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  1. It is like the standard comment for every prospect “will need to get stronger”.
  2. I doubt Burrow's agent has any influence on Joe's thoughts about playing under his current deal.
  3. I doubt Burrow's agent has any influence on Joe's thoughts about playing under his current deal.
  4. Way to early to predict - injuries during camp and pre-season always play a key role.
  5. It would be interesting if the Bengals were the first team to tie a players salary directly to the cap. There was talk of one of the QB deals over the last few years having a tie in to %age of the cap. That would be a great feature for JB (and perhaps Chase).
  6. Exactly. It means little if anything. As the GM on our NHL always says “I talk to other GMs about various players every day”.
  7. The guy's career was essentially ruined because he was assumed to be guilty as opposed to innocent until proven guilty.
  8. Great article, just read it in the Althletic and was about to post it. I am sure there is a lot of luck in every draft or perhaps certian drfats as Duke noted. Teams must have some drafts where they walk away thinking they just missed on several targeted prospects. Picking prospects is a crapshoot and then you combine the fcat that 31 other teams are doing the same thinking and maneuvering.
  9. Since the team is now far more open to (and utilizing effectively) free agency at various levels as well as trades, I am happy they stick to their board and pick the best player. The roster can be filled many ways but for so many years it was essentially draft picks or nothing.
  10. Is this guy a head case or what? Seems to have the talent but unwilling or unable to unlock it?
  11. At the very least he his putting his best effort forward, that is all one can ask.
  12. Especially when freaky guys like this can be instant ST demons
  13. News flash - every team gets multiple draft picks and every year! Not just us. Who cares about an overweight RT that every team passed on for 3 rounds
  14. Damn, we should have saved the three points for the next AFC championship game lol
  15. If he has character issues he went to the right team. Porter also had character issues (some uncontrolled fits on the files or something like that) so again, right team for that shit.
  16. It a definitely a strategic thinking move. Good on them.
  17. One of the ex coaches or GMs on Siruis about two weeks said everyone talks about Branch but they should talk about Battle.
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