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  1. I_C_Deadpeople

    Teryl Austin Fired

    They *might* bring in someone like Del Rio as a special defensive assistant, much like how they brought Hue back. But it would have to be someone who is still being paid by another team, Mikey won't pay for Austin and another guy.
  2. When they drafted Moch, Zimmer was the one who did the press conference that the team does after each pick/round, someone asked him how a guy with Moch's skillset could still be there in round 3 and he simply said something like 'he has not always shown it on the field which is why he was drafted where he was, more prospect than finished product'. Always refreshing to hear Zimmer speak, wonder what he would say about Ross?
  3. Yet for some reason many fans thought this year felt 'different'
  4. I_C_Deadpeople

    Will we ever see something different?

    Hard to blame the 'refs' this time..lol
  5. We are like Nascar, but we are the driver and team that finishes in 23rd each race.
  6. I_C_Deadpeople


    Perhaps somewhere in the future we will see John-Boy Walton
  7. Speaking of LB's saw a stat on Bengals Jungle site, in the 16 years of ML they have drafted 19 LB's and not a single All Pro nod. Not one. Pathetic drafting at that position
  8. Dre is a slightly better version of Atrell Hawkins. On 3rd and X he can always be counted on to give up a pass for x+1
  9. That was an awful throw by Dalton, not sure where Ross was supposed to be but where he threw it had zero chance only a chance for an INT. But Ross is useless
  10. I_C_Deadpeople

    You heard it here first

    I will go so far as to say the Bengals and Browns are the two best teams in the State of Ohio. The Browns finally got past the Buckeyes.
  11. The only line you need to hear from the show: You have to be aggressive in the pursuit of winning.

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