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    Selling like hotcakes. Got block 523 on upper tier. Going to see my Bengals for the first time. Can't wait! Seat view: http://www.wembleystadium.com/TheStadium/ViewFromYourSeat#seat:523|event:sports
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    Got mine as well! I've only been a fan since 1988, so I guess it was time to actually see the Bengals play live. Very excited! I'm in section 530.View from my seat
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    it's worse.......Hunt was a 2nd rounder.
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    Since the Bengals have him locked up for 2 more years and not 1 ... I'd say the Browns have to give a 1st rounder, or a 2nd and 4th. Hell, the Bengals could just hold on to McCarron next season and after Hue goes 4-12, he will be willing to give 2 first rounders for him to save his job ala Oakland.
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    Ray Horton was hired to be the Clowns Defensive Coordinator. Will Hobslob's headline be Horton Hears a Hue?
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    We've come a long way in retaining guys. Used to be people couldn't want to GTFOH, now we have advocates like Housh telling guys "grass isn't greener." I think they're able to keep the guys they want to keep.
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    I completely allow this to be within the realm of possibilities as to what's going on. Vague rules are much easier to selectively enforce and selective enforcement can very easily sway a game towards the direction of a certain team(s). It's a slanted table. It can't be stated enough....the NFL is a multi billion dollar industry. When you're dealing with that much money, there is going to be corruption. I have zero doubts the NFL has been infiltrated long ago. The manifestation of the infiltration is what we are now seeing. Get used to it.
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    just got mine...reamed up the ass by resellers. Block 551
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    the problem is you've said so many crazy and controversial things, no one knows at this stage whether this is a serious statement or not.
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    Consider the possibility that they've done this on purpose. The more vague the rules are the easier it gets to cheat.
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    Tomlin should have received a 1 year ban for that bullshit.
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    I think the NFL should consider bringing professional football to Cleveland before putting a team in London.
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    Huh... Wonder if he's capable of holding on to the ball when it really matters?
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    But TV in the UK doesn't work like the US. We have x channels, sure, but they cover the whole country. Sky already have the NFL rights, and are also the only broadcaster with the cash necessary to consider showing it at all, so it won't make any difference to team income from broadcast/media possibilities. Yes it might be for the whole UK, but London might as well be on Mars for all the difference that will make. If people actually showing up didn't make a difference, then why are so many teams desperate to get away from small markets? Let's put it this way. Sideline tickets for the Bengals at Wembley are $212 with the cheapest seat in the back-corner nosebleeds running to $70. With gas at $8 a gallon, a congestion charge (basically it costs $18 to even enter the centre of London) the odds on anyone even going to the games is minimal. And this is for a sport that is, in UK popularity terms, somewhere below how you view MLS. They're welcome to try, but it is going to be as successful as the XFL.
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    People are severely overrating McCarron if they think he's worth the #2 overall pick in the draft. The "should have won a playoff game" stuff is ridiculous. TJ Yates actually won a playoff game. Nobody's giving up a top 5 pick for him. And McCarron was thoroughly mediocre in the Pitt game. We were getting shutout after 3 quarters against one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL for fuck's sake. He's worth slightly more than a 3rd rounder and I'd pass on that offer, but nobody's going to give up a top 5 pick for him. That's insane.
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    I'm down for adding another head hunter to the LB core. Don't back up, stack up.
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    False. 12 4th quarter comebacks say otherwise. Forget Baltimore and Seattle in this year alone? His 12 rank: 1 behind Wilson Tie Cam Newton 2 ahead of Rodgers and Luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If Andy had played, there would have been no need for a 4th Quarter comeback. Indeed, had he played the entire December, there would have been no Stealer game in January.
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    I would argue AJ is a better prospect than anything Cleveland will likely get with the #2 overall pick ... so if Hue truly wants him ... he can give us the 2nd pick.
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    I hope we hang on to this guy for another season or two.
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