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  1. I was thinking about ML's T-shirts every year and how the team never really followed the themes, but this one seems to be.
  2. "And the counting of the touchdown passes shall be 3. Not 4 and not 2 unless thoughst is counting to 3"
  3. Great sports weekend - My Winnipeg Jets won last night, the CFL Winnipeg Blue Bombers won 45-0 (former Bearcat Zachary Collaros is our QB) and now the Bengals
  4. It might be about money up front and/or guaranteed money; the team has a conservative policy on this . Many teams do like the Stealers
  5. He reminds me of that Ross fellow we had a few years back… but first let me get my glasses on
  6. Wow, did he used to do America's Top 40 on the radio? Oh wait, that was Casey Cassum....
  7. The Bengals are like the Heads tune "Road to Nowhere" lol
  8. Flowers....how about Nothing but Flowers?
  9. It is an old saying for a reason - "You cannot have enough good OL"
  10. We have had high end OC’s before , like Gruden, was thinking someone will really want to work with Burrow.
  11. And if I recall some draft pundits were saying Slayer was rated higher in their mind then Sewell.
  12. Taylor needs to sign a high end OC and let him run that part of the team. He needs to focus on what a HC is supposed to do.
  13. Jags coach Meyer is the only one happy about the Gruden situation...takes spotlight off him for a week or so
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