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    Here's the thing........opportunities like this don't come along often, if at all for some. You can "what if" things to death but If I would have set all of this up for you a year ago - our record to get the number 1 pick, Burrow's epic rise, the unprecedented free agent spree, I think we all would have said - "no way any of that happens". The stars have aligned and we have the chance of a lifetime. Don't overthink it, don't think how much more we might be able to squeak out............draft Joe and don't look back!
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    Boy does that put things into perspective....it's all idle talk, anyway. Joe Burrow's the guy.
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    It is almost like watching American Idol. Uhh, well, that is what my wife said.
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    They screwed it up and undermined their own efforts by playing Fitzpatrick. bigger picture, I genuinely think they planned to have the draft capital such that no matter what they could trade to number one. That’s where their plan had a hole in it as it turns out...
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    I could live with football from October till March .....
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    Totally agree with you.. Jordan Palmer said he's the most mature and self confident rookie QB he's worked with.. From what ive seen from him hes just so cool how he interviewed and handled the idiocy of the media.. I really want to cheer for this kid with the Bengals this year..
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    Herbstreit went to Centerville High School. They are drama queens.
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    Good grief. A little credit? Or just be mad it took so long instead of being happy it happened. I'm done.
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    some people can't enjoy anything only bitching and moaning
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    Or theyre totally committed to giving Zach a team that might actually be good..
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