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  1. Coaching Staff Changes

    Truer words have never been spoken
  2. Fred stop bringing facts too an otherwise pointless argument.
  3. And what is the cause of this? You don't think a bad offensive line or a coordinator who was totally lost had anything to do with it? If you can't see that or won't, Idk.
  4. Does Florio post here? It sure seems like it, a story with no facts, no sources, and just an agenda to promote.
  5. Kind of looking like that first round pick should have been OJ Howard and not John Ross but we'll see
  6. Burfict Suspended five games

    Wrong, it was well known at Miami, there were several allegations but they went away because he was the star QB, "Big Ben" s reputation proceeded him. Pitt new what they were getting they just didn't care.
  7. You mean the registered "independent" who had a well known hatred for George W Bush and was completely anti government of any kind. That Jared Loughner? Nice try.
  8. Is anyone surprised by this? Madonna calls for blowing up the White House, Kathy Griffin holds a simulated severed head of the president up in a photoshoot, you have a play of Julius Caesar where the lead character is dressed as Donald Trump and is stabbed to death and it's all blown off like no big deal and is endorsed by some on the left. So now the mentally imbalanced think hey this is the next step and go on a killing spree. And I love how the media this morning referred to this guy as a passionate citizen. Smh
  9. What you won't see is the knee jerk gun control rhetoric that the dems love to pull out at a moment's notice
  10. Kathy Griffin

    She made her her own bed and now she has to sleep in it but, like Hillary won't take responsibility and wants to blame everybody else for her predicament.

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