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    Special live in person on field half time appearance at today's game of High School Harry & Son. As part of the celebration for the 100th year of the NFL the Bengals are recognizing veteran players and long time season ticket holders. Son and I are accompanying Anthony Munoz and Ickey Woods. I'm sure with about a few hundred other people but looking forward to it.
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    No one outside of PBS and a few fans think Dalton is a capable QB. The best teams have QB's that will elevate the play of their teammates and can win games based on their talent level, it's obvious Andy is not that guy. I don't care what he did in 2015 for a few months in the regular season, he belongs on the bench. He's had years to improve and in year 9 he's still making rookie mistakes, he's regressing and the Bengals are winless in part because of his performance.
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    Exactly, his job performance at his is terrible. When you consider the retirements of players, the lack of a semblance of a run game, and the overall ineptitude of the the oline it's obvious that Turner isn't very good at his job. Also, when you consider that Taylor has linked his career to Turner then it's reasonable to say that they both have no idea what they are doing in their current roles.
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    Tanking is soul destroying and will set this football club back another 5 years. I want to see us dig our way out, build character, build winners.
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    Who are these QBs you speak of? Brady...who else? You're picking in the top 3 for a reason. Pick the f'n QB! Believe it or not, but starting O-Lineman can be had in the middle rounds, even if this dumb team has rarely been able to do it.
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    im on the lack of talent opinion. aside from choosing staff the HC has very little to do with on the field success, its like a management position, putting good people in place for success, he may not be doing that, i dunno, but ill give him time to prove one way or another.. injuries are a factor of option 3 IMO, obviously with AJ and a full healthy line and healthy defense we wouldnt be winless, but we still arent a playoff contender, IMO.
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    Oh shit I missed that post, that is awesome! Glad you're getting something for the money.
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    that is freaking awesome dude!!!!!!
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    PBS isn't all that bad. From a pure viewing standpoint, there really is not a bad seat in the house. I've been to the Mega Pleasure Palaces--like JerryWorld. All kinds of glittery things and stimulation--but the seats/views are about the same all things being equal.
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    They have to form a tunnel with their arms to make the players happy too.
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