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  1. I have already texted my boss that I will be happy to 'settle' for $7M per year over the next 3 years.....
  2. I_C_Deadpeople

    2019 Draft Talk

    I think some fans thought that with the coaching staff changes and the 'feeling' that Mikey was passing the torch - their may have been more urgency in building a winning team which would include a bit more activity in FA to address the holes at LB and OL. But yes, it was foolish for anyone to believe this.
  3. I_C_Deadpeople

    2019 Draft Talk

    Nice one lol "I could sense you were holding"
  4. I_C_Deadpeople

    Burfict released

    That is the story of the Bengals franchise, these many events that could have dramatically changed the perception of the team: The end of that Steeler playoff game Stanley Wilson day before SB Tim Krumrie injury Lewis Billups almost pic Greg Cook injury Moments in time.....
  5. Good luck with the fundraiser. I saw the thread and thought maybe it was raising money for more scouts in the personnel department.
  6. Was it Rod Jones we used to call Oh Lay? Even he was better than Og
  7. Having Westerman and Miller battle it out with Redmond thrown to the curb is a definite improvement.
  8. That would make things interesting..
  9. I_C_Deadpeople

    Burfict released

    LB (as well as OL) was our biggest need even with Burfict due to his poor play. I would be surprised if he can get back to his old self. Fans loved the way he made the dumb Stealers fines wine about dirty play..lol
  10. I_C_Deadpeople

    2019 Draft Talk

    I think the signing the team has made so far simply return the draft back to BPA (in their minds)
  11. I_C_Deadpeople

    Keeping our enemies close 2019

    On our local sports radio channel one of the morning hosts is an ex-CFL player who grew up here but went to college in the US. One of his teammates at college played a few seasons on the Stealers and this guy told him "If you think Ben is a POS in public, it is ten times worse inside the locker room".
  12. Strange thing is he cleaned his game up in the CFL and had a pretty good run
  13. If you can't figure that out, well you know...
  14. He is quite funny to highly intelligent people.

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