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  1. Gio can take the load for one game, our OL is not exactly creating space anyway
  2. Well the 4 stooges in the office don't appear to be as exasperated in watching the 5 stooges as we all are
  3. I assume that MB and Katy are not dumb (poor business people, yes but not dumb) - the MB model is to not expend money on office/personnel staff , i guess he sees this as an expense not needed as he makes a safe annual income. But, it has to be very frustrating given the constant public outcry and the constant losing. They would know that other teams put far more resources into office/personnel staff and they would know that is what leads other teams to success. What they fail to grasp, or they fail to want to move towrds is the idea that the franchise value itself grows if the tea
  4. A player overhaul is meaningless unless they add significant resources to the front office. Our management and personnel groups are 1/3 - 1/2 the size of all the other teams in the league and the people we have may not even be any good. So we can turn the players over 10 times but it mean anything until the departments above them have the right number and skill of staff to pick the right players.
  5. Paul Brown seemed to be more obsessed with making sure he had ownership control (and control in general) than he did over winning. This came after the Browns booted him. As a coach, he clearly wanted to win but as an owner he wanted complete control. Mikey has satisfied that but no playoff wins since 1991 makes PB roll in his grave
  6. It is significant that the young guys are getting playing time but that does not mean they will turn out to be good players. it just means we will know that faster.
  7. No playoff wins since 1991 - I think we can safely conclude the Mike Brown model is not built for winning.
  8. The drafts always look good until several years later. If this past draft is a good one it is an anomaly. The track record of this personnel department is not good.
  9. Rapien will always look for a Ross breakout Ross can't even get a pimple breakout
  10. Getting rid of Atkins and Dunlap implies re-build and this team (a) does not want to admit to a full rebuild and (b) can't accomplish it without the Inbred4 looking pretty hard in the mirror
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