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  1. That is the thing , there is no alternative. If you 'draft and develop' but have the smallest scouting staff and meh coaches you actually wont draft and develop many players. Or you wont develop enough to compensate for the constant turnover of players on a roster each year due to injury, performance issues, free agency, retirement. Essentially the Penrose stairs.
  2. That was the point - this team has been horrible at drafting OL and LB yet some expect the LB and OL positions to be fixed by drafting.
  3. And they kept winning. So the fines and loss of picks really hurt them lol
  4. Drafting a RT in round 2 is NO guarantee of any kind of success. In fact our recent past drafts suggest there is a better chance of failure over success. Even Williams is an unknown at this point.
  5. Not a deficient OL. We need a far better OL. Period. And not a deficient system. The history of the NFL is filled with good QB prospects that wilting away from bad OL play and coaching. We need an overhaul in all areas of this franchise, anything less than that is band aids and duck tape. Young or Burrows are great prospects but they alone wont make a huge difference.
  6. I agree. And I know I over stated this before but Zac Taylor will not be able to change the culture just by talking, the players will know the Inbreds won't make the full blown changes needed to change to a winning culture. And if we continue on the 'draft and develop' only philosophy we are doomed to fail. We simply cannot get enough good players that way to replace what we lose let alone replace gaping holes. As a last point, this coaching staff is bad, there would need to be a lot of change with that as well. And Mikey LOVES change.
  7. I suspect the Pats are scouting our coaches - wanting to poach one or more of them. Maybe even get ZT to eventually replace BB. its true, its true.
  8. Many just play off their talent and dont give a shit about winning.
  9. This team would probably win a few games if it actually tried to tank. They can't get anything right.
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