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    I don't know if he asked Jesus to forgive him, but since he asked the woman to forgive him, we, too, should forgive him. Also, how can God forgive us and work miracles in our lives if we don't forgive others?
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    Is this a reference to a future border wall? Maybe that explains them passing on Taco Charlton too? (half ninja)
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    Mike Mayock: "He's a top 15 talent, but I wouldn't draft him because he punched a woman 3 years ago." Yeah, that's now how the real world works. He settled that case and even the woman said she has moved on. Mixon still has a life ahead of him and has a right to be employed. Was that a scumbag move? Of course. But he was 18 and might live 60-70 more years. So what is he supposed to do? Crawl in a hole forever. Pac Man was exonerated on a similar situation in the past where a woman assaulted (using this word lightly) him first and he punched her. I would never advocate punching a woman (unless she was trying to stab you) but the case could be made that he was responding to her aggression.
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    It seems like you'd be more of a fan of this type of player: STRENGTHS Carries a load in his punch and plays with vinegar. Can seal and turn defenders in the run game to create small creases. Plays with a mean streak and likes to finish blocks. Is aggressive working up to the second level and efficient cutting linebackers. Rugged competitor. Stout anchor in pass protection. Versatile and has seen action at center and guard. WEAKNESSES Stiff-bodied. Plays short-armed and overextends. Average agility. Is late to switch off blocks. Relies too much on his upper-body strength. Mechanics deteriorate the farther he is asked to travel. Slow to adjust to counter moves. DRAFT PROJECTION Rounds 3-4 BOTTOM LINE A top-heavy, barrel-chested, thick-bodied, short-area blocker, Bodine plays with a gritty football demeanor. Swing-interior versatility adds to his value.
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    These stats actually prove my point. After endless media exposure of the Ray Rice tape, still only 60% of Americans were against him and nearly a 3rd supported his right to keep playing. Contrast that with Mixon who probably has an approval below Trump's ass pimple at less than 5% and was booed upon selection while the national media literally trip over themselves to denounce him. I have seen one media outlet report that Mixon's punch "traumatized" the local community and the impact will never be forgotten ... hmm, I wonder why others would feel personally scared by this incident? (rhetorical question) Fish is actually a good analogy, as race in America is like the water that we all swim in as fish. It is unavoidable, and a constant that is always there. You can not remove it from any situation. It's baked into our worldview, the way we are taught to perceive the world and every situation, and even our subconscious. If you want to pretend this isn't so fine, but I know better.