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    TJ cleaning his cleats with a "Terrible Towel"
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    And Mixon hit a woman. And Mike Brown is cheap. Therefore everyone Dre knows is a drugged out criminal because every black guy who makes a rap video is a total piece of shit.
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    Elite level pass rushing is also extremely important. How many 4-3 LDEs are better than Carlos Dunlap? Maybe 1? The dude is insanely underrated even by Bengals fans. His pressures per snap have come at a ridiculous rate throughout his career and nobody comes close to batting balls at the line like he did last year. His sack numbers have been fine for a few years but you don't need 20 sacks to be a good DE regardless of what the shock jock sports analysts and casual NFL fans on Facebook want to see. Dunlap is one of our best players by a wide margin IMO. If you told me we absolutely HAVE to keep Andy as 1 of the 3, as crazy as this sounds, I'd probably say to keep Dunlap over Green in that case. Dunlap and Atkins are special talents at their respective positions, as is Green, but keeping your top tier LDE with no depth behind him is more important than keeping Green when we do have WR depth. I'm honestly not sure you'd need to protect Andy. He isn't some young developmental QB anymore. He's going to be 30 this year and has pretty much been a middle of the road to fringe top 10-12 QB his entire career outside of 2015 where he looked great. Some teams have young(er), elite, non-QB players (like us) so it's not like Andy would be the only unprotected starting QB out there. I'm not trying to bash the guy or say that we don't need him, but I'm just not sure he'd be the choice for the expansion team even if we did leave him available. We have a ton of young, upcoming players that I'm sure a new team would love to have. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuttttt again, this right here is why the "you can only protect 3" would NEVER happen in the NFL and why this hypothetical would make more sense if the list had to be a lot longer. There's a 0% chance they would let an expansion team be made up of players of Dalton, Dunlap, Burfict, Green, etc. caliber.
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    If I wear any Bengals gear I usually just get a sad look and sometimes a free bowl of soup!
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    It is the dead part of the offseason. The haters have to work extra hard to find something to squeal about.
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    Those are probably better shirts than the "I'm a Bengals fan, Ask about my Sandy Vagina" shirts that some of you wear daily.