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  1. That LB for the Jets that was hurt late in the game, #56? He was shadowing Mixon all game in run and pass and was quite effective
  2. Well, he could have bad symptoms in a day or two. It happens in hockey , a player gets his bell ring; goes through the protocol and passes , returns to the game but then feels crappy a day or two later and then enters the protocol again.
  3. With Jonah, the team is somewhat stuck. He is OK but not great or elite and there is a shortgae of "good' OL in the league let alone great or elite ones. So we may have to overpay him as the alternative is worse. We could tag him I guess and then at least it is a dhort term solution. I think we will have to just keep drafting more OL every year.
  4. He kept twisting his back as Parsons whipped around him
  5. Rumor is Watson is beating himself these days....
  6. They had better win this week and a few after that. The last thing anyone wants here is to start a "Draft 2023" thread!!
  7. Wait! Bobby Hart still plays in the NFL? No more proof neeed of the league wide shortage of OL.
  8. The problem is Zac Taylor. The Defense has been good. The offense has been lethargic, predictable and lacking in imagination. That is on Taylor. Have we even seen Chris Evans yet? Geez the guy is dynamic,get him some time. Taylor needs to give up play calling as well.
  9. We are 0-2; every team we play now is up not down
  10. I dunno, even on a lot of plays with no sacks there was a lot of pressure. How many times did he have to run? The entire O just stinks right now.
  11. What young players and coach? They were in the SB last year. There is ZERO excuse for this shit.
  12. We deserved to lose...shit effort on Offense again and the OL is a disaster
  13. Kind of feels like a must win week. Yikes I hate saying that
  14. On Siruis NFL yesterday, Pat Kirwan was saying the same thing - he said teams need to play these guys in pre-season, you are trying to avoid an injury in pre-seson but you then risk the QB injury at the start of the regular season.
  15. Tonight the Bronces have farked up 3 goal line plays. Wilson getting used to that lol
  16. This what CFL teams do. On short yardage the backup comes in and does the sneaks. Keep in mind in the CFL the DL has to play 1 yard off the line but there are some QB specialists that just do that. On our team, the QB who does the sneaks is the 3rd string guy. He was an option QB in college so he can actually bust some plays if he goes outside.
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