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  1. Only an idiot you say? Tobin to the rescue!! I am sure we will pick the QB that we think is the chosen one based on our scouting which sees things others don't.
  2. You actually thought MB wanted to win? Dude, what ever gave you that impression?
  3. Oh shit I just about fell off my chair reading your post. Well done Sir!
  4. This is a top tier football organization. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  5. Yes, which is why i think he will want a new model to play with.
  6. Not to mention the 5 straight playoff teams were full of players who crapped the bed under the big lights. Nothing to be proud of really.
  7. They have already overpaid for Gio, Dunlap and Geno so i expect they will do the same for AJ. Dalton they will probably let walk.
  8. This. Perfect statement, it does not matter about good/bad luck, injuries or whatever. They just plod along in the same manner year after year. Luckily, Mike Brown "really wants to win" and it shows.
  9. Now, now. We have to trust our crack scouting staff to draft the right QB. I was laughing just typing that.
  10. I feel confident we will either pick the wrong QB or the right one but get him destroyed with no OL help.
  11. He was only reviled at the game. He was stale and everyone could see that he and the team had no energy or passion. Maybe if he had a better front office he would be seen in a different light but alas all Bengal coaches under Mikey end up in the same pit.
  12. I remember when Mikey used to say "We are only a player or two away" and then we joked "We are only a player or two away from being a player or two away". What comes after that?
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