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  1. I am reading Thomas Sewell - Black Rednecks and White Liberals
  2. I said last week that teams will keep pressuring our OL until we burn them. If we don't, then they will keep up the pressure. The KC OL is weaker than last year and Mahomes is having troubles as well.
  3. PFT is reporting that the 1 year deal Chris Jones signed with KC has a clause that he cannot be tagged in 2024 . And they have no 2024 cap space anyway so he will be gone next year.
  4. We are tied with the Chiefs. I put little credence in Game 1 for the NFL be it an ugly loss or a huge win. Let’s not overreact team should use this shit show for motivation
  5. Every team will test outr OL until we prove it can hold up and JB can burn the D
  6. Not to mention the classic scene ending with Roy Scheider “You are going to need a bigger boat”
  7. There is a rule though that if you do this you have to have the player on your active roster for 3 weeks or something like that? I am OK with the rule, gives guys opportunities
  8. I see this a good thing. KC did the same last year, our last few drafts have been great and provided excellent depth at some positions.
  9. This team does not have an accountability issue. Carmen is here still simply because of potential and the lack of OL depth all over the league.
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