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  1. I_C_Deadpeople

    The Athletic

    I subscribe. It is worth it if you follow multiple sports. Articles and insights in general are very good. It appears to becoming the 'next' best place to go for sports information. The nice part of it, you can select the teams and leagues you follow so you get all the articles on those at the top of your page. Can't say the Bengal info specifically has been great so far but it has been for other teams and leagues I follow.
  2. Nonsense, Mikey just saved another $5M this season. We will go to war with what we have
  3. I_C_Deadpeople

    Keeping our enemies close 2019

    Arrogance in the sense of over exaggerating ones own worth or importance
  4. I_C_Deadpeople

    Keeping our enemies close 2019

    This is just too funny. Hue is so frigging arrogant he does not even realize how bad a HC he is: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/10/hue-jackson-wants-another-head-coaching-opportunity/
  5. Ross is changing his number so #15 will no longer be a first round bust.
  6. I_C_Deadpeople


    There is truth to your comments however, the Brown family continue to run the team the same way year after year so repeating their failure to change or learn is speaking to the current situation. Let's not forgot it is Mike Brown that 'talks every day about winning a championship" but does little to move in that direction. As much as we post like it is groundhog day it is because it is groundhog day.
  7. I_C_Deadpeople


    It was, he was sitting with his scouting staff
  8. I_C_Deadpeople


    Everyone here does that
  9. I_C_Deadpeople


    And your point is? I follow the team , want it to win but I won’t cross my fingers and toes and hope the stars align so the tree sloth can say he won something. And I reserve optimism for sustained change from the top down.
  10. I_C_Deadpeople


    No hindsight required with the OL, the Og and Fisher were known suck Well before they let Whit and Zeitler go. Abysmal planning and zero foresight. i save all my positive comments for the teams I follow that actually try and win. I admit zero respect for Mikey and his cohorts , they have proven only to be incompetent for 30 years.
  11. I_C_Deadpeople


    Worse still is Price was horrible last year and all there is there is 'hope' that he is better. There is zero evidence to date he will be a good OL. If Boling is really done or he struggles due to this injury the OL could actually be worse than last year. And Tobin can whine all he wants, they simply failed to address the OL for years.No useful free agents and horrible drafting. It is the same with the LB position, they have backed themselves in a corner due to bad drafting, useless free agents and bad coaching.
  12. The issue has been played out for the past 2 years. One guy was not going to fix it
  13. https://nfltraderumors.co/afc-north-notes-bengals-browns-ravens-22/ A claim that Williams was injured last season

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