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  1. If there is no college season this year this brings a whole new meaning to the term “crapshoot “ when it comes to the draft
  2. I bash the team as well as anyone (except Tiber lol) but I have to say they did grab the right free agents and leadership guys in the draft
  3. Article in the Athletic about DC Anarumo and for the life of me I cannot actually recall this team ever talking like this: As many as six of the 17 newcomers could be lining up as starters Sept. 13 in the season opener against the Chargers. So they need to be learning a lot more than names — and quickly. “The good news is it’s not six rookies we’re depending on,” Anarumo said. “That would certainly add to the challenge. We made a conscious effort in the guys we took. Not only are they quality men and quality players, but they’re smart individuals and they’ve been around. While they may have called particular techniques something at another team, it’s really just, ‘Hey, this is just this from what you call it.’ “We’re trying to assimilate the best we can with some general things, and we’ll just build from there,” Anarumo continued. “So it’s exciting. They’ve done great in the classroom work and so far with the two walk-throughs we’ve had with the veterans and the five we had with the rookies. The guys are picking stuff up.” The Bengals went into the offseason with a defined checklist that began with leadership. It’s a shared trait among the free agents the team has signed and a constant thread running through the draft class. They also targeted success among the free agents, with all eight of them having made the playoffs in multiple seasons with their previous teams. And the coaches and scouts also zeroed in on fit, going after players who can make a smooth slide into the scheme Anarumo wants to develop in his second season at the helm.
  4. What a Top 5 bust draft overall for the league that year though. Has to be one of the worst ever.
  5. Pats never need to tank, they just continually rebuild
  6. Sad news but he was a bust as a high draft pick
  7. Prince opted out? Man I was counting on him for almost nothing now it will be nothing
  8. You know they will be practicing as soon as they announce AJ is hurt
  9. The SB pick six against the Saints was not due to officiating
  10. The fastest vaccine ever done in the past is about 4 years and we are not even 6 months into COVID. Not to mention IF they do ever get one, it has to be tested and tested and then put out to 7 Billion people? Years and years.
  11. It was odd that Peyton was a better regular season QB but Eli was a better playoff QB
  12. Nonsense, there has never been an effective flu vaccine let alone a stronger respiratory illness. Not to mention the virus has evolved and morphed and will continue to do so.
  13. Not sure how we missed on that pick - we were so solid at drafting LB's during the Marvin period.
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