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  1. If one less practice means one less Hobs article, I am all in!
  2. Of course we have done enough. Unlike that previous HC, young Mr. Taylor has yet to lose a playoff game, Stay the course.
  3. I was going to comment that all the tweets were positive so they seemed biased. But I remembered they mentioned the other day on the radio that Jordan Love in the GB camp was only like 60% pass completions with NO DEFENDERS. Yikes. Training camp is usually the 'everything is great and everyone looks better' time of year. Good to see JB on the field, but would have preferred video of Elizabeth Blackburn running the naked bootlegs...sorry, could not resist that one.
  4. “I honestly don’t know how an organization accepts this at this level” . We all know the answer, they won’t do what it takes to win.
  5. That depends on how you find out does it not? If he blows in TC and pre season he is cut or is ta the end of the roster. Can’t change what happened last year. It was obviously a huge mistake to rely on him and OL coach Turnip . I am only saying he appears to be putting in best efforts to improve and you can’t ask more from him in that regard. If the team plays him above a better player or plays him and knows he is still weak that is on the team for not improving the position.
  6. At least the guy is doing his best , if it is not enough so be it
  7. Jonah’s comments on Pollack are quite telling: “He works technique over and over”
  8. The shame of it was more than the injury, the guy brought so much energy and fun.
  9. Indeed. The book details that Sparky knew Vukovich could not hit and he wanted Driesen's bat in the lineup - ended up with Foster and Dreisens bat in the lineup in some fashion. The book breaks down the season almost in weekly chunks so you do get a good sense of what was going on - especially early on when the team was basically playing .500 ball.
  10. Interesting article in the Athletic: Understanding the basics of Cover 7, Part 1: Past three Super Bowl winners have used it By Ted Nguyen 7h ago 34 Now, more than ever, scheme has trickled up from college to the NFL. The spread and run/pass options (RPOs) have changed offensive football in the pros. To counter, defenses are using more man-match coverages. Man-match isn’t straight man coverage, nor is it zone. When playing man-match, defenders are assigned a man but can fall off or switch to another
  11. We all believe in JB, not in doubt. Belief in Zac Shula, Dufus Tobin and Mike Brown remains in doubt.
  12. Technically you can coach up a healthy player, or in the case of the former OL coach dumbass, you can coach down a healthy player
  13. FYI: According to multiple reports, the NFL and NFL Players Association have agreed to set a ceiling of $208.2 million.
  14. He was a bit kooky and very very superstitious. It all worked out well in the end!
  15. In the book Sparky said he moved Rose to 3rd to make a spot for Driessen ; at the time he thought Foster was soft. Did not take long for Driessen to fail in the field and Foster took over and even surprised Sparky. And trading Perez was certainly a killer. And free agency hit them as well- but hey we had a classic team!
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