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    Deserved more IMHO... grow up or go away Jones.
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    And please don't feed the animals. It not only encourages them but they senselessly counter your logic and insight with bullshit statistics that prove nothing.
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    Since the Browns only sell 10 or so season tickets, total, not difficult for them to get them out early and quick.
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    Mike Brown wouldn't give Jonathan Joseph a free Gatorade and you want a hat? Good luck with that.
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    Oh my goodness friends!!! Oh how I've missed my Bengal friends! It's been a jacked up couple of years but I'm getting there! I miss bullshitting about my Bengals and all my friends on here... I hope everyone has been doing well.. I'm climbing out of the hole and my sister and I still find ways to get our tickets... Anyway, probably should be in the general forum so move if you wish, but just wanted to say hi, it's been a while and can't wait to get involved again now that I've "almost" got my life back!!
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    Not a Hue Jackson fan? I don't think he's the best coach in the world, but I'd have rather seen what he can do with this team than Marvin for the however many-th time. Same with Gruden, he's not a Hall of Fame coach, but I think Gruden could have been an OK HC here, though I'd have preferred VJ, Hue, or Zimmer. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to have Assistant Head Coach Paul Alexander take over once Marvin finally decides to leave
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    Bengals playing in Jacksonville again this year.
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    ummmm nope...I get it... actually he's dumbass with anger issues, but I personally love his on-field intensity.. so anyway... grill me if you will.. I like him. lol
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    Is it bad that part of me is happy he only got 1 game solely so I don't have to hear about how the league is out to get us?
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    Jeff Blake throwing the deep ball to Scott and Pickens was always fun to watch.
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    For the love of God I do not know how or why, but the official Browns fan club "Browns Backers Worldwide" is one of the largest organized fan bases in all of professional sports and maybe 1st in the NFL. They have over 100k members in 350 chapters in every big USA city and 10 different countries. That is a lot of misery spread around the world.