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  1. Mark it down, he'll have a better season than jeremy hill and possibly gio and I'll go so far to say a better rest of his career than hill
  2. No I didn't ask, I just stated history. A good number of Democrats who voted for and spoke glowingly about this man not ten years ago are now blasting him for no good reason other than politics. The political infighting on both sides is childish and has been for the last 20 years, And yes I thought it was childish of the Republicans to hold off the nomination until the election. BTW I don't own a gun, I don't like abortion but its a decision an individual has to live with not me, and I'm not a Corporation. I tend to vote on the economy. And yes I like the maury meme.
  3. Wow, i never asked for or expected courtesy and respect from the left as they haven't shown any since Bill was in the white house. I do find it ironic that they now find themselves in a scenario that they help create. Right or wrong that's where we are. BTW keep up the posts I find them entertaining.
  4. Do you mean the Biden rule? The rule the the Democrats made up under George Bush in his last year that wouldn't allow him to place a supreme court nominee in an election year? Or do you mean the rule that Harry Reid and the Democratic Senate changed to a simple majority when Obama and the Senate had control so they could get judges placed? That one ?
  5. i'm happy for Sanu, i hope they win the super bowl. i hope many bengal players can win a superbowl but sadly it won't happen here atleast not with marvin.
  6. Yes he's such a controversial pick that he got unanimous support when placed on the court of appeals by many of the same people who voted for him but now are calling him a bad candidate.....interesting.
  7. Nothing, except get Crawley face time, it's not like we're Miami, New York, Boston, Chicago, or Los Angeles. Cincinnati is a flyover city part of that land that the important people fly over on they're way to the coasts. It won't make the national news, but hey it gets the mayor on tv.
  8. U.s dept of labor - men age 18 to 19- 16.2%, age 20 to 24- 9.8% and that is only based on those who applied for unemployment benefits, it doesn't take into account the people whos benefit that has run out. welfare is a completely different stat.
  9. No T-Dub I don't consider VA benefits or unemployment benefits for that matter as welfare, those are BENEFITS that people have earned. I'm all for assistance for the mentally ill and orphans and programs like that, but I do not like the government handouts like the banking bailout our the GMC bailout. I just don't think the government should take care of you when you have the ability to do it yourself, you know " work for a living". And before you assume, no I'm not wealthy I'm firmly in the middle class.
  10. No Jamie, work ethic not productivity. You are correct productivity has gone up by those whom are working, I'm talking about those who don't. There is an increasing number of able-bodied people in this country that for one reason or another are not part of the working class. It was reported during the election coverage the other night either on ABC or CBS that showed adult males between the ages of 18 and 29 that 2 out of 6 are still living at home either unemployed or part time employed on government assistance. (Not unemployment benefits) those are the ones I'm talking about.
  11. it's been shown in all the media outlets that more than half the us population is on some form of government assistance (handout), not just welfare. I'll bet in whatever field that you work in you've seen a significant drop off in work ethic from as little as 10 years ago. The number of adult males age 18 to 30 that still live at home and don't work a full time job is jaw dropping.
  12. actually it's "i worked for mine how about you work for yours" but that principle has been lost at approximately 51 percent of the country
  13. Or tax the hell out of the working population and give it to the non working population...... a democratic principle.
  14. Yeah, the nice thing about the 18 to 25 crowd is after they graduate and get out in the working world and see what the government does with their taxes their political views have a tendency to change.
  15. Shhhhh. don't bring facts in to ruin a good blind argument. Some of these guys if nothing else are consistent.