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  1. I_C_Deadpeople

    Alex Redmond Suspended

    It is fair to blame the pair of them, both useless
  2. I_C_Deadpeople

    Gerald McCoy, anyone?

    My Bengal cup is rarely 'half full', but I will say this is encouraging. I don't expect we will sign McCoy but the fact we have interest at least shows we are now at least looking for players to improve the overall roster whenever they come available.
  3. LOL. No kidding, Vigil is the best horse in the glue factory
  4. I_C_Deadpeople

    Alex Redmond Suspended

    He will still be dumb as a stump and good for false starts. Redmond is the poster child for Merv's last 3 years here, he needs to just go away.
  5. Redmond suspended 4 games for PED violation. What a loser this guy is.
  6. Has anyone told Zac you should never start rookies - better to keep them on the sidelines, on IR or in the mysterious doghouse and play crappy veterans instead.
  7. I_C_Deadpeople

    2019 Bengals Rookie Mini-Camp

    I dunno..really going out on a limb there..lol
  8. I_C_Deadpeople

    2019 Bengals Rookie Mini-Camp

    LOL..the Aztek..great reference.
  9. I_C_Deadpeople

    Hobson: In The Situation Room

    Merv's ideas of game management was clapping and that deer in the headlights look.
  10. Should not take that long to recover from a colonoscopy
  11. If Finley has the same skill set as Dalton but plays better as the games become more important, he would be an upgrade.
  12. Except we do not have 3 legitimate starting tackles, we have 2.
  13. Whether it is 100% or 70% truth, it is in the kind of AJ therefore it is what he and probably other offensive players were thinking. Perception is reality. The last 3 years you could clearly see the players lacked motivation with hand clapping guru at the helm. AJ├Ęs comments reinforce the meh attitude that prevailed.
  14. If the OL left from last year did NOT expect a lot of changes they are morons. They knew as well as anyone how shitty they were.

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