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  1. Overturning a legitimate touchdown due to an inadvertant whistle would have been a much bigger deal than allowing a TD to a wide open guy. That's why they didn't overturn it.
  2. Pretty, pretty, confident. We're a better team than the Raiders and our first team has been on a roll lately. IMO we have better offense, defense, and special teams. We'll see about the coaching.
  3. My guess is they will have a minimalist offseason, focused on re-signing 2021 Bengals. Bates will be tagged. Jonah Williams is eligible for a contract extension and may get it this year. So re-signing Spain and Reiff is very much a possibility. I'd go for Allen, the center from the Rams but the Bengals won't. Unless Linderbaum falls to us, we'll probably see Trey Hopkins out there again next season. We'll cut Waynes to pay for Bates tag or new deal, and draft a CB early. That's how we roll.
  4. Nobody was outright terrible. Carman had a tough day blocking and Waynes got beat for the TD. Chase only had 1 catch and a short one at that. Higgins had his streak broken. But we won and nobody was really bad.
  5. The league isn't going to cancel games so the Browns will have to play on Monday afternoon. They may just be playing a lot of backups with Mayfield and Keenum out and 13 defensive players on the list at the moment.
  6. I doubt Meyer takes a college job this offseason. He'll probably be back on Fox for college football.
  7. Might as well mention Bates dropping what looked like a potential pick 6 in OT. Even if he fell down right after he picked it that would have been enough.
  8. Interestingly, PFF has Penei Sewell graded as the 2nd best OT in the NFL over the last 7 weeks, behind Williams.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised if some team claims Hodge after he played pretty well in preseason.
  10. I too thought Anarumo wasn't good enough and was on Team Sewell. I preferred to keep Lawson and WJ3 as I had doubts the Bengals could sign equal replacements but had no objection to Hendrickson or Awuzie.
  11. I doubt Waynes is on the team next year. They'll also likely need to replace Darius Phillips as he'll probably be looking for more playing time elsewhere.
  12. Seahawks cut Cedric Ogbuehi this week and Ravens have signed him to their practice squad. Truly an act of desperation.
  13. KC's O-line has been pretty good. It's their defense that sucks and making Mahomes press.
  14. You should have seen the comments in Philly after Nick Sirianni's initial press conference. Things like "coaches want to win the press conference but in Nick's case the press conference looked like the 85 Bears"
  15. Back when Marcos was in power, the Philippines prelate was Cardinal Jaime Sin
  16. Carman came off the covid list today and will play on Sunday. One less thing to worry about.
  17. Good: Playing even with Packers most of the game. Defense at times, offense at times. Bad: pass protection, Higgins, Boyd, and Uzomah were largely invisible. Davante Adams beat doubleteams. Ugly: playcalling late in game
  18. Packers seem to be trading for Cowboys LB Jaylon Smith. So we might see him on Sunday.
  19. There seems to be a massive overreaction to the video of Meyer sitting at the bar of a restaurant he owns. Some babe is dancing against him and he clearly doesn't mind. But so what? He'd given the team the weekend off after the Thursday night game. That's pretty common. High status male attracts beautiful younger woman? That's pretty common too. The media proclaims he's lost the trust of his players. Why?
  20. Florio seems to be on the warpath against Meyer with multiple pieces about it today. Probably more pieces about Meyer's Friday night follies than ever about Belichick having a mistress.
  21. FWIW, Michael Jordan was cut by the Panthers yesterday.
  22. Apple is clearly not close to starting material. It was almost comical how much the Stealers looked his way on Sunday. That's the part I don't get, why is Apple starting ahead of Phillips?
  23. Sounds like it's going to be Burrow's blood rather than Carman's. That never gets old, like Peko flattening Polamalu.
  24. This article might explain some of it. It's about the Bengals lack of success running the ball against light boxes with 6 or fewer defenders. https://theathletic.com/2838783/2021/09/21/inside-the-numbers-bengals-not-taking-advantage-of-opportunity-in-run-game/
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