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  1. We should have weeks where we 'pass' on the award.
  2. If stable is defined as always making money, then it is a very stable franchise.
  3. This all goes back to the lack of understanding or belief that the team needed to be built from the inside out. The improvements of the DL prove that out but why sign loads of cap monies into the DL when you could have done it with the OL and helped the franchise QB? How would this OL look if we had signed Zeitler and another good OG along with Reiff AND STILL drafted like we did on the OL? This team has never shown a consistent ability to build a structure/system from top to bottom. It is always ad hoc seat of the pants. They wait 20 years to start thinking 'hey, maybe we can go into free agency when our draft picks are not working out" and then "maybe we build the lines but lets start with the DL and let the future star QB suffer for a bit'. Clueless organization, bottom of the franchise value chain for good reason.
  4. The one thing everyone loved about Zimmer as a DC is he made the most out of the players he had. He adjusted to the skills of the payers not the other way aorund. It is bad coaching to keep playing a so-called system without the personnel to fit it. Right now, Taylor's offense reminds me of the Chip Kelly offense in the NFL - just keep pushing the same system out there regardless of lack of personnel or lack of certain skills sets. It makes no sense. If the offense struggles all year, I would expect Taylor to throw Callahan under the bus. Hard to do when you call the plays. And we already have some of the offensive players talking about the shit pay calling. Not good. Taylor just continues to be very unimpressive. And we had to give the D most of the top of the salary cap in order to give the DC a chance, not good either when you think about it. I did not buy into the high expectations after TC so this is all pretty much what I expected.
  5. Nope - it would Watt with the groin injury and Collinsworth with the jaw issue
  6. Not by me. Or at least only in the sense of there were so many other issues to deal with first.
  7. I think back in the day when Bill Walsh started the 'first 25 plays are scripted' scenario it may have been, or partly been, to take away the human nature factor in early game play calling. Taylor's play calling is just sporadic, he did that dumb 4th down gamble last week because he said he wanted to be aggressive - but his play calling after that was super conservative. And if you want to take shots down the filed with all the WR weapons, dammit you need an OL. The mixed bag that Taylor is fits very well with the organization, no real purpose and plan for the team.
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