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  1. I_C_Deadpeople

    OC options and then some

    What not to do?
  2. I_C_Deadpeople

    2019 Draft Talk

    His 40 time was 40
  3. I_C_Deadpeople

    2019 Draft Talk

    You mean a fat, out of shape, oft-injured player? Yup, perfect way to use a high draft pick.
  4. I_C_Deadpeople

    2019 Draft Talk

    The other factor is - if the coach is good at evaluating QB's then he only needs to find that 'one guy' he likes and it may or may not be in a perceived strong or weak QB class. I had little faith we could draft and develop a good young QB - although the Dalton pick and McCarron pick were both very good value for where they were picked. We have heard that Beavell (sp) was someone on the Hawks who really scouted and pounded the table for Wilson; same with one of the scouts on KC with Mahomes. That is what you need - good trusted eyes at that position where they stand on the soapbox and say they really want this particular guy.
  5. I_C_Deadpeople

    OC options and then some

    Browns also picked up Chris Jones from the CFL. Best coach we had up here, he was head coach for two teams and a defensive coordinator specialist, top shelf. Look for him to move up quickly through the NFL coaching circles. We are a passing league up here and his teams consistently were shut down styles, very innovative. Would have loves to see him land with the Bengals, but he coached with Kitchens in the past.
  6. No clapping, no giggling, no dumbass cliches,
  7. I_C_Deadpeople

    OC options and then some

    Interesting tidbit from the Pats game plan on the weekend - James White, the RB had 15 catches but no carries. How many times did people on Bengal forums say we should be using Gio as a receiver especially with the crappy OL.
  8. I_C_Deadpeople

    OC options and then some

    They also mentioned in the game that McVay spends a lot of his time with each group in practice making sure they know their jobs and the timing and execution of plays. Hopefully Zac learned that from him as well.
  9. I_C_Deadpeople

    Zac Taylor overview (1/4)

    Getting the HC is just one step, the guy cannot change things alone. He will need his own staff, and it would help if they made Tobin the GM and added to the scouting staff as well. This change has to be top down and that would mean moving the tree sloth out of the way. I like the outside hire with some new coaches but I dont think it will be enough. Need more evidence of change in the top offices.
  10. I_C_Deadpeople

    Zac Taylor overview (1/4)

    Some of us got the joke..lol
  11. I_C_Deadpeople

    Who's the next HC?

    This sounds familiar: They staunchly denied it while Mike McCarthy served as head coach, but they’re admitting it now. The Packers had grown satisfied, and it was time to rid the team of that feeling. During Wednesday’s press conference introducing new coach Matt LaFleur, CEO Mark Murphy explained that he gathered information from nine players (one from each position group) regarding what the players hoped to achieve under a new coach. “They wanted someone who would hold the players accountable,” Murphy explained. “They felt a complacency had set in among some players and coaches. . . . Is there something we could do to shake people up so they don’t have the complacency?” That’s the key word: Complacency. As in getting rid of it. Which means, obviously, that McCarthy was ultimately responsible for creating it. It’s no surprise, especially in light of the absence of a traditional owner. Indeed, PFT has pointed out the signs and symptoms of complacency, and the friction it created, over the past several years. During the 2016 season, quarterback Aaron Rodgers complained openly about a lack of energy on the sidelines. Not long after that, he bemoaned the absence of a healthy fear of getting fired if players weren’t doing their jobs. Both gripes trace to the head coach, and Rodgers’ willingness to openly comment on those dynamics were interpreted by some (us) as a passive-aggressive tug-of-war between Rodgers and McCarthy. Aaron didn’t appreciate that very much. He didn’t appreciate it perhaps because the arrow hit the bull’s-eye. And Murphy has now admitted it. It’s a bit stunning that Murphy was so candid, and it’s not a good sign for McCarthy, if as he claims he intends to return to coaching in 2020. Beyond concerns about an overly simplistic (and obsessively rigid) offensive philosophy, McCarthy will (or at least should) have to answer tough questions about how and why complacency descended onto the Packers under his watch.
  12. I_C_Deadpeople

    Who do you want for DC?

    Whoever they pick, I would expect the first words out his mouth will be "wow, your LB's suck"
  13. I_C_Deadpeople

    Who's the next HC?

  14. I_C_Deadpeople

    League wide coach interview tracker

    With three jobs filled and five to go, it appears others are close to decisions. According to Paul Dehner of the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Bengals could be close to a decision, as he notes “it appears the interviewing portion of the search is over.” There was a report from Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network over the weekend they still wanted to talk to some coaches involved in the playoffs, but it’s unclear if they’ll wait. So far, the Bengals have interviewed former Broncos head coach Vance Joseph, internal candidates Darrin Simmons, Bill Lazor, and Hue Jackson, along with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor and passing game coordinator Shane Waldron, and Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken.

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