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    Contest is now closed for guesses. Good luck everyone. Except those who guessed Kolton Miller. Especially those who guessed McGlinchey or one of the centers.
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    I get the hate for the Ross pick after how last season went, but he was the type of player that this team needed opposite Green. In college, he was a good WR at all three levels of the defense. The bengals fucked themselves with their drafts in 2014 and 2015. They missed on 3 offensive linemen in the first 4 rounds. That sets any team back, not from New England. Obviously they needed an offensive lineman last year, but how much draft capital can you use on one position in such a short amount of time? The idea of Ross wasn't flawed thinking. Letting Paul Alexander pick bums was the issue.
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    The DNC would be better served to focus on winning the upcoming elections and letting Muller do his job.

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