024. It's not as if finding a competent RB is especially hard. So Mixon is very much in jeopardy of being cut after this season if the team needs the cap space.
  10. Yeah, their owner won't mind if they get the top pick in the draft. Though Houston would have to win another game. Carolina fired their D-line coach today.
  11. Why do people expect us to beat the Browns? We got taken apart Monday night. Replacing Chido with the lesser of CTB/Apple makes us a lot less formidable defensively. Our O-line can't run block or pass protect. So where will the wins come from? Bengals don't look like a playoff team as we have too many holes to patch. Team didn't even try to fix some issues with a trade at the deadline.
  12. Bengals should move on from Mixon and replace him with a mid round pick with some speed. Jonah's 5th year option for 2023 is now guaranteed but if they can trade him for anything, they should do so. Then they can shop in free agency for a better LT or move up in the draft (or maybe not even have to) to get one of the tackle prospects.
  13. Bengals blew it when they passed on Bill Callahan and he went to the Browns.
  14. Stroud and maybe Bryce Young will go early and have bright NFL futures. There may be a couple of other first round QBs too, such as Hooker, Leavis, or Richardson.
  15. The Athletic has a piece saying that Huber is on thin ice and likely to be replaced before too long by Chrisman. It also quotes Simmons saying Adomaitis needs to take a little heat off his snaps, especially on place kicks.
  16. It seems like the team sometimes needs to overcome bad decisions by Taylor. A coach who reduces his team's chances of winning isn't an asset.
  17. In case it needs to be noted, Tua is expected to play tonight, 4 days after staggering off the field vs Bills.
  18. It should be easy enough to identify him. If he wasn't with the Ravens or a league employee, it would be odd.
  19. The head coach isn't doing a very good job. It was weird seeing the team throw 3 times near our own goal line on our last possession but not be able to get a first down despite completing passes. He's just not a good play caller. The best ones run plays to set up others. They mix up formations and motions and personnel packages early to see what the defense does. That's not our man Zac though. Hurst isn't much of a blocker and our 5 O-linemen can't protect Burrow. The obvious fix against someone like Parsons would be to play with 6 O-linemen if that's what it took but while the team did that for some running plays, I don't think they did it on passing plays.
  20. Stealers don't have better talent than the Bengals but they have a better head coach. Zac did a terrible job of game management. He complained about not being able to see what happens on the goal line near the sideline. That's why coaches have a guy upstairs looking at replays! Jeez. Adomitis looked good in preseason so I'm not worried about the kicking game next week. Shooter was on a roll but should be able to get back on it with the new snapper. Our roster construction at WR is dumb though. Three very good receivers backed up by 3 special teamers. How about a 4th receiver whose main job is catching the ball? Now that we're past week 1 and teams are adding veterans who won't have their contracts guaranteed, let's get a decent veteran receiver. Cole Beasley if nobody else.
  21. Volson got abused and both tackles were overrun. Other than that, Karras and Cappa were soso.
  22. On an extra point, the defense will always have numbers. 11 guys rushing to block the kick with nine (or really just eight) providing protection. The long snapper takes up some space but usually isn't counted on to block much. The main principle is to block from the middle to outside. Sample was more at fault on the blocked kick than Wilcox was. You can't give a DB an inside rush to the kick. But the announcers harped on Wilcox instead of Sample.
  23. Yeah, Jackson is betting on himself. He doesn't have an agent and we likely won't find out what the Ravens offered. But he may increase his value if he stays healthy while he and the team have a good season. Or he could have a serious injury in game 1.
  24. Eh, our offense's biggest advantage vs the stealers is the WRs vs their DBs and Burrow finding the open guy.
  25. She looks like a young Courtney Cox. Who does she report for?
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