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  1. https://nfltraderumors.co/afc-north-notes-bengals-ravens-Stealers-33/ Bailey says he is 7 months removed from ACL surgery and should be ready to participate in all preseason drills.
  2. Can see the headline now: John Ross dislocated elbow during Zoom training session
  3. He was supposed to help him with route running which we still see no evidence of
  4. Just like the real world in many if not all aspects, there are the Haves and the Have Nots and the rules are different for each even if the rules are unwritten.
  5. Hope it helps more than when Ross spent the offseason with TJ.
  6. Reid (until this past year) and Shottenheimer fall into the categories of 'could not win the big one" ; Much like the Vikings and Bills as teams have that label. ML falls into the category below that 'cannot win a playoff game', only him and Mora though as lead dogs in that pack. For whatever reason, the ML teams (some bad luck for sure) simply did not up their game. And this is players and coaches alike.
  7. The biggest step in improving the look of the jersey is getting rid of the slugs that were wearing them on the field.
  8. Interesting article on the roster rebuild, let e know if you cannot access it: https://theathletic.com/1790072/2020/05/04/this-is-crazy-inside-how-bengals-plotted-executed-a-massive-roster-overhaul/
  9. An argument can be made that Mixon is a critical piece to the offense for the first Burrow contract. To take the pressure off both Burrow and the OLine.
  10. https://theathletic.com/1743807/2020/05/01/tales-of-the-weird-former-wr-recounts-run-up-to-oddest-trade-in-bengals-history/ Great Bill Bergey story in this article - beating up on the Stealers
  11. Dalton to his credit worked hard and I have no doubt have football everything he had. But it was just not elite level, nothing to be ashamed of, very few hit that level and get better with more pressure. I have no hard feelings against him, more against the organization for not pursuing a better option.
  12. Flacco? Yikes..distant 3rd
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