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  1. Coach Ketchup is on Sirius NFL all the time, loves to talk about Whit and Steinbach but somehow never mentions the shit he helped draft in the last 10 years of his tenure. The other day he compared a draft prospect to Bodine and then said that makes him a 4th round prospect...
  2. But if they did not play a college season he would not be eligible for the draft. I don't think anyone has thought that far ahead....but if there was no college season then there would be no additional players available other then those that would simply declare.
  3. If there was no NFL season there will also be no college season so it would just be a giant mess
  4. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/4/1/21203059/cincinnati-bengals-owner-mike-brown-joe-burrow-combine-interview
  5. And if I said Tom Coughlin would not have won any Super Bowls with Dalton as QB would that stir the pot here (again!!)..LOL KIDDING, lets let that rest
  6. Interesting - it makes sense we remember the 2 great runs and forget the rest
  7. Eli was actually a great playoff QB if I recall unlike his brother whose playoff performances were quite average. Problem for Eli was he was not as good during the season.
  8. But if you trade down and pick another QB along the way that QB has even a greater chance of failing. And if this offseason has shown anything it is that good players can be signed if your own picks don't work out so having more quantity over quality does not really compute. We have had, I believe, 11 picks in each of the last 3 drafts and yet we are the worst team in the league. Elite QB's are the hardest player to find so at least get the highest ranked one. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/nfl-draft-2020-quarterback-rankings-breaking-down-the-top-qbs-skills-from-decision-making-to-accuracy/
  9. https://www.pensford.com/why-flattening-the-curve-is-overrated/ This is an interesting perspective on the Coronavirus situation
  10. https://www.cincyjungle.com/2020/3/29/21198128/joe-burrow-remains-atop-bengals-draft-board-per-report
  11. I would hope it would also be about how the FA fits in the system. The best FA in the league is not much good to you if he is not a good systems fit.
  12. We can give them Ross, Dre, Dalton and Shawn Williams..lol
  13. Foolish to count the Pats out as long as BB is there
  14. You are a finicky little fuck aren't you - I GAVE the team credit for moving forward, finally. But this is Mike Brown - there is no evidence he will move any further and he could simply move back again next year. So you can be all giddy if you want, i will save the Kool-Aid for a time when i see more progress.
  15. We need a 'bell cow' as Mikey would say, and we need a healthy one. End of discussion.
  16. Pat Kirwan mentions this every day - many of these FA deals will fall through because have been unable to have their medicals done on them
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