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  1. It is well known that the Bengals pay above market for coaches.
  2. Our scouting staff need a draft stimulator, not a simulator. They need to nail several drafts in a row.
  3. That is a pretty lame analysis. By the same token they should not draft a WR at 5 because of John Ross and a LB because of, well, all LB's every drafted. Fact is, the team has no option but to play the draft board as they lay it out.
  4. Jets have to decide first if Darnold is still their guy. If yes, they can draft around that. If no, they need to look at drafting a QB
  5. SI article on Meyer, some interesting comments on culture: https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/01/14/urban-meyer-jacksonville-jaguars-done-his-homework There are certain organizations that win every year. There are certain organizations that can’t win, yet they have better players on paper than the other organizations, because they draft before them every year. Every year. So I’d challenge everyone, ‘When you say they’re a bad player, what, are you out of your mind?’ They’re not bad players.” Meyer was just getting rolling, in explaining what, as he sees it, it is. “C
  6. And they deserve him. I predict he will be as successful an NFL coach as Saban was.
  7. Those were the winters when all the climate scientists told us we were entering a new Ice Age. LOL
  8. Two-round 2021 NFL mock draft: Four QBs early, DeVonta Smith reunites with Tua Dane Brugler Jan 12, 2021 359 The quarterback movement this offseason will be fascinating. Do the Colts bring back Philip Rivers or move on? How does the new Jets head coach feel about Sam Darnold? Do the 49ers have an upgrade in mind for Jimmy Garoppolo? What about Chicago? New England? Washington? The questions go on and on. Several quarterback-needy teams will look to the draft to find the answers, which is one of the reasons many expe
  9. They have to focus on an OL if Fa plus the dreaded 'sign their own' plus with the cap issues for teams it will probably be a perfect setup for this team -patience and watch the spend. In the NHL the drop in salary cap took some big swipes through the middle class of the league.
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