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    stfu....goof ball..don't you have Andy Dalton stats to research so you can defend him this week. Your shoulders should be sore from carrying so much water for Dalton and the Bengals.
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    Bottom line: there was no way the NFL was going to let one of its flagship franchises, one of its marquee QB's and its national game... lose to the Milwaukee Bucks. The calls/non-calls were in full NFL glory. I had this one called from the second quarter on. I was not surprised in the slightest. An eternal pox on this farce of a sport.
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    and I really hope we have a new coach next year. Ialong with a lot of others here wanted Marvin Lewis gone after the home playoff loss to San Diego
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    I agree with all of this but I will add Ugly: offensive line period. It's fucking horrible. I'm super surprised how well Andy played in spite of them. And Marvin, what the fuck is that guy on? Whatever it is I want some. Fucking clapping after missed field goals and shit like that? Standard deer in a headlights stare? Please Mike Brown, for all that's good in the world, fire this fucking clown.
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    EVen if the Bengals had won today I cannot see them winning more than 5 Games their offensive line is a disaster and I would still like to see what McCarron can do...
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    Mixon with a little space, he is dangerous. Lawson is a beast so far hope he can continue with the pace.
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