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  1. Sounds like it's going to be Burrow's blood rather than Carman's. That never gets old, like Peko flattening Polamalu.
  2. This article might explain some of it. It's about the Bengals lack of success running the ball against light boxes with 6 or fewer defenders. https://theathletic.com/2838783/2021/09/21/inside-the-numbers-bengals-not-taking-advantage-of-opportunity-in-run-game/
  3. Ben Roethlisberger has a pectoral injury on his left side. Despite almost dying, he's expected to play on Sunday.
  4. Yeah, I don't understand why Apple got so many snaps. Apparently playing time is determined by how well you practice, not how well you play in games. Reiter is on the Saints practice squad now. Probably not for long. XSF has been a career backup until he reached Cincinnati, where he's starting material. Almost a replay of the Bobby Hart saga.
  5. Jackson Carman. And Burrow would be getting hit even more.
  6. Or maybe not. Price had a pretty good game for the Giants.
  7. Shelvin is deep on the chart behind Reader, Ogunjobi, Tupou, and Hill. It's actually a good thing we haven't needed to call on him yet.
  8. Maybe Derek Stingley in the 1st to replace Waynes. Bates can have Waynes contract.
  9. Yeah, McPherson has been as advertised. Back at draft time I wanted Borregales so I'm glad on this pick Tobin took his guy. Well deserved as special teamer of the week.
  10. Eddie Goldman and Jason Peters not practicing for Bears yesterday.
  11. Bears got whipped Sunday night. Homers for Da Bears will bet them but people who are neutral won't give 3 or more points.
  12. Yes, teams can have a certain number (I think it is 4) veterans who wouldn't have qualified under the old rules. Personally I hope they keep the new PS rules in effect after covid subsides.
  13. I take it those are guys who can't be signed by other teams this week? Not an impressive list.
  14. Reiter started every game for the Chiefs in 2019 and 2020. PFF says he graded better than 91% of all centers in pass protection. He made 3.75 mil last year so he's probably looking for a raise. But he was better than a healthy Hopkins and certainly better than the Hopkins we presently have.
  15. Austin Reiter is available. If they're not going to extend Bates, they have plenty available.
  16. So Burrow just has to take it while Hopkins gets up to speed? That doesn't sound like a good plan or a plan at all.
  17. Good point. But it would apply to threats to move the Bengals elsewhere. It's not really a threat anymore.
  18. Trey Hopkins got abused yesterday and Burrow got hit as the result. Maybe Hopkins will get better as the season goes on but the Bengals clearly have problems on the O-line again. It would be nice to have a better backup option at C than Hill. At least BJ Hill got us 2 sacks.
  19. If he'd tried to move the team to Baltimore that would trigger the Modell law and let others buy the team, bypassing the NFL process for ownership transfer.
  20. Not a very convincing argument. Who are these great coaches and players? What makes them better than most of their peers? What about the guys we have who aren't so great, are other teams not going to attack them?
  21. What was the actual valuation? That link goes to a page that quickly vanishes.
  22. Nepotism is the essence of the Bengals way. They can hardly hold that against Taylor. The results, on the other hand...
  23. Taylor's seat should be hot but actually isn't. If we win more games this year than last (a very low bar), Taylor will be back.
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