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  1. FWIW, a lot of draft pages have Tau and Burrows as 1-2 and some have Burrows at 1. I have never seen Burrows play so no comment on him from me.
  2. I can still name the starting lineup from the 75 Reds..lol What a team for a few years, one of the best ever.
  3. Every offensive or defensive scheme that takes the game to a different level is always countered by the other side before too long. It is a game of chess and for every possible move there is a counter move. On both sides of the ball teams have to keep innovating and changing things up. Sometimes it works for a season and sometimes only for a game or two.
  4. They have won 4 since the Bengals have been around. Puts them well above the Bengals in that time frame
  5. Maybe because they have won multiple championships in the past?
  6. That was pure bullshit to start the season, the team looked like they were sit of Merv and it showed up
  7. Have a look at how many picks we have had over the last 3 drafts - plenty. Two years in a row with 11 I believe. no help if you blow the draft. On the old Bengal forum I was always lambasted for saying this team could not win given the management structure. It can't. DECADES of failure.
  8. What makes this situation worse is the team actually had a ton of spirit and enthusiasm going into the season. Last years they looked defeated before TC, this year they felt renewed do no doubt the failure is deflating for all. Why no picture of Tree Sloth Mikey this week? We need that every week.
  9. Finish 7-9 ? Funny guy. AJ or not we are not winning 3 games let alone 7
  10. The team though wanted to hire someone who told them he could make the OL average. They did not want to hire a guy who told them the OL was shit.
  11. Hard to believe Mikey does not get this, especially given “How much he really wants to win” LOL. I just love hearing that about the tree sloth, it is pure comedy.
  12. Only an idiot you say? Tobin to the rescue!! I am sure we will pick the QB that we think is the chosen one based on our scouting which sees things others don't.
  13. You actually thought MB wanted to win? Dude, what ever gave you that impression?
  14. Oh shit I just about fell off my chair reading your post. Well done Sir!
  15. This is a top tier football organization. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  16. Yes, which is why i think he will want a new model to play with.
  17. Not to mention the 5 straight playoff teams were full of players who crapped the bed under the big lights. Nothing to be proud of really.
  18. They have already overpaid for Gio, Dunlap and Geno so i expect they will do the same for AJ. Dalton they will probably let walk.
  19. This. Perfect statement, it does not matter about good/bad luck, injuries or whatever. They just plod along in the same manner year after year. Luckily, Mike Brown "really wants to win" and it shows.
  20. Now, now. We have to trust our crack scouting staff to draft the right QB. I was laughing just typing that.
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